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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 249


Or is it related to Black Zetsu?

Akabane secretly thought.

Ever since Uzumaki Mito guessed that there was a secret mastermind in the Hidden Whirlpools Village incident, she has always had unnecessary suspicions and will think of him when she encounters suspicious ones.

And think for a long time.

Black Zetsu and Madara cannot be excluded, since with their ability and wisdom they can do this.

Hiruzen thought for a while and said: “Send ninjas to block the border, and the reconnaissance team to gather, centring on the location provided by this guy’s memory, and begin searching for the other Mist Assassin location on a large scale.”

“I will personally lead the team, while everyone searches the Village, also pay attention to concealment.”

Danzo said coldly.

Even in the past two days, since the Mizukage personally issued the task, the other party could not give up so easily.


The Anbu Ninja was immediately dispatched.

“My lord, I also want to participate in this raid.”

Akabane took the initiative to ask.

The elimination of hidden dangers is one aspect. In addition, this Chakra weapon called “Fangs” must be a weapon of the later generation Kurosuki Raiga. Although its current Master is not called Kurosuki Raiga, he should be also a member of the Kurosuki family.

Maybe it may not be so perfect and powerful now, but this is not a problem.

Konoha has many ninja craftsmen who can make Chakra weapons. What they lack are the materials that can make Chakra weapons, not the technology.

As long as you he retrieve “Fangs”, he can completely transform it into the form he needs.

There is no reason not to eat meat delivered to his door.

Danzo glanced at him, nodded slightly, and exhorted: “Be careful.”

“Don’t do anything carelessly, you kid, if you encounter danger, use the Flying Thunder God Jutsu to escape.”

Said the Third Hokage.

Flying Thunder God Jutsu?

Uchiha Yuan has a strange expression when he heard it, and he was a little surprised.

This Jutsu…

Some scattered records about the era of Madara in the clan seem to mention this jutsu. Although there is not much space jutsu, this is certainly powerful ninjutsu developed by the Second Hokage.

But this Ninjutsu that the second Hokage developed seems even the Third Hokage couldn’t master…

What an amazing talent!

Uchiha Yuan then thinks about this period of time he was busy. In order to develop a jutsu like “curse-seal” that can imprint others, he and his clan members started researching it, but even if he has exhausted what he has learned in all his life, there is still no results…

Too sad.

He feels a little bitter comparing himself to a child, thinking for a long time, he did not speak for the guards to participate in the search.

After all, the opponent is Mist Jonin, and the guards are generally at the middle level.

Participating in this kind of battle is simply asking to die. Moreover, if the Third Hokage really want them to participate, then he will just issue orders.

“Teacher, do you want me to take you directly to the preparation department?”

“Using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu? Sure. I also want to experience the feeling of using Flying Thunder God Jutsu.”

Danzo nodded, with an interesting look.

Flying Thunder God Jutsu is the Second Hokage invention, but he has never experienced the feeling of using Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

Although interested, the Third Hokage didn’t say anything.

Konoha needs someone to stay behind. What’s more, the hunt is under the command of Danzo.

So why should he go?

Akabane didn’t hesitate, and he held Danzo directly and used the hand seal of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

Since he left a mark in the reserve department, he could teleport directly to the reserve department.

In a flash.

The eyes of the two turned sharply, and they had arrived at the location of the preparation department.

But Danzo face was a little pale, but he quickly recovers as he stood beside the tree with him for a while, and then said: “Akabane, you go to the target location first, pay attention to hiding yourself, they must have left their original location, but their location of the transfer must be the place where they can see the situation from their previous place.”

This is a tactic used by ninjas.

Move to a place where you can observe the original position to determine whether the teammate that disappeared betrayed themselves.

Akabane nodded and then used the instantaneous technique as he accelerated away.

At this time, Danzo face quickly turned pale and retched a few times before leaning against the tree to rest.

Not everyone can get used to space conversion.

Akabane left the preparation department and quickly went to the destination. Although he did not develop his speed expertise, the speed increase brought about by his strong physique still made his running speed much faster.

From the preparation department to his current location, no physical effort was spent at all.

In order to prevent himself from being exposed, Akabane used the transformation technique to transform into a small animal, spinning around the target location all the way, without directly entering that location.

The perception abilities of the Uzumaki clan are very useful. Although Akabane didn’t have the eyes of Kagura, it didn’t take long for him to sense the chakra fluctuations of someone.

It’s far away from his location, but it should be on a high mountain. Looking down from that location, it’s not difficult to see every move here.

“Sure enough, it’s like what the teacher said.”

Akabane took a deep breath, and after thinking for a moment, he walked up the mountain quietly.

The opponent shouldn’t discover him, as there is no sign of action from their side, so he has enough time to sneak in and approach their direction.

But having a rabbit run from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain is really difficult.

That’s why he walked for long time with his rabbit form.

After crossing the jungle to the foot of the mountain, Akabane didn’t dare to use Earth Escape. Instead, he used the transformation Jutsu to go all the way from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

With Akabane getting closer to the Mist Ninja position, he can already feel the chakra breath of the opponent.

A strong opponent!

Obviously, the opponent did meet the characteristics of Thunder Blade. He is a Hidden Mist ninja who is proficient in Lightning-Style and Water-Style.

Apart from him, there is another ninja that he has no information about since Hōzuki Gozu has no specific information about this person in his memory, but there are some indications from the memory that this is a Jonin, and they cant Rule out the possibility that he is a Land-of-Water Kekkei Genkai.

