Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 235


After getting the job at hand wrapped up, Akabane began to ponder about the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.
Kakashi  story came out a few days ago, and his redemption list already has the  Flying Thunder God Jutsu
The difficulty of mastering space-time ninjutsu is no easier than developing a Kekkei Genkai. As S-level space-time ninjutsu, the skill of the Thunder God requires quite a lot of points——
It needs a full five thousand points!
of course.
He can actually redeem it now but Akabane is still exploring the issue of lowering the price of points, that’s why he didn’t redeem it directly.
After thinking about it, Akabane decided that he still had to talk to the Third Hokage.
Flying Thunder God Jutsu is recorded in the Scroll of Seals, and Namikaze Minato learned it through the Seal of Scroll, which proves that it is not a taboo jutsu if the Third Hokage showed it to him.
Therefore, he decided to work hard and try to persuade the Third Hokage to show him the Flying Thunder God Jutsu
If he can read the Seal of Scroll, not only he can make its price points drop, but he can also use the  Flying Thunder God Jutsu openly, otherwise, he can only say that he developed it.
Although there are some notes from the Second Hokage documents that he received from Uzumaki Mito, this excuse is still not credible.
When he arrived at the Hokage Building, he ran into the Consultant Elder Mitokado Homura head-on. He was about to say hello, but Mitokado Homura snorted coldly and then passed him downstairs.
What the hell!
Akabane glanced back at this guy and secretly wrote down.
The old guy can’t do anything to his comics, that’s why he was in a bad mood when he saw Akabane the author of Naruto who blasphemes the rules of the ninja!
After thinking about it carefully, it doesn’t seem to be unexplainable.
Few people know the news that Mitokado Homura was depreciated by Danzo, but it was seen by many medical ninjas that he turned to Utatane Koharu for help but was also rejected by her as she was uninterested in it.
Akabane still has a considerable status among medical staff, so he knew it naturally.
“Hmp, I will deal with you later.”
He whispered secretly, then went upstairs and found the door of the Third Hokage office.
The door was not closed. From outside, you could see the Third Hokage smoking melancholy. Looking at the scene again, it is estimated that Mitokado Homura just had a fight with Hiruzen.
When Hiruzen saw Akabane, he said angrily: “Come in.”
Akabane entered the door and closed the office door without waiting for him to speak. Then Hiruzen knocked on the table with a cigarette stick, staring at him unkindly, making him suddenly wonder how to speak.
“Every time your kid comes to me, it’s concerning. Let’s talk about what you are going to do this time?”
“Hehehe, Lord Hokage, you see that I have accumulated a lot of credit in the village some time ago and handed in a lot of ninjutsu. Can I ask for ninjutsu in the Scroll of seals?”
Akabane rubbed his hands like a middle-aged man that was into business.
His movements are a bit awkward, and his demands are more sensitive. After listening to it, Hiruzen unconsciously sat up straight and he said solemnly: “You should know that some Ninjutsu was unconditionally impossible to release.”
“I want to see Flying Thunder God Jutsu.”
Akabane answered honestly.
The technique of  Flying Thunder God Jutsu should not be completely prohibited by the Third Hokage.
Sure enough.
Hiruzen’s expression was slightly relaxed when he realized what he needed, and his movements were not as rigid as before. He just admonishes as an elder: ” Flying Thunder God Jutsu is a kind of temporal and spatial ninjutsu. It is very dangerous to practice this ninjutsu. I hope you can be more cautious.”
The most common space-time ninjutsu is summoning.
However, the technique of summoning is safer-the premise is to sign a contract.
Without signing a contract, the danger of summoning is also very high.
There is no fixed contract like Jiraiya, who can survive directly after using the Summoning Jutsu and “coincidentally” come to Mount Myoboku. This probability is too small.
“Please, believe me, I won’t make fun of my life.”
Akabane is serious.
However, as soon as these words came out, Hiruzen laughed instantly, coughing violently, trying to adjust his emotions, but still couldn’t help but want to laugh.
When Hiruzen thinks about it, he thinks it’s ridiculous that he is worried about him.  With Akabane virtue, if he really deemed it as a danger, he may be the first one to give up on it before they can persuade him. And he still needs to worry for him?
“Don’t laugh”
Akabane looked dumbfounded.
Is treasuring your life funny?
“Ahem… I’m sorry, I just think my worry is a bit unnecessary.”
Hiruzen took out a piece of paper from underneath his table, stroked it away, and wrote, without taking out the Scroll of Seal.
Within a few seconds, some principles and basics of  Flying Thunder God Jutsu were written on paper.
What does this mean?
A thought flashed in Akabane’s mind for an instant- It means that the Third Hokage memorized and also wanted to study the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, but unfortunately, he couldn’t due to its complexity and also from the risk if not controlled properly.
He did not dare to speak out, but took the paper and began to read it seriously.
Then Hiruzen continued: “This is the basic principle and basic technique of Flying Thunder God Jutsu. The specific technique has not been passed down by my teacher, so you have to explore it yourself.”
“No problem, thank you, Hokage-sama.”
Akabane glanced at it, hid it in his arms with joy, and then immediately prepared to leave.
“Wait, you brat! You will leave after taking advantage?”
Hiruzen knocked on the table and asked “I heard that you had a fight with Sakumo and you defeated Sakumo with one punch?”
“Ah? Who is so outrageous as to tell a lie? I tried my best to defeat Sakumo.”
