Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 42. Ambush!


“What lies ahead of us is Uzumaki Village. We met those ninjas before here.”

Kazama had a nostalgic feeling about the accident when he and his caravans on the verge of the death being chased by the rebels.

Hiruzen carefully observed their surroundings and said, “Akabane, did you buried the corpses after killing those ninjas?”

“What!? Akabane had killed someone!?”

Jiraiya jumped in shock, even Orochimaru looked surprised and looked over to the carriage.

“I don’t have the time for that sensei, no.”

Akabane lay in the carriage, too lazy to look out the window.

If Sarutobi-sensei asked that, it is certain that the body has been cleaned up.

Thinking of that, he pulled the curtain open.

With an unhappy expression on her face, Tsunade stood in front of the carriage: “Get down here!”

“Ugh… I haven’t fully recovered.”

Before Akabane finished speaking, Tsunade was ready with her fist.

“You come down here right now, or I smash that carriage into pieces!”

Ugh.. this is bad.

Tsunade threatened with a fist.

Murasaki tried to hold his laugh, obviously knew that this will happened.

“Akabane, come here, I want to know the details about that day.”

Hiruzen tried to persuade with a smile.

Akabane had no other option. He got out of the carriage and left his clone inside to continued drawing.

“Five ninjas were killed by my genjutsu here.”

“The Jounin died in this spot.”

 Akabane threw out the shuriken, marking the positions of his victim.

“Five ninjas…”

 Tsunade clenched her fists and secretly compared her strength with him.

Can I handle five ninjas alone?

Not a chance…

“What! You killed five of them!?”

The gap between us has grown that far in a short time?

Jiraiya was equally shocked and stunned for a while.

And Akabane can saw that Orochimaru must felt much worse.


He also felt the dreed at that time. It was almost impossible to fight five Chuunin alone. Luckily his surprise attack worked, and killed them all with one shot.

“Yeah, I killed some of them, but it thanks to Danzo-sensei that I’m still alive now. They were well prepared with kunai, shuriken, and even explosion talismans…”

Akabane followed behind and explained.

“I guess that the corpses were collected by the Hidden Mist Village ninja.”

Hiruzen had reached the spot. Although someone had dealt with the scene in the past two days, there were still some clues left behind.

So, those are ninja from Hidden Mist Village.

Akabane thought to himself.

“Ninja from Hidden Mist Village attacked Uzumaki village!?”

Jiraiya was so excited that his eyes lit up.

“Everyone disguised yourself with transformation jutsu, Kazama-san, please come here.

Hiruzen got up, then motioned to the caravan next to Kazama to follow him.

They rarely used transformation jutsu before, but the ninjutsu has been learned well in the academy.

Akabane transformed into a middle-aged worker and sat lazily on the edge of a cart.

Everyone have disguised themselves except Hiruzen. No one dares to attack him anyway.

After all, this is the third Hokage!

And thus, they move toward the Uzumaki village.

Once they entered the border of Uzumaki village, it didn’t take long for them to understand how bad the situation was.

There were burned fields, ruins which used to be houses scattered around, and no one seemed to live there anymore.

This is Horrible!

“Uzumaki village, this is the first time I have come here since I was little.”

Tsunade was very excited at first, but after seeing the situation with her own eyes, her heart filled with sadness.

This is grandma’s homeland, but…

Akabane sighed in his heart, but he was helpless.

Tailed beasts are the greatest asset that a village could possess. It can be compared to nuclear bombs. Thus no one dares to attack a village with a Jinchuriki in it.

But Uzumaki village was the nemesis of tailed beasts, that alone is enough to make them vulnerable to being attack from every direction.

“Further ahead is an intersection of Uzumaki village’s commercial roads, and there is usually rebel’s post guarding there.”

 Kazama was very nervous, and sweat came out of his forehead.

Akabane took his tools and began to draw a background in advance.

The caravan slowly moved forward, and some ordinary guards began to get close to the cart full of comics as if this was a very important cargo.

