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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 250


When someone caught them, he naturally didn’t need to dispatch the Anbu.

Danzo used Anbu’s secret method to inform the Anbu personnel, and then took them one by one, carrying the two of them to go back, without any intention of asking Akabane to send him back.

“Teacher, if they need help in their intelligence torture, please feel free to summon me.”

Akabane mentioned before leaving.

These two assassins may know more information, otherwise, Akabane would not try to save their lives.


Danzo nodded slightly.

Subsequently, the instantaneous technique was used as he left.

It seems that after experiencing the Flying Thunder God Jutsu once, he does not plan to experience it again in a short time.

Akabane glanced at the thunder sword in his hand after taking them out again.

Both swords are not long and belong to the short knife series suitable for Sakumo. If it feels right on his hands, he feels that Sakumo can use it directly without reshaping.

“There shouldn’t be a saying about the Seven Swordsmen yet, but I’m not sure whether the Hidden Mist Village has the scroll of summoning ninja sword… Well, just go find Grandma Mito.”

In Konoha, the most familiar with Sealing Jutsu and Summoning Jutsu is undoubtedly Uzumaki Mito.

Anyway, he has a good relationship with her family. So it’s okay to find her, and also see how Number 2 is getting along with everyone. In addition, all the enemies have been captured, so the final test can also begin during this time.

[Tl/n: Number two is the two-tailed white cat.]

But the information about these swords is still important.

In case Hidden Mist Village really masters the ability to summon back the thunder Sword’s “Fangs” then his hard work will be completely wasted.

Although there is no imprint on the Senju Clan, he left an imprint on the Comic Shop, so it didn’t matter as he directly used the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

When he arrived at the yard of the Senju Clan, Akabane first heard a cat cry with a pleasant noise.

Turning in, he saw a white cat with two tails squatting on the side of Uzumaki Mito’s chair, with a ‘gentle and lovely appearance.’

If it weren’t for the origin of this cat, anyone who saw it would think it was an ordinary cat.

It is estimated that this cat could not stand straight after seeing Uzumaki Mito’s legs and feet, let alone being fierce, it didn’t even have the courage to look at her.

But when it turned around to see Akabane, it gave a fierce “meow”.


Akabane glared at it.


The stupid cat was so scared that he immediately jumped into the house and hid in little Tomiko room.

Strong murderous spirit.

Uzumaki Mito frowned slightly, sat up, took a look and said, “You just killed someone?”

“No, just went out and punched twice.”

Akabane un-sealed the scroll’s seal, took out the Fangs inside, and handed it to Uzumaki Mito,

“Can you see if any Summoning Jutsu or other technique formula has been applied here?”

“Let me see.”

Uzumaki Mito was about to take it. But after a glance, she frowned and said, “Wash it.”


Really particular.

Akabane made a hand-seal with both hands, mobilized Chakra to condense a cloud of water, and then rinsed the swords.

Then she took it.

After looking at both swords, she poured chakras into them, and it didn’t take long for a technique to emerge.

The next second, the Nine-Tailed Chakra was injected.

The violent and tyrannical Nine-Tailed Chakra instantly destroyed the surgical structure inside the sword under the control of Uzumaki Mito, destroying all traces of Hidden Mist left in it.


She threw the swords back, then Akabane caught them carefully, and then he was stunned for a few seconds.

Is it so simple?

“The technique formula is very rough, the Summoning Jutsu-style construction is incomplete, such a weak technique, it’s from the Mist Village right?”

Uzumaki Mito sneered.

“You are brilliant and wise.”

Akabane gave a thumbs up, just guessing from these that it was misty swords, it is estimated that Uzumaki Mito also hates Mist Ninja.

He looked at the swords over and over again but didn’t see the difference between the two Swords.

“Speaking of which, I heard that you caught a ninja from the Hōzuki clan before? Which clan is it this time?”

Uzumaki Mito asked while shaking.

“A man from the Yuki, and Kurosuki Family.”

As Akabane answered, he glanced upstairs.

The white cat above jumped out again.

It looked down from upstairs and looked alive, but perceptually, it was a puppet.

Not long after, Number Two jumped out of the window and looked down carefully.

Akabane gave it an angry look, and the guy retracted again.

In terms of appearance and pattern, this ninja cat is probably the one that will overlap with Itachi and Sasuke in the future.

“This cat’s aptitude is pretty good. According to the method you gave, it should be able to become a good Ninja cat.”

Uzumaki Mito said lightly.

Although the Inuzuka clan raises dogs, their training and cultivation are common. But with the training method from his system, can definitely enhance that two-tailed cat.

He chatted with Uzumaki Mito and Little Tomiko who came to see him for a while.

Uzumaki Mito already knew that Akabane could practice the Flying Thunder God Jutsu and even gave him the technique formula of Second-Hokage, which Akabane readily accepted.

After chatting for a while, he found a reason and slipped away from the Senju Clan.

Uzumaki Mito squinted and looked in the direction Akabane was leaving for a few seconds.

