Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 247


“Assassin from Hōzuki clan?!”

On hearing the news, Orochimaru couldn’t wait to run to the Anbu immediately.

However, he knew that the other party had just been arrested, and Anbu must have used various secret techniques to interrogate the secrets in the assassin’s mind. Even if he ran to Anbu, he had no chance to study the physique of the Hōzuki clan.

“Don’t get excited, I come to you to ask if you can summon more summoned snakes during this time to help check the surrounding movement?”

Akabane said.

“Of course I can.”

Orochimaru didn’t say anything, and directly used a hand seal with both hands and summoned many small snakes, and then let them run to the training ground to inspect.

After the incident, he wanted to continue his research, but when he learned about the assassination, his train of thought couldn’t help but think of it.

The technique of Hydrification is one of the strongest Secret Jutsu of the Hidden Mist.

After explaining some things, Akabane left the preparation department with confidence. He did not go back immediately but circled the preparation department first.

About half an hour, the fish did not take the bait.

After turning around in vain, he felt that the fish was probably scared away, and it was temporarily impossible to fish out something in the water.

“Forget it, it’s better to sleep after going back.”

It is really unrealistic if he wants to catch someone that is hiding.

The Assassination Team of Hidden Mist is not a stupid pig. Even Hozuki Gozu could escape safely if he confronted someone else, but unfortunately, he didn’t know the specific strength of Akabane, and he had no resistance against his Genjutsu at all.

However, the appearance of the Hidden Mist Assassination Team made Akabane have to be more vigilant. Living in Ninja World, even just walking in Konoha will be quite dangerous.

With the use of Flying Thunder God Jutsu, Akabane appeared in his room, after thinking about it, he exchanged his remaining points for physique attributes that totalled 32 in go.

With thirty-two points of physique, Akabane could feel that his body was greatly increased, his body was a little itchy and crisp, and his body’s muscles became stronger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After a few seconds, Akabane felt his body’s transformations stop.

“I feel a lot stronger, and my strength is a bit unsuitable.”

Akabane mumbled as he made a fist.

Although it is not to the point of destroying a house with a stomp or smashing the house, he feels that even without force, he can crush a cup which will take a while for him to get used to.

Then he took a bath and then directly slept.

Every time he exchanged physical attributes, a lot of dirt would appear on his body, which is why he did not exchange attributes during the day.

Waking up the next day, Akabane rarely goes out to exercise but today is different.

Thirty-two points of physique still had a great impact on his body. So he spent a lot of time adapting to his current physical attributes.

His speed and strength are much greater. But the most important thing is his physical strength and endurance that also increased!

A total of One hundred and forty points of physique, even without the speed and strength expertise, it can still surpass most ordinary Jonin.

It is worth mentioning that……

During this time, his mental power rose slightly by two points.

Automatic growth of attributes!

“It seems that “Ido” stole my mental power before.”

Even though he calculated it carefully, Ido is the half master of the body, and he is an outsider, but it does not prevent Akabane from condemning the “thief”.

Speaking of which, the comics should have been updated this morning.

This period of chasing with the ninja squad also has its own means, they used various methods to show their greatest strength, which can be regarded as the climax of the early stage.

Thanks to this, the readers who follow it are quite diligent.

And after only a day, he has gained more than a thousand points the moment he got up in the morning!

But when he walked to the comic shop, Akabane saw many people sitting in front of the comic shop with a nin-dog. They looked like people from the Inuzuka clan, but this posture…

Are they looking for a fight?

Kurama Yunlang was very anxious, and when he saw Akabane come over, he hurried over and said,

“Master, the major event is not good!”

“What’s the situation??”

Akabane asked in a low voice.

“It seems to be related to comics, saying you… well, what they mean is that you look down on the secret ninjutsu of the Inuzuka clan.”

Kurama Yunlang whispered.


Akabane was stunned.

His face is not quite good since it’s about his comics, and after taking a deep breath to adjust his emotions, he walked to the Inuzuka family members and said, “Everyone, I heard that you have some opinions on my comics?”

“Hmmp, that’s right, in your comic, there are five ninjas in the pursuing team and everyone else has won the battle using their Trump card Secret Jutsu. But why is the secret technique of the Inuzuka clan, when used, completely blocked by the enemy!?”

A ninja of the Inuzuka clan furiously said.

Akabane wondered, it seems that because of this, all of them were sitting here just like gangsters.


shouldn’t you know what kind of strength

Then what kind of strength does your Secret Jutsu have in your mind?

Akabane thought. But asking it like that is quite rude…

“Although you are a special Jonin, you haven’t seen a real Tail Chasing Fang Fang Rotating Fang right? The last time you even made a plot with a fart alone can defeat our people. Are you targeting us, the Inuzuka!?”

Another Inuzuka tribe said in a bad tone.

With Inuzuka Kiba’s prolonged defeat in the comic, especially on the battlefield where he almost died, made them feel that Akabane didn’t understand them, that’s why their attitude was a bit bad.

Akabane sighed and said, “No matter how strong Ninjutsu itself is, its power depends on the user. Inuzuka Kiba is just a Genin ninja. I think it’s normal to only exert such power. If you really don’t understand that…”

If it doesn’t make sense, he can only rely on military force.

Anyway, he is in charge, and his status is higher than that of the other party, so there will be no problem even if he takes action.

But when he was about to shoot, Akabane sensed the arrival of another person-Inuzuka Taka, the patriarch of the Inuzuka clan.

“You guys! How dare you come out and mess around!? Go back to the Clan and you will do all the chores today, otherwise, the family law will take care of you.”

Inuzuka Taka scolded angrily.

