Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 259


“Akabane, you fellow, come out to me, I want to beat you up!”

Outside the comic shop.

Many people yelled loudly, and the seats outside the door were noisy for a while.

Others shouted: “Brother Yunlang, give us the comics updated in more than a month, I want them all!”

They are the group of Genin released from prison, this bunch of bastards didn’t go home first, instead they ran to the comic shop.

“Hey, is it okay if you don’t go home and take a look?”

Kurama Yunlang smiled like chrysanthemum and sent the comics, while “kindly” complained.

“Brother Yunlang, don’t worry, we have to settle accounts with Akabane. During this time, this guy has trained us miserably.”

Uchiha Ryo said loudly.

“Oh? You want to settle accounts?”

The kind and gentle voice sounded, but it sounded like a curse to everyone, eerie and terrifying.

And they saw Akabane walkout from the lounge.

It’s not the shadow clone, but the main body that had just returned from the Hokage Building using his Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

“How…how could we do it…We..we are grateful to you, how could we be so strong if it weren’t for you!”

Everyone immediately changed their tone.

Including Uchiha Ryo.

During the one-month special training, even though Akabane did not participate in the last ten days, everyone also knows how strong Akabane is.

Sakumo and Murasaki are strong enough, right?

Sakumo went to the battlefield when he was only thirteen years old.

Although everyone does not understand Murasaki’s strength very well, it is said that some time ago, he was also promoted to Chunin. And In an experimental duel, Murasaki used only one hand and didn’t even use ninjutsu, so he is obviously much stronger than them.

However, without exception, Akabane is the most ‘abnormal’!

He is clearly very lazy, but his strength, they never saw its bottom!

Every time they think they can surpass him, but he will always exert a strength stronger than them!

For example, Sakumo, who was deeply taught last time.

All in all, everyone just wants to vent their misfortune but not dared to fight.

“Cut, I finally came out of the preparation department, if you want to fight, fight! But leave me out of it.”

Shimi complained as he picked up the comic and laid lazily on the chair.

Fighting or something is too tiring, and he has been training for more than a month while also vomiting, and he can’t wait to spend his life in the village.

“Shimi, what are you going to do next?”

Akamichi Kazue asked while munching food.

In this month, his body became a lot more sturdy. Although the fat is still the same thickness, he looks very reliable now.

“A smart person like me can’t hide if he wants to hide. In a few days, there is a high probability that we will form a team with a certain Jonin and start a mission career with mission difficulty above C level.”

Shimi said lightly.

Fighting or something is too tiring, and he has been training for more than a month while also vomiting, and he can’t wait to spend his life in the village. But although he wants to hide, he knows he can’t hide…

Alas, trouble always finds a way to locate him…

“Damn, do you have to say it?”

Uchiha Ryo disdainfully sat down and continued reading the comics.

“Akabane must have just submitted the report, but I can’t guess who it is.”

Shimi grabbed a handful of food from Kazue.

Reading comics while eating seemed quite comfortable.

“Some genins performed very well in this test. According to the comprehensive assessment, they have reached the level of competence for tasks above the C level, so they are allowed to graduate early and follow a Jonin to form a four-man team.”

Akabane sat down and explained, “Among them are Nara Shimi, Akimichi Kazue, Yamanaka Take, Uchiha Ryo, Inuzuka Ishi…”

“Sure enough.”

Everyone is not surprised.

This group of Genin is indeed better than the others. Although some of them are slightly inferior in terms of strength, but their wisdom is superior.

“Well, I invite everyone to eat barbecue in the evening. During this time, go back and rest. After this period, except for the fifteen genins who will follow a Jonin, the rest will go back to the preparation department for training.”

Akabane sat down and started chatting with everyone.

In the preparatory department, he is a teacher and these people are students, but since leaving the preparatory department, everyone is a classmate and friend, and there is no need to be too serious.

These genins were quite aggrieved after being detained for a month. So after they came out, they watched all the updates they had accumulated before, and they were so excited that they couldn’t hold back and they complained while reading.

Some didn’t have enough complaining so they even left a message on the comment board and had a great time.

Not long after, Yamano Izumi caravan arrived.

In today’s update, Naruto officially started the battle with Sasuke and ended with Tailed Beast Transformation.

There are more updates in One Piece. Ace and the Straw Hat group separated after meeting, and there were more and more members of the Baroque Work.

In the latest plot, Luffy and the others have formally fought against Baroque Work, and they were unfortunately locked into a trap made by Sea Stone.

Akabane took a look and asked the clone to help with the follow-up work. Anyway, the update has been completed, and the shadow clone does not need to continue working for the time being.

As long as he…

Having been busy for most of the day, it’s not too much to treat yourself to a nap, right?

