Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 260


“The power of the curse seal will change the body. It is indeed a good power… But why am ‘I’ so obsessed with Sharingan?”

Orochimaru couldn’t figure it out.

The world of ninjutsu is vast, and the more you explore, the more you feel insignificant.

Although the Sharingan is good, in his opinion, there is no need to spare all pursuits on it.

It is just a Kekkei Genkai after all.

“People always have pursuits, and if they get something, they will have new goals.”

Tsunade said lightly.

“It sounds reasonable, so what is your current pursuit?”

Orochimaru asked as he stuffed things into his mouth.

This is the food that Akabane brought when he came to “visit the prison”. Of course, Orochimaru was also easy to handle, mainly because Akabane knew that Tsunade was doing research here, so he came here especially.

“Enhance medical capabilities.”

Tsunade answered without hesitation.

“What’s next?”

“The future, who knows…”

She paused and then continued to mobilize Chakra to rescue the rat that had been tortured by the big snake.


Avoid herself being helpless in the face of the death of loved ones like in the comics.

She does not accept this tragic ending!

Tsunade’s mood was disordered, and an inadvertent Chakra input increased, and the mouse’s muscles suddenly tightened, and it jumped up and down.

After more than ten seconds, it collapsed to the ground and stopped moving.

“what’s the situation?”

Orochimaru didn’t care about eating, so he ran over immediately.

“It died.”

Tsunade was embarrassed.


Orochimaru is a bit regretful. Since it is not an ordinary mouse, but a special mouse produced after some chakras from the summoned beast are integrated into its body.

“But even without me, it will die very quickly, because your transformation makes it consume its vitality too quickly.”


Subsequently, the two began an academic debate.

After an argument, Tsunade suspended her research and left the research room in a depressed manner.

Orochimaru didn’t care at first, but after studying for a while, the more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he became, so he chased her out, and he found Tsunade based on his perception ability and found that this girl was with Akabane.

As the special training is over, Akabane treats everyone to dinner.

He originally planned to eat barbecue, but it happened that the hot pot restaurant of the Akimichi clan opened its doors. It is worth mentioning that because Akabane gave a lot of recipes and hot pot base ingredients, he has a lot of dividends.

After many considerations, Akabane chose to take them here to eat.

Orochimaru took a look, then turned around to leave.

“Since you are already, come in and let’s eat together, and you should also have something to say right?”

Akabane knocked on the table.


Orochimaru knew it was telling him, and came over and sat down.

“Are you studying Senjutsu Chakra?”

Akabane asked.

“I just transform and purify the energy from the summoned beast, and then inject it into the mouse, but obviously there is a problem with the energy purification process. The mouse has become crazy and has been imitating the walking posture of the snake.”

Orochimaru said with his hands resting his chin, thoughtfully, “Does that energy belong to the Sage Chakra?”

“It should be, and Senjutsu Chakra and Sage Mode are related. For example, my Summoned Beast comes from Shikkotsu Forest. If the body meets the requirement of absorbing Natural Energy, you can enter Shikkotsu Forest Training Sage Mode, but it is a pity…”

Having said this, Tsunade sighed softly.

The reason she was in a bad mood this afternoon was because she thought of herself from the mouse perspective.

The mouse absorbed its power and its life span was greatly reduced. Comparing herself to it, isn’t she like a mouse?

Weak, fragile and short-lived.

Even if the creation of regeneration is developed, with the corrosive nature of the wet bone forest, God knows how much life will be lost, and it is possible to die in the wet bone forest.

She is not afraid of death, but this method of death is too unworthy.

“I had a hunch before that the mouse might become serpentine if it continues to transform. If the Sage model is based on a similar principle, there will be corresponding changes after people practice it. The curse mark you painted should be something similar.”

Orochimaru unconsciously thinks of the curse seal form that has frequently appeared in the recent plot. The rat has signs of snake transformation, so the curse imprint must have absorbed natural energy before appearing in its physical form.


Akabane kept putting food in the pot.

The curse seal itself is the Sage Mode of Ryuchi Cave semi-finished product and Orochimaru understands it so well.

Everyone has some ideas about Sage Mode.

Akabane yearns for Senju Hashirama’s Sage Mode with only partial tattoos, but Tsunade is worried that she may not be able to train Sage Mode.

As for Orochimaru.

He is thinking about whether he can successfully accommodate Senjutsu Chakra by changing to a larger animal.

However, the large animals around Konoha are very limited.

