Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 246


“Hehehehe, Hiruzen, as I expected, that kid won’t care about this little threat. He has an extraordinary obsession with comics.”

Danzo said as he sat across from the Third Hokage.

What drives a person who is too lazy to point fingers to keep updated every day?

Passionate and persistent.

How could such a person give up his comics and abandon his career because of threats from foreign countries?

Hiruzen was helpless. Although he wanted to refute, he had to admit that Danzo’s guess was correct.

When Akabane left, he didn’t seem to be a little worried.

He believes that he is better than Danzo in many aspects, but his understanding of Akabane and Orochimaru is not as deep as Danzo.

After pondering for a while, Hiruzen was still not at ease: “What do you think of the Mist Village?”

“Akabane is not afraid of them himself, so what are we worried about? That kid is most afraid of death, so that means he has many ways to save his life. If he didn’t beat Sakumo last time, I won’t know how powerful he became.”

Danzo snorted coldly, not worrying about Akabane’s safety at all.

He knows his disciples too well.

If the kid feels that there is a big risk, he will definitely come up with a series of life-saving methods. So him being unperturbed, means that he has absolute confidence.

“That makes sense.”

Hiruzen nodded as he lit his pipes.

Sakumo definitely has the strength of an ordinary Jonin. Although Akabane used his scheming and intelligence in the battle with him, his strength is absolutely comparable to the elite Jonin.

But Mist Village should not know this information. Instead of worrying about Akabane’s safety, it is better to worry about the people in Mist Village being killed and whether the other party will become angry.

Coming out of the Hokage Building, Akabane couldn’t help feeling a little bit emotional.

The Land of Water is an island country, and the flow of news is not convenient.

He had previously considered how to transfer the comic to the Land of Water, but he did not expect that the popularity of One Piece would allow a large number of ninjas and samurai to explore the sea by boat, and by the way, bring the comics with them.

This can be regarded as a blessing in disguise. Although it also caused troubles on the Land of Water, Akabane didn’t think the problem was serious.

Hidden Mist Village and Konoha lack the experience of direct warfare. Even in this Uzumaki War, Konoha only dispatched the Anbu, and many methods were not used.

Secondly, although the Second Mizukage is dead, the Third Mizukage strategy basically follows the Second Mizukage and implements the closed governance of the conservative Hidden Mist Village to isolate Hidden Mist Village from the outside world.

Their understanding of Konoha is far less thorough than Hidden Sand Village.

Sand Village knew very well that Konoha was indeed very good in some aspects, and partly understood each other’s methods. It was clear that the techniques in the comics were not only fantasy.

But from the perspective of the Mist Village, Konoha’s comic is probably Akabane braggadocio.

That’s why it is not advisable to close the country!

Akabane sighed with emotion, and then stepped to the preparation department-just now in the Hokage Building, he not only talked about the “strong condemnation” of Mist Village but also the special training completion test of the preparation department.

Last night, he compiled the situation of the Land of Uzumaki into a copy of the illusion, and passed the Third Hokage approval, and also obtained the authorization for the completion test.

This trip to the preparation department is to send this permission and announce the news of the upcoming test.

But not long after leaving the village, Akabane felt something was wrong.

Someone is following him!

If it hadn’t been for his strong mental power and exchange perception ability, he might not have noticed it at all, but after discovering the one who stalked him and expanding his perception ability, he immediately found the way to track people.

The unfamiliar breath is definitely not from Konoha.

Akabane remembered the message from the Mist Village in his mind and took a deep breath.

It seems the Mist Village is quite impatient!

It seems that when they send the warning message, it makes people subconsciously think that they would send an assassination unit later, but in fact, the assassination unit had already set off before the message arrived.

Their goal has always been to assassinate Kurama Akabane.

Konoha’s talented new star is worth that price.

“It’s not that easy to kill me.”

Akabane thought. Then he continued walking to the preparation department, but he kept his perception and observed the opponent’s position.

He doesn’t know who the opponent is or what ability he has. After walking far enough away from the village, there was no patrol team around at this time.

So Akabane activated his Sharingan as his eyes appeared scarlet, and the three-shaped tomoe appeared, and then the pattern gradually changed and rotated, like a rotating vortex.


The assassin felt something was wrong and stopped immediately.

However, before he knew it, a technique formula suddenly appeared on him.

Flying Thunder God Jutsu!

Then Akabane smashed after he appeared on top of the assassin!


“Che! The Hydrification Technique, from Hōzuki Clan huh?”

Akabanes Sharingan has been deactivated after using Flying Thunder God Jutsu, so the other side not at all sees it, but the opponent using the Hydrification Technique in advance, which was unexpected.

After all, he never thought that the assassin turned out to be from the Hōzuki Clan.

After using Hydrification, Hōzuki Gozu quickly replaced his position with the Hydrification body and the substitution Jutsu.

“Is this the Flying Thunder God Jutsu in the comic? Konoha actually has this kind of Ninjutsu, too terrifying, Konoha is too terrifying! Damn, I have to give up the mission and I must go back to the village and report this to the village.”

Hōzuki Gozu thought as he was really terrified.

They thought that the things in the comics were fake, but because he didn’t feel right just now, he used the technique of Hydrification in advance to be on the safe side, that’s why he was safe or else he would die from that punch alone.

