Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 252


“So you did not come here with Murasaki, but came here alone?”

Sakumo was sitting outside the dojo, his face covered with sweat.

Although it was his birthday, his lifestyle was no different from usual. It was still the training and no change.

“It would be bad for him to come here, so I didn’t call him.”

Akabane didn’t feel ashamed at all.

Sakumo stared at him, wiped his sweat, then stood up and said, “If that’s all, then I will continue my training. There are still many courses today.”

“Wait, idiot! I didn’t come here just to disturb your training. Do you think I am that free? It’s your birthday so I’ll give you some gifts.”

Akabane took out the scroll that was sealed with “Fangs” on it, and then unlocked the seal and took out the “Fangs”.

A pair of short swords.

Seeing it, Sakumo’s eyes lit up. The short swords were their family’s best weapon, and this pair of short swords were obviously Chakra weapons.

“It’s called Fang. It’s a weapon I got from the Hidden Mist Assassins. I think you are suitable for it. It happens to be your birthday, so I will give it to you.”

Akabane handed him the double short swords named Fangs and said, “Try it.”

In the comics of Naruto, the Fangs didn’t have many screenings, but the graphics and power are very good-mainly still cool enough.

“A Thunder attribute chakra weapon.”

When Sakumo took it, he quickly realized the ability of this weapon.


Chidori Blade!

Zi Zi Zi~

The sputtering current suddenly appeared, and under the harsh sound, Fangs was swung out, and a burst of lightning burst out instantly.

Akabane, who stood on the side and didn’t react, was instantly hit by lightning.

And was paralyzed!

He quickly mobilized his Chakra, used his medical ability to relieve his paralysis, and then quickly jumped away.

“Thank you Akabane, these short swords suit me well!”

Sakumo said happily as he didn’t even want to put it down.

Although he already has White Fang and the other two short blades in hand, which sword user would dislike his own swords?

“Nice! It’s good that you love it.”

After giving him his own gift, Akabane took out another scroll.

This is from Danzo to Sakumo.

“This is?”

“The teacher gave it to you, take a look.”

Passing the package to him, Sakumo took it and used the un-sealing technique to untie the seal on the sealed scroll.

Akabane stared at the scroll.

He was very curious about what gift Danzo would give. Judging from the scroll, it should be a sword.

As the seal was lifted a familiar looking sword appeared.

This is a sword that looks clean and handsome, Akabane recognizes it at a glance,

it is very similar to the one that Sasuke will use in the future——

No, it’s probably the same one.

“Kusanagi sword, this is the Sword of Kusanagi!”

Sakumo’s eyes widened, and his face with little expression was full of surprises.

The Kusanagi sword is not a sword, but a general term for a class of swords. These swords are extremely sharp and powerful.

This sword…

He picked it up and tried it, and sure enough, it could hold his Thunder Chakra.

“Kusanagi sword, not bad.”

It was beyond Akabane’s expectation that Danzo would give this sword as a gift.

It is said that Sakumo didn’t seem to be good at long katana before, but now he can even practice the three-sword style quickly, and adding a katana is nothing.

“Thanks teacher for me.”

Sakumo was pleasantly surprised.

Although this sword does not fit his current style, being a swordsman that can practice a style of sword more can play a big role in certain situations.

of course.

To bite off more than one can chew is the same as putting oneself to self-destruction.

Sakumo got the weapon and ran to practice the sword excitedly.

The Sakumo White Fang, the three short swords that were floating beside him, it seemed, he is experimenting with the linkage and cooperation between his weapons.

“You keep going, by the way… Happy birthday.”

Akabane didn’t plan to stay longer.

In case Sakumo Father comes back and sees him squatting here, it is estimated that he will be enthusiastically urged to practice swords…


The sound of Hatake Sagiki came out of the house, and then the sound of footsteps sounded, Akabane did not wait for him to arrive, and planned to run away…

But before he could finish his hand-seal, In the next second, a hand was placed on his shoulder: “Flying Thunder God Jutsu? It is indeed a good ninjutsu. Your hand speed is fast enough, but it is a pity that it’s not as fast as my speed. It seems you need practice.”

A trace of cold sweat leaked from Akabane’s forehead.

What a fast speed!


Sakumo bowed and tidied away the weapons beside him.

Hatake Sagiki glanced at it, nodded slightly and said, “The swords are good, don’t let them down.”


Sakumo bowed his head.

“Boy, I’ve heard some rumours about you. I heard that you recently practised the Flying Thunder God Jutsu developed by a Second Hokage-sama and defeated three Mist Assassins. How about you practice with me?”

Hatake Sagiki said as he stared at Akabane’s eyes with a ‘smile’.

“No, I am not your opponent.”

Akabane refused without hesitation.

Fight you?

Your speed is so fast, I can’t even finish my hand-seal unless I open my Mangekyo Sharingan, I’m not your opponent at all!

“Your strength is stronger than many Jonins, but when confronting Elite Jounin, not only it depends whether you know each other’s strength, but also the understanding of each other and once the opponent knows enough about your methods and Ninjutsu… “

Hatake Sagiki didn’t continue, but the meaning was obvious.

