Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 37. The Tide Has Changed


“Did you sleep well last night?”

The next day, Danzo got up early and exercised outside.

Seeing Murasaki and Sakumo went out from their tent, he looked back. His indifferent face suddenly put on a smile.

Not bad…

“Thank you for asking sensei. We slept well.”

Sakumo replied.

“For what I saw, Akabane slept well.”

Murasaki sighed lightly, a little bit envious.

It is hard for him to imagine that in such a bloody tent, someone not only sleeps peacefully but also slept on the bed.

“what? Hahaha.”

Danzo couldn’t help laughing.

For a slacker like Akabane, its impressive after their long travel, he must be worn out both physically and mentally.

“Call him up. We’re going to start patrolling the border.”

Danzo said lightly.

“Huh? Do you want to patrol?”

Akabane’s shocked voice came from the room.

“It’s not a good thing to be too smart, because he will think simple things too complicated.”

Danzo left a sentence, “Come out quickly; otherwise, I wouldn’t accompany you.”

Akabane’s eyes lit up and said.

“Right away, sensei!”

“Murasaki, Sakumo, you two go together, Akabane, you’ll be with me.”

Danzo said and went down the hill.

Akabane’s face was pale. He didn’t expect this.

“Wait, can we just stick together…?”

Before Akabane could say his opinion, but Sakumo and Murasaki had gone all the way, while Danzo was heading the other way.

“I want to be with Murasaki!”

Forget it, Danzo wouldn’t listen to his whining.

“Akabane, there are some merchants ahead, go and protect them.”

From the hill along the border to the north, when they reached a commercial road, Danzo stopped and pointed to the direction of Uzumaki Village.

“Got it.”

Don’t be too surprised if you’ll encounter something you guessed before.

Akabane walked along the road and reached the border.

In the distance, several carts and a group of people yelled and fled towards the land of fire.

Looking at the emblem that they held, this group of caravans was from Uzumaki Village, but…

“This is grandma Mito’s emblem!?”

Akabane’s eyes flickered, and he noticed the subtle mark on the lower right corner of the caravan flag.

It was the Uzumaki Clan emblem!

“Come on. We need to reach the border!”

“Don’t worry about goods. Our lives are more important.”

The leader of the caravan didn’t even care about their belonging and rushed to the border in a hurry.

Suddenly there were silhouettes in the rear moving swiftly between the woods, almost ghost-like.


Akabane became more cautious.

Akabane hasn’t experience fighting to the death with the real ninja, and he also wasn’t sure about their fighting prowess.

“Are they targeting Danzo?”

“I don’t have much time to think, what’s their objective?”

In the real battle, he has no time to hesitate.

With only a slight window of chance, he stained his pen with dye and drew a background.

The trail and the woods were completed in a few breaths, and then a little black ink fell on it, the lines were finely trimmed, and he finished drew a human.

“We make it! We finally make it!”

The moment they crossed the borderline, many people were already exhausted and collapsed directly.


In the next second, black shadows flew from the forest in the distance, the group of ninja threw their shuriken to the caravans, even if they’ve fled to the border.


“Run…get some cover!”

Screams were scattered.

The leader looked back and was shocked to find that the ninja hasn’t stopped chasing them.

At this time, the drawing in Akabane’s hands was completed.

“Five sense control!”

In his drawing, the leaves turn into sharp blades, slicing over the throats of several ninjas.


There is no time to scream. The sharp pain given by the blades overwhelmed they are conscious, some of them were bleeding intensely from their throats, and in a few seconds, they fell to the ground, lifeless.

“what just happened?”

“It’s the help from Konoha’s ninja!”

After swiftly killed several ninjas single-handedly. The leader of the caravans felt relieved. Konoha must have sent their aids.

Akabane thought for a moment, then cast a transformation jutsu to disguise him as Konoha’s Anbu before jumping off the tree.

“Are you a caravan of an Uzumaki Village?”

These people obviously recognized the Anbu dress.

“We are the caravan responsible for the trade between Uzumaki Village and Konohagakure. This is our pass token.”

They showed their token.

Akabane took it over and closely examined it.

This token is not much different from what Mito gave him. The only difference is that the other side’s token is engraved with the marks of Uzumaki and Senju, while Akabane’s hand is a personal mark belonging to Uzumaki Mito.


At this moment, from the direction of Uzumaki Village, several lines of Kunai flew from a distance, with exploding charms hanging on their tails.

In the forest, Akabane saw a pair of lurking eyes.

Another ninja!

He immediately escaped with a substitute, Jutsu, and then he casted a hand seal.

“Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Jutsu!”

Since Akabane had surpassed the chakra of a chuunin, his genjutsu was super effective against them.

“Wind Release: Great Breach!”

Simple C-rank ninjutsu, but in the hands of Danzo, it is terrifying.

A violent wind swept through all kunai, blowing them back, and at the same time, Danzo’s figure disappeared.

“That was too strong for an ordinary ninja!

“This is bad!”

The Jounin immediately plan his retreat, but suddenly they sensed a breath quickly approaching.


With one accurate shot, blood splattered around the forest.

The next second, Danzo appeared. There was no blood on his body, but his blade has been dyed red.


Akabane breathed a sigh of relief.

“They even bothered to send a Jounin. This situation has got much worse.”

Danzo’s eyes were full of blood lust.

The daimyo really held a grudge against Uzumaki Village. But there were people with Senju’s emblem. This was not just a problem between the two villages, but also involves Konoha’s reputation.

Some of the merchants on the ground have fainted, but fortunately, there were rest assured by Danzo’s presence.

“Sensei… who are they?”

Akabane swiped his temples, using his Jutsu has consumed chakra more than he predicted.

“The Hidden Mist Village!”

Danzo was silent for a moment, shaking his hand to shake off the blood on the blade, and then sheath it cleanly.

Akabane was startled slightly and immediately understood.

Uzumaki Village was surrounded by the sea on three sides, and The Hidden Mist Village was just across their sea.

“Sure enough, if they managed to kill all the witnesses, there will be no evidence left.”

Akabane smiled bitterly.

These people from the Hidden Mist Village really understood how to leave no trace of murder. They are the most proficient at it.

“Fall back first, Akabane, and rejoining with your other teammates.”

Danzo’s face becomes tense.

He just killed 1 Jounin and several Chuunin. It is most unlikely they would launch another attack on this site.

His concern was about Murasaki and Sakumo on the other side. Since a jounin has appeared, the tide has turned drastically. He wouldn’t want to lose his disciples too young too soon.

He was really worried.

Those are two Konoha’s new generation successors. They must be kept alive!

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