Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 38. Sharing Experiences


When they came back, they found that Murasaki and Sakumo had also returned.

Those two were seriously injured, especially Murasaki, who was carried by Danzo’s clone.

When Danzo’s clone saw his master, he bowed slightly and then disappeared. Instantly Danzo understood what was happened to them.

They fought the same ninja from The Hidden Mist Village, but they were outnumbered by their number.

“Have you encountered the enemy?”

Akabane just wants to make sure that they fought the same enemy.

“Yes… A group of ninja from The Hidden Mist Village… and one of them was a Jounin…”

Sakumo was out of breath.

Akabane wasn’t surprised. He was just attacked by the same composition of the enemy before. If it weren’t for Danzo, he might not manage to survive.

“Treat your wound first.”

Danzo handed them two bottles of medicine.

Akabane took a closer look, and these drugs were just for Murasaki’s injury alone.

As for Sakumo, he just had a minor injury, and it would naturally heal after resting.

“We are going back.”

Danzo’s face was solemn, “A higher-level ninja had appeared, and we must report this back to the village.”

His task was only to patrol the border when it comes to bigger problems; he can’t take action alone.

“That being said, go back, we are.”

Akabane said with a hint of joy.

Returning to the village earlier was the thing he had waited for.

“I’ll go find the caravan’s leader first. I’ll leave my clone to guide you.”

Danzo said.

If it was only to deal with some bandits who settle camps on the border, he could still follow the mission, but now it escalates quickly into bigger problems between Konoha and Uzumaki Village.

To intervene, Konoha must act quickly and can’t waste any minutes.

As soon as the voice fell, he cast a shadow clone, and Danzo quickly disappeared.

“Let’s take a rest before we go back.”

Akabane sat down on the rock and added, “It’s not that I am lazy this time, but you need to recover.”

“Fair point.”

Sakumo nodded and joined him.

Murasaki’s injury was far more serious than they expected, and any reckless movement will cause him more trouble.

Danzo’s clone carefully guarding their surroundings, but Akabane could feel that he was indeed

“Akaba…you have also met the enemy?”

Sakumo was silent for a while, then asked.


Akabane nodded, he could guess what Sakumo was asking, and he was hesitant to explain.

“Then why… you didn’t get any injury?”

Sakumo became more and more curious.

Their side was badly outplayed, but Akabane came back without any injuries, which made him felt strange.

“We met several Chuunin, and I managed to kill them with genjutsu, but suddenly a Jounin appeared and almost killed me.”

Akabane explained the details.

That a jounin had joined their force, but he managed to escape.

He was merely saved by Danzo when he almost got it the explosion.

That’s why he was left without any injuries.

However, the fact that he managed to kill some chuunin shocked Sakumo and Murasaki.

Several Chuunin killed by genjutsu huh…?

This is enough to show that Danzo trusts Akabane’s capability until the Jounin showed up.

Sakumo held his sabre with a bit of unwillingness in his eyes. Although he knew that Akabane was gifted by his Kekkei Genkai, he realized that their gap had grown farther.

“How was the Jounin?”

Sakumo asked while clenched his hand.

He wasn’t jealous of Akabane but hated himself for being too weak.

“The Jounin was a pro. I’m a few hundred meters away from him, but his eyes still gave me chills.”

Akabane was serious. “Speaking of which, we are less likely to be target by them again by now.”

“So Akabane, was you managed to cast your genjutsu on him?”

Murasaki asked.

They expected that Akabane was succeeded in trapping the jounin on his genjutsu.

However, Akabane shook his head.

“The Jounin was beyond my limit. To kill him, we need to cooperate.”

Five sense of control is not an invincible Jutsu. If the opponent has more experience, they could break the illusion,

Based on this combat experience, Akabane guessed that his current upper limit would at most on a certain degree of Jounin.

“How about my sword skill? Can I deal with a Jounin?”

Sakumo’s has an outstanding combat prowess more than Akabane. All he need was a chance to land one hit on the enemy, clean and deadly.

“I think you can take him. Everyone has their pros and cons. Don’t underestimate yourself, my friend.”

Akabane nodded.

Akabane was just telling the truth from his analysis, and that would let his teammates assured with their strength.

At least, he thought so.

“Indeed, but if there Murasaki wasn’t fought with me, I might have died there.”

Sakumo said with emotion.

“My pleasure.”

Murasaki said gratefully.

He knew it well that Akabane and Sakumo were better than him.

But he still couldn’t bear their big gap.

Akabane can fight with several Chuunin and win, Sakumo has his excellent sword skill, but he can only be a punching bag.

The gap was too big, so big that it discouraged Murasaki.

“I’ve been used to it since I was a kid, but you are right, I also have my use, and fortunately, my attribute is fire.”

Murasaki chuckled softly, but immediately pulled his wounds after felt a sharp pain.

The fire attribute chakra has strong offensive prowess, which makes Murasaki had his role.

Otherwise, he has to consider changing careers.

“It’s a pity that you have a bad relationship with Uchiha. Otherwise, if you can learn how to train your attribute to a new whole level.”

Seeing that his mood improved, Akabane talked about other topics.

Konoha’s strongest fire release user was undoubtedly possessed by Uchiha Clan, including Murasaki’s dragon fire Jutsu was indeed Uchiha’s specialty.

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