“Ah, patriarch?”

“This is!”

Several troubled Inuzuka tribesmen bowed their heads, facing the command of the patriarch, they could only choose to obey.

Akabane withdrew the gathered chakra.

If Inuzuka Taka didn’t appear, he would definitely have to take action to beat up these troublemakers, but now that the patriarch is here, doing the troublesome things is not his style.

“Sorry, it is my lack of discipline.”

Inuzuka Taka bowed and apologized.

As the patriarch of the family who is more supportive of Anbu, Inuzuka Taka participated in the trial of the assassin yesterday, so he knows the terrible strength of Akabane.

Although those guys are maybe a few years older than Akabane, they might be beaten and taken to the hospital after a few punches.

“It’s nothing, it’s indeed true that I lack consideration for the plot.”

After extinguishing the smell of gunpowder made by a group of idiots, Inuzuka Taka sat down in front of the door.

But his emotions are more complicated than those brats from his clan.

The Rashomon’s Summoning Jutsu, he recognized it since he saw it in the records within the clan, it was the First Hokage’s defence Ninjutsu, although it was summoned by Sakon, it was obviously not a Genin-level like Inuzuka Kiba can break it even with their Secret Ninjutsu.

In terms of strength, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Inuzuka Kiba’s setting.

However, Choji and Neji burst out in strength and defeated their opponent, and only Inuzuka Kiba was in a difficult situation, which made the Inuzuka Clan lose face.

The painter is one of the strongest in the new generation of Konoha, a direct disciple of Danzo, and is highly regarded by Danzo and the Third Hokage. There is really no reason for the Inuzuka family to become enemies to him.

After thinking for a while, Inuzuka Taka said: “The expertise of the Inuzuka clan is not in fighting. They do not have a deep understanding of the family’s skills, and it is normal to cause misunderstandings.”

As the patriarch, his posture cannot be too low.

Inuzuka Taka means that Akabane does not understand the abilities of the Inuzuka family, so there is a certain deviation in the performance of Kiba in the comic.

Akabane understood it. After thinking about it for a while, he smiled and said, “The power of Kiba is very strong. In my setting, it’s not that Kiba’s own strength is not enough, but it’s the ninjutsu that is not strong enough. Like Chidori that has the same shortcomings.”

“Yes, human eyes can’t keep up with high-speed movements. Using smell to lock the position is the usual method of our family. In addition, its chakra consumption is quite high, and its power and transitions are not enough…”

Inuzuka Taka murmured.

The other side is someone who even learns the Flying Thunder God Jutsu. Of course, he has very high innate talent and eyesight. It is not difficult to understand some of their clan Secret Jutsu problems–

Yes, after some interrogation to the Assassin, everyone knows that Akabane has mastered the Flying Thunder God Jutsu!

As we all know, the difficulty of space-time ninjutsu is often dozens of times that of normal level ninjutsu, and the Flying Thunder God Jutsu has not even been mastered by the Third Hokage, the Second Hokage disciple.

Akabane’s understanding of ninjutsu is evident when he can learn these techniques.

He thought for a moment, hesitated for a moment, and then asked: “Akabane-kun, I know that you are extremely capable of developing ninjutsu. If you want to improve the ninjutsu, what direction do you think you can work on it?”

“There are Double-headed wolves Jutsu, so why not try three-headed wolves Jutsu?”

Three-Headed wolves Jutsu- Fang Wolf Fang.

These are all techniques developed by Inuzuka Kiba himself, and Akabane is also considered to be a Buddha by borrowing flowers here.

“Three-headed wolves?”

Before the change, he might feel that only one more head is already stronger jutsu.

But Akabane learned Flying Thunder God Jutsu and created so many medical ninjutsu…

So Inuzuka Taka was lost in thought.

Three-headed-Wolves Jutsumay be really feasible, but the attack method is certainly not as simple as the previous fang’s wolf fangs, and different modifications are required.

“But I think you can start another business, such as a veterinarian. Now Konoha has a bright/future as a veterinarian.”

Akabane was half-joking.

Inuzuka Taka laughed and said, “Is it best to also work in the ninja dog breeding industry?”

Now Konoha is no better than before. The establishment and cooperation of the guards have further popularized the Ninja dogs of the Inuzuka clan, plus many summoned beasts…

The research and development of veterinary medicine, no matter how you think about it, feels a little improper.

The Inuzuka clan is good at reconnaissance and offensive, which is the transformation of medical treatment, but now that the medical system is gradually developing, the construction of veterinary medicine is actually not that complicated.

After Inuzuka Taka seriously considered it, he also felt that this could be a direction. If he could develop a beast medical technique that could treat the ninja and summoned beasts, it would be of great benefit to the family.

After all, there are a lot of rich people who keep pets in the Land of Fire, and there must be a lot of money in income.

Inuzuka Take thought for a while, and then happily said, “Akabane-kun, are you interested in ninja dogs? If you like ninja dogs, I can ask you to choose one at my house.”

“I am not interested in Ninja dogs, do you have Ninja cats?”

Akabane instead asked as he thought of his sister.

Since getting the cat puppet, Little Tomiko kept using it so it got broken, but she still keeps it on her side. But if he gave her a ninja cat, she would undoubtedly be happy.

Inuzuka Taka fell silent.

I’m afraid this guy is looking for faults in him!

As we all know, the Inuzuka clan raises ninja dogs, not ninja cats.

After a long time, he said, “Ninja Cat doesn’t exist in our family, but if you really want it, you can go to the Uchiha clan to have a look. In addition, as long as you pass their trial, I can also give you some basic tips for raising a Nin-pet.”

“Really? That would be great.”

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