Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 261


“The boring comics, I finally saw the latest place.”

Not far from Madara, Black Zetsu sat in the shadow of the col, holding the newly updated comics in his hand.

In the end, he closed the comic and fell into deep thought.

Collect all the tailed beasts…

Without Rinnegan, why does the “Akatsuki” collect Tailed Beast?

Is it because he has overlooked something, or is there no logic at all for the comic, and the author just draws it blindly?

Because this approach is really stupid, according to the current situation, every squad in this organization has the power to catch the tailed beasts. But such an elite team needs the help of tail beasts to enhance its choice?

Moreover, collecting all the tailed beasts in three years means that they will offend the Shinobi world in these three years.

Unless you have the confidence to crush everything, no matter what he thinks, it’s a stupid move.

Under these various factors, if Rinnegan is added, this organization will appear normal.

Since Rinnegan’s power is indeed enough to crush everything.

However, Rinnegan is the most mysterious of the Three-Great Dojutsu, and there are very few people who know how it came from.

Besides him, maybe even Madara doesn’t know what kind of power and purpose Rinnegan has. But the question is, how did this kid who still has the smell of his mother’s milk know about Rinnegan?

“Could it be that the collection of tailed beasts is only to deter the five great nations!?”

An absurd idea emerged in Balck Zetsu’s mind!

Tailed Beast is the strongest weapon. Without a doubt, if the Tailed Beast is sealed on one’s own body, it is equivalent to that the organization has more than a dozen Peak ninjas and at the same time it has mastered nine Jinchuriki.

Such an organization is indeed sufficient to deter Ninja World and prevent all the countries from moving. Equivalent to more than a dozen people plus only nine Tailed Beast, it has the effect of Senju Hashirama that year, allowing Ninja World to enter a strange peace for a short time.

“Um… there is no problem logically, and it seems that it can really try to fool them.”

Black Zetsu secretly said in his heart.

The ninja world is now in a delicate balance, and there will be no war in the near future.

This is a great opportunity to build up strength.

In addition, there is a country and race that is very suitable for starting at the moment-Land-of-Whirlpools, the Uzumaki Clan.

A while ago, there was a war of annihilation in the Land-of-Uzumaki, and the real country of the vortex almost existed in name. The Uzumaki family suffered a huge blow, and some fled to the country of fire.

It is difficult for this group of people to move, but there are certainly people who have not had time to withdraw.

Those people are most easily brainwashed by peace.

But on Madara’s side, can you put it aside for now?

He was a little worried.

Madara possesses extremely high intelligence and is likely to make unnecessary attempts, so he has been following his side since Madara began to fuse Hashirama cells.

If Madara has any dangerous thoughts, he will take the initiative to appear.

Although he hasn’t had a chance to play until now, it is still hard to rest assured that he has to leave for a while without supervision. He has waited for a thousand years and does not want to wait for another one.

“For a short time… it should be fine.”

At Konoha’s side.

Akabane stared at the panel, he was sure that there was an abnormal surge in points this morning.

of course.

This time the number is very small, just a little more than one or two thousand than usual, but the abnormal increase shows that someone is trying to contribute points.

Is it Black Zetsu or Madara?

Or, perhaps both!?

“The two big shots chasing after the change are really stressful… But here comes the question, did they pay for their comics?

One is a fugitive, and the other simply doesn’t even have a fixed body.

Such a combination does not seem to be able to shell out money, it is estimated that it is a means of various frauds.

“What are you sighing? The first comic is over, so it’s time to take a break, right?”

Tsunade glanced at him.

Before, she was busy with research and rarely came out, but since she killed the mouse yesterday, she understood the Sage Mode and some conditions of creation and Creation Rebirth…

That’s why she is a little confused right now that she didn’t have the time to continue her research…

“I still have to update. So many readers are waiting to read. If it is not updated, the shop will be torn down two or three days later. Some time ago I went to arrange a special training session and stopped updating for half a month. So I can’t do that.”

Akabane said weakly.

Shopping with girls is really not a good job, especially because Tsunade wants to go to the casino from time to time, which makes him quite tired.

“Speaking of which, Grandma also gave a Tailed Beast Transformation too right?”

Tsunade stopped suddenly.

Uzumaki Mito is also a Nine-Tails Jinchuriki. If the “Tailed Beast Transformation” ability really exists…

“Tailed Beast Transformation is actually the Chakra leak of Tailed Beast, for Grandma Mito, she probably wouldn’t use such a low-level transformation.”

Akabane muttered for a moment and said.

For Uzumaki Mito, she has more efficient and powerful methods, and she doesn’t have to study tail beastization at all.

But for ordinary ninjas, tail beastization is indeed an extremely powerful force.

“If we seal the Chakra of Tailed Beast to the ordinary person, can we create another Jinchuriki?”

Tsunade had a whim.

Since the chakra is the key, then sealing the tail beast chakra, in the same way, should have the same effect right?

I’m such a genius!

When she thought of this, she couldn’t help being slightly excited.

“You think too much.”

