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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 242


“Haist, honestly, the teacher must be jealous of my talent.”

Akabane walked out of Anbu Base and couldn’t help but complain.

But he didn’t care much either, and just left the dark part early, so as not to be dragged to deal with the pile of documents on the table.

Although intelligence processing can let him know a lot of gossip, such as the whole story of the War of the Land of Bird, it is absolutely difficult to know such details unless he reads all the information scrolls.

But to get these things is really cumbersome. And he really needs to help. There is definitely more than one incident, as well as the Land-of-Whirlpools war follow-up, Hidden Mist Village, the Third Hokage decisions and so on.

It’s all brainstorming work.

Sometimes Akabane admires Danzo. Why doesn’t he see his hair lossing like in the manga after working overtime around the clock?

Is it possible that Hashirama cells still have this effect…

Akabane can’t help but diverge a little when he thinks about this. As a late-stage universal artifact, Hashirama cells Ability is really worth studying in-depth.

However, it is impossible for the Third Hokage to agree with this kind of research unless Orochimaru can come up with a detailed and reasonable plan.

He returned to the comic shop, ready to participate in One Piece’s comic work.

Although he was being lazy updating two days ago, in order to avoid Kakuzu visiting him again, just asking for more updates, he will work his ass off.

But right now they are renovating the warehouse next door, and staying in the comic shop will be a bit noisy, seriously “affecting” his performance, and making his drawing efficiency slow.

So Akabane simply sat outside and drew updates on the street.

He hasn’t experienced this kind of feeling for a long time, but it is very good, especially since there are many customers who are holding comic books to browse while discussing the plot that made the atmosphere very comfortable.

And since he was outside, it was inevitable to have various chats with them. But Akabane is happy about it since he can laze around.

Of course, just looking at his posture, he is still quite serious.

“Speaking of which, Akabane, your updates in the past two days are great, and I just know that those of the Akimichi Clan…”


Someone just wanted to say the word “fatty” but was covered by another person.

Akabane turned around and saw a burly “robust man”.

Is this man the patriarch of the Akimichi Clan?

He stood up immediately and did not continue to sit.

“Sir, I’m sorry.”

The Chunin who was just about to mention Akimichi Clan stood up and bowed deeply and apologized.

“It doesn’t matter, our Akimichi Clan really has this physique.”

Akimichi Choha guessed what he wanted to say behind his back, but he didn’t even have the composure of Choza in the comic. And he is really worthy of the title of Clan Leader.

“Thank you, Choha-sama.”

The Chunin ninja sat down and continued to read the comic, but he didn’t dare to say the words ‘Fatty’ in front of Choha.

“Greeting Patriarch Choha…”

“Hahaha, you are a disciple of that guy Danzo, just call me uncle.”

Choha sat down very boldly. He obviously understood the pattern here, and he took out the money and said to a kid who was afraid to come over, “Please buy me some barbecue, sushi and juice. The extra is regarded as my reward for you.”

“Yes, thank you Lord Akimichi.”

That child is about 10 years old and not even a ninja. For Akimichi, one of the Great Clan Clan, he was in awe about their identity and afraid, but didn’t expect Choha to be so kind.

After he took it, he quickly ran to the street and started looking for the food that Choha had said.

“Uncle Choha, I’m sorry, I painted your family’s secret art without your consent.”

Akabane and Akimichi Choha have never met before, but due to Danzo’s influence, it allows him to easily mix with Akimichi Choha without any barriers, but he still has to say what he should have.

“Hahaha~ You kid is as hypocritical as Danzo. We at Akimichi Clan are very straightforward and don’t play that set.”

Akimichi Choha frankly said

Akabane chuckled for a while and didn’t feel embarrassed hearing it. After all, one side was his teacher, and the other was himself.

Akimichi Choha did not expect Akabane to just laugh it off so he continued: “Our Akimichi Clans Increase Transformation Technique is actually a Chakra Nature Transformation. After use, it will consume a lot of Chakra, but we have another kind of Secret Jutsu that can directly convert fat and calories into Chakra, so we deliberately eat more to gain weight.”

“So that’s why!”

The ordinary spectators around showed expressions of “Naruhodo!”

“Akimichi Clans ninjas are all the same as Choji. They look fat, but they are good friends who can be trusted on the battlefield.”

A few ninjas who have worked with the Akimichi clan said with emotion.


Akimichi Choha was very happy as he listened to the compliment his clans received.

Although Choji is a “clansman” from the comics, the ninjas praised to him were also the glory of their clan, so he feels proud.

“Lord Choha, when the Akimichi clan comes to the battlefield and uses the Butterfly Mode, can they also become as handsome as Choji?”

Asked a non-ninja villager.

“Handsome? Hahaha, of course, the boys in our family are handsome, but a little plump, but the butterfly transformation is a secret technique at the bottom of the box, and it will not be used until the critical moment.”

Akimichi Choha answered the question kindly without showing a hint of annoyance just because the other party is just normal people.

