Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 254


“Patriarch, patriarch! Not good!”

Early in the morning.

Outside Uchiha Yuan house, a person approached from far away, as he was shouting while running.

“What happened?”

Uchiha Yuan frowned slightly. As Uchiha’s elite, how can he be so flustered when things happen.

“Patriarch, please take a look. This is what Kurama Akabane’s comic shop updated this morning.”


Uchiha Yuan took a look, then slightly frowned, looked up at him and asked, “I remember you were in charge of patrolling and protecting the village. How did you leave your job and enter the clan without permission?”

“Just read the comics…”

“Regardless of the reason, since you leave without permission when you are on duty, you have to go to the security team to take the punishment.

Uchiha Yuan knocked him on the head with a comic.

The Uchiha ninja lowered his head and bowed respectfully, then speeded up to the guard department.

Like what the patriarch said, although he is a member of Uchiha, he is also a member of the security team, and he is responsible for protecting the village. It is indeed wrong to leave his post without authorization.

Uchiha Yuan glanced at the comic in his hand and thought to himself.

This book must have drawn important things, with how that guy sent it over without asking permission for leaving his post. Is it related to the Uchiha Annihilation plot?

At this time, the clan was noisy.

So Uchiha Yuan thought that what he was thinking was right…

Uchiha Yuan opened the first page, and the content above continued the daily routine of Itachi and Sasuke.

From the previous point of view, Itachi is undoubtedly an in and out brother-con, but due to how sweet he is, the more abuse he will inflict on his brother when a reversal occurs later.

Uchiha Yuan had actually guessed something.

Sharingan is the portrayal of the eye of the soul. When you get love, understand love, and then lose love, you will Awaken the incredible power of your eyes, the Sharingan.

Whether intentionally or not, Sasuke is going through this process.

of course.

For Itachi, it may be the same process.

He thought this in his heart, and at the same time, he looked down and saw the “hate theory” mentioned by Itachi and Sasuke when he was chatting, so he became firmer with his guess.

Itachi’s ultimate goal is to make Sasuke awaken the Mangekyo of his sharingan, the legendary power of the Uchiha clan.

What a painstaking effort…

Uchiha Yuan sighed slightly, then turned back, knowing what will happen next when the genocide is first known.

But then, Shisui came out–

Even though he was just living in the lines, Uchiha Yuan still felt his difference.

This character is not a facial mask.

Judging from Itachi’s reaction, he must have some connection with Itachi, and may even be a good friend of Itachi.

Suicide by jumping into the river, giving Mangekyo?

“For the people of the tribe, no matter what kind of task, they will rush to the forefront? What a ridiculous remark, as stupid and ridiculous as those who want to leave the village.”

Uchiha Yuan couldn’t help but sneer.

They don’t care about the last words themselves. What these people from the Uchiha care about is that they lose a useful tool called “Shisui of the Body Flicker”. They never pay attention to the ideas of other clansmen, only thinking about their own”great cause”.

The comic presents the craziness of the Uchiha clan.

Uchiha Shisui’s sacrifice is meaningless.

As he himself said in the note, that they have no hope at all, but he is unwilling to throw a butcher knife on his clansmen, so he can only… commit suicide.

These were just speculations, but he felt that it was basically the case. And he is not surprised that Itachi had already awakened his Mangekyo.

After reading the plot, he fell silent.

Except for some details, what was drawn in the comics is almost the same as when he got along with his dead big brother and younger brother, which made him especially unable to help but recall the memory that was imprinted on his soul…

People who love the village and family so much have been forced and excluded step by step within the family.

It’s the same drama.

If Akabane had not added fuel and vinegar to make Uchiha’s internal contradictions ferment ahead of time, perhaps he could not make the determination to cut the rotten flesh decisively.

In the end, will Uchiha give birth to another person like Itachi and Shisui?


Itachi and Shisui are the tragedy of old Uchiha, a symbol, not just two people.

He took a deep breath and continued reading.

The Mangekyo Sharingan appeared, then…

“To awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, you need to meet a condition, and that is to kill your best…friend!”

The last sentence of this page shocked Uchiha Yuan.

No wonder, this is it!

Kill a friend and awaken the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan!.

This is the most important secret of the Uchiha clan, and the result has now been revealed and exposed to everyone in Konoha!

How dare he paint it!!

How dare he write such things!!

And that’s not all!

Uchiha Yuan with a livid expression turned the page, and soon saw the follow-up conversation between Itachi and Sasuke.

“At Naka Rivers hides Uchiha’s real secret.”

Naka Rivers?

How could Kurama Akabane know it!

Uchiha Yuan instantly opened his Mangekyo Sharingan, squeezed the comics, and used the instant movement jutsu, and hurried to the Hokage Building.

However, as soon as he stepped out of the house, he heard several howls.

What’s the situation?

Could someone really…

He was furious, separated several shadow clones, and walked in the direction of the sound source.

