Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 240


After being so tired yesterday, he still maintained two clones working during the day, so he came back from the hospital and chatted for a while. 
On the way to the bath, the clones disappeared automatically, and Akabane almost fainted in the bathroom.
Originally he planned to rest for a while today, but Uchiha Yuan was quite eager, and the next day he brought a gift and came to their door.
The old guy was very proud. He drank the wine made by Uchiha, took out a plate of special snacks, and preached the glorious deeds of his clansman yesterday while drinking.
Although it was a thank you in name, it was actually advocating, because all the wine as a thank you gift went into his own stomach-at home, Kurama Isamu did not allow Akabane to drink.
But the snacks made by Uchiha’s are good, much better than those on the street.
Akabane speeded up calmly, and it didn’t take long to eat up all the snacks on the plate. Uchiha Yuan still had half a bottle of wine left. He didn’t have any food to drink, so he stopped drinking. Seal up the wine.
Afterwards, he said with emotion: “Akabane, I really didn’t expect that your comics can awaken our sharingan, especially seeing Sasuke’s betrayal…”
In Uchiha’s cognition, the power of their clan needs to feel love and then lose love in order to be stimulated and get stronger power.
But now, it seems that some changes have taken place due to comics.
“The comics really can’t be more miserable.”
Thinking of his strange request, Akabane couldn’t help reiterating.
“Hahaha, I was so happy yesterday that I made such a request to Isamu…but then again, you can’t give Sasuke too little.”
Uchiha Yuan understood very well.
This type of comic generally has a protagonist, and most of the angle of view is also locked on the protagonist. Sasuke’s departure from the village means that his role in the scene will be greatly reduced for a considerable period of time.
“Don’t worry, there won’t be too few.”
Akabane shook his head, looking listless, what he said is not really a lie. As the story continues, Sasuke’s story will also continue. In addition, there is a brother who works hard for his younger brother, and Sasuke has a lot of scenes in the later period.
Of course, it will decrease in a short time.
“I can rest assured if you say that.”
Uchiha Yuan left a lot of things after he left, but there is no money in it, but he left a relatively large package, not knowing what was in it.
After he left, Akabane took out something from the baggage and scanned through it. There was some food, drinks, books and so on made by the Uchiha Clan.
Isn’t it about the Sharingan again?
Akabane looked around, then picked it up calmly and looked at it. After seeing the name, he was suddenly disappointed.
Uchiha’s swordsmanship and ninja control.
It’s not unremarkable. Although Uchiha’s swordsmanship is not as good as the Hatake clan, it is also quite famous in Konoha. At the same time, Uchiha is also quite experienced in the manipulation of ninja tools.
However, these two volumes are obviously not for Akabane or the Kurama clan, but a textbook for Akabane’s preparation department, so that his preparation department will not be out of books when teaching.
Quite a thoughtful guy.
Akabane sighed and put the book away. Although it was useless to him, it was better than nothing.
“What are these? Huh, are you leaving?”
Kurama Keiko came out with food and found that Uchiha Yuan had gone.
“Ah, my mother, I’ll go to the comic shop to read it, and I may have to go to the hospital today, and I won’t come back to eat at noon.”
“Ok, you never came back to eat.”
Kurama Keiko was quite used to it and said to Akabane.
Akabane was sluggish for a moment, then walked out of the house silently.
Sure enough, he stayed at home for a long time.
When he walked out of the clan land, he met a lot of people on the road, and everyone saw Akabane happily teasing nonsense such as “We also want to awaken our Kekkei Genkai…”
Since the guard department recruited ninjas from the whole village, and Uchiha’s own people were not the only ones in the guard, and Uchiha deliberately endorsed it, the news spread throughout Konoha in just one day.
Uchiha Yuan idea is simple.
Although many Uchiha has their Kekkei Genkai awakened due to the exposure of Uchiha’s Annihilation that Night, people from the village didn’t witness it.
But time is different.
Under everyone’s noses, they saw Uchiha’s little kid arguing with Kurama Isamu about the plot of the comic, and saw how the kid Kekkei Genkai awakened during the quarrel…
Some think it was nonsense, but it is an indisputable fact that it happened.
The so-called seeing is believing, this case is enough to tell most people that Uchiha’s awakening does not have to be due to hate, but can also come from a high degree of recognition and love for the village.
Although public opinion hasn’t been popular in Konoha for long, Uchiha Yuan has clearly mastered the importance.
Akabane secretly admired him and had to say that he was really an amazing guy.
of course.
The Third Hokage and Danzo must be well aware of his tricks.
However, Uchiha’s ability to awaken their power through the comics was beyond their expectations, so Uchiha was not prevented from propagating public opinion, but rather, they even cooperated.
Everyone is responsible for promoting positive energy.
Akabane went to the comic shop, leaving behind a shadow clone, and quickly strayed to find a place to hide.
Today, he definitely can’t be arrested and used as a coolie anymore. Not staying at home is to prevent Tsunade and the others from finding him.