“Grandma, what’s wrong with brother?”

Little Tomiko asked strangely as she also felt something.

“Your brother has many secrets, but he is kind to the village and loves everyone… Maybe in the future, he can become a good Hokage.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled and stroked her hair.


The little girl did not understand the deep meaning, but she knew that Uzumaki Mito was not malicious, but was full of protection for Akabane.

After Akabane left from Senju’s side, he walked down the street while staring at the paper ball in his hand that painted the second Hokage Flying Thunder God Jutsu cutting technique formula.

The pattern is similar to the part seen in the comics, and it is certain that it is indeed the Second Hokage’s handwriting. But what worries him is not the technique itself, but Uzumaki Mito’s original intention.

Knowing that he has mastered the Flying Thunder God, why did she even take this out?

“Did I think too much…”

Akabane thought secretly in his heart.

A person like Uzumaki Mito can’t be underestimated at all. This is why he is not willing to go to the Senju Clan if not necessary.

Thinking carefully, he felt more and more that Uzumaki Mito had noticed something.

Is it his Physique?

But he didn’t show the red hair traits of the Uzumaki family. Even judging from his strong physique, Chakra and stronger vitality than ordinary people, he would not be directly suspected of having the Uzumaki family’s physique.

It is estimated that there is no logical doubt-no matter what, they will just think he has a problem.

“Forget it, it’s useless to think too much. Although this technique is not useful, it is still firsthand material and will help others in the future.”

Akabane thought for a long time, and no longer struggled with things like guessing what Uzumaki Mito was thinking.”

Whether she guessed it or not, her offering him this kind of jutsu meant that she was on Akabane’s side-provided Akabane did not betray Konoha.

As for betraying Konoha…

Will a lazy person like him perform so many things just to betray Konoha?

This picture is obviously impossible.

Thinking of this, he feels much more relaxed.


In Hidden Sand Village, a research institute was quietly established. For the time being, there are only Shamon, Zack, Chiyo and Ebizo, four people in the research institute.

“Teacher, do we have to spend a lot of money to imitate Konoha Construction Institute?”

Zack sighed softly.

This research institute cost them a lot of money, and now, he hasn’t seen the benefits of returning from circulation.

“Of course there is, if it weren’t for research, could there be today’s magnetic jutsu?”

A simple word from Shamon made this disciple unable to refute.

Ebizo brought in a pile of materials, took a breath and said, According to Anbus report, Konoha used a variety of new types of Ninjutsu in the war on the Land-of-Uzumaki. But what is more shocking is that some of their new types of ninjutsu come from this book…”

As he spoke, he pulled out one of the One Piece volumes from the stack of books.

This is a plot where Nami uses the “mirage” to create a clone.

“Yes, Konoha is turning the techniques in the comics into reality. I heard that Konoha’s medical techniques are also developing rapidly. And it is also the reason why so many ninjas were saved in war. If we have that level of medical ninjutsu, we wouldn’t lose so many ninjas in the Land of Birds.”

Chiyo sighed.

“But how can we beat Konoha if all we do is to learn from Konoha?”

Zack was a little annoyed.

As soon as these words came out, the other three fell silent.

Defeat Konoha?

It’s too difficult!

Shamon stayed silent for a long time before continuing, “I can’t do it anymore. It depends on you, the generation, so you can’t just look at the present, but also look at the future and see more distant benefits.”


Zack lowered his head.

He sincerely admires this teacher, and because of this, he hates Konoha who hurt his teacher even more.

“My lords, yesterday’s update is available in the Land of Fire.”

An Anbu ninja arrives and hands over a comic.


Shamon took it and turned the page to look carefully.

The content continues from the previous plot. It is still the story of Konoha 4 Genins and one Chunin chasing after Sasuke, but there have been subtle changes in this book——

Gaara, Temari, Kankuro appear!

“Speaking of which, this team is the strongest in Sand Village, right?”

Ebizo couldn’t help but complain.

Shamon recalled the plot, then slowly nodded.

The fourth-generation Kazekage was assassinated by Orochimaru, and many ninjas died in the Konoha collapse plan. These three people are really the strongest in Sand Village beside Maki.

At any rate, The Sand Village, one of the five big villages, fell into this kind of field…

How miserable!

Zack clenched his fists, took a deep breath and said, “Teacher, I will make the village stronger. Sooner or later we will surpass Konoha!”


Shamon answered while reading.

The silhouettes of Senju Hashirama and Senju Tobirama appeared in his mind unconsciously.

Although Tobirama is not as good as the former, he is still extremely powerful.

The two brothers are all geniuses at the top!

He thought that Konoha would weaken for a while after the time, but now, Sarutobi Hiruzen cooperated with Shimura Danzo, one master inside and one outside, making Konoha better than before.

The scariest thing is Konoha’s next generatiom—

And in Konoha, there are nine future strong ninjas in this generation alone while they have only Zack!

Surpassed Konoha?

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