Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 263


“It’s the Land-of-Water, we are in Land-of-Water!”


“Devil fruit, I’m one step closer to it.”

A group of people shouted, for fear that others would not know their goals, but they probably didn’t have to hide it. Most people came here for the devil fruit.

Akabane was on the sidelines, planning how to get his devil fruit in.

The Whisper fruit, although it is useless, can indeed give the user a certain ability, enough to make some ripples, as long as people believe that there are devil fruits in the world, then the follow-up…

On the other hand, this is also a small attempt.

Will One Piece’s Devil Fruit have the same defects in the Naruto World? Can I only eat one? Will the devil fruit be reborn in the vicinity after the user’s death?

For these questions, reality testing is the best solution.

But too many people come to observe the Devil Fruit.

“Akabane, what are you thinking, we should go now!”

Uchiha Ensho patted him on the shoulder.

There is a mixture of fish and dragons here, although they have done a certain amount of disguise, but just in case, they still cannot stay for a long time in such crowded places, so as not to reveal their identity in advance.

“No, I just thought, among so many people, will there be Jonin from other countries mixing in like us.”

Akabane said.

“Yeah, but we don’t have time to manage that much. This is the country of water. Let them handle those troubles.”

Of course, Uchiha Ensho knew this too.

Among other things, he found a suspected Jonin from Hidden Stone Village just aboard the ship, but this is someone else’s site, so he can’t control what Stone Ninja is doing here.

Anyway, Hidden Mist Village is not a Konoha alliance, so it doesn’t matter if it is destroyed.

Akabane is not worried about Land-of-Water. But he is worried that if the whisper devil fruit falls into the hands of Jonin, it might be more troublesome when it comes time for tracking.

Since he is most afraid of trouble.

He doesn’t know if he can engrave the Flying Thunder God Jutsu imprint on the devil fruit…

Forget it.

Engraving the mark is likely to be recognized, and there is no way to explain it then.

Akabane gave up this idea.

The five people left the crowd and went to a remote place to discuss where to go next.

It was a small wharf town in the Water Country that released the discovery of the Devil Fruit and planned to sell it. For its authenticity, no need to ask, and their main purpose to come here is to see who is causing the problem.

Since they know that this matter is not simple.

The power of the Devil Fruit is really quite tempting, especially when One Piece is unprecedentedly hot in other countries.

But if they do this thing for money, I am afraid it won’t work.

If they cheat so many ninjas, and the mastermind doing this thing doesn’t have any strength, they wouldn’t do such a thing since it’s tantamount to asking for their lives to be taken.

The five discussed for a while, and finally decided to move separately, Akabane will go alone, and the Uchiha group of four acted together, investigating the Devil Fruit at the same time.

of course.

Acting separately is the plan proposed by Akabane. If he doesn’t do this, he will have no time to swap his devil fruit among the fake devil fruit.

“The next step is to find someone. These people are so courageous, they dare to make trouble like this.”

Akabane found the target town.

Walking through the town gate, he walked around, and soon caught a wandering ninja in the alley, hypnotized him, and tortured him for information.

This is called Lake Town.

Two or three months ago, it was just a poor fishing town.

But in just two or three months, the number of people here is increasing day by day. Now that all parties invest in transformation, this side has become a relatively prosperous seaside town.

In addition,

The place where the devil fruit information is released seems to be in a casino.

The casino is also a place where ninjas are mixed, and the law and order of the Water Country is not good. For example, the legal management of the border town is even looser.


I am afraid that every once in a while, there will be life cases.

Akabane thought.

Traced to the location of the casino, and then followed the same method, using his own illusion to hypnotize, to extract part of the memory of the staff in the casino.

But he didn’t expect to discover words like “great ceremony” in this guy’s memory.

A Ceremony, a populous place, news of the devil fruit–

Damn! It’s the Jashin Cult!

If it is the Jashinists, it is really possible to create a “devil fruit” that carries the ability. After all, from the research of Orochimaru, the power of the Jashinists comes from a different kind of chakra, and this kind of chakra needs killing to maintain.

If they work out a way to incorporate different chakras into the fruit, then use this auction to spread it out…

The brilliance of Jashinists will really illuminate the world of Ninja.

What a wicked plan!

Akabane had to sigh. As expected, none of the people in the Ninja World was stupid. Jashin Cult lasted this long with reason.

He wandered around in the casino and found a lot of doubtful ninjas, these ninjas more or less have a Jashinists style.

The casino was almost transformed into a gathering place for Jashinists. Although they are not too strong in a comprehensive judgment, Akabane did not intend to destroy it immediately.

This is the country of water.

So after turning a circle, Akabane quietly used his perception ability to check the situation here.

