Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 30 The First Mission


“It seems I need to train more when I get back.”

Murasaki sighed lightly

Just one lesson was enough to tell them their level differences and see that their teacher was not like any other, dreadful and ruthless.

Sakumo was speechless. He felt he tremble on his grip, obviously wasn’t satisfied with his current power.

“I have to go back to rest and draw comics. I’m beat..”

Akabane yawned and said lightly.

“Don’t you two want to take a rest too?”

His other teammates were speechless for a while.

Akabane’s shadow clone wasn’t a secret anymore within Konoha because the Third Hokage had told the other clans beforehand.

Not only his Jutsu but his physique and chakra as well are strong; otherwise, he couldn’t withstand using his clones for a long time.

Even Murasaki and Sakumo felt jealous of his talent.

Back home, Akabane’s clone working on chapter seven, while Akabane layin on his bed, almost closes his eyes.

“If it was a real fight, I should be dead by now. The Naruto World is dangerous.”

Akabane sighed lightly.

At this moment, he closed his eyes with the knife. This is the real battle. Usually, those competitions are small fights…

“What I’m facing before was just a clone but could beat the three of us..”

“I need to become stronger!”

He made up his mind secretly.

Akabane imagined his future that he will be one of the legendary shinobi like Hashirama or Madara.

“Ahh, stop daydreaming! Let’s draw some posters.”

Akabane struggled to sit up and helped draw a few posters with a pen.

Today is the second day after the opening of the comics house, but Kasumi has been helping to sell comics, so today, there are more than 300 points earned.

As long as chapter 7 finish today, he can exchange the points for two new ninjutsu- Earth Release: Headhunter Jutsu and Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu.


The next day, in front of the Hokage Building.

Murasaki and Sakumo arrived there earlier, but Akabane hasn’t come yet. It was only until half an hour later that they saw Akabane’s figure in the street in the distance.

“Today is our first day, and you were late again…”

Murasaki was a little helpless.

“Practicing ninjutsu last night was too tiring, I got up a little late.”

Akabane yawned and said.


Sakumo sneered, obviously not convinced.

“it is true……”

Akabane was helplessly explained his late since he was well known to everyone as always late, no one would buy his words.

Yesterday until late night, he cooperated with the clone to complete chapter seven. With the points added yesterday, he has now exchanged Earth Release: Headhunter Jutsu and Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu.

The extra points are all exchanged for chakra.


[Name: Akabane Kurama] [Rank: Genin] [Physique: 24 (+)] [Chakra: 70 (+)] [Chakra attributes: Yin, Fire, Earth] [Equipment: Drawing pen, Drawing board] [Ninjutsu: (1) Five senses control, (2) Three-body Jutsu, (3) Substitution Jutsu, (4) shadow clone Jutsu, (5) Demonic illusion: Hell viewing Jutsu, (6) Earth Release: Headhunter Jutsu, (7) Fire Release: Fireball jutsu.] [Points: 7]


Once he learned two new ninjutsu, Akabane automatically gained a lot of information and learned the two chakra attributes of fire and earth.

The fire release is extremely destructive, and each type of fire release ninjutsu has extremely powerful destructive power. At this stage, five sense of control alone is enough to complete most of the attacks.

But the more ninjutsu he possessed, the greater his chance of surviving the mission.

“So, everyone has gathered up..”

“This is your first mission, go to the location I order.”

“Beat everyone that you see there.”

Danzo walked to their meeting place, dropped a note, and then left with the Substitution Jutsu.

Murasaki took it, and a coordinate was drawn on it, showing a certain location.

Akabane knew that his teammates would be able to handle it, and he was too lazy to pick a fight. Sakumo took note and watched carefully. After a moment, he said, “Forest of Death.”

“Off we go!”

Murasaki swiftly went to the Forest of Death.

“What the hell is this our first mission..”

Akabane was helpless, and on the first day, he had a mission inexplicably.

Sakumo kept up and followed the route to the Forest of Death.


The Forest of Death.

Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya sat on the ground, waiting boredly.

Jiraiya couldn’t help but said, “Could the old man be late today too?”

“The bell test is a tradition in the teacher’s line, and it is probably unavoidable today.”

Tsunade lay on the grass while entertaining herself out of boredom.

Orochimaru was the least to get bored, read a book quietly, and said, “Not really..”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Jiraiya immediately got up and looked curiously at Orochimaru, who was the most talented student amongst them.

“Explain it to you. It would only waste my time.”

Orochimaru did not look at him, but said to Tsunade, “Team 7 had completed the test yesterday. The teacher hasn’t been here yet, so there might be a chance that we need to fight them as our test.”

A few unrelated words, but Tsunade understood clearly.

“That being said, we are likely to meet them soon, I’ve wanted to fight them for a long time.”

The will of fire was flowing in her body, Tsunade can’t wait to test her strength.

“I just hope that this pervert wouldn’t cause us more trouble..”

Orochimaru put away the book and sighed softly, “I was just guessing before, but now I’m sure that they are here.”

“I’m not troublesome! Look at me. I will defeat them…”

Jiraiya said angrily.

As soon as the voice fell, he disappeared in thin air.

“This idiot!”

Tsunade froze for a moment, then couldn’t help but yell.

“You look for Sakumo, I look for Akabane, be careful.”

Orochimaru’s face was solemn, and immediately got up and ran towards the sound.

“Sakumo…huh, I must teach him some lesson.”

Tsunade hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she made the decision.

Although she was reluctant, she has to admit that she has no way to counter Akabane’s Genjutsu, and perhaps Orochimaru was better at this field.

On the other side, Akabane and the other two entered the Forest of Death boundary together.

“Be careful. I feel a hint of chakra.”

Akabane notified his teammates.

His perception of his surround has increased since he improved his chakra.

The other two nodded to express their understanding, and after a few steps forward, Murasaki also felt something.

“This dumbass..”

Sakumo’s voice was indifferent and made an accurate evaluation of Jiraiya’s actions.

“He didn’t try to hide his chakra and want to attack us upfront?”

Akabane covered his face and felt ashamed for Jiraiya. For a shinobi, he has many other options to launch an attack but instead conspicuously attack them upfront.

“We handle him first.”

Murasaki’s tone was cold and merciless.

“They are all our old classmates, don’t you have mercy?”

“We put our mission first.”

Sakumo also agreed with Murasaki’s words, making Akabane helpless, and he seemed to be out of option.


The three were on a par and were not prepared to divide their forces.

Of course…

Every one of them had a different reason.

Murasaki believes that teamwork in combat is the most important, and Sakumo puts the mission of accomplishing the top priority. As for Akabane, he simply doesn’t want to be left alone.

Those who are alone will be an ambush, just like Jiraiya.

“I don’t want to be the bad guy..”

Akabane sighed inwardly.

Jiraiya was also ahead. I hope he will not be too stupid alone…


At this moment, a loud shout came from the ground, and a figure jumped out from the ground, attacking Murasaki from the bottom up.

He was extremely fast, and instantly stabbed Murasaki



“Uhh damn! Substitution jutsu!”

Jiraiya jumped his feet with anger and turned around to retreat, but at this time, Murasaki blocked his way out, Sakumo and Akabane were on his side each, and Jiraiya was stuck between those three.

“Jiraiya, I have to say you are so stupid. This will cause Sarutobi-sensei a lot of trouble to send you back to the academy on your second day.”

Akabane sighed softly.

“You are so cunning. You ambush me!”


Murasaki, Sakumo, and Akabane looked dumbfounded. This boy was indeed stupid!

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