As a result, the rest of the people became courageous. They talked and communicated with each other as comic readers, and gradually forgot the identity gap between the two sides.

Akimichi Choha continued conversing with others while reading the comics, and sometimes shares some of his insights on the plot of Naruto comics from time to time.

And Akabane noticed that this man was reading from the first chapter…

In other words, he keeps talking so hilariously with other people about Naruto, but he has never read Naruto at all. And why he knew Choji was probably because he learned it from his clansmen.

That’s what you call a true fan!

He silently watched Akimichi Choha converse with other readers while reading his own comics, and after being bored watching, Akabane then set up an easel to the side and started drawing by himself.

Akimichi Choha finished reading volume per volume fast. There are many plots that he has just read, but it does not affect him to express his “unique” opinions on comics.

“Choji temperament, can’t his parents change it?

Choha leaned in and whispered.

“Uncle Choha, people are slowly changing from childhood to adulthood. When you were a child, were you as brave and invincible as you are now?”

Akabane whispered.

“Hahahaha, you brat, you are more slippery than Danzo.”

Choha laughed heartily without using the hypocritical and cunning words from before.

At this time, a bunch of children came back carrying large packages from outside.

Akabane turned his head and glanced at it–

Packed grilled meat, sushi and juice, these seven or eight children carry all these foods.

“Lord Choha, are you going to treat everyone to eat?”

Kurama Yunlang was a little surprised and asked.

With so many barbecues, sushi, and juices, how many people have you bought it for?

The patriarch of Akimichi is too enthusiastic.

Choha, who was happily helping unload the grilled meat, sushi and juice, was taken aback after hearing these words, and then smiled and said, “Children, can you go there again? I’ll give you more money.”

“Huh? Want to buy it?”

Those children were a little skeptical about their lives, they all bought so many foods, but they still needed to buy them again. Can they finish eating it?

“Ah, these should belong to me. But since I forgot to buy food for everyone, let’s divide these first, and you can buy me some more.”

Choha said without hesitation.


Akabane covered his face, the style of the Akimichi clan was like this. The stronger they are, the greater the appetite they have. Fortunately, their Food Pills and special pills business is quite good.

Otherwise, I am afraid that from their breakfast alone, they can make their whole family poor.

Everyone was a little shocked.

This kind of appetite of the Akimichi clan that can still maintain such a figure is really a favourable physique.

If it’s another ninja to eat like that…

I’m afraid, after One month later, they had to say goodbye to their ninja career.

As a result, everyone can’t help but admire it sincerely.

Akimichi Choha distributed the food and then began to eat and drink.

He is very religious about food. He does not read comics when he eats. Instead, he asks Yunlang to wrap up all the comics and plan to go back and read them again.

After that, he started conversing again with other readers and the comic shop was full of joy.

After an hour passed, Choha took the comics that were wrapped and patted Akabane on the shoulder, suggesting that he wanted to talk to him alone.

Walking on the outside road, Choha looked at the child on his side and said with emotion: “Akabane, I have heard Danzo and Hiruzen talk about you many times before, but have not been able to meet you. And watching you this time, I can feel that you really understand the true meaning of food and Akimichi Clan.”

“Thank you uncle for the compliment.”

Akabane was ashamed.

“By the way, I heard that you also master a delicious cooking method called a hot pot. Another purpose of my visit this time is to buy the secret recipe of hot pot from your hands.”

Akimichi Choha said.

“Um, are you interested in the secret recipe for hot pot?”

Akabane was stunned for a moment.

“Yes, we are willing to accept any price.”

Choha said without hesitation.

“Leave aside the price. Can I ask if it’s for yourself or do you plan to open a shop?”

“Open a shop?”

Choha froze for a while, then his eyes lit up and said, “Yes, opening a shop is also a good idea.”

“If you open a shop, I won’t charge you any money, just give me some of the profit from the shop, and I not only know how to cook hot pot recipes, but I also master many similar delicacies.”

Akabane smiled.

“Many delicacies?”

Choha suddenly became excited hearing another recipe and said passionately, “Akabane, you really are a person who understands food, how about you publish a comic about delicious food!?”

“Gourmet comics are not impossible, but I have been very busy recently and I am afraid I have no time for it. And even if they are drawn, it may take a long time to update it.”

When reminded by Choha, Akabane thought of the theme of gourmet food like Toriko and Food Wars.

If he draws it, it will surely become popular with how backward the food in this world is.

The more Akabane thinks about it, the more he feels that he should do something about it. Even if he doesn’t have time to draw it, he can still draw some piecemeal pieces and post them together like in anime.

Pretty good!

“Is there really something like that? Then when you draw it, all the members of the Akimichi clan will definitely support you. And I will buy everyone a copy and also include the copy for the child and newborn baby!”

Choha said confidently as he patted his chest.

“Hahaha~ then I will give it a try. But it will take a lot of time since I need to collect some materials.”

Although Toriko is not bad, after careful consideration, Food Wars is definitely the best choice for having delicious food recipes. And also, the main character of the comics has some knife skills and cooking skills to learn…

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