Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 36. Darkest Night


“It’s because you’re all too slow.. that we arrived here at night.”

When they arrived, the sun had already set. Danzo scolded them for being sluggish and then pointed to one of the hills. “Find me someplace to sleep, I don’t want to sleep in the wild, so… there is a bandit camp over there, I want you to kill them all.”


Murasaki was shocked.


Sakumo gripped his saber’s hilt tightly, a little nervous and a little lost, but fearless.

His clan was meant to be the best assassin among the ninja, and he has been prepared for it since he was a child.

“Kill all of them?”

Akabane still couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Yes, men, women, and children kill them all!”

After he said it, he looked at them with cold eyes, “I don’t intend to help you do your mission, so you have to do it yourself.

“This is too much..”

Murasaki was frightened, and his hands trembled.

He can bear with killing men, but women and their children were too much for him.

“Got it, sensei!”

Sakumo nerve himself and took out his sabre, got up, and went to the camp.

Patrolling the border means killing bandits and robbers that will cause trouble for the traveler. Even if it’s not on the mission’s details, someone got to do it.

Akabane sighed lightly, took out his drawing tools, and headed to the camp behind Sakumo.

This was their mission as a ninja, no matter how cruel it was, it needs to be done with.

“Akabane and Sakumo had already gone to the hill, Murasaki..what will you do?”

Danzo watched them leave, slowly following them and left Murasaki behind.

Akabane was mature, Sakumo always has the blood of an assassin within him, but Murasaki hasn’t got that kind of determination.

The hill was getting closer, and Akabane can already see the lights gleaming from the camp.

“Shimura-sensei wants us to kill children…”

” We have to go through that sooner or later, but we are one step ahead. This is what it means to become a ninja.”

Akabane said lightly.

Although I’m also still felt shocked, I need to calm down. Otherwise, what is the difference between these little kids?

Sakumo put his hand on the sabre and said, “My father taught me since I was a kid that a sabre was meant to be used as killing tools, and a ninja was born to kill. Just as Akabane said, sooner or later, we will see this kind of situation anyway.”

“I’ve always been trained to become a ninja. I just want to kill the enemy ninja…”

Murasaki clenched his hands.

After all, they are all children. How can they easily accept the fact that they have killed a child and a woman.

“If you can’t take it, I will be dealing with the children.”

Sakumo lifted his sabre without hesitation.

“No, I’ll handle the children by killing them with my genjutsu.”

Akabane took the drawing board and went up to the camp; his five sense of control was able to kill them painlessly.

“No, I have to do it too.”

“I’m not as good as you guys. If I step back now, I will always be left out behind.”

“I’ll take it as a test to become the real ninja!”

Murasaki gritted his teeth and stepped first towards the camp.

His speed exploded, and he reached the campsite in the blink of an eye.

No matter how cruel the bandits are, they are just ordinary people, and all three of them are a ninja of Konoha, they have no chance to survive.

Blood was sprayed everywhere, followed by corpses fell to the ground.

“Runaway, they are a ninja! Runaway!”

“Go, go!”

“We will stall them! Guide the children through the forest!”

The bandits were in chaos. They didn’t expect to be attacked.

“Shit! He is too fast!”

“Fire Release Jutsu!”

The flame sprayed, and countless small fireballs flew from outside and danced in the camps.

All of a sudden, lots of bandits came out from the camps, they were burned and screamed horribly.

“Run, run…”

In the middle of the screams, silhouettes of people shuttled through the fire.


In a blink of an eye, their neck was cut swiftly by Sakumo.

Akabane was sitting in the middle of the road, In the back of the hill,

“Mother, why are we leaving?”

“Because we were being attacked by a ninja.

For ordinary people, the ninja is their companion, but for the bandits, it’s their grim reaper.

Who is sitting there?

The bandit who leads the way stopped, his eyes wary, “Who are you?”

“Ninja, he… the forehead guard on his head is Konoha’s Ninja!”

Someone yelled in shock.

“We are not bandits. We just want to escape from Uzumaki Village…”

Another woman knelt to her face, begging, “We just want to live, please have mercy.”

“Sorry, I’m just doing my mission.”

Akabane looked around, and none of the people present were red hair, as the traits of Uzumaki Village were their red hair.

So he didn’t hesitate.

He finished his drawing.

“Genjutsu: Five Sense Control!”

Everyone entered his drawing and got killed inside.

“A silent and painless death, that is my mercy.”

Akabane used his Kekkei Genkai to wiped out all their pain, allowing them to end their lives one by one in their dream.

These are all ordinary people, and it doesn’t take much effort.

After that, the scroll was torn apart.

Everyone fell to the ground, and there was frostbite on everyone as if they were frozen to death.

Akabane looked at the mess and remained silent for a long time.

He had killed someone.

Killing without blood was more terrifying than seeing blood because Akabane couldn’t even feel any remorse in his heart, as if it had only erased a piece of the picture on his scroll, instead of stabbing someone on their throat.

“Uzumaki Village… That’s how it is, Danzo has come here after he senses the crisis in Uzumaki Village.”

Akabane is not stupid and understands everything instantly.

The destruction of Uzumaki Village has long been planned by someone.

“Akabane, it looks like you understand something?”

A voice came from behind.

Danzo Shimura!

Akabane turned around, then bowed slightly, thinking for a moment, and said, “Sensei, they are all from the Uzumaki Village, but they are treated as bandits after fleeing the village…”

“What’s your point? speak boldly.”

Danzo scolding.

“It almost looks like the daimyo does not want Uzumaki Village to exist.”

Akabane said his conclusion based on the current situation and his understanding of history.


Danzo chuckled, his suddenly made hand seals, followed by a violent wind from his mouth, the windswept across the ground like blades, and a big hole appeared in a short time.

“It’s done now.”

What is it?

Corpses that can be used as evidence.

Akabane just stood speechless. If he wants to live a simple and stable life like before, he mustn’t ask too much.

“Then what do you think we should do next?”

Danzo said lightly.

A question seems to ask for suggestions, but in fact, it is more of a test.

Akabane pondered for a moment and said, “The same as what you did.”

“Hahaha, yes, I commend you for that.”

Danzo slowly went up to the camp.

Akabane buried the remaining corpse before rejoining his team.

“Sensei, it seems that I’ll sleep in the forest tonight, there is no way I could sleep on that camp..”

Akabane wandered around. The camp was full of mess, corpses, and blood everywhere. And it was obvious that everyone except them had already died.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

Danzo randomly found a tent to sleep in.

Murasaki and Sakumo hesitated for a moment and then stayed in the room where they had killed people next door.

Akabane followed up and saw the two of them looked pale.

The corpses have been buried, but the rooms were still full of blood, plus they just killed someone. How can they sleep well tonight?

“Akabane, they don’t even have knives, only hoes, kitchen knives, people like this…”

“Not a bandit at all.”

Murasaki was in pain, with fear and guilt on his face. At the same time, Sakumo beside him became even more silent.

“We have no other choice.”

From the beginning, Akabane knew that he had no other choice.

If he has a choice, he would rather stay in Konoha and draw his comics at ease without leaving his house.

“We must endure it for now.”

Akabane means something vague.

At this time, the blood in the tent had coagulated, giving off a more unpleasant smell.

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