Akabane said seriously.
“I don’t care if you do your best or one-punches him. But the kind of ninjutsu that disrupts nerves and quick recovery is very helpful to the construction of the medical system, do you understand what I mean.”
“No problem, you ask Tsunade, I will teach her everything.”
Akabane smiled, then waved and turned to leave.
Hiruzen froze for a while, and then couldn’t help but take a whiff on his cigarette pipe, slightly dispirited.
This kid is really slippery.
But his talent is also high, and when it comes to his development of ninjutsu, no one can compare him to his peers. I am afraid that only his teacher, the Second Hokage, can compare to his talent…
Although he  didn’t see the Scroll of Sealing, he had already achieved his goal by obtaining the  Flying Thunder God Jutsu
Akabane returned to the comic shop and quickly opened the system panel.
And just like he expected, the price fell by two thousand!
But this reduction of points is normal because just like what the Third Hokage said, the note in his hand is just the foundation of the jutsu.
As for the method of the technique…
How can that Technique method be easy to learn!
If they allow him to study it himself, I am afraid that he will never be able to study the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.
“Kamikaze Mito is really a genius.”
Akabane sighed slightly.
Needless to say, he still needs to spend his points.
Four thousand and eight hundred points were spent, and there were only about two thousand left in his panel.
But he got the usage of Flying Thunder God Jutsu and didn’t spend these points in vain. After all, this Flying Thunder God Jutsu can be used soon after redeeming it.
The operation of Flying Thunder God Jutsu is very profound. If it weren’t for the system to teach him directly, he felt that even if he had a detailed knowledge analysis about it, he would not necessarily be able to use it.
He has mastered the word technique formula instead of the pattern technique formula, which is obviously the Fourth Hokage version.
of course.
Akabane doesn’t care about these details, black cats and white cats are good cats that can catch mice.
But he won’t use it in public because it was too nonsensical to learn it on the same day, so although he mastered Flying Thunder God Jutsu, he didn’t go out to use it immediately, but walked home and went to work honestly.
Another 8 points of physique were exchanged, and his points were depleted.
“Neither Naruto nor Pirate was updated in the past few days, and my points have risen a lot slower. I hope Kakuzu will do more publications.”
Akabane sighed lightly.
In order to relieve the pressure on Kakuzo’s side, he specially ordered Yamano Izumi to provide the One Piece Comics to the Land of River first and Konoha should keep a certain amount.
So the next day, Konoha had only one hundred volumes of One Piece and three hundred volumes of Naruto.
Not many readers in Konoha like One Piece. At most, everyone just read it for fun. And their real favourite is Naruto.
As soon as the comics arrived, many idle ninjas came to the door, and they had to be on time as if they were standing guard.
As usual, Akabane went to the Reserve Department to inspect and found that after the battle, Sakumo had come to work honestly, so he returned to the comic shop to draw with peace of mind.
There were so many people in the comics shop that Kurama Yunlang had to set up the stall.
But Kurama Yunlang is now smarter.
Anyway, the road here is relatively remote and there are no horses and cars, so he took up half of the road to put up a few tables and chairs, and by the way, he also has a “takeaway” service
A little errand fee can help the spectators buy food, drinks, etc. everywhere in Konoha.
The main people in charge of running errands are some poor Genin in the village, who often come to rent books on weekdays, so Kurama Yunlang thought of such a way.
So after this update, Akabane returned to the comic shop and saw a group of people sitting outside the door, all drinking juice, eating sushi, and holding comics in hand. They were too comfortable.
“Tsunade is really fierce. The villain Orochimaru was so cruel, but he was beaten by her and fled.”
“This tongue…hiss, I am afraid it will be broken directly by ordinary people!”
“Is Orochimaru an ordinary ninja?”
Everyone complained as they read, and they seemed extremely happy.
But after reading for a while, they finally saw “Tsunade” recollections of “Akabane” and “Nawaki” and how they died, and everyone suddenly started talking again.
“Do you think Akabane felt hurt when he painted this section?”
“If he feels bad, he won’t be able to draw it.”
Some people can’t help but complain.
His dream is to become a Hokage?
Why didn’t we see that you have such big ambitions?
Not only that, but he can even kiss her goodbye!
After reading this paragraph, everyone was not touched at all. There was only one sentence in their mind-why are you so shameless?
In the comic shop, Akabane couldn’t help but want to rush out and beat people.
Is it that hard for you to accept me having a dream of becoming Hokage?
Also, why do you care about the goodbye kiss!
“But Tsunade Hime will really become Hokage, I’m really looking forward to it… Well, if she becomes Hokage, she shouldn’t lose all the village savings, right?”
Some people were still looking forward to it, but then immediately hesitated.
Although Uzumaki Mito is in charge now, and Tsunade is young and has not been able to go to the casino often, but the villagers and ninjas alike know how famous her bad gambling skills are.
Forget it!
When everyone thought of this, they shook their heads and continued to flip through the comics.
After returning to the village and succeeding in the Hokage position, it was the plot where Tsunade first treated Lee. When everyone saw that Lee might not be a ninja anymore, they felt heavy.
It’s because just after the war, the village had more disabled ninjas.
Fortunately, the appointment plan for disabled ninjas has recently been introduced, which gives many disabled ninjas opportunities to return to their posts.
But this plan seems to be related to Akabane…
Thinking about it carefully. Basically, everything new in the village has something to do with this guy.
This guy has a strong sense of existence!

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