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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 243


“Then I look forward to your work!”

Akimichi Choha’s mouth is almost drooling, God knows what kind of food he is thinking, but for Akabane, seeing him like that made him involuntarily think of the scene from Food Wars.

Thinking about how the clothes of the Akimichi Clan burst after eating…

God, spare me!

Akabane shuddered all over, but he still wanted to draw it even if something like that happened.

Of course.

Although there are many places in the Food Wars that are not suitable for the Naruto World, but it’s not the first anyway, since even in One Piece there are many strange names.

So drawing it should not be too suspicious.

The more Akabane thought about it, the more feasible it became.

As for the length, he doesn’t plan to spread too much. The plot is more inclined to the ending of the animation version. As for the follow-up, if the feedback is good, then he can draw other classic gourmet episodes.

Simply put, the comic of the Food War is a test to see how the people from the ninja world respond.

“Hmmm~, my clone still has to do the update, so I can only do it myself.”

After sending off Akimichi Choha, Akabane then returned to the store.

After painting one to two chapters of One Piece, Akabane sat down and began to meditate on the story of gourmet food. There are actually many foodies in Konoha, but the dishes here are too inferior compared to the dishes in the anime.

After recalling some memories, he began to write.

Because of the memory gap, there are certain differences in some details, but the paintings are roughly the same. In the style of his painting, he imitated the extremely Japanese style.

Due to the not so complicated illustration at the start, even the lazy Akabane can draw it in just a few days.

But even with these, the other two comics can’t be stopped, and those will be completed by the clone.

For two or three days, Akabane had been drawing the contents of the Food Wars.

Except for eating and sleeping, he did not leave the comic shop lounge for a while.

However, as the plots of the other two comics gradually entered the exciting part, more and more readers were sitting in front of the village and discussing it.

The plot of Sasuke’s Defection is definitely one of the best plot clips in the early stages. Each character has its own characteristics and touches. Everyone is a living role, not a simple supporting role.

Many people commented gradually. At Akabane’s suggestion, Kurama Yunlang put a comment box for today’s comics at the door. Everyone will leave a message on it. After a little while after the update, many people have already left their own “comments” “.

So when new guests come, they will look at the words in the comment column in novelty.

“Is Akabane here? Huh, this is…”

Sakumo noticed the comment column and glanced at it a little strangely.

“I’m really worried about the rescue team, I really can’t understand why, The Hokage-sama, let one Chunin and four Genins chase down such a dangerous enemy.”

“Don’t say that, no one also would think that Sasuke would defect. Besides, Konoha has just gone through a big battle, and I’m afraid that Jonin and Chunin are probably already on missions.”

“Genin? Apart from this group of ninjas Besides Shikamaru, which of them have the destructive power of a Genin?”

“What you said above makes sense.”

On the side, there are also many viewers who read the comics while reading these comments.

So Sakumo also tried it.

This kind of experience is very novel. Watching these stickers while reading the comics, he feels like sitting with a bunch of people and sharing the plot of the comics.

However, it was a pity that Sakumo felt that there were not many comments about One Piece in the comment column.

In Konoha, Naruto is the dominant comic.

“Sakumo? The young master is drawing. He seems to be publishing a comic on the theme of food recently. He has been very busy. But the updates of One Piece and Naruto are all done by clones.”

Kurama Yunlang explained.

“It’s as if he did the update himself before, but he himself is drawing a new comic, which I didn’t expect. Then I will watch the comic here and wait a while.”

Sakumo looked around the store, and then picked up a few comic updates he hadn’t read.

He looks at One Piece first, this is always a habit.

One Piece has updated Fifteen Chapters in more than two days. Luffy and the others have officially entered the Grand Line and are fighting against some people from the Baroque Work Society.

The Baroque Work feels like a relatively strong organization.

From the bottom of his heart, Sakumo had some expectations for the sea, but it was a pity that that time he went to the country of the vortex and was busy fighting, and he didn’t have time to see the scenery of the sea, let alone touring the sea.

“Sooner or later, I will go to the sea to have a look, and I will go to Land-of-Water to witness how different it is. I heard that it is a country on the sea…I wonder if there are these places in the comic on the sea.”

Sakumo secretly said in his heart.

After a few minutes, he finished reading the update.

It is worth complaining that Luffy actually fought with Zoro because of a meal…

Although it seemed that Luffy just wanted to fight Zoro, he still felt sorry for Zoro.

After thinking about it, Sakumo was a little unhappy, took a sticker and wrote a comment about One Piece——

“It’s so difficult to follow Luffy. If I have a captain like this, maybe I will chop him off.”

After commenting on it, this should be the first comment on One Piece.

This is the truth.

Although Luffy is very interesting and qualified in general as a captain, the problem is that he is really frustrating in some places in normal times.

As a reader, we only felt happy as we read it, but if you got yourself substituted into Zoro place…

Being Zoro is too difficult!

