Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 27. The True Thousand Hands


The poster was huge. She spread it out all over the tabletop.

It was a gigantic thousand hands of the wooden statue, covering almost all the poster portion. It looks even more terrifying against the mountains. Underneath the statue stands the God of Shinobi proudly.

Hashirama Senju.

The title: Sage Art, Wood Release: True Thousand Hands.

“I heard that the First Hokage had this jutsu as his distinctive features, so according to my research, I drew this. I hope you like it.”

Akabane certainly was a fan of Hashirama Senju. It showed on how he delicately drew the poster.

Tsunade retracted her poster with excitement.

“Akaba-kun, thank you, this means a lot to me.”

“It’s just your lucky day today. This is your comic book.”

Akabane gave her the comic.

Tsunade took it but remains speechless.

The poster was made only for her, so the lottery was just Akabane’s idea to hide his purpose. After all, Tsunade was his first fan and was the one who accompanied him from time to time. Thus it just felt right to give her something like gratitude.

She held the poster and remains silent long enough for Akabane felt a bit awkward.

Since childhood, Hashirama Senju has been her favorite ninja and a beloved grandfather. Tsunade thought that her grandpa would always stand tall on the Ninja World.

However, one day, the hero fell…

“Since I was a child, I haven’t seen my grandpa on the battlefield, so I don’t know if his ninjutsu would look like this, but I’ll ask grandma Mito.”

With such a gift from her friend, Tsunade will be forever grateful for his kindness.

“Well, bring another copy for Grandma Mito.”

Akabane handed over another copy, “Take it as my thanks to her.”

“Heh, you sure are a grateful person..”

After being moved for a while, Tsunade returned to her original nature, loaded the comic, and the posters then leave happily.

“Kasumi, the lottery is over, so I just need to collect the money…Well, if some children come to want to buy the comic but didn’t have the money, just give them some copy for free. It just 100 Ryō, I’ve sold enough for today.”

Akabane stood up and explained, ready to get back some sleep, it has been a long day for him.

“Yes, Akabane-san.”

Kasumi Kurama nodded and knew how to served customers.

Moreover, as Akabane said, even if they’re giving some comics for free, it’s only just 100 Ryō.

In the past few days, Akabane was indeed tired.

These are the few days he has worked hardest in Naruto’s World, comparable to the previous exam period. He would pass out anytime soon.

At the Senju’s courtyard.

“This day should be the opening day for his comic store. Why hasn’t he sent me his comic? Did he forgot or something?”

Uzumaki Mito reclining her chair as she bored to waited for Akabane to sent her his comic.

Even though she patiently waiting, she had already finished reading the first three chapters within three days.

“Grandma, look what I brought you!”

Hearing her granddaughter voice from outside, before Tsunade entered the door, Mito got up and snatched everything on Tsunade’s hands with her ninjutsu, and sat back to again in a blink of an eye.

“Grandma, that’s mine! How are you stealing from your granddaughter!”

Tsunade got anxious and rushed in to take back her belonging.

They both shamelessly fight for the comic and poster.

“Tsunadeee! Grandma just wants to take a peek..”

“woo woo woo woo……”

Tsunade wanted to talk, but she was hit by Mito’s sealing Jutsu, and she couldn’t talk properly or use her chakra.

Uzumaki Mito ignored her granddaughter, muttered, and continued to read the comic pages by pages. Then she carefully opened the poster tube.

A roll of posters came from the tube.

“Oh… there is a poster inside this. I’ll gladly accept the gift.” 

Uzumaki Mito deliberately teases Tsunade.

Tsunade was still struggling to open her mouth, but the seal was too strong even for her.

Without Tsunade noticing, the sealing jutsu has been lifted.

But when she witnessing her grandma looking at the poster with appreciation, she no longer wants to vent her anger.

“He used this jutsu in the Vale of the End, exactly like this.”

Her voice was slightly sad.

Now that Hashirama Senju has gone, leaving only a lingering memory of his glory days. No one on Konoha understood about him more than his beloved wife, Mito Uzumaki.

And she knew that his Jutsu, the wood release Jutsu was only possessed by him and no one else.

“At that time, grandpa was at his peak of handsomeness..”

Tsunade said it as she wants to lighten the mood.

And Mito couldn’t help but giggle. After a moment, she rolled it up and stuffed it back to the tube, then handed it to Tsunade.

“Please take it. I’m afraid I can’t keep it myself.”

Tsunade took the poster happily.

Uzumaki Mito picked up the comic and read it all over again from the beginning. Reading is just a regular thing on her weekdays, but Akabane’s comic was felt something special and personal for her.

It’s different for Tsunade.

This is Akabane’s gift!

“Grab the bell… Tsk, it’s an old trick, but Akabane knew this trick.”

“By the way, who is Kakashi Hatake?”

When Uzumaki Mito reached the fourth chapter, suddenly asked.

“He is the son of Sakumo Hatake.”

“Sakumo? Isn’t that the boy from your class?”

Mito laughed. As expected, he used the character’s appearance based on his classmates.

For her, this comic is just to kill the boredom, this kind of fun she rarely experienced after the death of her husband.

“By the way, I heard that you put a classmate into the hospital today?”

When Mito saw Naruto being beaten, she suddenly thought of the news just now.

“Yep, just an idiot friend of mine, who went to the woman’s bathroom just to do something pervert, so I couldn’t help but knock some sense to him.”

Tsunade clenched her teeth when she starts talked about Jiraiya.

Of course, she admires how mentally retarded Jiraiya was, but his ninjutsu can’t be underestimated. On the earth release jutsu he was well mastered.

“Tsunade, when Hiruzen Sarutobi was a kid…well, this guy knows how to use his telescope jutsu… Forget it. I don’t want to badmouth him since he is now the Hokage.”

Uzumaki Mito stopped midway.

“What do you mean?”

Tsunade couldn’t understand at all.

 It is a pity that Uzumaki Mito has no interest in continuing to explain and concentrates on her comic.

The Third Hokage… Telescope Jutsu?

Tsunade didn’t quite understand and didn’t want to think about it anymore. She packed her things and want to read the comic in her room.

She carefully took the comic and especially the poster.

After all, this was the first gift from Akabane.

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