Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 244


“Cough! Cough, what did you say, Akabane has released a comic about food?”

Hiruzen was still smoking, but when he heard this report from his subordinates, he almost choked on the smoke.

“Yes, Hokage-sama, the notice has been posted. It is said that the convoy has arrived outside the village, but the most serious thing is that all the people of the Akimichi clan gathered outside the comic shop, and the whole street was blocked, and the convoy could not get in at all.”

The Anbu Ninja was worried and asked, “Should we come forward to maintain order?”

“Gourmet comics… That kid has come up with some new things. So I’m afraid it won’t be very effective in maintaining order. I’ll check it out myself.”

Hiruzen sighed with a headache.

The Akimichi clan has a gentle temperament and strong strength. They are first-class helpers on the battlefield, but when it comes to food, they will immediately be insatiable.

I should go myself. Besides, he is also quite curious about the comics about food.

Hiruzen arrived at the entrance of the village and saw that Yamano Izumi’s caravan was surrounded by workers and couldn’t get in. On the other hand, the big guys of the Akimichi clan lined up all the way from the entrance of the village to the comic shop.

The people at the front wait quietly in line, while the ones at the back eat and drink like snacks, grilled meat, sushi, or drinks.

From a distance, it is definitely terrifying scenery.

“Choha, what are your people doing? Give the way out and don’t block the door.”

Hiruzen is slightly annoyed.

“Ah, Hiruzen, I’m afraid we can’t do that. The point is that there are only a hundred books today, and it’s so slow to wait three days for new products… I’ll tell you later, I’m almost there.”

Akimichi Choha said while taking a step forward.

Hiruzen blue veins on his foreheads were thumping furiously and asked.

“Can’t you let your tribesmen go to a place and wait while you buy enough comics for them in one go?”

“No, the comics are so exciting. Everyone wants to buy them on their own. So they can only choose to line up. And this is also fair to everyone.”

Choha said, taking another step forward.

Although they only read a few pages of the trailer, they can imagine how wonderful the comics are. This is a gourmet comic that cannot be missed!

Hiruzen took a deep breath and looked back.


Apart from the clansmen of the Akimichi clan, there are actually many other ninjas and ordinary people who are also lining up, but they are crowded among the fat bodies of the Akimichi clan, which is really inconspicuous.

More than that, there is also a toad bigger than the person in front of Choha.

It’s really unfair to let the Akimichi clan buy all the comics when there are so many of them who want to buy them.

What a chaotic group of readers!

Hiruzen sighed with a headache.

“Oh~ Egg fried rice, it looks really delicious.”

“This person named Soma must be a master chef, otherwise how could he invent such delicious food! And also this tofu? I really want to try it.”

The toad in front who bought the comics, and walking in a weird posture while reading the comics, from time to time he made triumphant and amazed sounds, which made everyone glared at him.

This guy definitely did it on purpose!

“Damn fellow, don’t be a spoiler, or I will beat you if you make this strange sound again!”

Akimichi Choha said as he glared at the toad.

The line the toad said was enough to make him hold his breath in anger, but in the end, thinking of the egg fried rice, mapo tofu… I wanted to see it!

“What, do you want a fight?”

The Toad who wore a “short sword” on his waist, said with a provocative look.

“Damn Toad, I will beat you to death!”

Choha let out a roar, and then his body swelled, and he was instantly much larger than the toad, almost catching up with the super-large toads on Mount Myōboku!

The queuing behind quickly fled to avoid being affected.

But after getting bigger, neither side attack–

Gamabunta was too shocked, a little frightened.

It didn’t expect this ninja, who looked a little fat and clumsy, to become so huge in an instant.

Not only his size but his momentum and Chakra became very violent.


“Choha, do you want to ruin Konoha’s gate?”

Hiruzen scolded.

Choha used the Increase Transformation Technique, and his body was as big as the Konoha gate, and he could remove the gate directly with a slight movement.

But this is Konoha’s iconic building, how can he let them fight!

When the guys from the Akimichi clan talk about food, their personalities will change, and the toad is also messing up. Can’t you buy a comic and leave quietly?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but glare at the Toad again.

“Gamabunta, Fukasaku Sage asked you to come out, but I told you not to cause trouble.”

Jiraiya also heard the movement and hurried over from a distance. He was still wearing a bath towel. Obviously, it is unnecessary to say what he was doing just now. Seeing this, he hurriedly bowed and apologized, “Sorry Sarutobi-sensei and Uncle. “


Gamabunta grunted and let go of the short sword and walked into the village silently.

“Jiraiya, you take care of him.”

Hiruzen sighed helplessly. Although they are the creatures of Mount Myoboku after they open a store here in Konoha, every day there will be different toads “staying” in the village, although they changed every day, but the toads of the previous few days were very gentle and did not cause trouble at all.

Not like this one!

“This… I can only say I do my best.”

Jiraiya also has a guilty conscience. He has become a lot stronger, but Gamabunta has also become stronger as his Chakra accumulates. Besides, with Gamabuntas’ character, how can he manage it?

