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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 253


Giving birth to two children, the eldest son slaughtered the whole family, and the second son lived in pain and hatred.

Fugaku life can only be described in one word and that is ‘miserable!’

If his Mangekyo hadn’t awakened, I am afraid Uchiha Yuan would have awakened it after seeing how his ‘son’ had become.

So angry…

After taking a few deep breaths, Uchiha Yuan gradually calmed down.

He opened it and read it again. And although he is already ‘calm’, the blue veins on his forehead couldn’t help but violently throbbed. If his son is really so stupid, he should go to his death, or play with the scheming Danzo.

Although the plot of Uchiha’s annihilation was not completely written, he could already guess some.

Based on the previous Uchiha’s internal situation, it was nothing more than the main battle faction that was dominant, and Uchiha Fugaku had to follow the crowd to take extreme…

But it is a wrong move!

Not only that.

If it’s only internal, it won’t come to this point, there should be other factors!

Uchiha Yuan racked his brains, followed by a flash of a bulb of light in his mind.

At that time, the Kyuubi seemed to be summoned and controlled by Madara at the very beginning. Therefore, the Uchiha took a big burden as a result of the attack of the Kyuubi. This is the deep reason why Uchiha consigned to eternal damnation!

After Uchiha Yuan thought of this, he took a deep breath and comforted his raging anger.

If this is the case, Fugaku really has no choice, they can only either resist or wait for death because the village can no longer trust the Uchiha clan.

Of course, he only speculates this deeply because of the name of the patriarch in the comics called “Fugaku”. If it was changed to other names, he probably will just say “stupid” directly without thinking why the patriarch in the comic did it.


Uchiha Ensho said cautiously.

The patriarch’s face was gloomy and unpredictable, and it was really hard to guess what he was thinking. But what is certain is that Uchiha Yuan is in a bad mood.

“It’s okay.”

The story is not over yet, when Uchiha’s memories are finished, maybe some doubts about the plot will be understood more.

Even if he has to settle accounts with that brat, he is not in a hurry at this time.


It’s just a comic…

Although it is related to Uchiha, it’s not the first time that daring kid arranged the big families from the village in his comics.

Up to Senju, down to Hyuga, Akimichi, Inuzuka, which one has not appeared in his comic?

What’s more, the extermination has been known to everyone before, so when the whole story of the extermination is revealed, the impact on everyone is not great.

The only reason why Uchiha Yuan got agitated was that the name of the Uchiha patriarch is the name of his beloved son, so how can he calm down!?

However, if he knew the follow-up content, I am afraid he would not be so calm anymore.

In the comic shop, Akabane was quite hesitant about this.

The content of the next storyline is very important, it involves a very secretive thing. And that is the Stone Tablet of Naka Shrine.

The Naka Shrine is a very special place. It is the ancestral home of the Uchiha clan. It was also near the Naka River where Uchiha fought with Senju.

So Naka Shrine is actually the ancestral temple of Uchiha, and the location of the stone tablet is very hidden. Except for some Uchiha clansmen, the rest probably don’t know the existence of this stone tablet.

It is easy to draw this part, but what he is worried about is how can he explain why he knows this stone tablet to the Uchiha, especially to Uchiha Yuan!?

So Akabane has a headache just thinking about it.

At this point in the plot, if he ignores this point, he can’t convince all the readers.

And Sasuke’s behaviour towards Naruto will become absurd and bizarre.

“What to do!”

He has a terrible headache.

There is no doubt that if the specific location is revealed, all of Uchiha’s people will come to his door and ask him why he knows such a secret thing.

So I can’t mention the specific location!

Akabane took a deep breath and rejected the plan to write a place like “the seventh tatami from the far-right” directly in his heart, instead, he planned to use the Naka River “secret” instead.

That’s the only way, otherwise, the whole village will doubt me, so it’s better to use Naka River secrets instead. I asked why I know it, I can use the excuses of guessing it etc…

Although it’s a bit nonsense, it’s fortunate that I have always been smart and was able to get access to some legacy records of Anbu and Senju Tobirama…”

Akabane thought to himself.

Then, he began to paint.

This statement is of great importance. In order to prevent the shadow clone from causing trouble, he chose to draw the content of this statement himself.

With the idea being determined, he started to paint.

After the change, the screens of Itachi and Sasuke’s interaction were missing a few, and some of the content was moved to the front.

In the remaining plot, Uchiha Itachi only mentioned “Naka Shrines hides Uchiha’s secret” and did not specifically mention the location, and Sasuke also found the so-called secret through his own search.

of course.

These scenes were also taken in one stroke, without specifying where they were.

In order to make the comic follow the original trajectory, Akabane can be regarded as racking his brains, until now, it is no problem.

