Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 258


“That’s how things happened back then. What Hashirama said to Madara when he left. Actually, I also don’t know. He was tight-lipped about what happened during that time, and it was useless for his brother to even ask.”

After being shocked, Uzumaki Mito began to talk about the things of the year.

Akabane listens and compares the plot.

Judging by the time, it should be Uchiha Madara has not completely defected, but before taking Senju Hashirama to Naka Shrine to see the stone tablet.

After that, Madara went to the jungle to catch the Kyuubi.

That is to say, from then on, Black Zetsu has been monitoring Madara’s every move, until the old Madara Awakened his Rinnegan, then summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, and he appeared.

“You have a thoughtful look, what did you guess?”

“I’m wondering whether the feeling you are talking about is the same as mine. If this is the case, his strength and purpose…”

Akabane tried to lead Uzumaki Mito to think this way.

Uzumaki Mito had already thought about it, but she couldn’t believe her guess. If all this was a conspiracy by others, then what was Madara insisting on?

Fortunately, Madara didn’t know this.

It’s better to die in the dark than to close your eyes knowing all the pain.

“No matter what his purpose is, we must be careful in the future. He is likely to hide behind…the initiator.”


Akabane nodded and followed Uzumaki Mito back to the Senju clan from the forest.

His purpose is achieved, he does not intend to stay.

Uzumaki Mito didn’t mean to stay. With such a dangerous person, Akabane really shouldn’t waste time staying on her side.

Many people need to be notified, such as the Third Hokage and Danzo.

Although Black Zetsu has a very strong hiding ability, that even Uzumaki Mito, Akabane and other ninjas with terrifying perception ability only slightly feel something was wrong, but the Hokage must be made aware of the existence of such a person.

Danzo and the Third Hokage quickly got news from Akabane.

In order to prevent too many people from knowing, Akabane used his genjutsu especially to broadcast the previous events in the illusion and let them judge by themselves.

The two of them will judge what to do.

After busying himself, Akabane also got feedback from the clone-the special training of the reserve department has ended.

Although everyone’s mission failed in the end, everyone played a significant role in the battle.

Therefore, it was determined that all members passed the test and could officially enter the reserve department.

“It’s about time to start writing reports again…”

Akabane took out a piece of paper with a headache.

With the return of his shadow clone, everyone also gave feedback on the performance and evaluation of the Genins, but the opinions of the other instructors were not good, and some Genins with talent were obviously wasted.

After summoning another Shadow Clone to continue to draw comics, he can only do it himself.

Yamano Izumi shipped late this time, so he just added a little bit to update the comic to the end of the first one.


“Hey, I remember that I have to draw the Akatsuki for a meeting, in the end, right?”

“Seems so.”

Akabane had just written part of the report and stopped when he heard his shadow clone asking.


In addition, there seems to be Akatsuki’s overall goal, collecting Tailed Beast and the like in three years.

Thinking about it, Akabane was lost in thought.

Having the experience of Sharingan, he has deeply understood the huge pit that may exist in the system-Rinnegan if he exchanged it out. If he can’t bear the consumption and can’t deactivate it, he will just dug a huge pit for himself to jump.

If Rinnegan is not needed in a short time, it seems unnecessary to draw it, but due to the plot…

Akabane took a deep breath.

“What the Akatsuki wants to do must be written clearly. As for Rinnegan, I have no good way to locate Black Zetsu for the time being. When I can truly sense his position, I will hunt him down for three days and three nights! “

After hearing the harsh words, his clone sighed softly.

The only audience was him, and they knew each other’s personalities. So there should be no need to say something so tragically, but it does express the aspirations of the shadow clone.

After drawing this plot, the first plot is officially over.

The next one is Shippuden.

In fact, even if he accomplished drawing the Rinnegan, it will appear sooner or later in the Shippuden.

And Akabane also knew that, but he still did it to gain time for him to become stronger.

He just met with Black Zetsu, and he knew he could not find the other party.

Although Black Zetsu escaped smoothly and couldn’t effectively sense the opponent’s position, it would be too passive to attack rashly.

As for Madara, Akabane was not worried.

According to the comics, Madara does not have the Rinnegan until he is about to die. This shows that the miraculous effect of Hashirama cells is not achieved overnight, but step by step.

If he has the ability to come out and do things, Madara has already run out to collect tail beasts himself, so why wait until his next life?

of course.

Judging from the acquisition of points, Madara still has a very strong fighting strength. As long as he is not stupid enough to send it to the door, he can’t help it.

“It’s done, the report is complete. You wait for Yamano-san to come here, and I will hand in the report first.”

Akabane didn’t wait for the shadow clone to answer, and left with and just left Flying Thunder God Jutsu directly.

Since the news of him comprehending the Flying Thunder God Jutsu became public, he has left marks in several places that he often walked around in Konoha, including the coordinates of the Hokage Building.

He flew to the Hokage Building in an instant and then climbed up to the third floor directly to the third Hokage office.

This jutsu is really convenient.

