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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 237


“By the way, if Tsunade asks you to help her study the Creation Rebirth, I hope you can refuse.”
Uzumaki Mito sat upright, with a solemn expression.
In fact, she has always wanted to talk to Akabane about this matter, but Akabane was busy with the preparation department some time ago, and she couldn’t make Akabane put down his work for this matter, and temporarily let it go.
“What’s drawn in my comics is just fiction, I can’t figure it out even if I study it.”
“Hehe, I believe you.”
Uzumaki Mito sneered, obviously not convinced.
Although she didn’t leave the Senju clan, she would have heard about everything that happened in Konoha. Things like Akabane defeating Sakumo were spread all over Konoha.
So how can she not know about it?
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Uzumaki Mito doesn’t know the principle of this technique, but this ninjutsu is simply to create a low-profile version of regeneration.
In her understanding, Akabane must have studied some ways of Creation Rebirth, and then he accidentally made this jutsu called Yin Healing Wound Destruction
“Although I omitted the specific principle of Creation Rebirth in the comic, I know the side effect of Creation Rebirth. It is a Forbidden Jutsu that accelerates cell division. If you use too much, it will consume your lifespan, right?”
Akabane was afraid that the other party would not believe it, so he could only explain it seriously.
Uzumaki Mito nodded.
When she read the comic that day, and when she saw Creation Rebirth, she thought of Senju Hashirama’s physique.
The same almost indestructible resilience, but who knows that the price of this ability is the continued consumption of life.
Of course, Senju Hashirama’s physique is very heaven-defying. Even Uzumaki Mito can’t understand that kind of cell composition, and his life force is not at all a normal level category.
But Tsunade did not have that kind of physique and life force, and if she developed this technique…
She thought for a while and sighed softly.
Judging from the innate talent and aggressiveness currently shown by Tsunade on Medical-Ninjutsu, she will be able to develop it sooner or later even by herself.
Forget it, let her go.
If she really developed it by herself, it was useless for Uzumaki Mito to stop her. Tsunade is a strong person. Since she has set her own path, she will not be easily changed by others.
But it’s best to let her develop it herself so that she can understand the dangers of the operation better.
Things that are easily obtained are always not cherished, at least in Uzumaki Mito’s mind.
Akabane chatted with her for a while.
They didn’t talk about anything in detail. They were mostly trivial topics, such as some ideas for drawing comics, and some techniques for comics.
But what made Akabane’s face blush is that Uzumaki Mito mentioned the chapters where he was intimate with Tsunade and analyzed in detail the painting skills and some careful thoughts.
In short, in the comics, Akabane’s capacity to voyage was amazing!
More than that, Akabane took a look at “Hashirama Everyday Life”, and saw how she has already mastered this Q-print style…
If she was on earth, she must be a talented cartoonist.
The story is quite interesting, mainly because Senju Hashirama itself has such a personality, which is expressed through the style of the Q version, which makes people particularly want to laugh.
In addition, the volume that Uzumaki Mito had finished before was also sent by Akabane to Izumi Yamano’s side for the factory to help publish it.
I am afraid that the third Hokage will be embarrassed when this volume is published.
Land of River.
As the caravan entered, everyone quickly noticed that many wandering ninjas and samurai followed along the way.
“Boss, we…”
“Don’t talk, they didn’t show up, let’s see the situation first.”
The leader of the caravan was very nervous. He ran through this country so many times and encountered such a big battle for the first time. And right now, the ninja from Konoha no longer follow them. If he really encounters a robber, he can only pay for his life.
The group of people was worried and full of fear, from the Land-of-Rivers border to Chao Chuan Town.
But to their surprise, these ninjas and samurai who followed them did not do anything but followed them from the border to Chao Chuan Town before they left and then came directly to the periphery of the shop.
The Konoha ninjas hidden in the store were shocked, thinking that these rebels would be brave enough to encircle them, and were ready to fight and escape at any time.
“Boss, you don’t load the goods. With all these comics, you sold them to us. With so many of us, we can definitely take one copy.”
The ninja who took the lead said directly.
“Um…you, you guys want to buy a comic?”
The leader of the caravan was dumbfounded.
This group of people followed them from the border of the Land of River to Chao Chuan Town, just to buy comic books?
With such an attitude who abides by laws and regulations, why did you become a rogue ninja!?
He whispered secretly in his heart, but he replied: “My lord, some of our comics are to be supplied to various taverns, so…”
“Sell it all to us, do you understand?”
