Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 255


“What do you mean?”

Danzo frowned slightly.

Why is this guy talking halfway like this? Did he learn from Akabane?

“This…well I’m ashamed to say this, but the content of that stone tablet seems to be based on our pupil power. And my pupil power is limited. That’s why I see very little content, and I don’t know what happened.”

“I only know that after something happened, Uchiha’s ancestors parted ways with Sage of Six-Paths and Senju Clan’s ancestors. After that, there was only some of Uchiha’s family history.”

When Uchiha Yuan said this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

After all, the content of the stone tablet can only be seen by the Uchiha clan, and the rest cannot see it at all. It might be difficult for him to win the trust of others.

This is why he didn’t say it at the beginning.

Firstly, other people may not believe it, and secondly, when he says it out at that time, he is afraid that they would think that the Uchiha clan has a relationship with Hokage.

Hiruzen were silent for a long time, and then couldn’t help but take a breath of smoke to silence them.

This news is really shocking.

Danzo opened his mouth, trying to say something, but he didn’t know where to start.

“I know you may not believe it, but these are indeed what I saw after awakening my Mangekyo Sharingan…”

“No, I’m just a little shocked.”

Hiruzen put down his pipes, turned his head and spit out smoke in a place where no one was there.

All this sounds absurd and bizarre, especially the fact that Senju and Uchiha were brothers a long time ago, which made him feel it was unbelievable.

But if Uchiha Yuan made up such a stupid story and fooled him and Danzo, thinking about it, it won’t be enough–

Even if Uchiha and Senju were both long ago a descendant of Sage of Six-Paths, what benefit can Uchiha get from this “story”?

Those were all ancient things, and it was of little help to Uchiha now.

After all, Hiruzen and Danzo are all the disciples of the Second Hokage, and they have inherited many ideas from Senju Tobirama. Even if Uchiha and Senju are brothers, they will treat them equally.

Just like the Senju now.

Danzo pondered for a moment and said, “Sage of Six-Paths…So, the power of Sharingan also comes from Sage of Six-Paths?”

“You can say so.”

Uchiha Yuan nodded.

“I just think that the Naka River is the place where Senju and Uchiha fought, and also assumed that there must be some secret hidden in it. But I didn’t expect…”

Akabane sighed in “shock”. Although he knew this for a long time, it was better to be surprised to prevent himself from receiving too much attention.

“Probably that’s it.”

Uchiha Yuan leaned back on the chair.

“The last question is, is it true that killing your friends and loved ones awakens your Mangekyo!?”

Mitokado Homura said solemnly.

However, everyone just glanced at him, then each looked at each other and ignored him.

“Then, I will go back now if that’s all.”

Utatane Koharu bowed slightly, got up and left.

“Yuan, you first go to appease your clan and clarify the misunderstanding, so as to prevent some people from causing unrest due to unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Hiruzen methodically said, “Akabane, I ask you to write down your own analysis process and give it to the Uchiha clan to help clarify the turmoil you caused.”


Akabane got up.

These were all within his expectations, so he had already written this analysis process.

But it was too obvious if he took it out from his waist now.

“Then, I’ll leave first.”

Uchiha Yuan bowed slightly and quickly left the meeting room.

His Clan still doesn’t know what the situation is, if it weren’t for Akabane’s situation, he wouldn’t be out of the family at this time.

During the first conversation, he kept his Mangekyo open, observing Akabane facial expressions.

From the subtle changes in expression, Uchiha Yuan determined that Akabane had never been to Naka Shrine, and Naka River, so what he said should be the truth that he only guessed it because Uchiha and Senju lived and fought in this generation.

After Akabane and Uchiha Yuan had left, Hiruzen said indifferently, “Homura, at this time, don’t ask these irrelevant questions.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not, but what matters is our attitude towards Uchiha!”

“And Uchiha has already assumed a posture to fully integrate into Konoha, so it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not.”

After Danzo finished speaking, he glanced at him coldly.

Hiruzen took a cigarette and said, “The key now is to prevent Uchiha’s people from doing this kind of thing, not to care about whether they can awaken their eyes by killing their companions. It’s a matter of priority!”

“It’s up to you.”

Mitokado Homura was so angry that the veins on his forehead kept throbbing, but he didn’t have much say in this matter with Hiruzen and Danzo on the Uchiha side so he got up and left with hatred.


Danzo sighed softly.

As his former partner, he understands why Mitokado Homura mentality has changed so drastically.

With the integration of Uchiha, Konoha’s power hierarchy has undergone tremendous changes.

