Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 251


“So that’s why the Hidden Sand Village will help Konoha sincerely?”

“Maybe it’s a last resort?”

“It’s not bad that Konoha didn’t ask them for compensation, so it should be their choice to send help!”

After finishing the update for the next day, Akabane left the lounge and glanced at the comment box outside the door.

Everyone has different attitudes towards the three ninjas from the Sand Village in the comics who came to help, but the same thing is that the ninja and ordinary persons from Konoha all have greater hatred for Hidden Sand Village.

This is normal.

Although Sand Village has not launched a large-scale direct war against Konoha, many countries are not satisfied with their methods of ‘picking up and shooting black guns everywhere in the war.’

[Tl/n: means taking advantage of others.]

Konoha is naturally one of them. In the previous war, Hatake Sagiki even killed an elite ninja squad leader of the Sand Village.

That’s why each side has hated each other since ancient times.

Akabane glanced at it, and among them, there were only a handful of people talking about One Piece, and one of them was probably Sakumo.

“The Shichibukai? And is one of the high-end forces in One Piece? A bit of anticipation.”

In Konoha, the Naruto comic is too hot, and most people’s concerns are attracted to Naruto. That’s why not many people were interested in One Piece.

How miserable!

However, he didn’t have many feelings, all the good comics can give points.

The points have risen a little over the past two days, and Akabane easily added two points to the fraction of his mental power that was not an integer, so that his mental power reached 170 points.

According to the original plan, the test for his department should actually be held these two days.

However, in order to prevent the enemy’s surprise attack like before, he now is busy doing things, so Akabane can’t spare a moment.

Anbu originally planned to use the illusion technique to hypnotize the two assassins from the Hidden Mist to make them relax and unable to resist, and then obtain the memory in their minds, but obviously, their illusion skills did not reach this level.

So in the end, they could only come to Akabane for help.

The ninjas from Kurosuki and Yuki families are very determined. Even if he takes a shot, it takes a lot of effort for him to hypnotise the two…

It took more than an hour to be considered a success.

“Uncle Yamanaka, what is in their memory?”

Akabane asked.

Kazuhiro Yamanaka sorted out their memories, and after a long time he said: “Due to the comic, the Land-of-Water seems to have a disagreement.”


Akabane was a little curious.

Can comics alone cause differences in the Land-of-Water?

Isn’t this too easy if that’s true?

“The daimyo party believes that comics are beneficial to the economic development of the Land-of-Water and make the Land-of-Water more prosperous than before, so from the perspective of the daimyo, they are willing to accept the arrival of comics and foreign populations.”

Kazuhiro Yamanaka continued, “But the Mizukage side believes that the comic has brought turmoil and made Land-of-Water no longer stable internally. So they want the Comic to be banned and even the source of the comic should be eliminated.”

“It’s really the style of Hidden Mist…”

Akabane mumbled looking thoughtful.

“In addition, it seems the Yuki Clan is willing to take refuge in Daimyo’s side. This is information dug from his memory.”

Kazuhiro Yamanaka talked about the key points. After speaking, he took out a scroll of information. He had to write all these things and submit them to Danzo, and the information he handed in was definitely more than what he said.

He himself may overlook some details, but Danzo can often grasp the details and analyze them in-depth.

“Yuki Family…take refuge in Daimyo?”

Akabane was stunned for a few seconds.

This is breaking news, but it is not surprising if he analyzes it deeply. Just like the Land-of-Fire Daimyo that hopes to control some ninjas, the Land-of-Water Daimyo may have recruited the Yuki Family for this purpose.

However, in a sense, the country and Ninja Village cooperate and oppose each other, just like the Emperor and subordinate’s Minister and soldiers. As a subordinate standing on the wrong team, it may usher in liquidation in the future.

“Well, but it seems that they had a disagreement within the clan. Some people think that the result of taking refuge in Daimyo will usher in destruction as described in comics, while some people think that following Mizukage will usher in that end.”

Kazuhiro Yamanaka said while writing.

This information was all dug out from the Assassin of the Yuki Clan, so the credibility is very high.

But still, it seems it’s another result from his comic plot…

Akabane was a little embarrassed. It was indeed not his intention to make the Land-of-Water so chaotic, but this kind of ending seemed good, anyway, it was not his own.

It didn’t take long for Kazuhiro Yamanaka to write down all the key information he obtained after the torture. The description above was very detailed, without a trace of error.

After writing, he handed the scroll to Akabane. It was not for Akabane to read, but for him to pass it to Danzo for viewing and analysis.

Danzo is very busy.

His documents pile up like a mountain every day. From morning to night, he probably didn’t have much time to rest.

Akabane feels terrible every time he enters his office-this kind of workload will sooner or later make him lose his hair!


Danzo found that the door had been opened, and glanced over with his remaining eyes. After seeing that it was Akabane, he buried his head and continued processing information.

“Teacher, this is the memory information that was just collected after the tortured.”

Akabane put it on the table.

Danzo nodded, did not look at it, but focused on the scroll in his hand.

After reading it, he thought for a long time and handed it to Akabane.

This is an information scroll from the Hidden Sand Village. It was originally sealed with a sealing technique, but now the sealing technique has been released, allowing people to see the text on it.

Akabane didn’t want to pick it up, but couldn’t restrain his curiosity, and finally took it over to read.