Sakumo left a comment, then sighed and thought, /It’s really frustrating waiting for the update./ shaking his head, Sakumo then took the latest chapter of Naruto.

The plot of Naruto is also great, which also touched and worried him, but he still looked forward to the novel and bold creation of One Piece that was completely absent in reality.

At this time, Akabane opened the door of the lounge.

In the past two or three days, he finally rushed out all the updated content of the Food Wars, although some of the background and place names were changed, but the core content was still the same.

“Huh, Sakumo, don’t you need to train today?”

Akabane found Sakumo outside the door reading a comic, and couldn’t help being stunned for a few seconds.


Sakumo was speechless. Could this guy completely forget that he is the training instructor of the preparation department?

Forget it, because of the fact that this guy is also very busy.

He sighed: “On the training ground, I let Murasaki replace me for one day. Also, have you forgotten that the one-month special training time is almost here, have you finished creating the test?”

“Test? Oh yes, look at me, I have been busy drawing these days, and I forgot about it.”

Akabane patted his head and handed the Food Wars draft compilation to Kurama Yunlang, “Brother Yunlang, please send this for me to the factory and let them print it out. And tell Yamano-san that this comic can be distributed to all trade routes.”

“I understand.”

Kurama Yunlang nodded.

Afterwards, Akabane walked with Sakumo and left the comic shop.

To be honest, this period of time was too easy, he almost forgot that he was still a training instructor in the preparation department. After all, from the training effect, Sakumo’s training seemed to make the children more enthusiastic.

“During this period, everyone has been training very hard and their strength has improved a lot.

Basically, all of them are qualied. Do we need to eliminate some people in the final test?”

The two went to a secluded path and began to talk about problems after training.

“No, two sessions adding up to a hundred people is not too much. The Reserve Department is a ninja reserve, not really directly on the battlefield, so these ninjas don’t need to be eliminated.”

Akabane said his thoughts, “However, it is not advisable to pass them directly, we still have to make them feel the crisis, so I plan to do this…”

He told Sakumo the plan he had previously thought of.

After hearing this, Sakumo nodded his head in approval.

The illusion test at the beginning, and also ends with the illusion test. Finally, adding an “only three chances of failure” condition to encourage students to continue to keep it up.

He pondered for a moment and then said: “The village may need to replenish manpower during this period, so some excellent ninjas will be selected to form a four-man team. How should we select?”

“What are you talking about?”

Akabane was startled slightly.

“What are you doing these two to three days…”

Sakumo was a little speechless but remembering how he keeps drawing these days, he didn’t ask anymore. No wonder the Third Hokage went to him directly yesterday instead of Akabane. And knowing this guy, they simply didn’t bother to look for him.

Akabane smiled awkwardly and said, “How many people are needed in the village?”

“At least five groups are required, so about fifteen people are needed.”

As Sakumo said, he took out a booklet from his arms.

Akabane took a look at it. It was a comic with a rough style, but it was already quite good for beginners. The painting described the Uzumaki war situation from the perspective of the Sakumo team.

He closed his eyes after a few glances: “I will sort it out and come back to make a set of plot lines, and use this set of questions in the test. Also, asked the instructors to give the students some knowledge and skills on the battlefield to avoid being eliminated.”


Sakumo responded naturally and then turned around to go to the preparation department.

But when he turned around, he suddenly reacted-he was only helping, so when did he become Akabane’s subordinate?

“Hehe~ I want to study and design the illusion from the information you give me, please understand.”

Akabane said while pointing to the comic book that Sakumo gave him.


Sakumo twitched his lips with disdain on his face.

He is busy with training every day, he has to help train the genins after his training, and at the same time, he has to draw comics about the Uzumaki War. Did he complain when he was so busy every day?

Damn! You are just lazy…

“Don’t be like that, otherwise I can’t update the One Piece since I plan to create an illusion test with all my strength, and then let the clone take charge of the preparation department?”

Akabane said “helplessly”.


Sakumo is angry, this is a threat, an obvious threat!

In the next second, he made a hand seal, then instantaneously increased his speed, and with a blink of an eye, disappeared before Akabane’s eyes.

Akabane blew his whistle, feeling a little sympathy for Murasaki in his heart.

He just came back from outside the village and didn’t have time to get promoted himself yet, but found out that all his friends had almost reached his level.

But after a few days of rest, after finishing the promotion of Chunin, Sakumo pulled him over to take the position of being a Training Instructor.

Fortunately, he was busy for a few days.

As long as these days of training, these specially trained ninjas have been relatively finalized in some aspects, and as long as they continue to train and teach in this situation, they can accept tasks that are not too difficult.

If there is a Jonin in the team, the tasks below B level should not be difficult for them.

However, the preparation department is not only the ordinary ninja department but also the illusion class, Taijutsu class and the newly added medical class. The ninjas of these three special classes must be specially arranged.

“Think of it this way, I also have to compile a textbook for the illusion class… Sigh,

So busy!”

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