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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 35. Mission, Border Patrol


“Chapter 8 is finally done!”

“Damn, it’s already evening by now, I’m so tired. Next time, you need to summon two clones at once. Thus we can finish the chapter much faster.”

His clones were nagging him before they disappeared.

“Ah! Wait a sec—”

Akabane just wanted them not to disappear in a hurry, but…


Following the sound, his clones had disappeared a little too fast.

“Ahh, Damn!”

I’m going to pass out anytime soon…

He suddenly felt a sharp pain through his head. Then he laid to rest on his bed.

“Argh.. two clones were still too much..”

70 points of chakra still weren’t enough for him to control two clones at the same time, and he had reached his limit when they have gone.

“My son? who are you talking to?”

Akabane’s father’s voice came from downstairs.

“I was just talking to myself, father.”

Akabane replied while rubbed his temples.

“Since you’re the disciples of Danzo, it’s likely that you’ll have a mission for tomorrow. Go to bed early, son.”

His father said through the door.

“Yes, father.”

Then Akabane followed his father’s instruction to go to sleep.

Akabane woke up early today. His head was no longer hurts.

“My High points of chakra is really useful. I’ll need to exchange more points into chakra later.”

Akabane said in his heart.

When he just left his house, Akabane saw Shikato walking slowly on the side of the streets.

“Heyy, Shikato! It feels like deja vu, are you late again?”

Akabane was surprised.

“Oh, oi Akaba.. look whos talking..?”

Shikato sneered.

“Ahaha, but you were late last time, right?”

Akabane said lightly while the two of them walking towards the Hokage’s office.

“Who am I relying on?”

The first and the last day that he late was on his graduation day, it left a mark when he thought of it.

“Late means late, doesn’t matter once or several times are the same.”

“Well, see you then!”

Akabane speeded up and left Shikato behind.

Shikato was stunned, and then wonder that time is it now?

I don’t want to be late again!

Shikato swiftly quickened his pace and tried to catch up with Akabane.

“Wait for a second. I’m supposed to go training today!”

After he ran a few steps, he gradually thought about it.

We were just got our team. We’re supposed to training right now. Why Akabane went to the Hokage’s Office?


His expression was dull, and then he looked in the direction where Akabane had left with some sympathy “it must be hard for Akaba being in team 7 with Danzo, even someone like him working hard.”

If Akabane heard this, he couldn’t agree more.

With a teacher like Danzo, it would bring him a lifetime of misery.

As soon as Akabane arrived at the Hokage’s Office, he didn’t have time to catch his breath. Danzo had already waited with the mission scroll. There were Murasaki and Sakumo to.

“This is your mission, assist the patrolling on the border.”

Danzo said lightly.

“What? Isn’t Gennin was usually help it a small task within the village?”

Akabane was shocked. This mission was too much for them.

“It’s just a C-level mission. I’ve seen your capability, and its enough to take on this mission.”

Danzo didn’t bother by Akabane’s compliant, after read his comic, he knew that Akabane was smart and deceitful. The only drawback is his laziness.

He still got room to grow. I only need to give him a “little” force.

Danzo walked slowly, heading out of the village.

As the one who maintained security on Konoha, Danzo always travels outside the village, this behavior of him attracting lots of unwanted attention along the way.

Walking to the gate, Danzo took out his pass permit and the mission scroll.

“Shimura-san, you want to participate in the border patrolling?”


Danzo nodded coldly, then glanced at his disciples behind him.

The gatekeeper, who was a chuunin looked at Danzo’s disciples, wrote down their names one by one on the travel list, and then allowed them to pass.

“You can take your leave Shimura-san.”

By handing in the pass, it means that they can leave Konoha.

Danzo nodded slightly, and with team 7 they walked toward outside the village.

“I’ve never left the village, so this is my first time.”

Murasaki said with emotion.

Murasaki wasn’t someone talented like Orochimaru or Akabane, but he can reach his current level through constant training since young, and it can be said that Murasaki hasn’t recovered much from yesterday battle.

They are still children after all, except this one…

Danzo observed his disciples secretly, except for Akabane. Everyone was very curious about the outside world. Even Sakumo wandered curiously like a lost child kept staring at him, but Akabane looks like it doesn’t bother at all.

I’m not curious about the outside world. After all, I once was an adult…

“Sensei, where are we going?”

They have been walking for a few hours now.

Akabane just couldn’t help to ask, since he was already felt stiff on his legs.

“See for yourself.”

Danzo did not answer but threw a map.

Akabane took it silently because he knew Danzo would not answer.

He will let his disciples experience it themselves…

He looked at it. The map of this era was roughly made, almost ancient, but fortunately, it was similar to the one he knew from the real comic. He carefully identified and finally found their current location.

“How come we travel to Uzumaki Village!?”

 Akabane was shocked, and his face turned pale when he knew where they were heading.

Only God knows how long it will take to get from here to the Uzumaki Village.

Danzo is an absolute madman! How can he allowed his disciples to travel that far within their third day of becoming a ninja!

“what’s wrong?”

Murasaki leaned over curiously, looked at the map, and said in surprise, “Uzumaki Village!”

“What’s the matter with your surprise look!”

Akabane was constipated, and it was not a good thing to look at it at all.

“There is a big mystery that roams around the village.”

Sakumo simply explained.

“Mysterious ghost…”

Danzo always explained too little to understand, almost vague. This made Akabane impatient.

He is just a newly graduated ninja, and Danzo is the head of the Anbu.

 It will take days for them to go to Uzumaki Village from Konoha. Even a chuunin wouldn’t bother going there.

Danzo seemed to be slow, but in fact, he was fast and swift. At first, Akabane could catch up, but Danzo gradually accelerated.

“Danzo wants to test my physique?”

Akabane thought to himself, maintaining the current speed, and after waiting for a long time, he slowly kept up with the pace.

At this time, his teacher and teammates had already left him behind, waiting for him in the woods ahead.

“Come on. You need to keep up.”

 Danzo’s eyes were cold as if seeing through Akabane’s thoughts.

 This is psychological warfare.

 His physique has never been exposed, even Danzo doesn’t know what level he has reached in the physique. To be precise, Akabane himself doesn’t know the limit of his 24 points of the physique.

After another toss, Danzo found that Akabane really couldn’t catch up, so he gave up.

He slows down a bit, let Akabane catch up.

“Danzo took us to the vicinity of the Uzumaki Village, just for a mission?”

“It will never be that simple.”

He thought to himself, knowing the nature of Danzo.

“Could it be that he wants to risk our lives?”

Akabane was surprised and even more shocked.

Danzo hasn’t yet created the roots, but the root squad already exists. According to his training method, if his strength reaches a certain level, they could be ordered to do the assassination.

Ninja, who was a coldblooded, was truly an asset.

But Akabane doesn’t want trouble, let alone killing.

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