Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 257


“This kind of summoned beast, is it a dream tapir?”

Black Zetsu watched quietly from the side.

The dream Tapir is a silly and troublesome creature, no wonder he was almost noticed…

Generally speaking, his hidden ability is impossible to be noticed. Just now, he was just too careless and didn’t consider the secret technique of the dream tapir, and his slight fluctuation of emotions caused Akabane to perceive his existence.

However, this guy would definitely not care about changing positions instantly.

Black Zetsu stared at the distance, quietly observing the actions of Akabane and the Genins, and after a few glances, it seemed that it was just a boring Genin training.

With that kind of strength, he is actually responsible for training the Genin?

Black Zetsu stared for a moment and took out a comic. In order to get to Konoha as soon as possible, he only read half of it, so he began to read it again while observing…

Anyway, with his ability, distraction is not a problem.

In the Training ground in the distance.

Akabane frowned slightly, he always felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t sense anything.

But it must be Black Zetsu!

Regardless of whether it is or not, he decided that it should be him. But he can’t find Black Zetsu’s location right now, so he can only ignore him temporarily as if he doesn’t exist, but he is still secretly trying to find him…

Akabane thought for a moment, winked at the others, and then made a hand-sealed Genjutsu to release Genjutsu-in fact, he now doesn’t need hand seals to use the Illusory Domain game.

These seals are just secret signs, telling others to be careful.


Shiranui Ryosuke was slightly frowning, and then he saw that Akabane used a secret signal to make them bide one’s time, ready to awaken the students at any time and take them to retreat.

What’s the situation……

He doesn’t quite understand what’s happening, but as a battlefield veteran, he understands that if he doesn’t understand, it’s alright as long as the above decision is okay, then just follow the instructions from higher up.

Just like now.

Everyone in the illusion has no resistance. In case there is an accident, it is definitely a more appropriate emergency plan to wake them up to take cover and evacuate.

The illusion is released and a group of people are drawn into the illusionary Battlefield.

Black Zetsu in the distance was stunned for a moment, sensing how the kid released this large-scale genjutsu to the Genins.

What is this operation?

It seems to be a kind of training.

Black Zetsu was stunned for a few seconds, and after careful consideration, he somewhat guessed the possible effect of this technique.

How can that kid release that kind of large scale genjutsu to the genins when they are the future of the Konoha, so the only answer was that it was for training.

Training with illusion? What a strange idea…

“It’s really stupid, but it’s not bad to have such an interesting guy in the long years…”

Black Zetsu put away the comic book in his hand and prepared to leave.


At this moment, he sensed an aggressive aura appearing beside him out of thin air.

That kid?

He was slightly startled and saw Akabane smash the trees beside him with a punch.

But Black Zetsu slipped very fast and instantly escaped underground.

“No one? That’s weird. It seems I was thinking too much.”

Akabane frowned slightly.

After using Genjutsu just now, his little dream tapir absorbs the mental power of those ninjas in the Illusory Domain. And when he is in the mental power link-state, he gets a significant increase, plus some special inductions of the dream tapir on emotions, thoughts and spiritual bodies…

He finally noticed the fuzzy position that made him feel uncomfortable.

It happened that there was a former Flying Thunder God Jutsu imprint on the side, so he used Shadow Clone on the spot, and the true body flew here instantly.

Although it was a pity that he didn’t catch it, Akabane’s goal has been achieved. Just now, when he mutters “Nobody?” It was purely for Black Zetsu, making Black Zetsu mistakenly think that he was attacking here because of his perception and intuitive judgment.

“This kind of escape speed, only Black Zetsu can do it….”

Akabane knew it clearly.

He actually saw a dark shadow quickly sinking into the ground just now, but he was pretending not to see it.

Because after thinking about it, without exposing his sharingan plus, why he has knowledge about Black Zetsu, there seem to be no direct means to attack Black Zetsu.

As Hatake Sagiki said.

Keeping your cards under appropriate circumstances will help you defeat your opponents at critical moments.

After considering it for a long time, he did not choose to attack Black Zetsu but only used his fist.

The feeling of being watched is always uncomfortable. If appropriate, he must be warned, otherwise, Black Zetsu will think he is a muddy mass and could knead it at will.

This warning should make Black Zetsu worry about it.

Akabane thought in his heart.

“My lord, just now…”

“I don’t know, maybe I feel wrong.”

Akabane continued to act, and then let the ninja clean up the fallen trees, and then went back to continue to control the illusion.

Shiranui Ryosuke squatted down awkwardly and looked carefully among the remains of the tree.

This is definitely not a punch out of thin air, but a strong goal.

Someone was here just now, right?


“You guys help deal with it, I will continue to take charge of the affairs over there.”

He stood up laboriously and returned to Akabane.

In the illusion.

The entire group follows the route from Land of Fire to Hidden Whirlpools Village.

This is a great fantasy.

Everyone was assigned together. Because of Nara Shimi’s excellent command before, it didn’t take long for everyone to decide to assign Shimi as the commander and let him allocate tasks.

They have made great progress, mainly in terms of teamwork, and they have made great progress.

Even Uchiha Ryo could form a perfect collaboration with everyone. Everyone sang forward and quickly reached the vicinity of Whirlpool Village. However…

The battle has just begun.

“My lord, if we also enter the Illusory Domain, wouldn’t there be no one to guard it outside?”

Ryosuke was a little worried.

