Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 241


Murasaki resolutely refused to admit that the female ninja who played the snake in the comics was her daughter because this was completely different from what he had imagined and broke all his hopes for the future.

“Calm down, the future may not be like in the comics.”

Akabane said

As for children, they must be cute and beautiful when they are born, and Anko is also very cute when she is young, but not necessarily when they grow up.

Murasaki looked down from above, and his mood became more and more depressed.

How can this woman not look like his daughter should look like in his mind, besides, if his ‘daughter’ appeared, why didn’t he appear?

Did I die in the comic?

Shaking his head, he read from the plot of the chunin exam in one breath, and he stopped for a long time until the Third Hokage died in battle. After reading these pages over and over again, he continued to look back.

The plot is very exciting, and occasionally made him sad, especially in the death of the Third Hokage, he even felt that he was involved in it as if he had become one of the few anbu watching and commenting outside the barrier.

Murasaki couldn’t help thinking of Hidden Sand Villages Jinchuriki, that kind of terrifying Jinchuriki weapon. Although it didn’t directly kill the enemy, from its power alone, it was quite terrifying already—

That blow turned a mountain into a dune.

That kind of powerlessness and despair is exactly the same as the picture before him, including Sasuke’s mood when facing Jinchuriki in the front, he can also feel it.

No matter how hard you work, you can’t help some people with special powers, unless you fight with your own lives.

Murasaki sighed with a heavy feeling in his heart.

Until he saw Akabane appear…

“It’s really cruel to draw yourself to death, but if you arrange it like this, aren’t you afraid that Tsunade will settle accounts with you?”

“Murasaki, you are out of date, Akabane and Tsunade…”

In the store, Kurama Yunlang gestured, but halfway through, he was so scared that he hurriedly stopped, and almost everyone was lying under the counter.

A group of readers tilted their heads.

At first, everyone wanted to make a joke, but when they saw someone coming, they didn’t dare to speak.

“What’s the bill?”

Tsunade walked slowly to their table and sat down next to Akabane, “Oh, Murasaki, you are back, you look a lot stronger.”

“Hehe~, I will be promoted to Chunin soon.”

Murasaki said proudly.

Tsunade raised her eyebrows, and then smiled gently and said, “Yes, it’s a coincidence. I just came back from Sarutobi-sensei today, and it seems I also became a Chunin starting today.”


Murasaki opened his mouth wide and then wished to slap his own big mouth for being so talkative.

Damn! That’s a slap on my face!

But thinking about it carefully, as disciples of the Third Hokage, how can they be mediocre right!? 

No, there is still Jiraiya.

He pondered for a moment, and asked cautiously: “Jiraiya he…”

“How can that idiot be promoted? He should wait for the next Chunin exam.”

Tsunade curled her lips.

There are many types of promotions for becoming a Chunin, and she, Sakumo and Murasaki are all promoted based on this.

She became a Chunin after her contribution from the medical field.

Sakumo became a Jonin for his contributions to the war.

And Murasaki becomes Chunin for completing his secret mission with an outstanding performance. 

But Jiraiya didn’t have any military exploits. Naturally, he could only get the approval of the Konoha Alliance Ninja Village bypassing the Chunin exam to be promoted to the Chunin level.

And hearing it, Murasaki breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, not all of them become Chunin. If everyone becomes Chunin, and he is still showing off everywhere, then he will really embarrass himself.

I need to be Low-key… Low-key~

“It just happened that everyone is not busy, so everyone should get together tonight, and it’s my treat!”

Tsunade received a large sum of money for the hospital work, so she is quite generous today.

Akabane did not object.

It is impossible for Tsunade to save money. So it’s better to use it for eating than to spend it in the casino.

At night, it is rare for everyone to gather together.

Although Jiraiya is training in Mount Myōboku, he is still notified by the toads stationed at the Konoha Worm Restaurant.

Everyone heard that Murasaki came back and gathered together soon.

Of course, there are some partners who are not there, such as Shinnosuke and Ye Wu, who have performed secret missions and are not in the village.

But still, the remaining seven still get together, which is a small classmate meeting.

As for the food, it was naturally the hot pot dishes made by Akabane himself. Halfway through, Hiruzen and Danzo who came to eat joined them.

Although Uzumaki Mito was not there, Danzo and Hiruzen did not discuss any business affairs tacitly. Everyone just ate and drank, but before leaving, Danzo asked Akabane to visit him the next day.

Since the relocation of Orochimaru and Tsunade laboratories, he has rarely taken the initiative to come here.

The Anbu Base is still the same as before. The place where it was built is always weird and dark, which made it difficult for Akabane to appreciate the place, but from the perspective of the scale, it has undergone an expansion, and there are more new masks in it.

After entering, Akabane walked all the way to the office of Danzo.

Akabane pulled the mechanism next to the door, opened the door and walked into Danzo’s office.

Danzo is sitting over there and working.

His other eyes are still blind, not much better from the past, but he seems to be able to “see” things with his right eye.

And Akabane didn’t know how he did it…

Akabane was very curious, he could be sure that this was not the Mind’s Eye of the Kagura, but another perception method with a small range.

“sit down.”

Danzo took a sip of juice and signalled him.

Akabane sat down, paying attention to Danzo’s every move.