The guard department was reorganized and the reconnaissance team was established. Therefore, in many meetings, the number of people participating in decision-making gradually increased, and the voice of the elders was greatly weakened.

of course.

The most important thing is that Mitokado Homura has a problem with his attitude.

Akabane left the Hokage Building, and immediately sent the document he prepared in advance to the Uchiha clan.

The ripple that Akabane comics brought was not small on the Uchiha.

According to Uchiha Yuan statistics, on this day alone, seven tribesmen awakened three-tomoe and twelve advanced their sharingan to two-tomoe.

Although the children have simple thoughts and did not awaken their sharingan, the increase in this three-tomoe and two-tomoe is a terrible improvement.

But although it was supposed to be a joyous time, Uchiha Yuan also had a headache—because he didn’t know how to explain the problem of the awakening of Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Patriarch, a letter submitted by Kurama Akabane appeared.”

“I see, give it to me.”

Uchiha Yuan took a look, and then heaved a sigh of relief, handed it to the tribe, and asked them to copy some.

Afterwards, all the tribesmen received an analysis report.

A long report of three or four pages.

In order to increase his persuasiveness, Akabane added various psychological elements and worked hard to fill the space.

To summarize briefly…

The key to awakening is not to kill relatives or partners, but the violent mood swings. Simply killing relatives does not enhance their Sharingan.

Although it is very shameful to let outsiders analyze their Sharingan, Akabane’s analysis report is very convincing from logical reasoning.

“Everyone has read it, so I won’t repeat it. Here I just want to say that we Uchiha have gone through many killings and civil strife from the past, even if it’s true, should we Uchiha want to raise the butcher knife to your companions and relatives!?”


The clansmen shouted and suppressed their turmoil hearts.

Uchiha Ensho looked at everything quietly, but he didn’t make a comment because…

He has awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan!

of course.

It was only because the comic allowed him to pierce the last layer that thwarted his awakening and reach the Mangekyo level. In fact, the reason why his eyes can Awaken is due to the night of Uchiha civil strife.

At that time, his pupil power accumulated, and only after reading the comics today, he finally awakened his Mangekyo. And like Uchiha Yuan, knows exactly how strong emotions it takes to make it awaken!

If he can, he hopes that everyone will not have this experience.

The chaos on Uchiha’s side began with Akabane and ended with him but in another place…

In a deep mountain, an old man who was stepping into a dim room was sitting in a dim room.

His eyesight was very good. Through the darkness, he could still see the comics in his hands/clearly.

He looked at each page, word by word.

On the side, there is already a pile of comic books that have been read and scattered everywhere.

“A toad sitting on the well to watch the sky… is indeed a good experience, and this toad also happened to see part of the world.”

There was a sneer on his face.

Uchiha’s secret?

In this world, who knows the contents of the stone tablet better than him!

Uchiha Madara is old, but the Hashirama cells in his chest are gradually integrating into the body, allowing him to survive, and he has not died until now.

He feels that his body is being transformed by Senju Hashirama’s cells, and perhaps, if it continues to fuse, he can gain even more powerful strength as the stone tablet said.

After reading it in one breath, he got up with difficulty, walked to the door, and glanced at the world outside.

Madara Uchiha thought a lot.

After all, he lived longer than Senju Hashirama, but unfortunately, after Senju Hashirama died, he still left behind the weapons that threatened him- the Kyuubi, and Uzumaki Mito.

Although Hashirama cells kept him alive, he couldn’t defeat Uzumaki Mito with only one eye, weak body, and Chakra declined before he could fully integrate.

“Standing against each other, being one with each other, it’s all in one thing… Hmph, so stupid to want to integrate into Konoha, when I completely integrate Hashirama’s cells and gain the power of the legendary eyes, I will let them know who is right! Hashirama, only I can truly create an ever peaceful world!”

Madara yelled hysterically, like a crazy old man.

In the dark, a black shadow sneaked into the soil quietly.

It is Black Zetsu watching Madara quietly!

Of course, he also paid attention to this comic. Because there were some ridiculous plots and remarks on it. At first, he didn’t worry about it. After all, it was just a silly fantasy.

However, after reading the sudden emotional fluctuations, and how Madara became a little interested in the comic, he also became interested in it and the one who painted it.

Madara hadn’t noticed its existence. Firstly, Black Zetsu was far away, and secondly, Madara’s perception was indeed not as good as when he was at his peak – if it weren’t for Hashirama cells, his lifespan might have almost reached the end.

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