Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 248


Chapter 248 Mizukage’s Plan!

Does Uchiha have a cat?

A question emerged in Akabane’s mind. If it’s about Uchiha, he knows about their Fire Jutsu and also their Sharingan.

As for the cat, he vaguely remembered that there seemed to be a few episodes that actually mentioned Uchiha’s cat.

Forget it, I’ll just go and ask.

Although he is busy, Tomiko is going home recently, so he has to prepare some gifts.

And a Ninja cat is a good choice.

Uchiha Yuan owes him favours. If they really raise a ninja cat, if Akabane asks, he will definitely not refuse.

It didn’t take long for Akabane to arrive at the guard department.

But it seems Uchiha Yuan was not in the guard department and seemed to be doing research somewhere, but when Akabane was looking for him, Uchiha’s people immediately sent someone to notify him.

After waiting for about a few minutes, Uchiha Yuan came back.

Akabane talked about his request. After listening to it, Uchiha Yuan thought for a few seconds, and then replied: “Our family does have a relationship with Ninneko, but we and the Ninneko are not in a contractual relationship, but a cooperative relationship.”

[Tl/n:Ninneko=literally means: Ninja Cat]


Akabane had some impressions in his mind.

“Yes, the place where the Ninja cats gather is called the Cat Demon Temple. They provide information to our family. And we provide food and funds for the Ninja cats. Our relationship is good, but it may be a little difficult to catch one for breeding.”

Uchiha Yuan was a little embarrassed.

Akabane helped Uchiha a lot, this time he rarely took the initiative to come to the door to make a request, but his family couldn’t do it…It was a bit shameful.

“So, if I can get the approval of Ninneko and let it follow voluntarily, it should be okay right?”

“Of course, if you need, I can take you there myself.”

Uchiha Yuan nodded.

“It’s not that I want it. I want to catch one for my sister, but if that’s the case, I have to talk to my sister first.”

Akabane scratched his head.

Originally, he intended to give it as a surprise, as a result, he had to explain the situation to Uzumaki Tomiko in advance, but he did not know whether Uzumaki Mito would let her go.

So if she doesn’t want to let her go, he can only save it for later.

As Akabane expected, Uzumaki Mito did not agree that Uzumaki Tomiko would go out. For the current Little Loli, both the ninja and the outside of the village are very dangerous.


“Grandma, I want to go, I want a cat!”

Little Tomiko grabbed her hand and kept acting like a baby. The cat puppet behind her kept jumping around because the owner was too excited, the operation seemed strange.

“Sigh~, I really can’t help you.”

Uzumaki Mito sighed, then took out a seal scroll, her hands made a hand-seal, and a strange and terrifying red chakra was divided.

But in the next second, that red Chakra was sealed into the scroll, exuding only a slight breath. After folding it, the small seal scroll was almost like a talisman.

“This is Nine-tailed Chakra?”

Akabane took a deep breath, Nine-tailed Chakra…this thing is a good thing.

Uzumaki Mito handed it to Uzumaki Tomiko and said: “Holding this should be able to subdue the ninja-cat you want. If you encounter danger, you will unlock the scroll. I taught you the technique, remember?”


Little Tomiko nodded.

After hearing this, Akabane was slightly startled, and after a few seconds, he understood the meaning.

How powerful is the Nine-tailed Beast, not to mention the ninja-cat, even ordinary summoned beasts may not be able to withstand its breath.

This chakra alone was enough to shock the Ninja-cat.

But what’s most important is that it’s a Nine-tailed Beast Chakra!

Akabane took a deep breath, concealed his emotions, and then said to Uzumaki Mito: “Then I will protect Tomiko and catch the cat…”

“No, with Uchiha Yuan’s protection, she won’t have a problem.”

Uzumaki Mito said lightly, “Tomiko, the ninja must learn to handle things independently. Since you want to acquire a ninja-cat, you must have the determination to do it yourself.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Little Tomiko said as she looked firm.

Of course, she understood that she couldn’t be counted as a true ninja without relying on others. What’s more, the help given by Mito Uzumaki this time is enough.

Akabane thought about it and didn’t stop it.

A ninja who relies on others will eventually become a useless vase. Although he doesn’t want his sister to become a ninja, as the most suitable physique of this generation from the Uzumaki clan as a Jinchuriki, she seems to be unable to escape the fate of a ninja.

In that case, she can only get stronger!

Watching her sister leave, Akabane was in a complicated mood, and at the same time he was a little bit envious, thinking to himself: “I want to get the Nine-tailed Chakra…”

“Do you want the Nine-tailed Beast?”

Uzumaki Mito sat upright with a smile on her face.


Akabane is a little blank and couldn’t help but shout in his head, why do you know what I am thinking!

No, it should be just a coincidence.

He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and looked at Uzumaki Mito and asked: “How?”

“You kid is like Danzo. If you have been thinking about it for a long time, can you just say no according to your mind!”

Uzumaki Mito couldn’t help but complain.

“I don’t want the Nine-Tailed Beast, I want the Nine-Tails Chakra.”

Akabane said cautiously.

Nine-tailed Chakra is a good thing, but Nine-tailed Beast is a dangerous piece of baggage that can only be possessed by the protagonist. He feels that he is not worthy at all.


Uzumaki Mito’s face was a bit dark.

Little Kid, now you want the Kyuubi Chakra but you don’t want the Kyuubi? Do you think there is such a good thing in the world?

“Asshole, I want to tear him apart!”

Kurama roared inside Uzumaki Mito.

Finally, he made up his mind and was willing to reach a reconciliation with them compassionately, but the other party didn’t want him!? So how can it not be angry!?

