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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 232


Three Sword  Style……
Akabane stared at the blade for a few seconds, but he didn’t feel much shock but considering that the immature sword technique was not serious, in order to prevent himself from being injured, he decided to start working obediently.
This volume is actually the content of Kakashi’s Gaiden, which talks about what happened in Kakashi’s childhood and his first mission after becoming a Jonin. The death of the white fang just happened to appear on the scene.
Everyone is more concerned about the death of White Fang.
After all, everyone doesn’t know who Kakashi is, but Sakumo is visible and tangible, and some have been on the battlefield together with him to kill enemies, and somehow they also have comradeship.
of course……
The most important reason is that the people in the village have not read the specific content of Kakashi’s story, but have read some of the impressions written by their own children, and then guess Part of the plot.
But what Akabane didn’t expect was that Sakumo even used the Three Sword Style. Is it possible that Sakumo’s mouth is so good?
Konoha White Fang really has a well-deserved reputation.
“Are you arranging something for me in your heart again?”
Sakumo had been paying attention to the training of the genin in the preparation department, but now he looked over sharply.
“No, no…”
Akabane quickly denied it, and then became a little curious, “Your three-sword style is that like Zoro?”
“No, if you want to achieve that kind of three-sword style, my teeth need long-term exercise and nourishment. And I can’t do it to that degree, so I came up with another three-sword style.”
After Sakumo said that, he took out the two short swords and held the two in his right hand, and picked up the third short sword with his left hand as he lightly tossed it up.
Then, the third short sword spun out in the air.
And when it was about to land, Sakumo used a Chakra thread to let it float in the air while holding the other two short blades with both hands.
Seeing it, Akabane was quite surprised!
Although he knows that in terms of power, It is not as powerful as that of Zoro’s three swords, but its speed should be fast with how flexible Sakumo is!
And he always feels that Konoha’s White Fang is going farther and farther on a certain Road of No Return.
Akabane glanced at Sakumo who was using a short sword to pick and flick the dangling short sword, and he understood why Uncle Sagiki wanted to teach him a lesson.
It is hard for his child to become the appearance he wants, and he is directly influenced by others. Although he is still excellent, it is not what he wanted.
Forget it, just draw first.
“If you want me to focus on creating the updates, you can help me watch the training of these people. Don’t let them be too lazy. Of course, if you are interested, you can also give them a lesson.”
Since they want him to draw, let Sakumo help him with some work.
Sakumo hesitated, and finally, his desire for comics surpassed the idea of going home to rest, so he nodded in agreement.
Thanks to this, Akabane can go back and summon a Shadow Clone out to help. After more than ten days of his Yin Seal, the storage of Chakra has reached the level that can temporarily reduce the input.
This is why he was able to use the technique of the Great Waterfalls and the large-scale illusion yesterday.
There were two shadow avatars to help, but in one afternoon, he got Kakashi’s secrets out, and by the way, he slightly expanded the death of White Fang.
The original book did not mention the death of White Fang too much but only mentioned that White Fang performed a secret mission with his team. As a result, the mission failed because White Fang went to save his teammates, which violated the rules of ninja——
The ninja puts the task first.
And the heavy public opinion eventually led to White Fang’s suicide.
of course……
Works always have to be rendered. Akabane borrowed Sakumo’s character to portray White Fang as a great ninja against the times and rules.
Enough for giving face!
Akabane reviewed it again and then sent someone to send it to Yamano Izumi to print it out quickly, but Sakumo didn’t see it immediately.
With the help of his Shadow Clones, the two parts add up to ten chapters.
This is the first time in more than ten days that Yamano Izumi has received Akabane’s order.
During this time, they have only received a few volumes from Uzumaki Mito and Jiraiya. And the rest of the time they were working on tools for ninjas.
Sakumo supervised the training, using the gym set. And the group of genin found themselves worse than when Akabane was in charge, and all of them collapsed to the ground after training.
Even Might Duy can’t stand Sakumo’s training. He adapts to ordinary running, push-ups and other exercises, but Sakumo’s requires some technical skills.
Might Duy is a muscle brain, obviously not enough in technique.
But the benefits are huge. Everyone has learned a lot of the Hatake clan’s ninja and short blades skills, which will definitely benefit their future development.
The Genin is also a ninja, anyhow it can be differentiated.
Kurama Yunlang knew that Akabane had sent the update, and immediately posted a notice on his own so that no one would block the door for consultation.
Until the next day.
When the caravan of Yamano Izumi arrived in the village, many ninjas came immediately-mainly because of the afterthoughts. Everyone was very curious about what they heard from their children.
Therefore, the first batch of two hundred volumes was surrounded by many people just before the caravan stopped and before it could be put on the shelf.
And Kurama Yunlang didn’t even bother to put it on the shelf and sold it directly outside.
Within half a day, the comics were sold out.
