Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 28. The Graduation Day


“Ahh.. what a great sleep I had..”

Akabane slept until morning, skip his dinner.

When he got up, he glanced at his system panel.

[Points: 646]

646 points in one day!

Akabane jumped up from his bed after he saw the points. He could hear his heart beats so fast.

This is only the first day since my comic store opened…

“But yesterday there was Danzo, the Third Hokage, and Uzumaki Mito bought it on the same day, the points might gain slower next time.”

Akabane carefully planned his points gaining.

While wondering, it might be cool to gain 1000 points every day.

I might not need to train anymore!

But all ninjutsu on the exchange list has been learned. Thus he needs to start working on chapter 7, which has a lot of ninjutsu used. But since he just got his rest time after the comic store opening and a rematch against Ryuu Uchiha, Akabane just wants to slack for the time being and doesn’t want to fight anyone.

Besides, I am going back to the academy today to get assign to a new team, so it’s impossible to draw chapter 7 today.

Rather than waiting for the next chapter, he exchanged it for stats instead.

[Successfully Exchange!] [Chakra has increased 12 points!] [Physique has increased 4 points!]

Akabane spent all his points at once.

[Physique: 24] [Chakra: 63]

Wow! I didn’t notice it. My chakra level already surpasses a Chuunin at an average of 50!

Akabane got up early, and after eating breakfast, he went out to the academy.

On his way to the academy, he met Shikato on the side of the street.

“Hello, Shikato!”

Akabane greeted him, and they both walking together to the academy.

As always, Shikato never late, even on the last day.

Shikato glanced at Akabane and asked.

“Akaba, have you finished your next chapter?”

“not yet, maybe next week.”

Akabane had finished the sixth chapter, but since he wants to sell per volume that consisted of five chapters each, he doesn’t want to spoil the plot.

Even Tsunade hasn’t read the sixth chapter.

“That’s it… I’ll give you a suggestion. Next time, don’t cut the story halfway, it’s bothering me you now!?”

Shikato said angrily.

The story of chapter five ended where Kakashi handled Naruto and Sakura, and face one by one with Sasuke, so people normally couldn’t help but wonder what happened next.

But the reason was to let the reader get excited and made them buy the next volume.

It seems that Shikato did not sleep well last night…

Akabane whispered secretly, even though he said that he had planning to change it.

The two walked slowly towards the academy. When they got to the class, they saw the class had already started, and Hiruzen Sarutobi stood on the podium looked at them with an angrily look.

“How dare you came late on the last day!”

Akabane was taken aback for a moment and then remembered.

Shikato was in a bad mood and had poor sleep quality last night. I’m afraid that I miscalculation the time.

“How long are you two want to stand there!? Hurry up!”

On their last day at the academy, Hiruzen doesn’t want to be harsh but seeing some students were still late, he couldn’t help but sigh.

As a ninja, punctuality is very important.

Akabane bowed slightly, and then quickly ran to his seat with Tsunade sitting next to him, and Jiraiya also came to class sat in front of him. He looked miserable that his arm was in plaster, and the part of his face was wrapped as well.

“Everyone has officially graduated today. This is your headband. Now I will announce the team.”

“The first team, Shikato Nara, Chouki Akimichi…”

“Second Team……”

The list goes on until the sixth team

“The sixth team, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and lead by Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Hiruzen paused when he said that, and there was a commotion in the class.

“What? Sarutobi-sensei turned out to be…”

“This is too much!”

Many students are shocked, and many others are envy and jealous.

A good teacher can give open the full potential of his students. For now, the strongest teacher is undoubtedly Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Moreover, he was the current Hokage of Konoha, what an honor it is!

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Shikato and Akabane, they are also amongst the genius in the class, but unfortunately, they didn’t get the chance as the Third Hokage students.

“The seventh team, Sakumo Hatake, Murasaki Mitarashi, Akabane Kurama, lead by Danzo Shimura.”

As Hiruzen continued to assign, there was silence in the class.

Danzo Shimura is another big boss!

“No wonder they got a genius mentor, but…”

Many people looked at Jiraiya with jealousy. Among the six people, only Jiraiya was the one that everyone thought he didn’t deserve his place.

Jiraiya was also overheard this and felt bad for himself and want to throw a tantrum. Someone from behind punched him on the head, causing him to cry in pain.

“Don’t act recklessly!”

“Aghh, you flat chest, I’ll beat you 10,000 times after I am becoming stronger, just you wait..”

Jiraiya cursed Tsunade with a low voice.

All because of Tsunade that he got hospitalize and failed to take a peek on the bathhouse.

Akabane knew from Tsunade’s prior information that his mentor would be Danzo, so it doesn’t surprise him.

Sakumo and Murasaki will soon to be his teammates, with a strong ninja-like them wouldn’t need him to take the fight hand to hand, and just stay back with his genjutsu.

Hmm… this is not bad at all…

Thinking about it, Akabane felt that being a disciple of Shimura Danzo wasn’t so bad.

At least Danzo was a ninja with high capability, although he has a dark philosophy for now.

When Akabane was paying attention to his teammates, Shikato and Murasaki looked at him at the same time.

“Team 1, follow me.”

“Team 2……”

Several teams were called by their teacher of briefing.

In a short time, most of the classmates had walked out with their teams, leaving only a few teams left—the Sixth and the Seventh.

“Speaking of which, why should I be on the same team as the flat-chest Tsunade?”

Jiraiya also sighed helplessly.

“Come on, Jiraiya, do you want to be beaten again?”

Orochimaru put down the book and stretched.

“It is normal for Jiraiya to be selected. As far as the ability to get beaten, no one in the class is better than him.”

Akabane joked lightly and said, “For example…what happens if you get a few punches from Tsunade?”

Hearing these words, everyone glanced at Tsunade.

I looked at her face, then at her hands, and finally shook their heads together with a terrified expression.

The strength that the Senju Clan inherited couldn’t be bear by someone ordinary, you must be dead by now if you took the same damage as Jiraiya, but he survived, barely…

“I am indeed impressed by his will of living ahahah…”

Even Tsunade herself couldn’t help but agree that no one could handle her punch better than Jiraiya.

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