The leader San said.
The staff of the caravan is all a little confused. This group of rogue ninja wants to buy all of them. 
Are they planning to buy it all and then sell it?
It can be seen that this group of rogue ninja has a great influence, and it is likely that the local tyrants are all afraid of them. 
Thinking of this, the leader of the caravan couldn’t help but have a few cold sweats leaked from his forehead.
“San, they are friends of our boss. If it’s convenient, just leave with a few copies and leave the rest to sell for my tavern.”
 At this time, Nakagawa arrived.
When the leader, San saw Nakagawa, there was a hint of hatred and resentment in his eyes, but soon these emotions flushed away, and he recovered his calm and peaceful appearance and said: “It Nakagawa, huh, since you found someone as the new boss, you should be rich right now.”
“It’s not that much, but the business here is covered by our boss. I hope you won’t do this again in the future.”
Nakagawa smiled slightly.
The “friend” he mentioned to Akabane last time was this man. If he hadn’t sold him, San should still be in his old line of business, and just enjoying his life with women every day.
But his life right now can be explained in a simple summary is one word-miserable!
Nakagawa knew the inside story of what happened, so after a warning, he smirked and rejoiced.
Fortunately, Kakuzu usually doesn’t come to the tavern. As long as they don’t provoke him, their little life here is still moist, but he has to work hard with these rogue ninjas.
With Nakagawa being an overseer, the transaction is proceeding normally.
Before long, all of them bought copies each, and the rest were left for the tavern in Nakagawa.
At this time, in Chao Chuan Town, the housing construction has completely become the appearance of One Piece, and the banks of the river have also been widened enough to allow big ships to anchor and move.
Akabane had no knowledge of the fact that Kakuzu was doing something like this in the Land of River.
Kakuto will take care of everything here, and if he intervenes with Kakuzu’s character, he will be suspicious immediately. At the same time, to ensure that Land-of-Rivers opens up sales in the early stage, Akabane has continuously updated a lot of One Piece content——
The plot ends directly at Logue Town, which is the hundredth chapter.
This chapter is quite exciting, with strongmen appearance such as Smoker, Dragon, etc., it truly became the opening prologue of One Piece’s Grand Line.
To put it bluntly, the story of One Piece has only just begun.
Unfortunately, Ye Wu couldn’t see this book.
When Yamano Izumi sent the update to Konoha, she had already left Konoha. It is said that she took the task of Anbu. It is possible that no one but The Third Hokage and Danzo knows where she has gone.
Akabane lay in the shop.
He doesn’t know why, but he really wants to find Sakumo for a drink today.
Thinking of the challenge he receives from Sakumo after he was drunk last time under the instigation of his father Hatake Sagiki, Akabane dispelled the idea of asking for trouble, and just took a dozen of the latest One Piece updates and went to the preparation department.
After training for a long time, Akabane occasionally lets everyone relax.
Well, it’s not for the tiny points they give to him.
“Everyone worked hard, good job. Today I brought some comics for everyone to read while relaxing.”
Akabane said calmly.
“Thank you Akabane-senpai.”
A group of Genin shouted happily. In the two or three days that Sakumo took over, they didn’t even have much rest time, either training or preparing for training.
Animation education?
It’s all luxury, and it’s not bad to get a good night’s sleep.
Although there is no anime education now, what can you expect if you have comics?
“You always trouble me.”
Sakumo snorted coldly, but he acted honestly, as he read the One Piece update carefully.
“Well, they need to take a break occasionally.”
Akabane leaned against the trunk.
Although ninjas are not normal people, they can’t be so squeezed every day. These kids are just Genin, and occasionally resting for ten minutes is not too much.
Sakumo did not comment, but he read the comics with gusto.
of course.
As his strength improved, Zoro’s swordsmanship was not so powerful in his eyes unlike before, at least for now, but he still took it seriously and was fascinated.
It didn’t take long for some students to finish reading the comics at hand, but he didn’t even finish the first volume, because Sakumo read it very carefully and turned it slowly.
After a long time, he put away the first volume and opened the second volume.
After reading all the updates, Luffy and the others entered the Grandline, and the threat of Logue Town was also eliminated by “Dragon”, but Sakumo always felt that it was still not enough.
What is the existence of the Grandline?
How strong is the high-end strength of Pirate World?
Who is that dragon?
There were a series of questions that no one could answer except Akabane, but that guy was the one who would not easily let go of the plot behind unless he had to.
So he was upset!

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