Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 256


“More than 10,000 points in an instant…”

Akabane stared at the system panel and rubbed his eyes vigorously. He suspected that he had misread a single digit, but after reading it several times, he was sure that it was true!

He doesn’t know when his panel suddenly increased by more than 10,000 points!

Yes, it is a huge amount of income, but this also shows that a strong and formidable character has read all his current comics in one go!

No, more than!

Because Akabane noticed that the points were still growing rapidly, although it was a lot slower, it was still amazingly fast.

Is it Madara, Black Zetsu?

These two figures flashed across his mind for a moment.

Except for these two characters, he really couldn’t think of anyone who could contribute so many points in one go, and this also proved that his existence has attracted the attention of these two big shots!

In an instant, Akabane was feeling cold from head to tail vertebrate, and his somewhat sleepy eyes instantly awoke.

I must get stronger quickly!

He glanced at the panel, his physique had reached one hundred and forty points, and his mental strength had one hundred and seventy points.

“Black Zetsu can control others, but as long as my mental power is strong enough and doesn’t meet his stronger Yin-Yang-Style activation conditions, he can’t control me directly, so no matter if it’s useful…I must upgrade my attribute first.”

Akabane took a deep breath.

Up to now, he has more than 15,000 points.

This point seems to be a lot, but in fact, it is only enough to redeem a total of 60 points of attributes, and after his mental power has been increased to 200 points, he found that the price has risen five times!

On the other hand,

After the surge of mental power caused the special chakra in Akabane’s brain to undergo subtle changes.

His pupil power seems to be increasing.

Although the growth rate was not great, it was indeed increased due to the surge of his mental power. At the same time, a special technique appeared in his mind.

It is none other than Susanoo!

This feeling is very subtle, but he knows that if he fully instructs his Mangekyo Sharingan, he can summon his own Susano.

Later, he strengthened his physique and spent all the points he had just accumulated.

“Due to my attribute increase, it is difficult to control my strength…”

Akabane took a deep breath.

He feels that he doesn’t even need to use painting anymore, and with just a thought, he can make people fall into illusion.

In terms of physical skills, although he is not particularly good at Taijutsu style, the accumulation of physical attributes is definitely not to be underestimated, but now it will take a while for him to adapt.

However, after solving the plot of Uchiha, there is still a small headache.


Black Zetsu’s existence is very special. He is the “son” of Otsutsuki Kaguya. It can also be said to be an alternative incarnation. He has been alive from the Six Paths Sage to the present, almost immortal.

Although his combat power has not been shown in the anime many times, he is absolutely top-notch in reconnaissance and escapes.

According to his memory, it seemed that there was a small appearance during Sasuke’s defection.

“Now Madara doesn’t necessarily know the existence of Black Zetsu…”

Before Madara died, he first awakened his Rinnegan, summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path together with White Zetsu.

After a series of experiments, he used the Yin and Yang release Jutsu to create White Zetsu. And Black Zetsu took this opportunity to possess White Zetsu and pretended to be “created”.

It is the first meeting between Black Zetsu and Madara.

The current Madara is not close to the end of his life, right?

After thinking about it, Akabane felt that Madara still has a long way to go.

So it’s no good to cause a commotion, so he needs to delete the two pictures of them being together.

After a while, he did a series of adaptive exercises in the forest on one side and finally became familiar with the changes in his body.

At the same time, another effect brought by the increase of his mental power is…

His perception ability is further enhanced.

In the woods, Akabane could sense the subtle chakra changes in the comic shop, including the change of chakra aura of an acquaintance-Uchiha Ensho.

There is a slight difference in his aura, which seems to be stronger.

With curiosity, Akabane came to the comic shop.

Uchiha Ensho did not leave.

It looks like he is waiting for him here.

Akabane pondered for a moment, then walked over and asked, “What happened to the Uchiha family?”

“It’s bad at first, but thanks to your report, not only are we at peace but there are also a few more tribesmen who are stronger.”

A smile appeared on Uchiha Ensho’s face, and then he gestured to the other side.

That is the direction of the Uchiha clan.

Akabane kept up, Uchiha Ensho took a few steps, and suddenly said, “Do you know Uchiha Kagami?”

“Eh? I only know that he is a member of the Uchiha clan recognized by the second Hokage. He is very strong and is even expected to become the next generation Hokage, but unfortunately, he died after the war.”

Akabane said.

The hope to become Hokage is purely sympathetic. Even if Uchiha Kagami survives, it is impossible to become Hokage.

“Yeah, he is indeed a very good person. If he survives…frankly, I was among the ninja who joined the Second-Hokage-sama with the Kagami.”

Uchiha Yan sighed.


Akabane raised his brows.

“But my qualifications are not good. I only had two tomoe when I went to the battlefield, plus with a scrupulous clan, so I didn’t follow him firmly.”

