Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 245


Uchiha Yuan is very weary.

After Uchiha joined Konoha, he was a little overwhelmed. He felt that after so many negative effects, no one would hit Uchiha’s idea again.

Some time ago, he even hoped that Akabane painted a little worse, to stimulate his people’s awakening and growth.

But he didn’t expect it to be this extreme. Not only do people want to take their eyes, but they also want their bodies!

If one of Uchiha’s only heirs had an accident and had their bodies occupied by someone, nothing would be more miserable than this.

(Ps: He is talking about how Orochimaru wants to ‘take over’ Sasuke in the comics.)

He was silent for a long time, and then he sighed and said: “I heard that the Dead Demon Consuming Seal is real. There is a technique in the world that summons the god of death at the cost of the soul. Perhaps there is really a way to escape the eyes of the god of death…”

“Umm….Then should I remove that part in the comic?”

Akabane was a little confused about Uchiha Yuan’s thoughts.

If he wants him to remove that part, why didn’t he tell him about it yesterday, so as not to be dilly-dallying until today when he found out that he was presiding over the queue at the entrance of the village and called him over.

“I’m not afraid of the thief stealing, I’m afraid that the thief is thinking about it. So what’s the use of hiding these? The main thing is to be strong and develop the technique to crack that kind of forbidden ninjutsu.”

Uchiha Yuan shook his head.

His idea is actually very clear, but for some reason, he doesn’t know how to say it.

Akabane is a wise man, he didn’t turn his head at first, and he understood what he said.

As everyone knows, Orochimaru is the best at Ninjutsu in the whole village. In terms of research, perhaps the Third Hokage, who is a ninja Court Academician, is slightly inferior.

If they want someone to develop a cracking method, the best choice is naturally Orochimaru.

However, in the comics, it is Orochimaru who developed the said Forbidden Jutsu.

But if they do that, Isn’t it asking the Thief how to do thievery?

Psychological problems, this is very difficult!

Akabane didn’t know how to answer for a while. After all, Orochimaru was really interested in Sharingan, and if Uchiha Yuan delivered it to his door, it might be a bad idea.

But to talk about the way to crack Living Corpse Reincarnation…

In the comic, Sasuke was used as a reincarnation container three years later, but with the power of Sharingan and curse seals, he seemed to have successfully negated Orochimaru Jutsu as it was not successful.

But if they used Sasuke as an example, it wouldn’t do them any good.

Because he is the carrier of Indra Chakra’s reincarnation, which must have an impact on all aspects, otherwise the Three-tomoe will not be able to negate the Living Corpse Reincarnation Ninjutsu, which Orochimaru has studied hard.

Akabane thought for a while, and could only say: “If you really want to fight against the soul plundering the body, you have to start from many aspects. Either strengthen the strength of the soul or develop a way to mark this body and put your mark on this body.”


Uchiha Yuan looked at Akabane in surprise.

He can understand the former. Strengthening the soul power can naturally fight against soul plunder Jutsu, but obviously, this method is ineffective for children.

No matter how strong the soul of a child is, can they still wrestle with an adult?

Unless the adult’s soul is already broken.

However, this method of imprinting others with oneself may help the young clansman to tide over the crisis.

He thought about it carefully, and after a minute or two, he understood Akabane’s meaning:

“You mean, the conditions for this kind of soul plundering ninjutsu must be very harsh. There are a series of prepositions. As long as we disrupt one of the links, it will be more difficult for the other side to plunder?”

“Yes. It’s just a pure guess but what you said is also what I was thinking.”

Akabane nodded.

These are his personal conjectures and have not been confirmed in the comics. The reason why he said it was a pure guess is to prevent Uchiha Yuan from throwing the pot on him in the future if it didn’t work.

Uchiha Yuan was lost in thought.

To compare the body to a house, Living Corpse Reincarnation Jutsu is the thief picking the lock-in, driving away from the weak child and taking the house as his own. And marking one’s own “imprint” is equivalent to adding a layer Anti-theft door.

In a way, it is useful.

Uchiha Yuan also knows very well that it is only “to a certain extent”, but at any rate, it is a way, compared to his own unrealistic ideas such as “Awakening Mangekyou”, Akabane’s proposal is obviously more appropriate.

He took a deep breath, bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, Akabane-kun.”

“It’s okay, it’s the mess I leave anyway.”

Akabane shook his head.

Living Corpse Reincarnation, this technique seems to have only been studied by Orochimaru in the comics. He is not clear about its principle, but from the exchange level, this is a very high-end Forbidden Jutsu- since it takes five full Thousand points!

Because it involves the realm of the soul, this is a very mysterious level that few people can master.

Akabane is very curious about this technique, but he doesn’t know when he can use it, so he has no interest in redeeming it.

The same goes for curse seals.

The curse imprint is a degraded version of Sage mode, which is also not what Akabane is pursuing. He now has Mangekyo Sharingan, Flying Thunder God Jutsu, etc., and his strength is enough to cope with most battles.