After surveying, Uchiha Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

The civil strife did not occur. The wailing just now was because many people of the tribe had strengthened their Sharingan, some evolved from one tomoe to two tomoe, and some evolved from two tomoe to three tomoe.

After getting feedback from the shadow clone, he felt really complicated.

Although no one did such a stupid thing, Akabane’s behaviour undoubtedly opened the magic box and planted the seeds of turmoil.


What he wants to know more is, how did Kurama Akabane know about the Naka River!?

That kid, could it be that he secretly visited their ancestral land!

There was a trace of killing intent in Uchiha Yuan’s eyes, and if Akabane didn’t give a reasonable explanation, they could not blame him for disregarding their fondness!

The ancestral land of each family is the most important place, and Naka River is the ancestral temple of the Uchiha clan. Foreigners daring to break into that place without authorization, can’t forgive them for whatever reason.

Although Akabane cannot be killed, it is necessary for the Kurama clan and Danzo to give an explanation!

He has the upper hand because of emotion and reason.

If he doesn’t show his fist, they will really get bullied to death.

At the Hokage Building.

Within a few minutes, a large number of people had gathered, including the “Victim” Uchiha Yuan and the ‘Suspect’ Akabane.

“Very well, everyone is here.”

Hiruzen sighed helplessly, then knocked on the table with his cigarette pipe.

Akabane, who was dozing off, woke up instantly.

He got up early in the morning. After all, the content of this book is very important.

But if he deleted this part of the plot, then the role of Itachi would be lost in half which he didn’t want to happen.

“Kurama Akabane, do you have anything to explain about today’s comic update!?”

Mitokado Homura’s tone is cold.

Akabane glanced at him, then wiped his nose. He was a bastard who didn’t do anything, and the questions he asked were not nutritious at all.

Really a loser who can’t do anything.

“Kurama Akabane!”

“Homura, don’t be impatient.”

Danzo glanced at him and said coldly, then glanced around with his remaining eyes. The meeting room became quiet, and the leader of the darkness of the Ninja World had a lot of deterrents in this regard.

“Yuan, I can assure you that everyone here did not ventilate in advance, and I was also shocked when I saw this book, so… if you have any questions, you can ask Kurama Akabane here.”

Hiruzen took a cigarette and said solemnly.

“Yes, thank you Third Hokage-sama.”

Uchiha Yuan got up, bowed slightly and then sat down. He tried to stay calm, so he took a deep breath before asking, “Akabane, how do you know that the Naka River is where the secret of the Uchiha is?”

“The Naka River was the place where the Senju fought with their lives on the line with the Uchiha a long time ago. And according to Mito-sama’s comic, it was also the place where the First Hokage and Madara met. If Uchiha has a secret, then it must be in the Naka River.”

Akabane explained.

“It’s just that, you can’t convince me, and you can’t convince Uchiha and the rest of the family with that answer!”

Uchiha Yuan was determined.

This is no longer a joke. For Uchiha, there must be a qualified explanation. Otherwise, not only Uchiha, but even the other clans will also have doubts about Akabane.

It’s because the ancestral temple is the most important place for every family!

“Well, about the secret of Uchiha… Our clan has also been standing for a long time. And I heard that Uchiha had a very large scale of civil strife a long time ago.”

“The other point is that if you want to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, then it’s obviously caused by mood swings, and there is nothing more convenient than killing your best friends and loved ones.”

Akabane paused when he said that and looked at Uchiha Yuan.

This explanation should be sufficient.

Uchiha Yuan was silent for a moment, and then asked, “That’s it?”

“Yeah, that’s all.”

Akabane nodded.

“So, you haven’t been to Uchiha’s ancestral land, the Naka River?”

Hiruzen looked solemn.

“I haven’t been, I don’t even know what the Naka River looks like.”

Akabane said.

Uchiha Yuan even opened his Mangekyo Sharingan watching all the subtle expressions and every move of Akabane.

Finally, he lightly said: “I believe you.”

“That being said, then this matter is resolved, so can I leave? There are a lot of injuries and patients at the hospital, and the recovery of many patients needs further research and discussion. My time is precious.”

Utatane Koharu got up and prepared to leave the Conference Hall.

“Utatane Koharu, wait!”

Mitokado Homura is anxious, how come she has become so weird recently? This is a major event in the village. How can she not care about it?

“What’s the matter?”

“Akabane’s affairs have been handled, so we should talk about Uchiha’s affairs. Uchiha’s previous patriarch, Uchiha Madara defected back then, is it related to Uchiha’s secret?”

Danzo said coldly.


Uchiha Yuan turned to look at Danzo, and then at Akabane.

He thought for a few seconds and then said: “I don’t know, I can only say that there is such a thing, which records our history of Uchiha, and the large-scale civil unrest in Uchiha that Akabane said is also recorded there. In addition, It also involves some secrets.”


Hiruzen looks serious.

“Uchiha is probably the bloodline descendant of Sage of Six-Paths. Our ancestor was the biological brother of the Senju Clan ancestor. Something happened that year…”

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