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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 234


“Fuuu…Although Sakumo has become shameless, he is still as honest as before.”
Akabane shook off his burden and beat the violent elements who had been pestering him again, and the suffocation in his heart disappeared a lot.
But there is one thing to say.
That day, Sakumo temporarily supervised, and the preparations department had much better results in the training. In terms of actual training and guidance, I am still inferior to professionals.
So for now I will draw comics honestly, earn points, and it’s time to start again after more than 20 days of rest.
of course.
It didn’t mean he didn’t draw these days. Although he didn’t work much, occasionally when he was ready to sleep in, he would create a shadow clone and let him draw a chapter for One Piece.
Although only four or five chapters are not too much, with a few more chapters, the big update of the entire volume of ten chapters is no problem.
However, the plot just happened to be about to end in Nami’s village, so let’s finish the update in one go.
Akabane thought for a while and decided to update One Piece until Nami’s arc in one breath. 
After that arc, Luffy’s team is initially formed, and their next destination will be the LogueTown and after that, they will officially enter the Grandline.
At this point, the story of One Piece really started.
“Should I go home first, or to the Comic Shop to paint?”
He fell into deep thought, and finally decided to go home to see the situation. At any rate, he didn’t spend the night at home for more than ten days, so he went back and wanted to take a look.
Akabane thought so in his heart, but what he wanted couldn’t keep up with the changes.
Just after leaving the preparation department and preparing to go to the village, he sensed a familiar person who shouldn’t be here.
It’s Kakuzu.
At this time, Kakuzu is all dressed up as businessmen, but his clothes are a bit like some of the costumes in One Piece. It is estimated that the One Piece style of Chao Chuan Town has been brought up and even affected their dress code.
The two walked face to face, Akabane tried to pretend not to see him, and walked past him.
“Kurama Akabane, I guessed it right. Mist Village is so far away from the Land of River, so how could there be such a powerful Rebellion from the mist, and the position it occupies happens to shelter the caravan of Land of Fire. How can you say that there is such a coincidence in the world?”
Kakuzu laughed in a low voice and coldly, “I should have thought that that kind of weird technique should be the illusion technique of the Kurama clan right? You can use illusion techniques to such an extent at such an age, you are indeed very scary.”
Was I discovered?
Akabane’s heart was startled, he didn’t expect Kakuzu to go to Konoha, just to find him.
I really can’t underestimate this guy.
However, Kakuzu’s guess was all wrong. The illusion arts of the Kurama can indeed transform the injuries of the illusion into reality, but they cannot turn objects into entities.
That is the power of Sharingan.
But this is also good for him, at least Kakuzu is still afraid of him, otherwise, he will just shoot directly, and will not start with this situation.
Since it was seen through, there is no need to hide it.
Akabane smiled and said, “Kakuzu-senpai is worthy of being a strong man that can fight the first Hokage-sama. I really can’t hide my cleverness from you.”
“Hmph, Small Fox, don’t pretend, I want to know if Land-of-Rivers is Konoha’s plan or your personal plan?” Kakuzu solemnly said.
Akabane’s face also became serious.
“It’s not convenient to talk here, let’s change positions.”
Akabane uses his perception.
Some Anbu and guards are moving around and patrolling. Although it is temporarily safe, it is by no means a good place to talk.
Kakuzu continued to move forward, staggered with Akabane, and continued forward, walking outside the village.
Akabane walked towards the village, and at the same time quietly separated a shadow clone, and with the use of earth style, his shadow clone followed Kakuzu pace.
The two stopped on a small hill far away from Konoha and confirmed that there were no guards and Anbu around before Akabane appeared.
“Shadow clone? it really fits your cautious style.”
Kakuzu said coldly.
During this period of time, he had been checking the information of “Mist Rogue Ninja”, and even went to the Water Country for this, but according to the information obtained from the Water Nation, there was no such Rebellion Ninja at all.
“I didn’t expect you to track me down.”
Akabane smiled slightly.
Since the other party has seen it through, there is no need to make superficial efforts.
“In the beginning, I came to buy another set of comics, but after inquiring about some news, I think your probability of disguising as Rogue-nin is greater.”
Kakuzu said in a low voice.
“I see, you are worthy of being a man from the first Hokage generation. Now I will answer your previous questions.”
Akabane paused, “It is clear that I have organized people in the country of River, but I don’t know what the situation is in the country of River. And the plan is my personal handwriting and has nothing to do with the village.”
“Yes, Putting it that way, it seems I also become your puppet without me knowing it.”