“It wasn’t until the news of the death of Kagami came that I awakened my third-tomoe… and what I experienced that day, I again experienced some time ago. And when I saw your comics today, I thought in my heart that we must never let such a tragedy be staged in our descendants, especially the Child of Kagami.”

“Could it be that……”

He didn’t finish speaking, but Akabane had already guessed what the other party wanted to say.

“Akabane-kun, this is my little thanks.”

Uchiha Ensho took out an item from his waist.

Akabane glanced at it intently.

A scroll.

“What is this?”

“I heard that you also get Fireball Jutsu from some sources. And this is the Great Fireball Jutsu stronger than a normal Fire-Style Ninjutsu.”

Uchiha Ensho said.

“This is the ninjutsu of your family, it’s inappropriate, you should put it away.”

Akabane’s heart moved for a second or two, then decisively refused.

Fire style usually needs to spit out through the mouth. During practice, the highly concentrated chakra will burn the mouth.

For example, if he practised frequently like how Sasuke did in the comic, it would definitely burn his mouth.

The difficulty of Fire Style Ninjutsu is not high, and it is easy to change in the comics. But doing it in reality…

Sorry, I don’t have the courage to spit fire!

“This… Well, if you need my help, please just say, as for my ineffective child, please also take care of him for me.”

Uchiha Ensho heard Akabane’s reluctance, so he put away the scroll, planning to find another gift.

“It’s nothing.”

Uchiha Ensho left.

He seemed very happy, but his mood was also melancholy for their clan. The awakening process of Mangekyo Sharingan was not very pleasant.

In addition to Uchiha, the other family is also unhappy.

Hyuga family.

They are quite melancholy now. Since Akabane’s comics have become more and more popular, they have also read the Uchiha Clan from being squeezed out to now being integrated into Konoha, and then to now…

Uchiha’s strength did not decline due to internal friction but only got better than before.

Fortunately, there is no need to fight with Uchiha!

Masazu Hyuga, the patriarch of the Clan, couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

On this day, many people in the village could not expand safely. Konoha’s senior management was dealing with the things underneath, while Uchiha was dealing with ideological issues within the clan, and other families were busy collecting information on Uchiha.

However, the attitude of ordinary villagers towards Uchiha seems to have improved a lot.

At first, everyone thought Itachi was a hateful role, but now everyone understands that this is the elder brother who loves his younger brother so much that he even sacrifices his flesh and blood for him without hesitation.

Uchiha is loving, understands love, and is stronger than anyone else!

After the comics have been released, Uchiha may become the biggest winner.

On that day, Akabane slept in an uneasy sleep.

He dreamed that his Sharingan was exposed, and Madara came to his door to dig out his eyes, saying that he was the most suitable person to rule the world and wanted to support him as the king of the ninja world.

Although it was a dream, he still felt uncomfortable, and today is the time for the special training to end their session.

After thinking about it for a long time, Akabane decided to get up to train.

At the same time, at the Reserve Department Training Ground.

The ninjas train as usual, and what they are most looking forward to is today’s test. After the test, they can become official preparation ninjas—at least they think so.

In the dark, a black shadow slowly emerged from the soil, and then quickly dived back into the soil.

Not here.

He lurked on the earth, thinking about where to go next.

Konoha has Uzumaki Mito. Although he has absolute confidence in hiding, to prevent accidents, he will not set foot in the village when necessary.

As he was about to leave, he suddenly sensed the appearance of an aura.

And it is quite a strong aura!

Black Zetsu searched in secret, and it didn’t take long to find the source of the aura.

A ninja who was over thirteen years old who looked more mature than he looked, and he couldn’t tell from his appearance alone that the strong aura he sensed was coming from this child.

But thinking about it, it seems he appeared suddenly… don’t tell me, the Flying Thunder God Jutsu!

“Akabane, is the test going on as usual today?”

Shiranui Ryosuke, who didn’t notice the existence of Black Zetsu, said the moment he noticed Akabane emerged, he immediately came to ask about today’s arrangements.

“Yes, we’ll do it as usual.”

Akabane nodded.

Without ending the test, this trip today will be a waste of time.

“He is Kurama Akabane?”

Black Zetsu was shocked.

Has the Kurama Clan researched any forbidden drugs? That they actually gave birth to such a strong Kekkei Genkai Awakener!?

Akabane also hadn’t noticed Black Zetsu for the time being, but when he summoned the little dream tapir and let it use the secret jutsu to penetrate his mental power, he sensed a subtle difference.

It’s unspeakably weird as if someone was peeking secretly.

At that moment, he sensed something wrong, but now the weird feeling disappeared instantly.

Someone was watching him!

Akabane frowned slightly and glanced at the place he felt where someone was peaking.

But nothing has changed, no one was over there, but he won’t doubt his feelings, so he is sure that someone was really watching him…

In fact, when he sensed it, Black Zetsu had already changed positions instantly.

“What an amazing perception ability, I was almost exposed!”

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