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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 236


Seeing the grand occasion, Kurama Yunlang couldn’t help but go into the lounge where Akabane is and talk about his thoughts: “Master, should we buy the side room?”
“Is the money enough?”
Next to the comic shop is a warehouse, which also belongs to the Nara clan. They still store some medicinal materials there.
As a warehouse, its space is quite large.
He didn’t consider that one at the beginning because the venue was too big and required a lot of money.
It just so happened that Akabane didn’t have the money at that time.
“Recently, some foreign businesses have started. Because of the high profits in foreign countries, we have made a lot of profits from the division. With our own income, there should be no problem buying the warehouse.”
Kurama Yunlang whispered.
The price of comics sold to foreign countries is fifteen times that of the domestic one. Although there is an extra family share, the money that falls into Akabane’s hands is still much more than that of the country.
Recently, there are more and more caravans, and the income is getting higher and higher, otherwise, they would not have the capital to buy a huge warehouse.
“What are you going to do when you set it down?”
Akabane’s shadow clone couldn’t help asking.
“There are many uses. Our shop is now a bit small and needs to be expanded. The other part can be transformed into a small living room outside the door for guests to read, chat, and cooperate with some businesses in the future…”
Kurama Yunlang’s words are straightforward, which shows that he has done a lot of hard work recently.
All in all, his idea is actually to build a small comic hall based on comics. The income from that comic hall is only a second purpose, mainly for snacks such as meals and other cooperative businesses.
He won’t say whether this model is useful or not, but with the increase in comics and hand-made projects in the future, the store will expand sooner or later.
So Akabane thought for a moment, nodded and said: “If you really want to do it, you can go to the Nara clan and negotiate about the price, also you can ask the clan for help, and say it’s what I want.”
Kurama Yunlang was immediately ecstatic.
This is the first time he has divulged his ideas in the comics shop, and getting permission gives him the feeling that his efforts during this period of time have not been wasted.
With permission, he immediately wanted to go out and do these things.
Now that there is a decision, it should be sooner rather than later. Akabane could only sit outside and let him discuss these things.
“Hey, don’t you go to the preparation department…Oh yes, you have taken Sakumo to work.”
Ye Wu just finished her morning class and she was sweaty.
Seeing Akabane sitting here, she was really shocked, but then she thought of Sakumo who hurried to work and suddenly understood everything.
“That said, Sakumo work is good for everyone, shouldn’t you thank me?”
Akabane rolled his eyes.
“Yes Yes Yes.”
Ye Wu nodded seriously after hearing it, expressing deep agreement.
Sakumo can’t beat Akabane, so he can only find her to practice swordsmanship, the problem is that she can’t beat Sakumo…
Fortunately, Sakumo has a new mission recently. Otherwise, she will suffer every day. 
If Sakumo didn’t have work, how can she come out and stroll around after she finishes her practices, and by the way, can she still read the latest updated comics?
She took a look, then her eyes lit up and rushed to the store to pick up One Piece’s update.
What a thick book…
Ye Wu couldn’t help but want to cry. From the update of One Piece to the present, it is the first time to see such a thick update!
She was hungry and thirsty. So she sat aside and began to read. By the way, she asked the poor Genin to buy a bottle of healthy juice from the Nara clan. When the boy brought the juice, Ye Wu had already read a few chapters.
“Six Swords, this is very difficult, humans should not be able to do it.”
Ye Wu muttered to herself while reading.
The story of the Aaron chapter is mainly about Nami’s experience, and the final result must be to help Nami solve the difficulties and make her a part of the Straw Hat Pirates.
But she is only interested in Zoro and the One Piece Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. These plots are only incidental.
Three swords style vs. six swords…
However, it seems that the Six Swords Style is inferior. Although there are more swords, it has no power at all.
Seeing this, Ye Wu couldn’t help but think of her fight with Sakumo.
She used the sword clone to unite it with her Crescent Moon Dance and indeed completed a wonderful combination attack, but Sakumo only used a sabre to block the three offensives, and incidentally defeated her with the second sword.
Although her three-sword style was immature, and in a sense, Sakumo’s two-sword style was actually stronger, but it was still somewhat unacceptable for Ye Wu.
The gap is too big.
Besides, Sakumo is making continuous progress, but she has only completed the union of the sword clone and Crescent Moon Dance. 
Sakumo on the other hand has been on the battlefield, but she is still in the village honing her skills…
Thinking of this, Ye Wu couldn’t help but grasp the comic in her hand.
Forget it, let’s finish reading first.
She turned page by page, there are many Zoro performances in the Arlong park chapter, but the real battle scene is not too exciting, unlike the fight with Hawkeye——
Before long, all the plots were finished.
He sighed, picked up Naruto and read it for a while.
The plot is very interesting. Although the climax of the Sannin war is over, Tsunade’s promotion to the fifth Hokage happened, and as an acquaintance, it is a very novel experience for everyone.
However, her mind began to drift.
Sakumo has been on the battlefield, and Akabane Ninjutsu has emerged endlessly and he has a good mind, but she is not good at anything. If she does not go out to train, she is afraid that she will be left behind forever.