As he glanced at it…

His face became weirder and weirder.

“Sand Village is imitating us?”

Research Institute, Preparation Department.

Both of these were things Konoha created, they followed closely and immediately began to tinker with their own things.

Their action is really fast!

“We didn’t even notice that the other side skimmed our reserve department. It’s really a group of losers. The guards and the Anbu must be further strengthened.”

Danzo murmured lightly.

Akabane did not express any opinion about this. After all, he didn’t even notice the Anbu of Hidden Sand Village lurking around. It was indeed a mistake in the work of the two parties. In addition, he paid more attention to the research institute of Hidden Sand Village.

There is no doubt that Shamon is not dead.

And their recent action should be Shamon’s handling. The bald head with the dragon tattoo is really cunning. But even if they can learn about it, it is not enough to make them worried.

And it seems Shamon did not copy everything, but he screened it.

For example, the Shinobi School and the Medical Department, Shamon did not copy all of them. From the intelligence point of view, at most, they have moved a piece of skin. In their bones, they are still the Hidden Sand Village’s own model.

“This time, we are finally sure that Shamon is not dead.”

“I can’t think of a way to assassinate them, otherwise you could sneak in and kill them and then use the Flying Thunder God Jutsu to sneak out?”

Danzo glanced at him.

“Forget it, let’s let him go this time.”

Akabane chuckled for a while and waved his hands again and again.

The intelligence personnel have never seen Shamon appear in the Sand Village. It can be seen how well the Sand Village protects Shamon.

Not to mention whether he could kill him, it was a question of whether he could find Shamon when he went to Sand Village, not to mention the long journey from Konoha to the Land-of-Wind, as he didn’t want to go so far.

“Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t want to work. By the way, at the Land-of-Water…There are bureaus that are about to be set up there, are you interested?”

Danzo finished reading the text on the scroll and looked at Akabane.

With the Yuki Family in disharmony, they may be able to instigate them a bit, and even if they can’t make them betray Land-of-Water, at least they can destroy a powerful Kekkei Genkai in Hidden Mist Village.

“No, no, no, don’t look for me, besides, all the people in the Land-of -Water want to arrest me. If I go there, isn’t it just asking for a beating?

Akabane quickly refused.

He didn’t want to do this kind of latent work that would cost his brain and at the same time run errands.

Danzo was silent for a moment, then nodded slightly and said: “Then let Murasaki go.”

Murasaki’s individual skills are not top-notch, but his comprehensive ability is very high, and his own wisdom is also high.

Since Akabane is unwilling to do it, he is the most suitable candidate.

“Um… It’s also good.”

Although this level of task is a bit risky, it is not life-threatening. Akabane didn’t want to go, but it was too troublesome. But after thinking about it, he took out a handful of kunai specially made with the Flying Thunder God Jutsu technique formula.

“Give it to Murasaki, and if he encounters difficulties and dangers, I will support him as quickly as possible.”

Akabane said.

Although the transmission distance is limited by chakras, his chakra volume is already very high. In addition to the chakras stored in the Yin Seal, flying from the border of the Land-of-Fire to the Land-of-Water should not be a problem.


Danzo accepts the Kunai.

After thinking for a while, he took out an item from the cabinet and said, “Today is Sakumo’s birthday. I am very busy and will not go there. You can help me bring this gift to Sakumo.”

This item is wrapped in something, and it is not visible from the outside.

However, Akabane took it and squeezed it. It seemed to be a sealed scroll, and there was something else in it.

What is it then?

It really made him curious!

He held back the feeling of opening it and put it away.

“Then, I’m leaving.”

Akabane bowed slightly, then with a hand seal, he cast Flying Thunder God Jutsu to return to the comic shop.

Danzo was stunned for a moment, and then couldn’t help but recall the feeling of experiencing the overwhelming experience of Flying Thunder God Jutsu yesterday…

Although Flying Thunder God Jutsu is too convenient, it is better to run, and at the same time can exercise physical skills if it’s not that far…

“Hmm, next time I have to tell Akabane that he can’t be too dependent on Flying Thunder God Jutsu.”

Danzo said to himself.

But his real intention, who knows?

Akabane came out of the lounge, and the comics in the store were almost sold. Fortunately, today, Izumi Yamano will send another batch.

“Brother Yunlang, when Yamano-san came, asked him to print some of the previous volumes. So that we can have some display here.”

Akabane said. As for the update, it was completed already. And since he is also doing it himself, he completed 10 chapters of One Piece in one go.

“Yes. “

Yunlang nodded and took note.

After dealing with these things, he was going to visit Sakumo.

But the question is, is Sakumo at home or in the preparation department?

Forget it, just look in both places.

Anyway, there is Flying Thunder God Jutsu, so he can come back and forth.

After some tossing, he determined that Sakumo was not in the preparation department. And today, it was Murasaki’s turn to become the Instructor replacement. Poor Murasaki, he didn’t even know that he would have a mission to travel far, and he was very diligent in helping Akabane and Sakumo to train the ninjas.

In the training ground, he has a different style from Sakumo.

Although he is not top in every aspect, he can say one, two, three in every course, and he is quite capable of pointing out some mistakes in the students’ movement.

After listening to Murasaki’s teachings for a long time, Akabane felt that Murasaki was strong enough. And he even feels that Murasaki alone could replace all the teachers and complete the training of the preparation department alone.

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