These miscellaneous abilities can be temporarily ignored, and his priority right now is redeeming attributes.

During this time, he accumulated more than 7,000 points, enough for him to exchange more than 30 attributes!

“Anyway, thank you Akabane-kun, if you need help, please feel free to mention it to us, or…”

Uchiha Yuan has a goal to work hard. Although they are not good at research, it is absolutely impossible for an outsider to study such a technique related to the fate of their family.

“No, I just had an idea.”

Akabane shook his head slightly.

He knew in his heart that Uchiha Yuan’s change of direction was a gesture of favour, and it might even imply an alliance, but he couldn’t agree.

The guard leader is Uchiha Yuan, and the deputy captain is Akabane’s father.

This is a kind of balance. If the Kurama clan gets too close to Uchiha, the village will not be at ease. In the end, the power of the Uchiha and Kurama clan will be weakened, or another family that can fight against it will appear.

No matter which one, Akabane wants to see it.

of course.

Although verbal favours are not needed, Uchiha Yuan will not be so stupid as to forget this favour. So it will be a great use for him in a crucial moment.

“Then I will leave first.”

There are still a lot of things in the comic shop, how can I chat here?

Akabane had a terrible headache. He just carried the pot that disturbed the public order. He didn’t know how the Third Hokage would fix him.

Sigh~ so uncomfortable.

At this moment, he wanted to pick up a cigarette to relieve his melancholy.

Back at the comic shop, Akabane saw a bunch of people sitting outside the shop. Most of the people who read the comics were the big guys of the Akimichi clan. This group of people was almost imageless. The table was full of food, and their mouths were also stuffed with food.

“What a Magical Tofu!”

“Oh~ the dragon dumplings look so delicious…”

“Glistening dishes are good dishes. What do I eat, ah, these junk foods are not delicious at all.”

A bunch of foodies wailed in pain, screaming and stuffing a large amount of food into their mouths. Their stomachs were almost bottomless, and they didn’t seem to be full.

Akabane wiped his cold sweat, feeling that all of Konoha’s catering industry should pay him dividends, and it is estimated that today’s income alone can top their usual monthly turnover.

“Boy, your comic is really good. Just seeing the picture made me hungry. Are the dishes authentic? Can you make them?”

Akimichi Choha said excitedly.

“Uncle Choha, I don’t have time to cook now, I have to go to the Third Hokage-sama to deal with the matter just now.”

Akabane said helplessly.

“Hiruzen? Hey, it’s okay, I’ll go with you. We, the Akimichi clan, will stand behind you in this matter.”

Akimichi Choha took his food and said loyally, “If you feel that I am not enough, I will talk to my old friends and let them all support me.”

“No, don’t mess with me.”

Akabane quickly refused.

This can be big or small, and he will apologize when he comes to the door. But if he really has a group of people to intercede, that’s another matter.

Besides, he was really not being lazy last night, saying that he stayed up late and went to bed too late was the truth.

“Okay, but your comic is really good, but it’s a pity that there is only one volume and I already read it all.

Choha sighed.

He told Kurama Yunlang a few words, let him take care of this side, and then went to the Hokage Building.

Hiruzen sat in his chair and looked quite distressed.

“You kid, always make trouble for me.”

“How can you say that, didn’t I help?”

Akabane sat down dissatisfied.

What’s more, today’s affairs do not have much to do with him. It is normal to make an emotional disturbance.

“Ah, look at this.”

Hiruzen threw a scroll of information. From the mark, it seems to come from Land-of-Water, and it is quite an official, A kind of communication.

Akabane took it strangely.


He opened it and took a look, it said–

“Kurama Akabane slandered my village in his comic, insinuating our village’s blood mist method and squeezing out Kekkei Genkai. I hope you will ban the comic that slanders our village as soon as possible, and give us Hidden Mist Village a fair judgement.”

“In addition, due to the release of One Piece comics, there are more and more chaotic elements in the Water Country, which has a great impact on our country’s public security and reputation.

I hope that your country can control the content of the above comics, otherwise, our village will not rule out the use of violence.”

Akabane didn’t read any further.

This letter seems to be formal and reasonable, but it is full of the word “finding fault” in every way.

It is estimated to be related to the failure of the Land-of-Uzumaki war.

Hiruzen sighed and said: “The Mist Village lost a lot in the War in the Land of Uzumaki, but they have no obvious evidence that Konoha made the move. They can only use this method to find a fault. But the successive battles in the village are already very weak and need to be recuperated…”

“It’s okay. Let them come if they want to come. There is no need to fear them.”

“You kid…”

Hiruzen rubbed his eyebrows. Although Mist Village is indeed impossible to resort to large-scale warfare, assassination is inevitable.

Akabane threw the information scroll back on the table.

Relying on Mist Village’s ability, at best, it was an assassination. But it’s only if he leaves the village. If he does not leave the village, the Mist Village wouldn’t dare to send assassins in the Konoha even if they are given 10 courage.

As for the person who will do the assassination, it will be likely the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

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