When Ye Wu thought of this, she couldn’t help sighing.
This kind of thinking has nothing to do with comics. She has been thinking about whether or not to go out of the village to train and fight during this period. It’s just that she gets more heartbroken after reading the comics.
“I’m leaving.”
Ye Wu prepared to leave after drinking the juice.
Akabane responded and said after a moment of silence, “If you want to go out, remember to train an escape ninjutsu.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not as weak as Gekkou Hayate.”
Ye Wu waved and teased.
Safe trip……
Akabane said in his heart.
He didn’t know what Ye Wu’s goal was, but seeing the determination of his companion to become stronger, he could only secretly bless her in his heart.1
Such as Murasaki.
Since joining Anbu, he never appeared again.
Akabane didn’t know where he went, but occasionally he learned some secrets from Sakumo and knew that Murasaki was all well.
As Sakumo said, everyone is getting stronger.
“Speaking of which, Murasaki may be there in the Bird Country…”
He secretly thought in his heart.
Such a secret mission can only be a matter on the other side of the battlefield.
Now the war in the Land of Uzumaki is over, but the attack on the Land of Bird launched by the Land of Wind has just begun. Both Hidden Stone Village and Hidden Rain Village have already participated in the war.
However, Sand Village is very wise. What they deal with is the country of birds, a remote country with a very poor geographical environment. In addition, Hidden Rain Village and Hidden Stone Village had just survived the war. So the winning chance of Land-of-Wind in this battle is quite large.
In the future, there will probably not be a country of birds, let alone the female Daimyo, named Toki.
But if there is a character like Naruto, he has to think twice before he can make sure, even more so these extra characters who only appeared a few times.
“Speaking of which, that old guy Mitokado Homura is really annoying. Even Utatane Koharu is focused on the work of the medical system and is no longer blindly commanding. He on the other hand has nothing to contribute.”
Akabane was upset at the thought.
Just to ensure that he would not be beaten by Danzo, I’ll arrange some role for this guy, and it was best to let him get out of the advisory position ahead of time.
It’s a pity that there is no backstory story recently.
The next plot of Naruto will involve Sasuke’s defection and Rock Lee’s choice for surgery, and the following is the assembly of Shikamaru’s pursuit team.
This story is also very exciting.
He was lost in thought.
Konoha’s missions are indeed not many recently. A country has been eliminated directly, and the internal digestion and rectification of the country of fire are expected to take a while.
So why don’t I just take this opportunity to do another comic show?
“Forget it, after the plot of Sasuke’s defection is completely over, we will make a vote before deciding whether to hold a comic show.”
Akabane lay down, lacking energy.
Speaking of which, the Uzumaki Clan people who returned to Land of Fire don’t know what their ending will be like, also what’s the situation with that silly girl.
He practised the Yin Seal by himself, and he hasn’t been to the Senju Clan.
After finally waiting for Kurama Yunlang to fix the warehouse problem, it was already late afternoon, and Akabane, who had been sitting at the comic shop in charge of sales that day, deeply realized that sitting on the counter is not so easy.
Until the next day.
Akabane visited the Senju clan with some snacks and gifts.
These things are mainly for the children of the Uzumaki clan, after all, those children are also Tomiko’s friends.
“Thank you, Brother Akabane.”
“I really envy Tomiko for having such a brother.”
A group of children are very lively, not seeing the gloomy autism of the past. Akabane has been entangled and busy for a long time, telling several stories, and then escaped from them and came to the small courtyard where Uzumaki Mito was.
“These children are very annoying.”
Uzumaki Mito smiled very mildly. She had always been gentle and patient with these Uzumaki family members. Akabane was different, and his head became bigger after being entangled for a while.
Akabane sat down in front of her and asked in a low voice, “Grandma Mito, how is the Uzumaki family?”
“Nothing, that is, we will not be surnamed Uzumaki in the future, but we must protect the life of the daimyo.”
Uzumaki Mito lowered her voice.
The rest of the people didn’t know the news, everyone thought that no one from the Uzumaki clan returned to the country of fire.
Akabane was taken aback after hearing this.
Protect the life of Daimyo?
Isn’t this the Twelve Guardian Ninja? With the Uzumaki clan, the daimyo probably doesn’t need the guard of the Twelve Ninjas. After all, the Uzumaki clan’s sealing technique and ninjutsu are outstanding.
When he was thinking, Uzumaki Mito continued: “The family voluntarily gave up some of the seal art scrolls, and only took away some forbidden techniques and advanced seal art. If they can survive in the country of fire, it would be worth paying that much. “
Although this result is very miserable, it is better than the extermination of the generations and fleeing to other countries.
In the comics, except for Kushina, the others are so miserable that they can’t say anything, but according to the original story, it will take three or four years before Kushina is born.
Because of his manga, Danzo was allowed to lay out ahead of schedule and fought the rest of Ninja Village completely unprepared. As a last resort, they had to start a war in advance.
And According to this, whether Kushina will be born is two different things…

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