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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 25 Meaningless Fight


Orochimaru didn’t affect by their curiosity. He knew how to endure the urge to open it. Although the others were upset, they couldn’t force him.

Akabane’s clone smiled faintly and tried to lighten up the mood.

“The first 100 costumers got a chance to win another prize at the lottery.”


Orochimaru saw the text on the box and understood quickly.

“I wish you good luck!”

He doesn’t know what his poster is, but the portrait of the painted person has aroused his heartstrings.

“I wonder who is in his poster..?”

Ryuu secretly curious, but didn’t dare to ask.

He hadn’t read Akabane’s comic because he was too busy underestimated him until he realized he was the one who took the loss. But after seeing the poster of Kakashi Hatake, he suddenly forgot his revenge and got carried away by the situation.

Orochimaru reached in and took out a piece of paper quickly from the box.

“Third prize, small poster…”

Akabane’s clone congratulated him. He took out a small size poster from the shelf and handed it to Orochimaru.

This time it was a truly random selection, without prior thought.

I could help but took a look. Orochimaru saw a fairly handsome male. He had jet black hair and red blood eyes. He wears a symbol of a red fan with a white handle. Orochimaru searched for his name.

Itachi Uchiha.

The clone glanced at it and look confused. Among many other posters, Orochimaru got him by pure chance?

“what happened?”

Orochimaru found that Akabane’s face was different, and thought there was something wrong with this poster, so he took the drawing of Uchiha Itachi and looked at it carefully, but couldn’t see why.

“Nothing, this is a picture of Itachi Uchiha…”

Itachi Uchiha?

The name catches Ryuu’s attention, but he tried so hard not to get bothered. Otherwise they would know that he took an interest in comics.


“Well, I like it a lot, thank you.”

Orochimaru bowed politely.

Got excited by Orochimaru’s poster, Sakumo also took out his lottery expecting to get something, but unfortunately, it wrote, “Thank you for your patronage.”

“I’m sorry, Sakumo, and thank you for your patronage.”

Sakumo took out his comic, and the door prize poster then steps aside.

He still looked jealous of Orochimaru, but he was very satisfied with the door prize.

Then, it was Ryuu’s turn.

He struggled for a long time; there is a clash in his heart.

Look, why was I here again?

I didn’t come to buy a comic, and now I felt stupid.

“Look, I’ll read it first if I’m not satisfied, I won’t pay for it!”

Ryuu said with arrogance.

He took a copy from the shelf and turned the first page.

Nine-Tailed Fox!?

“Nine-tailed fox? Isn’t this the strongest tailed-beast in the legend?”

Ryuu was baffled and couldn’t help but keep reading.

On the second page, there was the Third Hokage.

“Is this… an imaginary character?”

Looked uncanny!

The Third Hokage looked aged on the comic.

How did he do that?

Ryuu easily absorbed by the story, and he continued for a few pages, didn’t bother by his surrounding.

“Ryuu-kun, could you first pay for that?”

The clone asked with a smile.

“Ah… absolutely!”

Ryuu responded subconsciously and then tried to maintain his calm. After a bit relaxes, he said, “Remember, I came here to challenge you!”

“Well, then, Ryuu-kun, you can still draw a lottery, do you want to use it?”

Akabane’s clone pointed to the box.

“I… I’ll buy it!”

Ryuu shamelessly took out his money and paid the comic.

Please, please let me win a poster…


Ryuu reached out and took out a piece of paper.

“Third prize: small poster.”

Ryuu almost jumps in excitement, but he holds it for fear of being seen by the other.

Akabane handed him the poster.

Ryuu opened it up and his eyes gleaming, it was a poster from the same Uchiha Clan, a boy somewhat has a similar face with Itachi Uchiha, and his name is,

Sasuke Uchiha.


Ryuu was dazed of a moment, as this is his first time seeing Akabane’s drawing.

Was he from Uchiha Clan?

“My name is Sasuke Uchiha, as I’m going to restore my clan and kill a certain someone.”

“what did you say?”

Ryuu looked blank.

“It’s nothing. Just a line suddenly came to mind.”

Akabane’s clone said lightly.

“Kill?… by the way. Now you should accept my challenge!”

Ryuu suddenly remembered his original purpose and quickly put down the comic and poster he just bought, with a solemn expression on his face.

“Hey, you’ve read the comic right, don’t you have any insight? For example… a peaceful talk?”

The clone sighed, a little helpless.

“Peaceful, my ass! I want to challenge you!”

His tone became firmer.

“All right, all right, but fighting is not my job desk. Wait a minute. I’ll bring you to the real Akabane.”

Ryuu followed the clone unwillingly.

Orochimaru and the others were going to leave, and now Ryuu felt a bit lonely.


“Well, Ryuu-kun, since you’ve bought my comic, I’ll accept your challenge.”

Akabane came out from inside. He still looked half-awake and yawning.

Ryuu already put his fighting stance.

“Akaba, I’ll stay for the match to see your true color.”

Orochimaru said inwardly.

He acknowledges Akabane as his dearest friend and also a strong opponent. This interesting match was the one he couldn’t skip because Akabane has never shown strength.

If he can, Akabane doesn’t want to get into trouble this time. He just finished opened his store and haven’t had a good sleep the past few days.

That damn clone, why did he allowed this kid to cause trouble?

Akabane glanced at the clone and sighed inwardly.

After being humiliated in front of everyone, Ryuu took a cautious approach. He wouldn’t let Akabane took advantage of him this time.

“let’s start…”

As soon as Akabane said it, Ryuu threw his kunai swiftly.


He saw an image of Akabane took a clear hit with his kunai.

However, Akabane’s body disappeared instantly.

But what?

Uchiha Ling was baffled and watched the surroundings closely


He noticed Akabane’s position, quickly turned around.

The atmosphere suddenly change, then he saw Akabane holding kunai, intentionally killing him. He felt the pain but no marks or scratches.

“This. this must be an illusion!?”

Ryuu was a little too late to notice.


The rushed toward him from another direction slashing him with his kunai dreadfully.


Felt the touch of death slicing through his throat, followed by fear, pain, and agony. He couldn’t help but screamed.

The situation suddenly became silent…

He slowly opened his teary eyes, saw Akabane stood in front of him.

“This is… Hell Viewing Jutsu!”

Ryuu’s face was pale, and his legs trembled.

The Genjutsu itself was the three basics of chakra usage that lies on yin release, but since Ryuu just found out that he couldn’t cancel it.

The Kurama Clan, who has these traits as they are a Kekkei Genkai user, are rare.

Is this the end?

Everyone looked surprised, Ryuu was speechless, and he admitted his loss…

“As I said earlier, I don’t want to fight..”

Akabane handed over Ryuu’s comic and posters and lent his hand.

The fight was too fast. He lost again in mere seconds for the second time.

Shame and embarrassment filled his heart, Ryuu picked up his comic and posters silently, nodded thanks, turned around, and hurriedly left the store.

From the very beginning, Akabane had already cast his genjutsu. That’s why he accepted the match lightly.

“Akaba-kun… when did you learn Hell Viewing Jutsu?”

Orochimaru was baffled.

“I just learned it..”

Akabane didn’t tell a lie. He just finished chapter six, and the exchange his points for Hell Viewing Jutsu.

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