“You don’t have to worry about it, there should be no one attacking us, and there is the Anbu ninja if that happens.”

Akabane said as opened the “viewing room”.

To be honest, even he doesn’t know how much this group has improved in a month.

After all, this month, he only took charge of training for half of the time, and Sakumo and Murasaki were in charge of the rest of the time, but up to the present position, these genins have done a good job.

In terms of strength, at least there is an elite Genin level Ninja, and the strongest can already compete with Chunin.

“In fact, Shimi has the ability to become a Chunin. As long as his strength is stronger, he will basically become Chunin 100% after taking the Chunin exam.”

Ryosuke whispered.

“He is from Nara Clan, after all, there are always a few very smart people in each generation.”

Akabane said.

Everyone has entered Hidden Whirlpools Village, ready to withdraw.

He has greatly compressed the plot.In fact, the battle in Hidden Whirlpools Village lasted for three days!

Within three days, those “Rebels” had not stopped their offensive, but the genius that gathered had not been able to rush out. In the end, the defence of the Uzumaki Clan was broken before opening a hole from the encirclement.

Some people still can’t support it till the end.

Some died in battle, while others died to cover their companions, such as Might Duy.

In order to cover the evacuation of the large forces, he even opens the 4th gate of the Eight-Inner Gates and displayed the Reverse Lotus in the Illusory Domain.

This child does have the potential for Eight-Inner Gates.

After a test, everyone exhibited their best that made Akabane very satisfied. Towards the end of the test, Akabane left a shadow clone and returned to the village by himself.

Everything is harmonious in the village.

After Akabane returned to the village, he did not go to other places but went to Uzumaki Mito for the first time.

With Black Zetsu appearance, he can use this time to remind her.

Senju Clan

As usual, Uzumaki Mito taught the ten Uzumaki kids to learn the sealing technique.

She still looked 30 years old, and she looked very beautiful, but he doesn’t know why. At this meeting, Akabane felt that she seemed to be older than before.

Is it because my mental power has become stronger?

Akabane was taken aback for a moment, watching from a distance outside the door that he did not enter, Uzumaki Mito pretended not to notice him, and gently taught out some tricks of their sealing technique to the children.

After a few seconds, the course seemed to be over.

“You continue to practice, and you must quickly master these precious sealing techniques.”

Uzumaki Mito said gently.

“Yes, Grandma Mito.”

Everyone responded in unison.

Uzumaki Mito came out of the yard, walking slowly, like a normal old lady, but her appearance was still beautiful.

Akabane was silent.

The closer she gets, the more he can feel the weakness of this powerful female ninja of the same generation of the First Hokage and Madara.

“Don’t look at me with that kind of expression, I’m a little old after all.”

Uzumaki Mito said lightly.


Akabane was stunned.

Does she know he can feel these?

“Let’s go, walk with me for a while.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled.

Akabane kept up, and Uzumaki Mito didn’t say anything here, indicating that she didn’t want others to know what she will say next.

Senju Clan’s Clan Land itself is relatively remote. After walking out of the Clan Land trail, they will reach the forest. From here, they can even see the Naka River.

“Make River, it is said that Hashirama and Madara met by the river there before.”

Uzumaki Mito pointed to the distance and said.

“Really, it is said that the two clans fought here before.”

Akabane said.

“That’s right, the endless war has long been ended between two heroes, Hashirama and Madara. Both of them long for peace and don’t want to have war, but unfortunately, there are subtle differences in their concepts.”

Uzumaki Mito sighed, and then said, “Akaba, peace can never be achieved by one person. It requires everyone to work together and everyone to give their love together. I hope you can be another Hashirama and not another Madara.”

“Comparing me with characters like the first generation Hokage-sama and Madara, you really think of me highly.”

Akabane was ashamed.

Such an evaluation…

“You have this potential. For example, you have become stronger this time, and you can even sense the ageing of my body.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled lightly, “When I am old enough, you can continue to protect the village instead of me. This is the will of fire that withered leaves and leave a new leaves sprout.”

“Grandma Mito.”

Akabane said her name and then didn’t know what to say—this smart and great female ninja realized that he was different.

Even though she didn’t know where these powers came from, she still pinned her hopes on himself without asking anything.

“Speaking of which, are you looking for me?”

Uzumaki Mito only remembered that if this guy had nothing to do, he would never come to the Senju clan to hang out.

From his disposition, something must have happened.

“In the Reserve Department, I may have encountered a guy with terrible hiding ability. I can’t judge his ability for the time being, but he is very strong in escape and hiding, so I come to your side to remind you to pay attention.”

Akabane said.

Uzumaki Mito was stunned, and then remembered something. After a long period of thought, she asked: “If he has a strong hiding ability, how did you detect it?”

“I’m not sure, it just feels very uncomfortable, but after approaching, with the help of my dream tapir Secret Jutsu, I did sense the existence of spiritual energy, so I can be sure that someone is hiding there.”

Akabane explained.

“Feeling uncomfortable… I have felt this way before. It was the eve of Uchiha Madara’s defect, and he came to find Hashirama. I felt a little uncomfortable at the time, but that feeling quickly disappeared, and I didn’t care about it.”

At that time, Uzumaki Mito was very confident in her perception ability. Since she could not sense it, it was regarded as an illusion.

If Akabane’s discovery is the same as what she felt at the time…

When Uzumaki Mito thought of this, her whole body shivered–Could it be that Madara’s defect was controlled by another person from beginning to end?

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