Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System in Naruto’s World Chapter 4 Just Another Day at Academy


It would be bad for the family reputation at their clan if everyone knew that their son hurt the Head of the Kurama Clan.

“No, it’s okay, I’m fine.”

Kurama Murakumo was pleasantly surprised. He looks at Akabane with gleaming hope.

After taking a few breaths, he said, “Akabane’s talent is indeed true. At such a young age, his chakra is slightly lower than Murakumo.”

Slightly lower than Murakumo?

Akabane thought that it seems grandpa Murakumo’s chakra should be around 50. So, there is a ten-fold difference between his chakra and physique. This gives Akabane a hint of his clan’s trait.

“At such a young age, his chakra can be compared by Murakumo-san?”

“This is it! Our new clan successor!

The patriarch and several clan elders were pleasantly surprised. Some of them were cried in joy.


“Our clan has finally got a bright future!”

They gathered to cheer on Akabane. With his talent at such a young age, he can be trained to improve his Genjutsu even more, and he might be the best Genjutsu user in the future.

“Akabane, you do have strong chakra, but with your current body, you need to train harder from now on.”

Murakumo asked.

“I’ll do it grandpa, but can I ask for something?” Akabane tried to negotiate his term.

“What is it Akabane?” Murakumo curiously asked.

“I like drawing comics, here look at the first chapter that I drew.”

Akabane showed his comic to grandpa Murakumo and the other patriarch.

“What is this?”

Murakumo took the comic in confusion and tried to read a few pages.

He laughs in joy.

“This is an interesting story. Moreover this is your first chapter, I’m The Head of Kurama Clan. I will print fifty copies of this and send it to each and everyone from our clan.”

Murakumo would be more than happy to help his grandson for printing his first comic, even if he wasn’t someone talented.

“It’s a deal then!” Akabane excitedly accepted.

Everyone cheered up.

Akabane’s talent is outstanding. From now on, he is the face of the Kurama Clan. The entire clan would give anything for his progress. Reading his comic is a small matter for them.

This is the power of genius.

Kurama Clan have a lot of members, letting them read his comic will increase his point significantly


It would be easy now for him to exchange for stronger jutsu such as Shadow Clone Jutsu in a few days.

“Akabane, please take care of your body.”

“Aren’t you a good boy Akabane-chan? You’ll be our clan pride!”

“It’s amazing to have awakened Kekkei Genkai at such a young age!”

The clan patriarch couldn’t stop their praise and gratitude for Akabane.

The next day in the morning.

Akabane set off to academy when along the way, he received greetings from everyone he met.

He just replied with a smile.

It’s just human nature. They never been this nice to him before.

On the way to the academy, he took the time to look at his attributes.



Name: Akabane Kurama

Ninja level: Academy Student

Physique: 10 (+)

Chakra: 50 (+)

Main Chakra attribute: Yin

Equipment: Illustration Pen, Illustration board

Ninjutsu: (1) Five Senses Control, (2) Transformation Jutsu, (3) Clone Jutsu.

Points: 48


Last night, Akabane improved his physique by 5 points, and his chakra by 2 points, including learned Transformation and Clone Jutsu.

These cost him a total of 40 points, his point just raised by 17, there must be someone in his clan reading his comic right now.

Closed the panel, Akabane runs hurriedly to the academy.

In fact, by the time he arrived, the class had already started.

“I’m sorry sensei, I’m late.”

Akabane simply apologized without any explanation.

Hiruzen reluctantly instructs Akabane to just go to his seat.

Akabane has been late for some days, and Hiruzen can understand it might because of his weak body.

Akabane smiled and walked to his seat.


“Hey, why are you next to me?”

He used to sit at the corner. Originally, it should be Shikato from Nara Clan that sits next to him. But now he was sent to be with Jiraiya, and Tsunade moved next to Akabane.

“Shikato wants to change positions with me. I barely agree with it.”

Tsunade proudly said.

Akabane looked towards Shikato as he walked towards the position.

Shikato returned to his seat with a helpless smile. The truth was not exactly as Tsunade said.

Akabane sat down, ready to go to take a nap.

The curriculum at the ninja academy is not that hard. Moreover, he already learned Transformation Jutsu and Clone Jutsu, the graduation exam would be easy for him.

Ninjas are not like students from his original world. They have to take school consecutively until collage.

As once a 21st-century college student, he experiences it well.

But just as he was about to take a nap, he noticed Tsunade was handing him pen and paper.

He saw a cute and fascinating smile on Tsunade’s face. “Hey hey, Akabane, you must be forgetting your drawing tools, here I give this to you.”


Akabane looked at the pen and paper in his hand with a dazed expression.

“Yes, take it. I want to see the next chapter of your comic.”

The other students around also lurk expectant with gleaming eyes.

Akabane was speechless.

This is the request from the “princess” Tsunade. There is no way he could reject it.

“Fine, fine.”

Akabane accepted his fate and started drawing.

“Yey..” Tsunade quietly excited.

Tsunade watch Akabane’s drawing closely. She wouldn’t miss a single detail. It is a bit creepy, to be honest, but how could he complain.

At this moment…

“Hey, you two at the back, don’t get distracted from my class, we will have an exam after this, take it seriously or you need to take remedial for it.”

Hiruzen took notice of Akabane and Tsunade.

Many students in the front row turned their heads and looked there.

“Yes sensei, we’re sorry!”

Akabane gladly put down his pen.

Hiruzen was talked about the main points of ninjutsu that a ninja must master for their graduation exam.

“Humph! I have learned all of it…”

Tsunade was a little upset. But they embarrassedly must pay attention to the class.

In this class, except for Jiraiya and Orochimaru, the rest are people from various Konoha clans.

Tsunade is a genius. Normally as long as you pay attention to the class and practice it every day, you can control the basic Jutsu gradually.

But It is different for her.

She is a well-known granddaughter of the First Hokage, that is why everyone called her “Princess” with such great blood within her family, whether its ninjutsu or physique, she remarkably mastered it.

“I don’t study much at home, so I have to listen carefully, and I will draw the comic later.”

Akabane drew a few more strokes and then sat down tight.

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