The Deer?

The Nara clan will kill him!

They didn’t talk for a long time and soon the dishes were all available and everyone started to eat.

Seventy percent of Genin here is juniors, but after training together, everyone doesn’t feel unfamiliar, and all of them ate happily.

The Akimichi Clan is very enthusiastic. The price is 20% off, and the quantity is still very large.

After the meal, everyone left happily.

The next day.

When Akabane got up at noon, the Akimichi hot pot restaurant was already full.

It’s different from the one who went to eat hot pot yesterday. Everyone will not only eat hot pot this time but also foods that appear in comics such as mapo tofu and golden fried rice.

Vaguely, he seemed to see people who looked like the Third Hokage.

This guy used the transformation jutsu, but his eyes and pipe were still exposed, and Danzo seemed to have also come, using the transformation jutsu like the Third Hokage.

But embarrassingly, he and Third Hokage entered the door at the same time, and the two looked at each other and almost recognized each other at the same time.

Akabane didn’t continue watching the scene, then returned to the comic shop.

Izumi Yamano came early, and although he already sent some of them, but the number was relatively small and it was not enough. As soon as it was delivered to the village, it seemed that most of the people in Uchiha were waiting.

The plot is in the critical period of Sasuke’s defection, and they pay much attention to the plot.

Like now.

In the morning, the Uchiha people who did not go to the guards sat together and began “ideological education.”

But the so-called ideological education is actually Akabane playing the remaining set, letting everyone read the comics, and then talk about their feelings.

“Sasuke is so eager for power, but he still chooses to let go of Naruto… It feels strange.”

“Actually, it’s just him badmouthing Naruto. But deep in his heart, he still cares about Naruto very much and is reluctant to kill him.”

A group of ninjas talked.

Uchiha Ensho leaned on the side and did not speak for a long time after reading.

For the time being, only the Hokage, Danzo, Uchiha Yuan, and Akabane knew about the news that he awakened the Mangekyo, and none of the others knew it.

and so……

“Ensho, what do you think?”

Someone asked him.

Because of this period, Uchiha Ensho looked weird and sighed for so much more time than before.

“Nothing is more important than a friend who cares about you.”

Uchiha Ensho clenched his fists, “I am eager to protect our companions and close relatives in danger. Such emotions can also stimulate our pupil power and enhance our eyes. And I firmly believe this.”

On the side, Uchiha Yuan’s mouth raised slightly.

He did not announce the news of Uchiha Ensho awakening, just to establish a “model”.

At the right time and place, when Uchiha Ensho is guarding his companions or loved ones, he can show his Mangekyo, and everyone will be more convinced that even with a guardian mood, they can awaken their Mangekyo.

As for whether it can be awakened…

This is not important. The important thing for the family is their continuation and survival. As long as it continues, the strength of the family will gradually become stronger.

Moreover, after his analysis, these approaches can indeed be used to awaken their eyes.

“My father said it well!”

A shout came from the crowd.

Without looking, they know it is Uchiha Ensho’s son.

Uchiha Ryo is also well-known in the clan due to him being a repeater before. It is said that he was almost repeated in the preparatory examination.

But when he came back from the preparation department, this kid was reborn.

Both his strength and his thoughts have undergone a qualitative change, and even his sharingan has been awakened and become two-tomoe. Even Uchiha Yuan has to admire Akabane’s brainwashing ability.

At a deep mountain.

A young man climbed up the mountain and placed a comic book in a clearing.

His movements were dull and ignorant, and he was obviously controlled by some kind of power.

After putting down the comics, he walked down the mountain with a dull look.

After he left, a vine grew in the soil.

The vine held the comic and took it to the hidden cave. Madara took a few steps and picked up the comic from the ground.

With his current level of fusion, he can already use some Wood-Style Ninjutsu.

“Eight words.”

He was thoughtful, then opened the comic and began to read it.

Looking at the back from the past, Madara was silent for a moment, and then sneered: “What a stupid thing, if Orochimaru can beat Uchiha, why design and ask for Sharingan? He didn’t cherish the truly precious Sharingan, and pursued some curse-seal! “

He is not good enough, ruthless enough, and hesitant to act and think badly. What major event can such a person make?

Madara sighed.

But after all, his younger brother unconsciously appeared in his mind.

If the appearance of Izuna in childhood is painted in the style of a comic, it probably looks like this, and the characters of the two are similar in some places.

“Izuna…that hateful Senju Tobirama, he died too early!!”

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