Yamano Izumi was late for the comic a long time this time because they sent part of the One Piece comic to Land-of-Rivers in advance, so although Konoha and Land-of-Rivers were far away, they still received the update after it was finished printing.

At this time, at the Chao Chuan Town, the Land-of-River.

A swordsman in black came to this town along the path in her memory, but what she saw was not what she remembered.

“This is… A Pirate Town?”

Ye Wu opened her mouth wide in surprise. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never believe that this was the town of Chao Chuan she had been to before.

“Are you a samurai who came here especially?”

On the side, a wandering warrior sitting at the entrance of the town in a shabby dress moved his turban up, and then raised his head and glanced at her.

Ye Wu froze for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes, I heard that there are many samurai here, but isn’t this a town called Chao Chuan Town? How come it’s like this!”

“Chao Chuan is its previous name. Starting last month, this town was called Logue Town!”

The samurai proudly said, “Along this road, you can still see the execution square. Except for the small island on the sea, it is almost the same as Logue Town, but in the future, it will definitely become a Grandline Starting point.”

“Logue Town, the grandline…”

Ye Wu was surprised.

Are they in the comics?

It’s incredible that someone really transformed the Land-of-River into such a place!

She walked into the town.

As the wandering warrior said, this side is almost exactly the same as the town of Roger in the comics. At the same time, the size of the town is larger than before. Walking along the street, she quickly saw a big river.

This river runs through the whole country of River, going up to the Land-of-Thunder and Earth, and down to the sea.

And a dock was built in Chao Chuan Town near the river bank.

She turned around, deeply shocked by the changes in this town, and at the same time understood why the village had to give her a secret mission to investigate the Land-of-River.

“Did Akabane do it? No, the village asked me to come here to investigate. It must not be that simple.”

Ye Wu thought secretly and then went to the comic shop here.

After travelling for a long time, she didn’t have a chance to read comics.


When she went to the comics shop, she did not at all see the opening gate in the comic shop, only the small door on the side was half-hidden.

“Hello, I heard that there are comics selling One Piece here. Is it not open now?”

“All the comics are all sold out. If you want to read the comics, you must either go to the tavern in front or buy it from others at a high price.”

The shop owner said.

In fact, for the shopkeepers, this kind of sales does no harm.

If those people don’t buy it. He still sells it at this price, and it takes a little more effort. After handing it over to those people, as long as the shipment arrives, they can be notified, and there is no need to keep someone to maintain it.

“Okay thank you.”

Ye Wu said then she left and she couldn’t help being surprised.

It’s because the comics are all sold!

If the market is large enough and comics are taken away, it is definitely a profitable business.

Who would dare to do this kind of business in such a chaotic place in the Country of River?

She gradually understood what her mission was.

Investigating the people behind the one who was doing it is the purpose of her trip.

But she needs to be careful, since seeing that the rebellious rebels dare not intervene in this transaction. The power behind it must be huge, and the strength of the leader should also be quite formidable.

Ye Wu came quietly to the tavern.

Entering the tavern, she saw a large bookshelf with many comics on it.

Except for Naruto, the rest of the comics from the Land-of-Fire are here. But the Land-of-Fire does not have what’s in here, such as the Kafei Hime, and Love in the Dessert and so on.

In addition, he saw many “decorations” on the walls.

Character statues, weapons copied from comics, and even some fruits that look like “devil fruits” on the counter.

The influence of comic culture on this place is far stronger than that of the country of fire and Konoha!

Ye Wu sat down and read the comics for a while, ordered food and drinks by the way, and spent a lot of money. The price of this meal is almost more expensive than buying a few comics.

She has a kind of deja-vu that Akabane must be controlling this in the shadows. Especially the sales mode and various decorations of this tavern are, especially like Akabane’s handwriting.

At this moment, a figure walked outside the door wearing a mask, looking very mysterious.

Ye Wu couldn’t judge the opponent’s strength, but from the feeling, she felt that this person was very strong. Facing this person, she has a kind of deja-vu, the feeling of an Elite Jonin she felt when she was in childhood facing her father.

Of course, this is just her feeling as a swordsman, but in a sense, it can already reflect many things.

Is this guy the leader behind the tavern?

Before long, the guy left.

Ye Wu struggled whether to track or not the masked man for a few seconds, but finally, she didn’t dare to follow, because seeing that person, she unconsciously thought of the comics where Gekko Hayate was hacked to death by Baki. If she catches up, she may end up not much better than that. After all, this is the chaotic Land-of-River!

After waiting for the other party to leave for a long time, she took a few breaths until she calmed down.

Then Ye Wu looked around for a while.

The rest of the people didn’t seem to feel this and continued to eat and drink, very happy.

She rested for a while, her thoughts gradually became emotional–

“No, my strength may have been discovered!”

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