“In the basement, that’s how it is…make a mark outside before going in.”

The bottom of the casino was remodelled on a large scale, and there was no change at first, but it became a research institute completely behind, where you can see many “devil fruits” with various patterns.

They are soaked in a container filled with special chakras.

Does this thing really work?

Akabane can’t help but think of the ninja who believes in Jashin in Hidden Hot Water Village. Even if he eats the fruit, he can’t do anything if he doesn’t believe in Jashin.

Forget it, don’t think about it…

People may come here at any time, that’s why he wants to substitute the whisper fruit quickly and then mix it into these forged devil fruits.

These Jashinists researchers are coming soon.

“Hurry up and pack this batch. The first sales meeting will be held in the evening. The quantity must be sufficient.”


Here comes the Jashinists.

Akabane didn’t think much, he directly redeems the devil fruit and mixed it into a pile of soaked “devil fruits”, and took a copycat by the way.

After that, he used the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

“My lord, I just seemed to see someone…”

“Check the quantity.”

They hurried over and began to check the quantity.

After some inspections, several members of the Jashin cult said: “The quantity is correct.”

“Then pack it.”

Outside the casino.

Akabane fell into deep thought, and it was really not his strong point to study this kind of thing, it was best to leave it to Orochimaru for research.

But if he wants to go back to Konoha now, he may need a lot of chakras.

According to the information heard in the basement, the first sale will take place in the evening, so time is quite short, and if he goes back and accumulates chakras, he may not be in time.

Forget it, I will send it later.

He sealed it in the scroll, and then he had to find Uchiha Ensho, meet with them to exchange information with each other, and then discuss their next step.

After some discussions, Akabane and Uchiha Ensho reached an agreement and decided to sneak into the sales meeting at night to observe the situation of the devil fruit. As for the stolen devil fruit…

No one dared to eat it, so it was still on the sealed scroll and took it back to Orochimaru for research as originally planned.

Seaside pier.

An old man walked slowly down from the Ship, looked up at the town, then coughed a few times and stopped for a few seconds before moving on.

“This is the River Town, where the Devil Fruit appears?”

Madara closes his eyes to perceive his surroundings.

The people around are not strong, but there are still a few Jonin from other countries, so it is not convenient for him to continue to stay…

He sped up unconsciously.

Not long after entering the town, a cart passed by him, and he felt a strange presence, and he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

What’s on the cart?

Behind him, Black Zetsu lurked all the way, and also found the strangeness of the goods, which was the feeling of Chakra.

“This is the Devil Fruit? Huh, it really is a ridiculous farce. I thought Madara was a wise man, but I didn’t expect him to be foolish enough to be deceived by such an obvious trap.”

Black Zetsu sneered, and his assessment of Madara fell a bit.

Along the way, he heard some rumours and origins related to Devil Fruit, and knew that it first came from Akabane’s comic “One Piece”.

What he finds ridiculous is that it is just a product of comic fantasies. And there are so many stupid people in the world who believe it is true. Even Uchiha Madara, whom he values, cannot be immune.

So stupid, so ridiculous!

Forget it, he was originally just a tool, as long as he can complete the Rinnegan, these little things are left with him.

Black Zetsu sighed lightly, not following Madara immediately.

From his perception, he discovered some conditions-Kurama Akabane, casinos, and Jashin.

Since being discovered by Akabane one after another, Black Zetsu is no longer confident in his concealment ability, so he deliberately avoided Akabane’s range of activities and went to the casino first.

After escaping into the ground, he can easily reach the basement of the casino.

Soon, he understood the nature of the devil fruit.

“Sure enough, they are all fakes. I’m really curious about Uchiha Madara’s expression when he sees the devil fruit is such a thing…hehehehe.”

Black Zetsu sneered for a while and then left here.

Now, just wait for the evening.

A group of people who arrived at RiverTown sat in a tavern, hotel, or street, waiting for the night to come.

In a town where the laws of the Water Country cannot take care of it, this kind of gathering does not need to be hidden. At night, the whole town is lit up.

Everyone came to the dock.

This is the place where the convention is held, and the people of Jashin have already been waiting here, but the “devil fruit” has not been pulled over yet.

Akabane was also among the crowd.

But he was not at ease, because he accidentally found a very scary character——

Just the part of his aura that he felt made him frightened.

Damn! Although he is already old, he is still very strong.

Of course, it is the legendary Character Uchiha Madara himself!

A mere fake fair attracted Uchiha Madara?

Akabane didn’t dare to show any expressions, because, for a strong person like Madara, any violent emotional fluctuations could cause subtle changes in the chakra and mental power on his body, and he would then be aware that something was wrong.

So he can only calm his beating heart!

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