Although Uchiha Yuan will still blow out his hair, it is not a big problem.

The remaining Uchiha people and Konoha are relatively friendly, and their attitudes are not as extreme as those left by Madara. But if they were replaced with the previous batch of Uchiha, if he painted it like this, he is afraid that the next day, those people would really riot together.

After finishing these paintings, Akabane was relieved and asked Kurama Yunlang to send someone to send this book to Yamano Izumi.

Once the update is done, he can sleep or go out to play.

But after thinking about it carefully, it seemed that there was an unfinished mission left. So he walked a few steps from the comic shop to wander in the street and saw a figure flashing away in front of him.

“Well, come to think of it, it’s a training completion test…”

Akabane patted his head.

These two days, he has been a bit busy, and his memory seems to be not very good. Of course, the most important thing is that he himself did not worry about this matter.

The final test itself is a cut-off test, similar to the bottom test, to test their progress during this period of time, and does not intend to really eliminate anyone.

Anyway, it’s not the final exam, so he didn’t think too much about it…

Akabane couldn’t help being sleepy.

He used to think that he wanted to sleep because of his weakness, but after changing a lot of physique attributes, he realized that this was not a physical problem, but simply because of his laziness.

Although he understands the problem, the problem of laziness really cannot be corrected.

He made a choice between whether to go or not. In the end, he sighed slightly and said: “Murasaki still has a few days away before his mission so it’s better to let him have a vacation…”

Thinking of this, Akabane activated the Flying Thunder God Jutsu and instantly reached the reserve department with a flash.

Murasaki was still training, he was very diligent, and his eyes that were looking at those Genin were relieved and happy, and he was even more powerful than Akabane in the role of training instructor.

“Huh, why are you here?”

Murasaki was surprised.

As a teammate, he knows Akabane quite well. Generally speaking, this guy will not come to the reserve department unless there is something important.

“You should know the mission, right?”

Akabane whispered.

He had already sensed his Flying Thunder God Jutsu technique formula from Murasaki, and it could be seen that Murasaki had already received the task, but he had not yet gone out.

“Ah, yes, and I will leave in a few days.”

Murasaki nodded.

“In addition, I remember that the Nature Transformation you have mastered is soil. It happens that the Earth Attribute is more restrained from Water-Style so I will teach you one or two kinds of Earth-style body protection.”

The Land-of-Water is mostly water style, while the earth style is good at defence. while Earth-Style is good at defence. Mastering more Earth-Styles can improve Murasaki’s self-protection ability.

And Akabane wants to teach him two kinds of ninjutsu.

Mud wall, and the Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm.

The former is out-and-out defensive ninjutsu, while the latter is a more convenient ground attack ninjutsu.

They don’t need many points to redeem, which is a drop in the bucket compared to Akabane’s points.

“Then I won’t shy away. Anyway, during this period of time, I become your substitute instructions, so it’s not too much to collect some compensation.”

Murasaki half joked.

These two types of ninjutsu are relatively simple and can be mastered in a short period of time, and they have a rather strong Stone Ninja style.

His talent is not bad, and he can even be said to be quite high compared to ordinary ninjas.

So the two not difficult jutsu were quickly mastered by Murasaki.

Akabane didn’t let him stay anymore, but instead waved his hand to let him play, and personally guided these Shinobi.

He hasn’t seen them for a few days, but the strength of these Genin has improved a lot.

And he noticed Uchiha Ryo’s Taijutsu skills have at least strengthened a lot, and Shimi’s body also looks stronger, not as weak as before.

Good thing!

Of course, he ignored the resentment in the eyes of these people.

Well, he was a student after all from that era.

Assuming that he hadn’t seen it, Akabane continued to let them train and finally announced his plan to test them in three days.

After announcing the test plan, he left behind a shadow clone and sneaked away by himself.

Because the formula was set up in the comic shop, Akabane came out of the comic shop and took a look at the comment column at the door. Since this place was opened, more and more people have left their own comments.

They have to clean up every time they update, otherwise, there is no place to post them.

As usual, Akabane took a casual glance.

But soon, he noticed some signs that were different from the past, and the above comments about One Piece obviously increased.

There are many mentions of “Seven Shichibukai Under the Emperors”, “Ace” and “Whitebeard Pirates”, and many comments expressed interest in the encounter of Ace and Luffy and Smoker’s next moves.

It seems that as the plot progresses, everyone gradually realizes the excitement of One Piece.

Akabane was very pleased.

Although the number of stickers is incomparable with Naruto, it is a considerable improvement compared to the one or two stickers of Sakumo before.

He believes that as the plot deepens, everyone will like this comic more and more, not just those who practice swords like Sakumo and Ye Wu who like Zoro in the comics because of personal factors.

In short, it will get better over time!

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