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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 43. The Interrogation


Akabane’s reaction didn’t surprise Hiruzen.

He knew that this boy was smart even if he was a slacker.

Therefore, Akabane only reacted when he senses a threat.

“Hey, at least pay more respect to me, I’m much more senior than you!”

Hiruzen simply sat down and chatted, “Do you know why I did this?”

Akabane sat down and said while lowering his voice, “The possibility of encountering the enemy in this fog is high. Sarutobi-sensei want me to pay more attention to my surrounding, right?”

“Well, but whom we were fighting right now is not shadow clone. They are all real.”

“You’ve beat them?”

Akabane looked a little surprised. He thought that the Jounin presences before was Hiruzen, but he didn’t expect that it was the real enemy.

“I’ve handled them all.”

Hiruzen finally shocked Akabane once more, said it while looking slightly proud.

Akabane was shocked.

The Third Hokage isn’t just a title!

“Okay, basically, we have defeated the enemy. Let’s clear up this fog first.”

Hiruzen hands were performing hand seals to clear the thick fog.


Finally, everyone able to saw their surrounding.


“There are so many ninjas lying on the ground!”

Murasaki was baffled, then he saw Akabane and Hiruzen stood near the body.

Wait! There were two other ninjas that were pulled into the ground, that must be Akabane doing.

Orochimaru’s mood became more and more complicated, and he quickly understood what was going on.

The Third Hokage had killed all the enemy and then disguised as the enemy as a test.

Undoubtedly, this test is not for them.

Because the five of them were struggling enough just to deal with a few chuunin, unlike Akabane, who was able to overcome their number and quickly killed two chuunin.

More than that, Orochimaru looked at the corpses and found that they were fatally wounded.

Of course……

Compared with Jiraiya and Tsunade, his result still above average.

“Now, let’s interrogate this Jounin.”

Hiruzen walked into the forest, everyone else followed him behind.

The Jounin was badly injured but still breathing.

Akabane squatted down and took a closer look.

Hidden Mist’s attire and the sword that Hiruzen-sensei hold must belong to him.

But it was just an ordinary sword, not a chakra weapon. Then it wasn’t one of the seven swords of the mist.

“He is a renegade.”

Tsunade saw the scratches on his headband and said, “It seems that even if he is alive, Hidden Mist wouldn’t admit their mistake.”

“That’s for sure, and…”

Orochimaru raised his head and looked around.

Something is coming…

Hidden Mist’s backup!


With a sound, a rain of kunai flew toward them, but they’ve managed to dodge it all.

Akabane focusing his eyes on the direction of the kunai were thrown. He saw a figure appearing behind the branches.

“Just a small group, huh? I’ll handle all of you.”

The figure talked to Akabane and his teammates.

“How many of your rebels in Uzumaki village?”

Akabane asked.

“I have no obligation to answer your question.”

The leader said calmly.

“Then we have nothing left to discuss..”

Akabane drew a stroke on his board, then the figure shook and fell to the ground.


Normally someone like him could dodge the fall, but Akabane cast his genjutsu to made him fell asleep for a second to let him fall without resistance.


Hiruzen didn’t expect that Akabane would make the first move, and at the same time, he was impressed.

By the look of it, he was an Anbu and can’t be underestimated, but Akabane able to immobilized him easily.

Without a doubt, Akabane possessed great potential even without his gift. His tactical skill and observation on the battlefield were outstanding.

“Argh! Damn you!”

The Anbu awakened, and just by looking at his expression, they knew that he endured tremendous pain from his broken legs.

Hiruzen said lightly, “What is your mission on this village?”

“I just came to chase the escapee.”

He gritted his teeth.

“So, you expected that I just surrender and let you killed us all?”

Akabane got up and stretched, and sneered slightly.

“Wa..ter Release:..!”

The Anbu was tried to escape using his ninjutsu, but Hiruzen slashed through his throat nonchalantly, and the blood scattered to the ground.

“As an Anbu, he couldn’t give us more information than this. There is no point in asking him anymore.”

“What should we do with him?”

Tsunade asked.

“Bring it back to the village and let our expert examine it.”

Hiruzen then summoned a clone, then sealed the Hidden Mist’s Anbu copse with sealing Jutsu. Then he gave an order to Murasaki and Sakumo. “You two and my clone will go back to the Konoha, then hand the body to your sensei.”

“Got it!”

Sakumo brought the sealed scroll, while Murasaki carried the body on his back, and they separated with the party to go to Konoha.

Tsunade watched them leave and then said in amazement, “I thought you were going to begged to join them. I’m amazed, Akaba…”

“Impossible, Sarutobi-sensei wouldn’t listen either.”

Akabane got up.

The Uzumaki Village indeed a dangerous place right now, but it gave him an opportunity. He can be witnessing his eyes about what truly happened there.

Moreover, Akabane wanted to confirm a guess…

It only took 30 points to awaken the five senses of control.

And 4000 point for the Uzumaki’s vitality.

So it must be around 500-2000 points to acquired Sharingan…

The strength level of Sharingan mustn’t be far from the Five Senses of Control. It means it wouldn’t cost too much of points.

“Kazama-san, shall we continue?”

Hiruzen has seen everything that happened in the Uzumaki village, and that made him more determined to protect the village, at least to keep the good relationship between the two villages.

However, none of the official requests were sent by the Uzumaki Village. Thus Konoha can’t directly send their troops to help Uzumaki village, or else it would start another war.

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