Since the last hot pot, his teacher seems to like this drink, although he usually drinks tea, but the frequency is much less than before.

He then looked at other things on the table.

As always, the table is full of scrolls of information from all over the world. As the head of the dark department, his job is to screen out the information that may be useful and harmful to Konoha, and then process and investigate.

It’s really hard!

The Hokage position and Anbu ministers position will be completely omitted in my future career.

Akabane said in his heart.

“Murasaki mission was actually responsible for investigating the situation of Land-of-Earth and Land-of-Wind until you guessed that Hidden Sand Village might be launched against Land-of-Birds. During the war, I temporarily transferred Murasaki to the Land-of-Birds for lurking observation.”

After Danzo said that, he took out a scroll and handed it to Akabane.

A fairly advanced sealing technique was applied to this.

Akabane took a look, and after hesitating for a while, he still made a hand seal and opened the scroll and read the message inside.

This is just one of the reports, but the heaviest–

“Sand Village dispatched Shukaku and turned the stone mountain into a sand dune with one blow, without injury, shocking, and conquering the Land-of-Birds.”

He was startled for a moment, then looked up at Danzo.

“Although Shukaku is only One-Tails, its strength is quite strong in Tailed Beast, and its character is also very irritable. Even if an average person becomes Jinchuriki, it is impossible to exert such strength.”

Danzo was dealing with the work at hand while talking to Akabane.

Bunpuku the monk.

Akabane recalled the information of one of Shukaku’s Jinchuriki’s in his past life.

He is a great monk who advocates that there is no difference between man and beast. Although his strength is weak, he has a great heart of love. This allows Shukaku to recognize with him to some extent——

So the blow was definitely not the power controlled by Bunpuku, but Shukaku did it himself.

“Tell me your opinion.”

Danzo finished processing the data at hand, and then sat and looked at Akabane.

Akabane thought for a while, and said, “I think Jinchuriki in Hidden Sand Village has many limitations, and it is not as strong as it seems on the surface. If Land-of-Wind can really control Shukaku perfectly, then they will not necessarily choose the Land of Bird to conquer.”

After hearing this, Danzo was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “I think so too, but they did show his power to demolish a mountain. And this is what I can’t figure out.”

“I noticed from the report that Murasaki mentioned that their Jinchuuriki is a monk. Teacher, do you know what a monk is?”


Danzo was really stunned for a few seconds.

His mind is focused on ninja and Jinchuuriki, so how can he pay attention to the problem of the monk, but this time, when Akabane mentioned it, he remembered some of the key points of analysis of the Second Hokage.

The monk’s words are indeed different from what ordinary people think.

He quickly picked up the information scroll and looked at it again.

Stone Mountain!

He deliberately selected the stone mountain where life is scarce. It is really a monk’s style. So it is no wonder that Shukaku Jinchuuriki did not really participate in the battle, and he took action on his own, reducing the casualties on Land-of-Birds.

The real war casualties are actually caused by the fighting in Hidden Sand Village, Hidden Stone Village and Hidden Rain Village.

It’s really a monk’s style.

But Danzo still felt unbelievable: “Did Shukaku listen to that monk order? But how can that be?”

“I’m afraid you have to ask your old friend about this.”

Akabane rubbed his temples.

“Smelly boy, how can you speak…”


This series of actions is undoubtedly Shamon’s planning, that the old guy is not dead.

But since Shamon is not capable of fighting anymore from the sneak attack he receives, it means Zack will be the one to fight this war.

Although Zack is strong, he is only a young man after all. He is certainly much weaker than the strong people like Onoki and Hanzo. 

However, these two people are afraid that the Third-Kazekage is doing a conspiracy. They are afraid of being attacked behind their ass so these two dare not take the shot personally.

“What are you thinking?”

Danzo asked strangely.

“Hmmm, it’s about why did Shamon cancel the offensive attack against the land of River at that time? At that time, most of our Konoha manpower went to the country of Uzumaki. If the Sand village wants to take action against the Land of River, we only have part of the reconnaissance team to fight against them and it is impossible to send a large force into Land-of-Rivers…”

Akabane groaned for a moment and said, “They have always had rather rigid thinking towards Shukaku. So this action is very strange, so I was thinking that maybe, maybe it was because they read my comics, and at the same time he was also affected by those in my comics that made them scared?”

It is not that he is narcissistic and shameless, but that the possibility is very high. Naruto is not banned in the country of fire. So it is easy to buy it privately. So the probability of Sand Village getting Naruto comics is also very high.

Therefore, his guess is logical.


Danzo was stunned for a moment and did not understand Akabane’s thinking logic.

“At that time, I remember that it didn’t take long after I just finished drawing Konoha’s collapse plan…”

Akabane repeated his speculation.

Of course, Danzo didn’t believe it at first.

How could someone like Shamon change their strategy because of the comic so stupidly, so he drove Akabane away very angrily.

But after Akabane left, he thinks about it carefully–

If it was him who was the Kazekage of Sand Village, and when the information they have about the enemy was blank, but such a comic said Konoha had many tricks on their sleeves, would he believe it or not?

For a stable choice, he will believe it first, in case the other party really has it!

That means that what Akabane said was not really impossible to happen…

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