If it’s another ninja, they may really run away if they meet this guy. After all, the effect of the Hydrification technique is too strong and can be immune to most attacks, but knowing that the opponent is from the Kōzuki clan, and knowing that he has that kind of Jutsu, Akabane is too lazy to use other techniques.

“Genjutsu · Five senses control!”

With the stroke of the Chakra pen, his chakra and perception were locked on his opponent, and Hōzuki Gozu was instantly drawn into the illusion.

In the illusion, the sky, thunder, earth and fire greeted him at the same time, without a drop of water.

And Hōzuki Gozu really knew that he had fallen into an illusion seeing this scene, but the problem was that he couldn’t escape from the illusion even if he knew that it was an illusion!

Although they are immune to physical attacks, Genjutsu directly attacks their spiritual plane, and regardless of whether he can use Hydrification, he should first worry about Genjutsu if the Kurama Clan…

If it weren’t for catching him alive, Akabane could completely evaporate this assassin within a few seconds.

It’s because their mental power gap is too big.

After dispelling the illusion, Hōzuki Gozu has become a jelly-like sculpture, and his spirit has been severely damaged by the illusion, and it is impossible for him to wake up for a while.

“Hmm… I’d better send this guy to the teacher first, lest this guy wakes up and has to knock him out again.”

Akabane was not afraid of the opponent’s backlash, but having this assassin injured like this after receiving his genjutsu attack for the first time, he may die directly if he attacks him again.

His purpose is to capture him alive, not to kill.

So he plans to send this guy to the Anbu. But his life may be worse than Hōzuki Suigetsu in the comics, but this is not Akabane’s problem.

He has never been too kind to the enemy, especially when the other party still wants his life.

Danzo had just come out of the Hokage Building after his chat with Hiruzen and was about to go back to the Anbu, but halfway through, he saw Akabane holding a jelly-like statue in his hand, and he was really stunned for several seconds.

“Teacher, I didn’t expect to meet you at the door. This guy seems to belong to the Hōzuki clan of Mist Village. He just crouched outside the village to kill me, but was subdued.”

Akabane then explained what happened, without mentioning his secret.

“You are very efficient. I just talked about you to Hiruzen, but you already got it done.”

Danzo touched his chin, then squinted at “Jelly”. Everyone in the Ninja World knew the weakness of the Hōzuki clan. But Akabane didn’t master Thunder Jutsu, so it could only be an illusion for him.

With such a level of illusion, this kid is already much stronger than him.

In addition…

He didn’t expect that Mist Village had sent out the assassination ninja decisively from the beginning. If this assassin’s real goal was changed to someone else, he might really succeed.

Thinking of this, Danzo couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Akabane is strong enough!

“Teacher, I will leave this guy to Anbu for disposal to see if they can dig out some information, or maybe can study the mystery of the Hydrification technique.”

Akabane raised the jelly sculpture a bit and motioned to Danzo to take it.

But how could Danzo do such a rough job, a figure ran out of the door of Anbu within a few seconds and took it from Akabane.

“Shut him in a pitcher, and pay attention to sealing the pitcher with seals so that he may not escape.”

Danzo said lightly.


The Anbu Ninja was a little surprised.

A Hōzuki Ninja?

As long as they have water, they can use water to escape. At the same time, the water will repair their injuries. But that’s the reason why very few ninjas from the Hōzuki Clan are captured alive!

“By the way, it’s best to search for scrolls, weapons, etc on his body.”

Akabane was thinking about the treasure of the Hōzuki Clan-even though this guy is so weak, what if there is some treasure on this guy’s body?

“Don’t dream, this guy is just an ordinary Jonin of the Hōzuki clan, he doesn’t even have a ninja sword. How could he come into contact with that kind of thing, and there may be attacks next. So if you are afraid, don’t go out in the village.”

Danzo said lightly, and then said, “On the side of the preparation department, I will send the Anbu to increase the protection manpower to prevent the Mist Ninja from discovering it and endanger Konoha’s next generation.”

Akabane’s eyes lit up hearing it.


Danzo glanced at him, and after a moment of speechlessness, he said, “No. You should go out. With your current strength, unless the other party dispatches Elites Jonin, otherwise I can’t help you.

The Hōzuki Ninja are not a cabbage that can be seen everywhere, and they run all over the world. In fact, in the first battle of Ninja World, because the Second Mizukage was born in the Hōzuki clan, the Hōzuki clan contributed a lot in that battle. That’s why their Clan casualties are also the largest in Hidden Mist Village in every clan.

So it’s impossible for the Mist Village to send assassins from the Hōzuki Clan again.

Akabane had no choice but to continue the work he had just done. On the way, he had been using his perception ability, because according to his judgment, Hōzuki Gozu really must have an accomplice, and was probably exploring and scouting.

However, it was a pity that no strangeness was found along the way, and there was no sign of the enemy until the preparation department.

Akabane discussed the test plan for the completion of the special training, and at the same time gathering all the instructors and temporary instructors to talk about his encounter with the Mist assassination.

Everyone was shocked and worried at the same time, but after hearing that Danzo had learned about it and sent more Anbu to the reserve department to take charge of the protection work, they all felt relieved.

Otherwise, for everyone’s safety, they must return to Konoha and wait for the limelight to pass before arranging the training.

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