“It’s no use, if you have inquired about me, then you should know who my teacher is.”
Akabane didn’t care.
His goal is not to become a Hokage, even if Kakuzu exposes these things, it will not affect him too much.
Firstly, he did not harm the interests of the village On the contrary, it occupies the Land-of-Rivers, which invisibly widens the site for Konoha and strengthens the information control of the countries.
Secondly, Danzo’s style is various. As long as it is beneficial to the village, he doesn’t care what means he uses.
Of course, Kakuzu clearly knew this, and the reason for the meeting was definitely not to seize the handle and negotiate terms, but for another reason.
He was noncommittal, he glanced at Konoha’s position, and said with emotion: “The last time I came to Konoha was when the First Hokage was alive, but I didn’t expect that Konoha had another incredible genius after many years… To be honest, I almost couldn’t help killing you for your heart.”
“Then I should be thankful that Senior Kakuzu let me go.”
Akabane said mildly.
“Come on… I am looking for you to talk about the Land of River. I have already set up a site, but the biggest sales book on our site is your One Piece. But you stop updating the book. So it has become difficult to start working there.”
“The update will resume shortly, and the current plot of Nami will be over in one breath.”
Akabane was a little speechless when he heard it but he still answered.
However, this attitude of Kakuzu is enough to prove that he is willing to continue to cooperate, grasp the underground forces of the Land of River, and step by step expand.
of course……
He is doing it because he was sure of Akabane’s strength, and even if there is no such thing, Kakuzu will still not trust Akabane, otherwise, he would not painstakingly find the true identity of that “Mist Rebellion”.
People like Kakuzu will never trust others.
In his eyes, only himself and his interests.
The two tried to test each other’s bottom line while keeping the cooperative relationship unbroken. After confirming the other’s mind, each breathed a sigh of relief.
Before parting, Kakuzu wanted to give it a try.
“If you really want to test my strength, you can try it.”
Akabane is very confident.
He knew that Kakuzu wanted to test his strength again, and now he was not afraid of Kakuzu, anyway, he will only lose a Shadow clone even if he loses.
“Forget it, I’m not interested in the shadow clone.”
Kakuzu hesitated again and again, but still lacked confidence in his heart.
Judging from the news he got from the investigation from the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire, even when he fought him, Akabane still did not reveal his full strength to hide his identity.
Fire Style, illusion, medical ninjutsu, summoned beast…
There are so many hidden hole cards that it’s outrageous, plus that deadly illusion that he hasn’t come up with a way of cracking it, so it’s better to recognize him as a boss for the time being.
After Kakuzu disappears, the shadow clone also disappears with a poof!
Akabane who was far away in Konoha cried out in a muffled voice, and then the memory synchronized as he rubbed his heart. 
He was silent for a few seconds, then picked up the paper and continued painting.
In terms of running speed, Akabane is indeed inferior to Sakumo, but his hand speed is not at all inferior to Sakumo. It is even better than Sakumo’s swordsmanship, otherwise, his hand seals wouldn’t be so fast.
In the afternoon, he worked closely with his clone and finally completed the expected update goal. Incidentally, he added the contents of the Naruto Five Chapters produced by the second shadow clone, and packaged them all together, and sent them to Izumi Yamano.
After completing the update, Akabane had no plans to return to the preparation department.
It’s not easy to steal some rest time. Only a fool will want to go back to finish his job.
But to Akabane’s surprise, the ninja rule was still a hot topic of the ninjas and normal people even to this day.
Now the village taskbar has posted new rules——
Allow ninjas to lead the team to decide whether to rescue teammates or continue the mission through comprehensive consideration when teammates encounter a crisis.
For example, in the test that day, Nara Shimi first judged the priorities of various tasks, and finally made a reasonable allocation of personnel.
The new rules did not completely outlaw the “Ninja Code”, nor did it completely oppose “saving companions”, but instead allowed the leading ninja to judge and decide by himself through a compromise method.
This rule is equivalent to allowing the ninja to give up the mission to rescue his companions under “reasonable conditions.”
But if conditions do not permit…
For example, if the task is extremely important, the task is still the first priority.
This is also normal.
To be honest, The Third Hokage’s ability to “promulgate the rules” this step has exceeded Akabane’s expectations.
After all, in the comics, the Third Hokage later did not introduce such rules. The textbooks are still the old rules, and “partner first” or “task first” depends on the philosophy of the Team Leader.
And right now, it is equivalent to officials having made some concessions.
Which is surprising, to say the least.

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