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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 29 Team 7


“Gather up, team 7!”

Danzo Shimura walked to the class and yelled briefly.

Sure enough, it was the angry man who bought my comic yesterday.

Akabane sighed lightly, feeling sad for the days to come.

“Come, hurry up!”

Murasaki got up and walked out first.

Danzo didn’t wait. he had disappeared at the end of the corridor when he got out of the class.

“Uhh, where he could be?”

Akabane sighed helplessly.

“This must be our test. We need to past this test if we want to be in this team.”

Murasaki said in a deep voice.

“Let’s take a look ahead; there will be clues.”

Akabane said calmly.

Danzo can’t leave unsolvable problems, because this was just the way to test their teamwork, rather than deliberately rejecting them.

When they reached the top stairs, Murasaki glanced around and quickly fixed his eyes on a corner,

saying, “Here look! This must be our clue.”

“There’s a piece of cloth here, obviously left deliberately.”

Sakumo bit his finger, and then with both hands, he pressed on the ground.

“Summoning Jutsu!”


A cloud of fog came out, followed by a dog in front of everyone. Although it was still very young, it was indeed a dog.

“Kenma, help us find the owner of this cloth.”


The little dog was swiftly searching for the owner of the cloth.

Akabane felt relieved about how reliable his teammates are. Now he felt less worried about finding Danzo’s trances. He could rely on them for now.

Going to the second floor, Kenma stopped.

“Hold on. There is probably a trap set here. Please be careful.”

Murasaki put up his guard, and immediately Kenma got up again and went upstairs.

“It seems to be an illusion. Let me handle this.”

Seeing is capable teammates, Akabane volunteered himself. He took one step into the trap, then in an instant, dozens of shuriken flew up towards him.

“Genjutsu Cancel!”

Akabane’s powerful chakra was easily canceled the genjutsu.

“Let’s move on.”

The academy consisted of 5 floors, and they estimated that there would be one clue each floor. If they can solve it all, they can find Danzo and pass the test.

The third and fourth floors are all traps, and everyone passed it easily.

“The third floor is the shuriken trap. The fourth floor is Genjutsu. The traps gradually increase in difficulty. We must be prepared on the fifth floor might be more dangerous.”

Murasaki explained the possibility of calmly.

The first four floors are not difficult with our current strength and teamwork. But the fifth floor might be the real deal.

How strong Danzo Shimura is?

During the First Shinobi World War, Danzo and Hiruzen were side by side fought in the same team and still survived despite all the horrible things that happened there. Then he became the leader of Anbu, the secret operative ninja of Konoha, that should tell on how strong he is.

Akabane seemed lazy, but in fact, he was extremely vigilant.

When they got to the fifth floor, which was the rooftop, they only saw one man carrying his kunai. No traps or genjutsu saw around.

“My test is very simple, those who can survive to fight against me will pass the test.”

Danzo said in the end. His tone was cold and murderous.

With terrifying killing intent, the three of them are like thorns on their backs, and countless fears are born in their hearts.


Murasaki shot several shurikens instantly, it flew towards Danzo.


“Wind Release: Vacuum Blade.”

Suddenly Danzo turned into three and parried all the shuriken.

Smoke Bomb!

Akabane and his two teammates threw smoke bombs simultaneously.

Then the rooftop was covered by a thick cloud of smoke.


Danzo’s voice came from outside the smoke.

Such smoke may be able to obscure the sight of ordinary ninjas, but for someone like him, such a smoke bomb was too simple and can’t hide his vision.

He could sense that a figure was moving upward.


On the ground, there are still presences of three people.

Shadow clone?

Only one of the three would use the shadow clone. Danzo knew what was going on, but didn’t flinch at all.

Akabane’s Genjutsu was indeed strong, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be found, but Danzo had a better plan. He didn’t target Akabane first.

Slowly the smoke disappeared. There were three figures stood in the middle and another one was hiding in the dark, not sure which one is real or clone.

“Your ninjutsu usage was commendable.”

There was laughter, but in an instant became a fierce killing intent.

Danzo was observing his surround.

Those kids might already set one or two traps, but as their teacher, I can’t hold back, can I?

Kunai strikes like lightning.

He was targeting his three students.

He has a good chance to kill more than one person by a single kunai thrown. He intended to kill them all, there are no lies about it.

But at the moment when the kunai was thrown, Akabane cast hand seals “Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Jutsu!”

The ninjutsu hitting Danzo in an instant, and push the other two to make their moves.


When the kunai fell, the shadow clone that was replaced turned into dust.

At the same time, Sakumo unsheathes his sabre, and he attacks toward Danzo with flashy lighting.

Murasaki was stunned for a moment, before making a move without any hesitation, making seals on both hands.

“Fire Release: Dragon Fire Jutsu!”

Sakumo’s sabre, Murasaki’s fire dragon, and Akabane’s genjutsu attacked Danzo at the same time, wishing that he could take slight damage to prove their strength.

But for Danzo, he has been through hundreds of life and death battle. This fight was only a small matter.

“Wind Release: Great Breach!”

Although only C-level ninjutsu, it was like a terrifying tornado from Danzo’s mouth, with a wind that cut like a blade.

Swept everything, unstoppable, Sakumo and Murasaki managed to dodge, but it was too late.

Akabane was using his genjutsu and unable to move. Although it was released in time, suddenly, a kunai was directly pointed to his throat.

Just when the three of them were facing a life-threatening crisis, all this disappeared in an instant.

“All of you passed the test.”

The clone disappeared, and the wind release that was cast by Danzo also disappeared.

Sakumo and Murasaki stood speechless.


Akabane’s forehead was sweating coldly. At the moment when the Kunai was on his throat, he could feel the coldness on the knife and the killing intent.

“Thank you, sensei.”

Murasaki bowed respectfully to Danzo.

Akabane appeared from the dark, standing in a row with his teammates.

“Just now was my first lesson. Never believe the rules the enemy said because they can overthrow the rules at any time.”

Danzo said lightly.

“The rules are determined by the upper rank.”

Sakumo learned something from their fight.

“I can go back to the rules and make the second and third moves, but I cannot kill you because I am under Konoha’s rules.”

Danzo continued.

Akabane nodded gladly and said that he understood that Danzo at this time was indeed different. He still had the will of fire in his heart and the bottom line, instead of the dark and unscrupulous person in the later period.

“Take your rest today. We’ll start the mission tomorrow.”

It ended unexpectedly for Akabane.

Unlike Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo’s teaching was simple and ruthless, which impressed him.

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