Akabane was a little speechless.

Isn’t this the same idea as the Twelve guardian Ninja?

Can anyone use the Chakra of the Tailed Beast? The reason why Naruto can use the one-tailed state without side effects is that his own body can withstand this power.

Secondly, Kuina’s life is closely related to Naruto. While releasing Chakra, he also carried out partial control to avoid excessive damage to his body.

“Can’t it work?”

Tsunade asked.

“Unless you have the control ability to reach the level of Grandma Mito, or you are proficient in various sealing jutsu, maybe you can control the leakage of Chakra by yourself.”

Akabane shrugged and said, “If you can convince Grandma Mito and the village, you can try it on the children of the Uzumaki clan.”

“Sigh~ you know if you encourage me to do something dangerous, you will be killed!”

Tsunade trembled all over.

The ten children of the Uzumaki clan are all grandmothers’ hearts. Whoever dares to stretch their paw to touch them will have their paw chopped off for sure by none other than Uzumaki Mito herself.

“You mentioned it yourself.”

Akabane walked a few steps, then stopped suddenly and glanced somewhere.

An Anbu?

Thoughtful, he turned his head and said, “Tsunade, I’m going to Anbu first. You can play by yourself.”

“Playing? I’m very busy, and I will go back to the hospital for work!”

Tsunade looked towards the hidden place of Anbu, as she also sensed the arrival of the Anbu Ninja. After all, the other party did not hide his presence, as long as it was a ninja, she could easily detect it.

When she said this, she also hoped that Akabane would not have too many worries and thoughts.

Akabane nodded.

“Is the teacher looking for me? Let’s go.”


The Anbu ninja bowed slightly to show respect to Tsunade, and then turned around to go to the position of Anbu base, Akabane grabbed his shoulders while mobilizing Chakra inside.

“There is no need to waste time.”

In the next second, Akabane appeared at the secret door at the same time as him.

The Anbu Ninja was a little shocked, but after taking a deep breath, the throbbing in his heart gradually calmed down.

The Flying Thunder God Jutsu!

What a luxury!

He secretly complained.

“Then I will go in.”

“Yes, please.”

The Anbu Ninja didn’t lead the way. He calculated that Akabane might have a better understanding of this side than him. There is no need to lead the way at all, as long as the words are brought there.

Akabane walked in, circled around, and easily found Danzo’s office door.

Walked in and there was nothing.

Why did he call me over?

He was a little puzzled. Danzo appeared from behind him. As the other party approached, Akabane felt a slight chakra movement——


“Kazuhiko dug up new information.”

Danzo said and threw a report.

Akabane took it over, the brushwork was very new, and it seemed to have just been completed. It mentions some recent trends in Hidden Mist Village, among which includes the casting of ninja swords.

In addition to the Fangs, Hidden Mist Village also owns Samehada, and Kubikiribocho, which involve the elite plan of Third-Mizukage.

Of course, the assassin from the Hidden Mist Village obviously only knows part of it.

“Teacher, what do you mean, do you want me to support Murasaki?”

Akabane asked.

“Murasaki didn’t set off. I cancelled the plan. Someone in the Land-of-Water claimed to have discovered the Devil Fruit. The news has spread quickly throughout the Ninja World. After all, you painted it, and you have more say.

Danzo said and his tone was calm.

He knows that this incident is likely to be false, but what the people behind the scene want to do is worth pondering.

The news was released and it almost spread to the world of Ninja. What was its purpose?

Not only that.

Due to this incident, the defence and secret surveillance of the Land-of-Water will inevitably be stricter.

So it is just right to cancel the plan.

Akabane thought for a few seconds, then nodded and said, “I will investigate.”

The devil fruit must be imaginary, but the thing itself is a bit like…


He was not sure, but he always felt that Kakuzu might have played a big part in it.

“In addition, there will be a small team from the Uchiha clan. I gave them your Flying Thunder God Kunai. When the time comes, you remember to help.”

Danzo said lightly.


Akabane froze for a moment, then nodded without speaking.

He was a little puzzled. Why did Uchiha have to go over there? Although they are integrated into Konoha’s ninja system, they are more involved in patrolling and maintaining domestic security.

But suddenly they are responsible for this kind of work.

Could it be that it has something to do with his previous plot?

To Kill your companions to awaken Mangekyo!?

It seems that many of Uchiha’s lunatics have a believing attitude, but when they can hardly raise their butcher knife to their companions, it means that they no longer regard each other as their best friend.

Uchiha’s best way to solve this problem is…


Akabane thought thoughtfully.

This trip to the Land-of-Water is likely to assist in the performance and the investigation of what the Devil Fruit is just incidental.

“All right, I’ll take a trip.”

It just so happens that he is very curious about Uchiha Ensho’s Mangekyo ability…

However, for this level of task, he needed to assign a shadow clone to the village to be responsible for painting.

To ensure battery life, he also needs to seal more chakras in it.

And for Akabane, it is quite easy as he had already completely mastered this degree of sealing jutsu.

“When will you leave?”

“Right now.”

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