Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 40. The Right Solution


“Today, I’ll finish chapter ten!”

Back at home, Akabane summoned his shadow clone and set a goal for him. Then, ignoring the angry look of the clone, he lay down and rested.

This was the first time in the last few days that he had come into contact with the real bed. That day, he was too tired and fell asleep in the tent, even if it was messy as hell.

“Hey!! Your goal is too much for me. I can’t finish this alone!”

A complaint came from his clone.

“Rest assured. I’ll summon another one later. Now I’m too tired. If I pass out now, you will disappear as well.”

Akabane looked tired, but was it the real situation for him?

I haven’t done anything in the past few days. At most, I just ran back and forth.

He just wants to slack!

His clone knew that and secretly still complained.

The comic slowly progressed, but the workload for his clone was too much.

However, Akabane wasn’t sadistic like his teacher, and after a short rest, he summoned a second clone to assisted him.

“Should I visit grandma Mito?”

“Ahh, maybe later, I still need to finish this deadline first, anyway, things that happened in the Uzumaki village have nothing to do with me, no matter what.”

Akabane was still thinking about going to Uzumaki Mito to discussed the problem that he encountered on his mission before.

As soon as he put his head on the pillow, he instantly forgot other things.

Too tired to go out, and his bed felt like won’t let go of him anytime soon.

At the Senju Clan’s household, Kazama came here after he spoke with the Third Hokage while bringing his caravan’s token.

“Excuse me, please help pass this token. I’m Kazama from Uzumaki village, asked to see the princess.”

Kazama respectfully handed the token the guard in front of the house with a sincere expression.

“Are you looking for Mito-sama?”

“Wait a minute…”

The guard glanced at him in amazement, he recognized the identity of Kazama, and then quickly disappeared with the token.

After a few seconds, he appeared again.

“Mito-sama is resting, and I will meet you with her in a few minutes.”

He said lightly.

“Yes, thank you.”

Kazama was full of respect; he didn’t dare to make trouble.”

Mito Uzumaki was the princess of Uzumaki village, and also the strongest Uzumaki in existence today.


As a Jinchuriki, she was destined to stay only in Konoha. Once she stepped out of Konoha, it would cause a lot of trouble.

Because she contained the terrifying chakra that someone can possess.

In the courtyard, Mito sat quietly with Tsunade.

“The brat came back from his mission, didn’t he say he was coming to visit me?”

Mito snorted coldly.

“He went straight home, looking tired as always, he wouldn’t come out anytime soon.”

Tsunade pondered for a while, but she didn’t think Akabane would visit here after his mission.

“Huh, Is that so?”

Mito sneered, and then she looked with suspicion, “But how did that kid come early last time!”

“Grandma, I don’t know that.”

Tsunade shook her head. She was also shocked that day. It’s rare to see Akabane got up early on his vacation before.

“Ahaha let’s stop badmouthing him after all. His comic entertained me more than anything nowadays.”

“Tsuna-chan doesn’t forget to buy his next volume the first time it comes out. I want to read it as soon as possible.”

Mito smiled gently.

“But, I wonder, who visit me at this time?”

As soon as the token was handed over to her, she immediately noticed it. It was from the caravan who responsible for the transaction between the Senju Clan and the Uzumaki Village.

Mito leaned back on the chair, closing his eyes and rested.

She thought deeply and suddenly remember something.

“Tsuna-chan, please get me the comic.”

Tsunade was confused when she heard it. She had read it three times now, why did she need it again?

But this was a request from her beloved grandma, and she responded at once and then ran into the house to take out the comic.

After receiving it, Mito turned to the first page.

“Nine-tailed demon fox, Naruto Uzumaki…Well, the Uzumaki clan has fallen to the point where its descendant doesn’t understand what it takes to be a Jinchuriki…”

Mito opened the first page with a chuckle, but her expression became more solemn.

If this is true…

“Tsunade, please invite our guest to come here.”

She closed the comic and sat upright, thoughtful.

If this is true, then not only the Uzumaki Clan but the entire Uzumaki village will suffer a terrible blow.

Before long, Tsunade took Kazama in and arrived in the courtyard.

Seeing Mito, Kazama was shocked at first, followed by a face full of surprise. After a few seconds, he noticed that he was being rude and knelt and begged for mercy. “I’m sorry, Mito-sama, but I was stunned knowing that the princess of the Uzumaki clan is prettier than I thought.”

“It’s okay. I’m not a princess anymore now.”

Mito said lightly, “Get up first, and please have a seat.”

“Yes, thank you, princess.”

Kazama found that Mito’s appearance was not aging at all, and he didn’t dare to be rude.

“Are you the caravan’s leader from Uzumaki village and Konoha?”

Mito held the token on her hand and asked.

“Yes, we are responsible for trading goods between Uzumaki village and Konoha.”

Kazama explained

“So, what urges you to come to me?”

Mito put down the token.

If it’s just for normal business, the token of the Senju Clan was enough for them to settle down in Konoha temporarily, and there is no need to find her.

“This time, I’m asking you to lend your help to the Uzumaki village.”

Kazama directly explained his intention and knelt on the ground.


Mito was narrowing her eyes.

“The Uzumaki village is now in chaos because of the rebels from other villages, some of them are deliberately sent by the enemy, while others know that the Uzumaki village is in chaos and deliberately seek refuge here.”

“The ninja from Uzumaki village were outnumbered, and gradually losing control of the village.”

“There were three chuunin guarded us before, but they were all killed on our way here.”

Kazama cried out. Hunt by a ninja traumatized him even until now.

Mito can saw him begged while trembled, looked pitiful.

“Yes, but I do remember that caravans were supposed to be guarded by a Jounin?”

Mito looked puzzled.

“Yes, but the jounin has parted from our caravan to stall the rebels.”

Kazama explained.

But he didn’t think that one jounin could stall them for long. After all, the opponent also has a group of five chuunin and lead by a jounin.

No matter how you look at it, their attack was well planned.

Uzumaki Mito holds the comic, turn the pages back and forth.

After a long time, she sat upright and said: “The Senju Clan has no jurisdiction within Konoha’s rank now. I’m afraid that I couldn’t intervene further on this matter.”

Kazama was completely desperate when he heard it. He looks like he was struck by lighting.

“But you can take this comic to the patriarch of the Uzumaki clan, and he might understand what I mean.”

“Another piece of advice. You’d better ask for some protection from here. Otherwise, I don’t think you can return to Uzumaki village alive.”

Mito said plainly.

Kazama will leave the Konoha soon, this information might already be leaked to the enemy, and he might encounter them as soon as he steps out of Konoha’s gate.

He was startled for a moment, then turned to the first page of the comic.

Originally, Kazama thought it was a strategic war book, but when he opened it, he found that it was only a book compiled in the form of drawing. Where all the patterns were connected carefully, it seemed to be telling a story.

But… what does this mean?

He never saw anything like that, not a novel but not painting either. So he was curious about what happens when he shows it to the patriarch.

“If there is no other thing you want to say, you can go down. That’s all I can help.”

Mito said helplessly.

The Senju Clan is naturally not helpless, but this matter will escalate involving the tailed beasts and all the countries. It needs to be carefully planned.

How can one clan and one village be the enemy of the world?

“Yes, thank you, princess.”

Kazama left with a sigh and slowly retreated away. He might not get the right answer, but he wasn’t going back empty-handed.

“If you were still alive now, what would you do, my dear..”

Mito sighed sadly.

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