However, if Tobirama Hashirama knows that the thrust and assassination ninjutsu he worked so hard to develop was mainly used in this guy’s hands to save walking time, then I am afraid that he will be resurrected from anger.

“Third Hokage-sama, this is my report on the completion of the special training.”

Akabane opened the door and put the report on the desk.

“Let me see.”

Hiruzen picked it up and took a look.

He originally thought there would be a training process on it, but when he took a look, he only saw a page with a brief process of the exam and a list of members who can be promoted.

“Nara Shimi team originally only had Nara Shimi qualified for promotion, but taking into account the cooperative ability of InoShikaCho, coupled with the performance of Yamanaka Take and Akimichi Kazue, we should let them under comprehensive consideration and let them all be promoted without training in the preparation department. “

Akabane explained.

“Nara Shimi, this boy showed high commanding ability in the first test. It should be said… he really deserves to be from the Nara clan!”

Hiruzen was a little bit emotional.

Since the Nara clan joined Konoha, one or two very clever guys have appeared in each generation, who can always provide great help to the village.

“Uchiha Ryo, this child, can we expect something from him?”

“There is no problem with strength, and also in training…The last time when he read Kakashi’s story, he had awakened his two-tomoe. In addition, if you want, I can let you watch the replay in the Illusory Domain.”

Akabane said.

He only learned about this during the test. After all, he hasn’t managed the preparation department at all these days.


Hiruzen lay down and waited for Akabane to perform the operation.

Before the change, Akabane had to rely on painting, but now it is no longer needed, and this is also a test.

If he can start it directly, it means his mental power is greater than the Third Hokage.

He prepared for a while, and then directly activated the illusion which is…


Akabane breathed a sigh of relief. With two hundred points of mental power, it seemed to be quite powerful.

But it is not enough!

Hiruzen browsed the illusion process at twice the speed. After watching everything, he automatically escaped from the illusion. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Akabane sitting aside, playing with the crystal ball he used daily.

“Boy, what are you doing?”

“Looking at the baby you use for peeking every day, don’t be so nervous, I’m not Tsunade, I won’t break it.”

Akabane put the crystal ball back.

Hiruzen’s old face blushed slightly, put it away, and coughed lightly and said, “How would I use it to do such nasty things? Okay, let’s not talk nonsense, I basically agree with the people you listed, but there is one…”

“It’s about the Eight-Inner Gates, right? I have been teaching it according to the concept in the comic. Only when guarding companions and the village can they use the Eight-Inner Gates.”

Without the Third Hokage continuing, Akabane knew what he was going to say.

“Very Good.”

Looking at the scene in the Illusory Domain, Hiruzen has to admit that the Eight-Inner Gates is very valuable for development.

Just after opening the fourth gate, Might Duy already had a physical combat power close to a Jonin level, and it would be very powerful if he continued to develop it later.

“In addition, the recent protests in the Land-of-Wind have been very serious. But what you said before is more important, so I didn’t mention it to you.”

Hiruzen took out a report.

It was the same as last time, but this time it is an official communication report instead of a threat.

Akabane opened it and took a look.

It was indeed a letter from the Land-of-Wind and it was transferred from the Daimyo House, with some protests from the Land-of-Wind Daimyo written on it.

For example, someone smuggled comics, “stole” taxes, gold, and gems from the Land-of-Wind, smuggled bad comics, corrupted national thinking, and so on.

Akabane glanced at Hiruzen, his face was not red at all, and he said: “Those people are really shameless, and they want precious items like gold and gemstones and so on from the Land-of-Wind people. This is not an equivalent transaction at all.”

Hearing it, Hiruzen was speechless for a while, who didn’t know how to do this?

He was silent for a moment, took the letter back from Akabane, and said: “You have done a good job, that is, you did not end up on your own so that the country of wind has no excuses, but I have to say that in some ways you and your teacher are becoming more and more alike.”

Akabane had originally intended to deny it, but when he sensed someone coming, he immediately changed his words and said: “That is my honour.”

“I know you want to go, get out, I will take care of the assignment of the preparation department.”

Hiruzen took a whiff from his cigarette pipes as he shoos ~ Akabane.

Akabane bowed slightly and turned to go out, just when he saw Danzo coming from the corridor, he immediately greeted him.


Danzo nodded slightly, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t hide his smile.

Although he knew that this kid was flattering him, he was still very happy when his disciple said so, and what Akabane did this time, the effect is indeed very unusual.

The most valuable things in the Land-of-Wind are gold and gems, but these are also the least valuable in other countries.

There are too many such things in that country, and they are very valuable in the hands of Ninja from other countries, but for ordinary persons, they can only sell them to Land-of-Wind and Hidden Sand Village at a low price.

In comparison, exchanging gold for comics and then exchanging comics for money in the hands of the rich will make more money.

As far as Konoha is concerned, the reduction of gold in the Land-of-Wind and Hidden Sand Village will reduce the said countries military supplies. Even if it is only a small part, they will still be weakened to a certain extent.

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