At this time, they need to be careful. If they make any unneeded scenes, the life of the whole group will be taken the risk.

Although Murasaki and Sakumo were nervous, they blended perfectly like an ordinary guard, for Tsunade and Orochimaru posture were different.

As for Akabane, he was sitting on the edge of the cart, holding pen and board.


 Suddenly, the sound of leaves moving from the forest.


Orochimaru shouted, and then immediately saw several shurikens flying out of the forest.

Jiraiya immediately got up and shot the shurikens off with kunai, while Tsunade rushed directly to the forest.

“Be careful!”

Sakumo expression changed, his immediately charge Tsunade down to the ground before a sound came.



Tsunade was too attached to the enemy, forgetting the possibility of traps.

After the explosion, Tsunade and Sakumo were dumbfounded by the impact, tried to bring back their senses.

“It turned out to be a few kids, are they a Genin who just graduated?”

“I don’t know who your teacher is, but he is dumb enough to bring you here.”

“Hidden Mist Jutsu!”


A cloud of thick fog suddenly filled their vision, unable to say anything.

Hidden Mist Jutsu! This is a ninja from Hidden Mist!

Akabane’s heart pumped harder.

If his vision was blocked, he couldn’t execute his Genjutsu from drawing!

In this situation, his genjutsu is almost useless.

No! there is another way!

 I couldn’t see, but hearing the sound is enough to counter their attack.

 Akabane holds his breath vigilantly.


Suddenly, a slight sound of wind came from a direction.

In an instant, he cast hand seals.

“Earth Release: Headhunter Jutsu!”

His escape was near-missed. The Hidden Mist’s Chuunin had no time to reacted before he was dragged to the ground and then pierced his throat by a kunai.

“You can use the earth release that well at that age?”

Behind him, there was an indifferent voice.

They are killing intent!

Akabane was sweating all over his body; he felt a blade approaching him and instantly reacted.

Substitution Jutsu!

He changed his position quietly, but he knew the attacker could saw him in the fog.

“Oh shit!”

Akabane has already cursed in his heart. He would die at any second by now if he failed to make a move.

At this life and death moment, he suddenly remembered something.

Akabane quickly opened his exchange list and redeemed something from it.

[Silent Killing Jutsu has successfully exchanged!]


Akabane was ecstatic. After they attacked him, he remembered that his clone has finished chapter 12 and there, Silent Killing Jutsu was being used.

In an instant, the sounds and breaths around him were clear as day!

Behind him, he sensed a Hidden Mist’s Jounin wielding a kunai. At the same time, he can sense Orochimaru and the others were fighting with some Chuunin not far away.

The worse was Jiraiya, who looked like he took some damage that can be heard from his hard breathing.

However, he found something very strange. Although the Hidden Mist’s ninja was holding a kunai, he didn’t seem to be moving.

 Could it be that my silent killing Jutsu is not advanced enough?

After all, it was just a second ago he learned it. Akabane needs more time to adapt to his sharpened senses but got less time to took action.

 Akabane quickly analyzed his situation. The only logical explanation was that the Jounin had no intention to join the fight.

“I need to take action right now!”

He reacted quickly, then swiftly ran toward the presences of Orochimaru and the others were.

He tried to deal with some Chuunin on his way there and successfully killing one with a blow.

However, after that kill, Akabane stops moving and remains on his position where he was hard to detect, followed by planning his next move.

“Boy, don’t you afraid to die?”

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind him, swiftly waving his blade.

 Akabane reacted by lowering his head and said, “Sarutobi-sensei, what are you doing!?”

“Heh, you are indeed very clever, you’ve predicted that attack.”

Hiruzen whispered.

 “Yes, I used silent killing jutsu, don’t test me in this kind of situation, okay?”

Akabane complained calmly.

 Of course……

If he hadn’t exchanged the silent killing jutsu, he wouldn’t notice the position of the Jounin, and he might still be lurking underground by now.

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