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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 3 Kurama’s Patriarch


Akabane naturally did not know that the list from Hiruzen will be taking part in his future.

He took the first chapter, and returned to his home, immediately forced everyone to read his comic.

“Father, mother, this is the story I drew, please take a look at it…”

Akabane was handing the drawing, like a kid asking for money.

His father is Kurama Chiaki, who is a particularly high rank in Konoha, and his mother, Kurama Saki, is the clan’s mediator.

If his previous theory is correct, both of his parents can contribute a lot of points.

“Okay, let me see what my beloved son drew…”

Kurama Chiaki chuckled and took over the comic of Akabane, “Hahaha, Naruto… Does Akabane want to be Naruto?”

“Of course, Naruto is a role model to me,” Akabane responded.

“Hey, isn’t that The Third Hokage?”

His mother glanced and was immediately attracted by the character in his comic.

To be honest, his parents took noticed from one of the characters, since Akabane’s drawing is good, and the clothes identification of the characters is enough to make people easily noticed a familiar face.

“It’s a very interesting story. Look at that Hokage’s Statue! Hahaha.”

“How dare he damaged the Hokage’s monument, what a savage!”

The husband and wife have different concerns, but the same thing is that they quickly immerse themselves in the story.

Akabane nodded in satisfaction.

The audience of Naruto is not only children but also adults in his world.

At the same time, he called up the system panel to check his current points, but his score shocked him.

[Points: 58]

“Why do I have so much of a point?”

The system has no record of points, so naturally, no details of these that 58 points can be seen.

He recalled carefully that no one had seen his comic since the class finished, so it could only be…

But then he thought about it again. He couldn’t get so many points quickly even if it was The Third Hokage that read it before in class.

Akabane guessed that 50 of the 58 points should be contributed by The Third Hokage, while the rest were contributed by his parents or his classmates.

In the end, his father contributed 15 points, while his mother contributed 5 points, exactly as he guessed.

At this time, Akabane’s total points already have 71 points.

71 points are enough to exchange with lots of ninjutsu.

For example, gaining more physique to free him from his weak body.

Akabane looked at his parents, they seemed to drowned in thoughts after reading the last page.

“I have to say, Your …Naruto comic is very interesting.”

“But the real ninja is not as simple as you imagine.”

His father face was a little bit weird, but he immediately showed a cold face.

He was referring to the story of Naruto stealing the scrolls of seals.

In the eyes of ninja-like them, The Third Hokage is so wise, and he can’t make such a mistake.

“Of course, it’s only my first comic, and I am just a kid…”

Akabane didn’t complain.

His age and childishness are his best shields.

“But still the story is still very interesting. You have a lot of siblings in Kurama Clan. Would you like for me to share this with them?”

Kurama Saki smiles gently.

“Of course!”

Akabane jumps out of excitement.

By doing this, I can get more points.

“By the way, father, I seem to have awakened our clan Kekkei Genkai.”

Akabane managed to promote the comics, and timely throw out the matter that he has awakened Kekkei Genkai.

“What did you just said!?”

Chiaki was baffled and looked at Akabane with more questions.

And his mother, Saki was equally surprised.

Everyone in the Kurama Clan has a very high Genjutsu, but not everyone can awaken Kekkei Genkai, only a few manage to do it, and it seems that their son is a special one.

Like Chiaki, although it is particularly reliable, he is not an awakener.

If Akabane awakened Kekkei Genkai, that would be big news for the entire clan.

“When I was drawing, I felt that there was a change in my body. When I finished drawing my comic today, this feeling became clearer.”

As Akabane said, he picked up his pen and started drawing on a paper.

He drew his mother’s portrait.

Subsequently, fill its background with a grassland.

His mother didn’t believe it at first.

The next second, her husband and son disappeared, and the surrounding environment suddenly turned into grassland.

After a while, her husband joined her, they both look confusingly.

The touch of wind, floral fragrance, and the bright sun, everything looks extremely real.

“It’s true! This is Kekkei Genkai!”

The next second, the illusion shattered.

Akabane put down the pen and took a few breaths in satisfaction, but in fact, he didn’t feel it was a hard thing to do.

The 48 points of chakra make him more competent in manipulating the environment around him.

Even if the target has strong chakra, but without a high-rank resistance, his Genjutsu is inevitable.

“Akabane…this, I was so surprised, I don’t know what to say.”

His father’s expression was excited and nervous at the same time.

“It’s no wonder that you have been born with a weak body. It turns out that… you have our clan’s inheritance.”

His mother’s tears were about to fall. She had always thought that his child was weak and could not be a proper ninja, but she did not expect him to be someone that extraordinary.

This is too unexpected.

“I’m going to tell everyone. This will be big news.”

Before long, the entire clan knew that the son of Kurama Chiaki is a Kekkei Genkai user.

During the first ninja world war, it is only a normal thing to awaken Kekkei Genkai. At that time, the Kurama Clan was at their golden age.

But now, there are only a few awakened people in their new generation.

In Akabane’s generation, he was the first to awaken.

Before long, several patriarchs from their clan took a visit.

“Murakumo-san, look at my son…”

His father paid respect to Murakumo as the head of the Kurama Clan.

“This child is the one who awakened our clan Kekkei Genkai?”

Kurama’s Patriarch asked doubtfully.

“Yes, we have experienced it. This is indeed The Control of Five Senses.” Replied his father with confidence.

The rest looked at each other in confusion.

After all… the Kurama Clan has no current precedent.

“I’ll take a look.”

Murakumo Kurama is the oldest and well respected in the Kurama Clan. He has experienced the whole process from the clan joining Konoha to the end of the first world war.

No one knows better than him if it’s about Kurama’s Kekkei Genkai.

With the help of others, Murakumo walked tremblingly towards Akabane.


Akabane bowed reverently.

Murakumo nodded excitedly, stretched out his hand, and said, “My child, we want to test your talent in Genjutsu, try to use it to me.”

“Grandpa, I don’t know how to use Genjutsu. I just like to draw.”

Akabane responded.

He hasn’t learned any Genjutsu so far, and he didn’t have time to practice.


Everyone looked at each other and finally said unanimously, “Just give it a try.”


Akabane nodded and immediately began to drew.

If he knows Genjutsu, he doesn’t have to be in so much trouble, so while drawing, he is determined to learn some Genjutsu.

After more than a minute, the drawing was completed.

Murakumo was in it, and he was immediately affected by the ninjutsu.

While the patriarch and others were surprised, he couldn’t help but felt nervous.

Any awakened person is the hope of the clan, but although Kekkei Genkai of the Kurama Clan is strong, it is still a Genjutsu, it needs strong chakra to give a big impact.

After a few minutes, Akabane stopped. Then Murakumo broke free from Akabane’s Genjutsu, panting and sweating.

“Murakumo-san, are you okay?”

His father’s face changed suddenly, and he feels uneasy.

“Sit down and take a rest first.”

The patriarch helped him to sit down, and even Akabane couldn’t help feeling a bit worried with the situation

Did he accidentally hurt the head of his clan?

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