Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 41. Joint Operation


“Why do you have to do the mission again today? I only had a rest yesterday!”

“Akaba, this is our third day of vacation.”

Murasaki was a little embarrassed that his friend’s laziness was a bit unbearable.

Sakumo stood next to Murasaki, resting his arm on his sabre.

Akabane took a deep breath, tried to calm himself, and then said, “Is there any good news?”

“Yes! I saw the caravan’s leader that we saved before bought a cart of your comics today!”

Murasaki said the “good news” very honestly.

“Kazama-san, wasn’t it? Why would he bought that much I wonder?”

Akabane was puzzled. He wouldn’t believe that his comic will be sent to another village this fast.

“By the way, there is another news.”

Sakumo interrupted and said, “This time, we will go on a mission together with Team 6.”

“Ok, so?”

Akabane looked at Sakumo with a puzzled look.

Seeing his reaction, Sakumo was at a loss, and asked, “We are talking about Tsunade.. you two are close friends, right?”

“Ooh, shoot! I should felt happy when I see her, right!?”

Akabane’s sarcastic tone left his teammates with nothing to say.

Where did they think that I had some feelings for her?

Murasaki was speechless for a while.

Suddenly, a sound came from behind.

“Ah! And one more, I can’t participate in this mission. Is that good news for you?”


Akabane had a mini heart-attack.

“Sensei, you wouldn’t accompany us to the Uzumaki village?”

Murasaki was surprised.

“I, as the Leader of Anbu and the Third Hokage, decided to combined our team and split the task, he will lead your mission for today, and I will stay in Konoha.”

“Well then, that’s all.”

Danzo sneered and disappeared.

 “So, the Third Hokage will lead the team this time!?”

 Sakumo himself was baffled.

The Third Hokage personally led the team to the Uzumaki village. What an honor!

“But why should I go…?”

Akabane didn’t think it was right, Hiruzen will leading the team, and six ninja in one team is more than enough.

“Beat it. We will understand the details after meeting Sarutobi-sensei.”

Murasaki pulled the reluctant Akabane from his house to Konoha’s gate.

Within a week, Akabane had come to this gate the second time.

They were welcomed by Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya, who had been there waiting for them, and when Akabane and the others arrived, Hiruzen came with the caravan’s leader, Kazama.

The rest of the caravan followed behind them.

“You are Akabane Kurama?”

“Thank you for saving my life before, on the border..”

Kazama glanced with his eyes, and then immediately noticed the most unwilling one among the children Hiruzen previously told him that Akabane must be the most reluctant to come.

“Old man, I was kind enough to save you, but you want to take me on your business trip?”

Akabane said grumpily.

Kazama scratched his head awkwardly, not knowing what to reply.

“Akaba, if you have any complaint, give it to me. I’m the one who planned this.”

Hiruzen said it lightly while smoking on his pipe.

“Ugh, Sarutobi-sensei, I just came back…”

“Kazama-san has bought a cart of your comic to deliver it to his village, wouldn’t you as the author at least thank him for his patronage by not complaining about the mission?”

Without waiting for Akabane to finish complaining, Hiruzen was directly interrupted. He didn’t want to waste any more time.

“All right, all right.. but I’ve experienced how long I traveled from here to the Uzumaki village, and I can’t bear another travel to there again, let me have a ride.”

Akabane made his proposal

“Fair enough!”

Because of the Kurama’s weak physique, his request was tolerable for Hiruzen, and no one seemed to disagree, except Jiraiya, who look jealous.

At least now, he is willing to do the mission. I still need him on the team.

Fortunately, Kazama supplemented some idle carriage, which was meant for the Third Hokage.

Once they’ve got the same ground, the group of caravans guarded by the team 6 & 7 set off to the Uzumaki village.

While on the carriage, Akabane summoned his clone to resumed the comic. Akabane separated the shadow clone and continued to paint, while he sat on his seat peacefully, looking down at the walking companions around him.

“Run faster. This is good for warming up.”

“Why I can’t be like Akabane? This is not fair!”

Jiraiya repeatedly complained along the way.

“Akabane has defeated you before, and you dare to complain? If you don’t practice anymore, you will be dead before we got there.”

Hiruzen said angrily.

“Ahh… yes sensei, I was wrong…”

Jiraiya looked somber after being scolded by his teacher.

Speaking of which, I don’t know how far Jiraiya has learned…

Hearing Jiraiya’s wailing, Akabane couldn’t help but wonder about his progress.

Of course…

At this time, Jiraiya is still a nine-year-old, who is no one special among his other teammates, even underwhelming. Besides, he suddenly wants to become a cartoonist while his drawing skill was mediocre.

The group was moving slowly. Thus Akabane able to drawing while watching the scenery.

More than that, when they arrived at the border, Akabane had already completed chapter 11.

What productivity!

In Chapter 11 has a very powerful new exchange item-Half Immortal Body Constitution.

Half Immortal Body Constitution: The strength that is inherited from the bloodline of the Uzumaki Clan, possessing multiple abilities, which require 4000 points to exchange.

Yes, an astounding 4000 points!

This is the biggest points required on his exchange list. But it is not surprising when compared with its usage.

But to his surprise, this specific trait can be exchanged.

Uzumaki Clan were well known for their four traits-Vitality, chakra, perception, and healing.

In chapter 11, Naruto is forced to injured his hand to remove the poison within him, and miraculously his hand recovers in an instant. This shown the embodiment of strong vitality.

This trait was important for Akabane, which can guarantee his survival.


Even if it’s on his exchange list, he gained points much slower these days, and can only wait until the second volume to be released.

The second volume has been sent to the printing factory, and the Kurama clan is solely responsible for the subsequent distribution.

When it’s ready to be released, there would be enough points for him to exchange it.

But here comes the problem. In chapter 12, there will be many other useful ninjutsu to be available. He worried that the points by then wouldn’t be enough.

“I hope that bring my comic to the Uzumaki village will contribute some more points… otherwise, I am afraid that I will have to work overtime, and release the third volume back to back.”

Akabane sighed lightly, feeling very helpless.

Thinking about it this way, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing that he took this mission. After all, Kazama has too little knowledge of comics, and he is definitely couldn’t endorse the comic well enough.

I just hope that when the time comes, the Third Hokage won’t give him any harder task.

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