These ninjas are also busy making trouble. The war has just ended recently, and there are relatively few tasks. They are mainly in the stage of internal organization. Everyone has a lot of time to read comics, leisure and entertainment.
Many people simply sat outside the comics shop and enjoyed watching them one by one.
At first, everyone still had an entertaining mentality, but seeing the plot of White Fang, they suddenly fell silent.
The things exposed above are exactly what the ninja is facing right now.
Mission, partner.
How to choose one of the two questions?
They thought of many partners who died in battle. Faced with this kind of problem, they often act according to the rules, abandon those teammates who are in difficulties and choose to continue to complete the task.
This is also the consistent practice of all villages. It can be said that it is the consensus of the ninja world, and it is precisely because of this that things like the so-called “ninja rules” are included.
“White Fang is a great ninja who dares to fight the rules, but…”
One Jonin finished reading white fang segment and couldn’t help but say half a sentence-the reason there was only half a sentence was because the latter half was more sensitive, so he couldn’t say it well and decisively pinched it off.
“As the book says, people are inherently dead, or heavier than sacred mountains, or lighter than feathers. White Fang suicide is not cowardly but shows his determination to fight against rules and stubborn thinking, but Kakashi is too young so he doesn’t understand this.”
Everyone keeps sighing.
It’s hard to say whether there is any extra hidden information in it, maybe only the creator like Akabane knows, but the plain meaning is enough to make everyone feel a lot.
For example, this sentence “people are inherently dead, or heavier than sacred mountains, or lighter than feathers”.
Too vital.
“I think Sakumo might really become Konoha White Fang in the world of Ninja in the future. He has such talent.”
A group of elite Jonin and Jonin talked about important matters outside the door.
It’s not against the rules, or the current ninja’s rules are not good.
Kurama Yunlang shrank in the store and shivered. He always felt that Danzo would come to the comic shop the next day and let him shut his shop for a while. After all, these remarks were really not safe topics.
So he can only keep watching everyone.
At this time, Sakumo also arrived.
Unfortunately, there were no comics for sale when he arrived. So Sakumo sighed and planned to leave, but someone called out to him, “Sakumo, I have a copy, come and read it.”
“Is this all right?”
Sakumo glanced at Kurama Yunlang.
In fact, it is a common thing to pass on to each other, but doing so under the nose of Kurama Yunlang will show how they didn’t respect the business.
“It’s okay, I’ll pay for another book.”
One hundred ryo is not too much for a Jonin, and the value earned by one mission is far more than this number.
“Thank you, Senior Akai.”
Sakumo is not hypocritical. Akai is his teammate in the Uzumaki War. He is good at wind style and fire style, and his strength is quite good.
He sat down, and Akai happened to read the last page and handed him the comic.
Sakumo took it over and turned it over, and it didn’t take long to see a page of colourful comics.
In the coloured picture, a blond man is particularly eye-catching——
“He should be the fourth Hokage in the comics.”
Sakumo thought.
“Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato… It’s similar to the photos in the previous comics, it should be him.”
Akai didn’t spoil it but just answered this question.
So Sakumo nodded, then continued to read.
At the beginning of the plot, there is no mention of White Fang, mainly talking about Kakashi becoming Jonin and receiving the first mission-destroying the kannabi bridge.
Kakashi seems to be his own child in the comics.
Sakumo thought secretly in his heart and then continued to look down. After a while, the comic mentioned Kakashi’s father and White Fang’s suicide.
A great ninja against the times and rules.
People are inherently dead…
A series of compliments made Sakumo doubt his life.
According to his own guess, the white fang in it is estimated to be purely focused on his teammates, and for this reason, he temporarily gave up on the mission and has no meaning to confront the times.
As for the suicide, in the end, he still doesn’t understand it.
However, in any case, is it necessary to write such a great thing just to save a partner? The interpretation is too much.
Later, Kakashi encountered a similar incident, Rin was arrested, so Kakashi faced a choice between rescuing teammates or performing tasks…
Looking through the pages, Kakashi’s choice was not Violating his previous personal settings in the early chapters, but him having a Sharingan, some changes must have taken place in the side.
Sure enough, Obito died, and his Sharingan is a gift from his friend.
Flipping through, there is no comics page anymore.
It means Kakashi’s story is over.
Sakumo froze for a moment, and then fell into deep thought- should I find Akabane to train in swordsmanship today?
“Sakumo, keep it up and become a great ninja like White Fang!”
Akai raised his thumbs and showed his big white teeth.
“Yes, let Konoha White Fang’s name resound in the Ninja World, of course…a genius like you, don’t think about committing suicide. It’s better to live than to die. As long as the person is still there, everything has a chance.”
The other ninjas also said kindly.
“Uh… good, good.”
Sakumo who was faced with enthusiasm and a reminder not to choose to suicide, he really didn’t know how to deal with this scene.
When he was interrupted, the thought of looking for Akabane to practice sword style as revenge disappeared.

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