In the current Land-of-Water, the Yuki and Taketori Clan have not been wiped out, and they are still strong, contributing to Hidden Mist Village.

Akabane was thinking about tactics outside their range. Determine the next plan.

First, defeat the ninja from the Kurosuki Family and then snatch the Chakra weapon “Fags”, and then consider whether to deal with the remaining assassin.

Anyway, with Flying Thunder God Jutsu in his hand, escaping from them is easy, so he is not worried.

Thinking of this, Akabane left a mark in place.

Afterwards, he withstood the state of transformation technique and continued to lurch inside.

But the next second.

A piece of water splashed all over, and then instantly turned into a piece of ice needles.

“Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!”

Akabane was alert and instantly lurked in the soil, but just as he emerged from the soil, a thunder light suddenly strikes.

After quickly jumping away, a figure appeared not far in front of him.

Holding a pair of swords, it should be the Fangs.

Not far away, a ninja is standing on a tree. It should be Kekkei Genkai from Yuki Clan.

“Hmph, how dare a mouse quietly lurked here, let me see who it is!”

“The mission objective has been delivered.”

The Yuki’s ninja said lightly and then watched all around to prevent Akabane Shadow Clone from deceiving them as the true body cast Genjutsu in the dark.

Subsequently, the ice needle flew.

The corners of Akabane’s mouth raised slightly, avoiding the ice needles, and his hands made a hand-sealed…

Hidden Mist Jutsu!

“Oh~ using a Mist Jutsu against us.”

The assassin mocked as he held his both sword, and then Chakra gathered around it, and a thunderbolt came directly over Akabane’s head.

Moving in the fog is too simple for Hidden Mist ninja.

However, under Hidden Mist Jutsu, Akabane’s goal was achieved.

Mangekyo Sharingan, open!

Illusion into reality!

Flying Thunder God Jutsu imprint surfaced on the ground behind the most assassin using the Fangs, he noticed something wrong, but when he reacted, Akabane had appeared behind him.

Then a hand flicked across his legs, and he immediately felt a sharp pain.

And before he couldn’t react, the muscles of his legs were severed.

And the second…


A punch that was was improved by Chakra Enhanced Strength howled.

With a punch, the Mist Ninja was hit a dozen meters away and stopped until it hit the rock.

But the tremendous force caused the rock to burst open.

In fact, he didn’t need to see the ending of that guy, he took a full blow from Akabane and almost die so that Mist ninja have no ability to escape from his current state.

“What! Isn’t this guy from the Kurama clan? Why is he so strong!?”

The mist ninja from the Yuki Clan eyelids jumped as he witnessed his teammates defeat.

With this degree of injury, he knows that he won’t survive.

So he can only…Run!

He didn’t hesitate, turning his head to leave, but the illusion fell silently without him realizing-and what treated him was a fiery world full of lava heat.

The Yuki Clan possesses an Ice-Style Kekkei Genkai, but their ability is useless in a lava field.

Because there is no trace of water here, even the ice needles are difficult to condense.

Although he understood very well that this place must be an illusion, but with his own ability, he couldn’t escape from the illusion.

“Kurama clan Genjutsu, yes, there are records in the clan, and to escape from their illusion, I have to empty my head to makes myself semi-conscious…”

He forced himself to empty his mind and gradually fell into a shallow sleep.

When he woke up, he found Akabane behind him.

And the second, the last thing he saw was a fist on his face that made him unconscious.

“It’s surprisingly easy. It seems that I’m quite strong now, but it’s mainly because the other party doesn’t know my information, so there is bad information.”

Akabane thought secretly while searching for equipment, while thinking secretly, he then stared at Yuki Clan’s ninja.

Ice-Style Kekkei Genkai.

After surveying the surroundings with his perception ability, he used the blade of the Fangs to make a cut in the body of the ninja from the Yuku Clan.

Then blood trickled out.

Following this, there are declining points in the Ice-Style Kekei Genkai on his system.

After putting the blood for a while, he stuffed the blood-enhancing pill into the ninja’s mouth without hesitation, and the points continued to drop until it is only a thousand points.

Akabane wanted to continue bleeding the ninja, but based on his knowledge of medical ninjutsu, this guy would really die if he continues…

So he stop.

After using medical ninjutsu to help treat their wounds, Akabane grabbed their hands one by one and flew back to the preparation department.

Danzo was still under the tree and saw Akabane come back, but when he saw the two unconscious assassins in his hands, he couldn’t help being startled.

So fast?

“Teacher, let everyone withdraw, it’s done.”

Akabane threw them to the ground.

Danzo took a look, and both were very weak. One was hit by a fist on the rock. Even after treatment, the broken bone was not in the correct position.

The other looked slightly better, but it was also miserable. It seemed to have lost a lot of blood, his face was pale and weak.

Even if they wake up, I am afraid they will not have the ability to escape.

After thinking for a moment, Danzo asked, “This guy belongs to the Kurosuki Clan, what about the other one?”

“Yuki’s Ice-Style ninja,” Akabane said.

“Not bad.”

Danzo eyes lit up since the other party was a Kekkei Genkai user, so he could study it carefully.

Akabane took out the two “Fangs” and said, “Teacher, this sword…”

“It’s yours.”

Danzo glanced at him, then nodded slightly.

Akabane himself didn’t use the thunder-attribute sword, so he should be giving it to someone else.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Akabane smiled and sealed them in the seal scroll.

During this time, Sakumo was also working hard as his substitute instructor, and his birthday seemed to be approaching.

And this Chakra Weapon Fangs is the best gift for him.

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