“Grandma Mito, is there any problem?”

“It’s okay, you go away.”

Uzumaki Mito waved her hand and let Akabane get out early.

Akabane was very sorry, but he ran out of the house without hesitation. Although the Jinchuuriki strength was also very strong, in this era, Jinchuuriki was no different from prisoners.

What’s more, black Zetsu and Madara are staring at Jinchuuriki from outside.

So he can’t afford to provoke them by becoming a Jinchuuriki.

After leaving the Senju clan, Akabane hesitated for a moment and still set up a shadow clone to track Uchiha Yuan and Uzumaki Tomiko.

In the end, he still does not feel at ease, so he wants to follow and observe in secret.

As for the main body, the update has to be done by someone.

And since the clone goes out to work, he will either split another shadow clone, or he will replace the shadow clone’s work and paint by himself.

Having Three Clones working at the same time, Akabane hasn’t tried it yet.

However, when there is a clone to protect Uzumaki Tomiko, he dare not take the risk and can only do his own work. One Piece and Naruto update, two choices, and after deciding for a second he finally let the other clone get the update of One Piece.

One Piece has moved to the part where Chopper joined.

Of the two choices, Akabane chose Naruto of course. Regarding his current physical fitness and hand speed, painting five episodes is not much hard, and it only takes two or three hours to complete.

But if you include the intensive repairs and partial painting, the time will be extended, but by the afternoon, he still finished all the work.

At the same time, the shadow clone feedback news finally came.

Uzumaki Tomiko has followed Uchiha Yuan to the Cat Demon Palace and has obtained a Ninja cat!

Cat Demon Temple sounds like a terrific name, but it is actually a ruin of war. Some stray cats gathered under the wreckage of the town and gradually gained the power of some extraordinary beasts.

The personality of stray cats makes these ninjas not obey the discipline. They are more like ninjas than pets and beasts.

Normally, A Shinobi is really not the opponent of those Shinobi cats, but what they encounter is the most talented girl of the Uzumaki family, with her sealing jutsu and puppet jutsu, those cats are only asking for trouble when facing her.

And with the nine-tailed chakra, it didn’t take long for her to finally conquered a white ninja cat——

It is a rare two-tailed cat.

Although it claimed to be “Matatabi”, it was eventually named “Two White”.

If you’re asking who is “One White” it’s the name of her cat puppet.

However, Two has nothing to do with Two Tails, it’s only a rare two-tailed ninja cat.

Knowing the news that his sister had safely received the Ninja-cat, Akabane was relieved, and after sorting out the secrets of raising a Ninja-cat and some basic precautions sent by the Inuzuka clan, he incidentally exchanged the list of Ninja training techniques listed in the system.

Since not many points are required, and it is only worth 10 points.

On the 2nd day, Little Loli took ‘Two’ home, and Akabane wrote the exchanged Ninja Beast training technique and gave it to her.

But today, he can’t accompany his sister who hasn’t returned home for a long time.

Since someone sent him a message.

It is estimated that it has something to do with the ninja of the Hōzuki clan. In the past two days or so, the Yamanaka clan should cooperate with the Anbu interrogation to reveal some secrets.

However, when Akabane went to Anbu Base, he found that the assassin was still asleep.

This state was definitely not the appearance of someone confessing or interrogation.

More than that, the Third Hokage, Danzo, Uchiha Yuan and the Patriarch of Yamanaka Clan are all here.

“Hokage-sama, teacher…”

“No need to be polite, business matters first, Akabane, I hope you will use your hypnotic ability with Yuan to guide his subconsciousness. At the same time, the sealing team will assist in cracking the information seal that may exist in his mind.”

Danzo said directly.

“No problem. “

Hypnosis is a part of illusion, and Akabane’s guidance method is very convenient- as had directly summoned the dream tapir, let it help create and guide the dream according to Akabane’s words.

Seeing so many people, little dream tapir knew that things were very important, so he obediently helped Akabane and Uchiha Yuan guide Hōzuki Gozu subconsciousness to relax his resistance to external forces.

In fact, the Anbu has already cracked a part of the information, that’s why they knew Akabane can use the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

However, it is impossible to dig deeper information. Forcibly reading it may cause Hōzuki Gozu to die directly, which is not what Danzo wants to see.

A few minutes later, Akabane, Little Dream Tapir dream ability, and Uchiha Yuan Mangekyo simultaneously assisted and guided the Assassin at last to relax his instinctive vigilance, and the information seal in his mind was lifted by the seal team.

After that, the patriarch of the Yamanaka Clan read all his memories.

“They are a three-man squad. One of them has a Chakra weapon carefully crafted by the Hidden Mist Village, but their goal is not to assassinate, but to use Lightning-Style paralysis to stun and bring Akabane to Land- of-Water.”

The patriarch of the Yamanaka said.


Akabane was a little confused, it seems that the Mist Ninja didn’t want to kill but wanted to catch him alive!

“The reason is…well, this is what is in Hōzuki Gozu’s memory. So I don’t know whether it’s true or false. It said that the reason is that because the Mist Daimyo read the comics, he thinks that there are devil fruits in the world, while the Mizukage believed that Akabane knew many of Konoha’s secrets.… So after getting a lot of information from Konoha, the assassination squad was dispatched in one shot.”

Probably the patriarch of the Yamanaka clan felt it ridiculous himself, so he paused for a few seconds in the middle.

Akabane was silent for a few seconds.

Let’s forget about the Daimyo of the Land of Water. I think there is a problem in his mind, but the Mizukage’s purpose always feels a bit strange, unlike Hōzuki Gozu who wants it to be simple.

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