Seeing Gamabunta leaving, Akimichi Choha became smaller, and he regained his gentleness and said: “Hahaha, I’m sorry, I got so big accidentally, but the gate is fine.”

“How dare you say it.”

Hiruzen sighed tiredly, and then couldn’t help but feel annoyed. When such a serious thing happened, Akabane hadn’t even appeared yet, so he must have been hiding at home again.

He was not angry, and spit out a puff of smoke, planning to visit the Kurama clan and grab the pig from his bed.

As he was about to implement it, Akabane flew all the way from behind.

Seeing the Third Hokage, his face changed, he immediately adjusted his breathing and forced sweat, making himself look very tired.

“Smelly brat, why are you here just now!?”

Hiruzen roared after noticing him.

Akabane lowered his head, then rushed to the side of the Hiruzen and said with a smile: “I finished the illusion plan for the special training last night, so I slept late.”

“Hmph, you have to deal with your own troubles.”

After Hiruzen finished speaking, he turned and left, but there were still a lot of things on his side. Besides, he couldn’t buy comics here, so it didn’t make much sense to read them.

The chaotic scene, the guards working hard to maintain order, and the village of Konoha, where traffic jams caused chaos.

Damn! The hot pot got passed to me!

Akabane felt heavy on his back seeing how chaotic the scene was.

“Akabane, you finally woke up.”

Yamano Izumi rushed over and asked in a low voice, “The ninja from the Akimichi clan are too enthusiastic. When they know that the comics are going to be updated, they all stay at the door. As a result…”

“I see, everyone should have come to buy the Food Wars. How many copies do you have?”

“Seventy-eight volumes.”

Yamano Izumi answered quickly because he was anxious to sell, he remembered every time he sold a copy.

Akabane turned his head and looked at the long line behind and shouted: “There are seventy-eight comics books remaining. Except for the first seventy-eight, I will number the others in order. So if the New comics arrive in three days, they will be delivered to you in order after you write your name, So please don’t be crowded.”

“Sequential numbering?”

This is a good way.

Akimichi Choha happened to get his own copy, then turned his head and glanced at the line, and said, “People of the Akimichi clan, use the shadow clone to help count and complete the sequence number as soon as possible.”


With a reasonable method, the order numbers were soon sent to Akabane.

Akabane handed these slip numbers to Izumi Yamano and said, “Yamano-san, if it is convenient, please post these slips on the outer packaging of the comic book after you have printed it, and I will ask someone to pick it up.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Yamano Izumi’s eyes brightened. This is a good method. Not only do they need to send them out, but they can also send things home directly, saving everyone from the time to fetch them.

What a Convenient way!

“Well, please leave, don’t block the road and affect the traffic.”

Akabane used Chakra to amplify his voice.

Before long, the people on the street gradually dispersed.

This situation was beyond his expectation. Originally, he thought that even if the new comics came out, they would be at most similar to One Piece and Naruto. If people came one after another one day, there was no need for on-site supervision.

However, who would have thought that a mere gourmet comic would be so popular.

It is estimated to be related to the Akimichi clan. Seeing a bunch of people from the Akimichi clan queuing up, everyone swarmed and followed, it seems the psychology of the crowd is applicable everywhere.

Akabane can finally breathe a sigh of relief after handling the queued events.

He was about to go back, but one of the guards came across the line and got close to him.

A member of Uchiha.

Although he was also wearing the standard clothing of the new guard, Uchiha’s logo was still exposed on the corners of his clothes.

“My lord, the patriarch invites you to come and discuss some things.”

“Patriarch Yuan? Okay, lead the way.”

Akabane thought for a while, followed in this person’s footsteps, and went to Uchiha Yuan location.

Looking for him at this time, it is definitely not about food, it should be another matter to discuss and inquire, he followed this Uchiha guard to the training base.

Walking to the training base, Akabane saw Uchiha Yuan standing on the edge of the widened artificial lake.

“Akabane-kun, I’m sorry to invite you here suddenly.”

Uchiha Yuan looked a little haggard and seemed to worry about something.

Akabane was a little puzzled.

What else keeps Uchiha Yuan unable to sleep now?

Is it related to him?

He fell into deep thought, and a few seconds later a word flashed in his mind: Orochimaru’s Living Corpse Reincarnation

Yesterday’s plot really reveals the secrets of Orochimaru’s reincarnation jutsu——

Transferring the soul directly, occupying the opponent’s body…

It seems because of this.

Uchiha Yuan walked a few steps, sighed with depression, and then asked in a low voice,

“Akabane, is there really such a ninjutsu in this world as the Living Corpse Reincarnation?”

“The Soul Realm is a realm that we haven’t researched yet. To be honest, I don’t know. Reincarnation is just a virtual technique I made.”

Akabane said.

But obviously, this answer cannot convince Uchiha Yuan.

He thinks a lot.

First of all, he was unable to determine whether the Impure World Reincarnation really exists.

After all, in the comics, Orochimaru “shamelessly” took it as his own. So Uchiha Yuan did not know that this technique was actually invented by the Second Hokage.

If Impure World Reincarnation is ascertained, then Living Corpse Reincarnation is not impossible.

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