Once Akabane participates in more battles and his own attack methods and information are exposed, other ninja plans to counter him will increase. When the time comes his Flying Thunder God Jutsu may not be able to stand invincible at that time.

Of course, the premise is that there is no sharingan and Creation Rebirth.

But these two abilities are his final trump cards.

But Akabane did not refute it, but nodded vigorously, with a face full of humility and teaching.

Anyway, he didn’t plan to have a bout with Hatake Sagiki.

Only an idiot would agree to fight a ninja that specializes in speed head-on.

“Forget it, I don’t mean to fight with you. I read your comics recently. I am very interested in the Hawkeye in your comics. His sword is very interesting.”

Hatake Sagiki said lightly.

“I remember I only drew a little bit about him right?”

Akabane was a little confused.

In the battle with Zoro, Hawkeye only flicked his tiny sword, he didn’t even use swordsmanship at all, so that there was no Hawkeye’s ability displayed on the list.

However, Hatake Sagiki just glanced at him lightly, and said coldly: “Although you drew the One Piece, I still want to say that you know only fart when it comes to swordsmanship.”

Akabane was somewhat speechless.

‘Okay, I’m just a porter anyway.’ Akabane mumbled as he didn’t feel offended.

“Mihawk can block Zoro Three Thousand Worlds with something like a nail clipper, which means that he can see the weakness of Zoro moves at a glance, so he cracked the Three Thousand Worlds with one blow.”

Sakumo explained.

No matter what Akabane thinks, if he analyzes it purely from the angle of swordsmanship, Mihawk’s swordsmanship is indeed incredible.

“You are right. His swordsmanship must be very strong. He will appear more in the future. So you can look forward to it.”

Akabane smiled.

Although he doesn’t understand swordsmanship, he knows how to draw One Piece!

The father and son were silent for a moment.

As if thinking of something, Sakumo suddenly said,

“Do you want to train your swordsmanship?”

But he didn’t wait for Akabane to answer, and with a flick of his finger, the Chakra thread flew out, pulling out the three daggers at the same time.

In an instant, thunder flickered.

“No thanks. Farewell.”

With his hands behind, Akabane had quietly completed the hand-seal and operated the Flying Thunder God Jutsu as he left instantly.

Just because you didn’t like what you hear, you want to teach me swordsmanship. They are really unreasonable father and son.

Why don’t you go dancing in front of Madara?

Fortunately, he was prepared.

Walking out of the house, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

At the Uchiha clan.

Uchiha Yuan struggled to collect information on the whole family, only to work out a way to help Uchiha’s body not to be forcibly occupied.

“Patriarch, the soul realm is too dangerous, no one has ever set foot in it. If we rush to study it, the risk is too high, and it might lead to the death of our family.”

Uchiha Ensho anxiously dissuaded Uchiha Yuan.


“That’s just a comic, and only Orochimaru has been researching it in the comic. I don’t think you should worry too much. Isn’t you the main strength of the family? How can we fear other people…”

If we die, we die!

These were the words that Uchiha Ensho didn’t say, but he knew that Uchiha Yuan would understand it.

Mangekyo Sharingan.

Uchiha Yuan is very aware of the power of these eyes. With a mangekyo, few people can forcibly occupy his body. And If someone really can ignore the mangekyo and controls him, it will be useless even if they study that kind of soul mark.

He took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down.

“I am impatient.”

Afterwards, he destroyed the scroll and witnessed the scroll being burned little by little.

Somehow he felt as if a stone had fallen to the ground in his heart.

Uchiha Ensho then handed him a comic.

This is today’s update.

Uchiha Yuan froze for a moment, then took it and started reading.

In the beginning, Gaara from Hidden Sand Village faced Kimimaro. The description of the battle was wonderful, but he was not interested in these things, so he turned it over.

It was only until Uchiha Sasuke appeared that he slowed down…

Page by page, he looked and read it carefully.

Uchiha Ensho who read it first didn’t spoil him, but he feels quite complicated after reading these five latest chapters.

Obviously, he is such a good brother, but in the end he got to this point…

It’s ironic.

When Uchiha Yuan saw the end, he was really stunned for several seconds, and then he couldn’t help but sigh.

Join the Anbu?

Too naive.

Although he doesn’t know who is on duty in this Anbu if it is Danzo, how could a ninja from Uchiha be trusted by him when he enters the Anbu.

The best result should be dying inexplicably from the task, and the worst result…

Perhaps Uchiha Itachi has been instigated!

As the patriarch, you shouldn’t fail to consider this. Uchiha Yuan doesn’t think the role in Akabane comic will be so demented.

It can only be said that Sasuke’s father inside has lost his mind.

He closed the comic, thought for a while, frowned slightly and said, “What is the name of Itachi and Sasuke’s father?”

“It seems to be called… Uchiha Fugaku?”

After Uchiha Ensho finished speaking, he was stunned.


Isn’t this Yuan son?

“This brat, how dare he curse my son!?”

Uchiha Yuan was very angry as gains on his forehead kept throbbing!

“Ha…Ha…ha, this, look at the beginning, Akabane also wrote himself dead.”

“How can it be the same!?”

Yeh, Akabane was miserable in the comic, but he drew it by himself!

But my son is innocent and he didn’t offend anyone!

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