It’s for my Vacation, yes, my vacation!
He hid in the forest, basking in the sun shining from the forest, and he felt quite comfortable.
It’s so good that no one is bothering…damn!
“Why are you here?”
“I just came back to the village and intended to go to your comic shop. But I happened to see you here, so I came over and had a look.”
On the tree, a masked ninja jumped down.
Although he was covering his face, Akabane could easily determine the identity of the other party- Mitarashi Murasaki, a companion/teammate/friend who had disappeared for a long time based on his sense of breath.
He walked to Akabane, looked around, and then took off the mask on his face.
“Have you reported to the teacher?”
“Ah, the teacher is still the same as before.”
With a piece of grass in his mouth, Murasaki said, “This time I accomplished the task very well, and I can be promoted directly to become a Chunin.”
“Oh, you may not have asked, I am now Special-Jonin.”
Akabane said lightly.
“By the way, Sakumo performed well on the battlefield and may be promoted directly to become a Jonin.”
Murasaki was very broken.
He thought he was performing well enough to catch up with the two of them, but during this period of time lurking outside, it seems his news has been seriously lagging behind——
Both of my companions are already ninjas at Jonin level!
“Forget it, I probably can’t catch up with you two.”
Murasaki held the grass while telling Akabane about some of his experiences during this period.
Although they were classified missions, they could still talk about the scenery they saw on the road.
He mentioned many countries.
The country of the earth, the country of the bird, the country of the wind, and then to the country of the river, just listening to these, he has almost completely revolved around the country of the earth and the country of the wind during this period.
But at the end, he suddenly stood up and said, “By the way, why are your comics so expensive in the Land of the Earth and the Land of Wind?”
“Expensive? How much?”
Land-of-Lightning has the Land of Fire caravan entering and exiting, so the trade is handed over to the caravan. Land-of-Earth and Land-of-Wind are different here.
The two countries do not have a caravan that directly communicates with the Land of Fire, and Land-of-Wind has strict control over internal trade, and no merchant is willing to visit their country.
To put it simply, the manga of the two countries belong to smuggling and trafficking, which is normally how expensive it is.
“The Land-of-Earth sells your comics for 10,000 ryo per volume, the Land-of-Wind on the other hand is relatively poor, so it is traded with gold.”
Akabane sat up instantly.
One thousand ryo on one hand, while trading directly with gold on the other side!
Kakuzu is too good at business!!
“I heard that the comics that go to these countries are controlled by a powerful ninja, so the price is very high. While the Land-of-Wind implements internal supervision and control of comics, so many people buy it.”
“What about the land of the earth?”
Akabane is very curious.
“A lot of people in Land-of-Earth are richer than Land-of-Wind. Many ninjas and rich people are willing to pay for it. And their sales are quite good.”
Murasaki said regretfully and drew out his pockets, “A poor person like me can only go back to the village to buy cheap goods.”
“Well, for the sake of the stories you told me, I’ll treat you today.”
Akabane got up and patted his butt, and took Murasaki back to the comic shop.
Murasaki drank the juice and read the comics. It was quite comfortable sitting in front of the door.
While reading the comics, he continued to talk about some of his experiences. He had to mention the Land of River. When he mentioned the Land of River, he seemed quite surprised.
There is a river that flows to the sea in the Land of River, and the name of the Land of River is also derived from this. Originally, this country could become quite prosperous by virtue of the river, but long ago powerful ninjas went to Land- of-Wind and Land of Fire, leading to the establishment of Land-of-Rivers without having a Ninja Village.
Later, it became a buffer for the war between the country of wind and the country of fire, and it could only get poorer and poorer.
But now, the river has been widened by wandering warriors and ninjas, and it has become a big river that allows two or three big ships to pass side by side, and the passing ships have different styles of Pirate Flags.
And it has almost become a country of pirates like in the comic!
Kakuzu is really amazing. It’s no wonder that he asked him to update it as soon as possible. 
In order to prevent Kakuzu from coming to remind you, it will be better for One Piece to be updated daily starting tomorrow.
In addition,
If Murasaki came back, it means that the war on the country of birds was over.
Although these are all secret missions, he can guess what Murasaki’s mission is during this period, but he doesn’t know what is going on on the battlefield over there.
Murasaki lay on the chair and saw part of the Chunin exam…
“Hey, this woman who has her kunai on Naruto’s face, don’t tell me she is my daughter!?”
Based on his understanding of Akabane, Kakashi is Sakumo’s child, so this woman named Mitarashi Anko is obviously his daughter from the setting.
Why is her character so unreliable?
“Yes, thank me for having such a beautiful daughter in the future.”
Akabane chuckled.
“No, my child will not have this character. My child must be a beautiful, gentle and great ninja like Mito-sama.”
Murasaki said angrily.
Yes, she looked pretty when she was at her peak, but afterwards, due to eating dumplings too much, she became fat that made it hard for the fans to recognise her…
As for gentleness, does this word have anything to do with Anko?

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