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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 44. The Uzumaki Village


“Sensei, can I have that sword?”

Jiraiya had a good look at the sword. His gleaming eyes told that he wants to have it.

“That sword doesn’t belong to us; it might not be safe, use it carefully.”

Akabane couldn’t help but reminded.

Although this is just an ordinary sword, he noticed that the sword has a custom marks on it.

“You idiot, sensei took it because it useful, an idiot like you couldn’t use it properly!”

Tsunade scolded Jiraiya.

If she didn’t care about Jiraiya’s injury, she would’ve punched him without hesitation.

Hiruzen only replied to his disciple request with a gentle smile, as what Tsunade said, the sword is still useful for the time being.

As for its usefulness, Akabane has some guesses.

One of them is to let Hiruzen use it as an authentic prop to disguise his identity and find more invaders.

Moreover, it is a good addition to combat power.


Kazama suddenly called him with a formal tone.

Akabane shuddered.

Even now, no one has called him “-san,” so he turned his head to see…

“Oh, it’s you, what’s the matter?”

Akabane didn’t like Kazama.

The two first hardest mission that he got were related to him, and he was unhappy about it, but still, keep a good manner.

“We almost arrive at the front gate of Uzumaki village, umm… how do I promote your comic when we got there?”

Kazama asked respectfully.

When buying the comic, he asked around to the Konoha residents about Akabane, then he inquired many details from Tsunade, and he was sure that Akabane was indeed a business genius!

Akabane couldn’t help but glance at Tsunade. If the old man asked this question, Tsunade must have told him something.

Argh! Nevermind that, this is for my points!

After taking a deep breath, Akabane said with a calm tone, “Since Uzumaki village is different than Konoha, if we want to promote it, we must first let the consumer know that the story was good.”

“Please teach me more, Kurama-san.”

Kazama bowed deeply, with a very humble attitude.

“We will show this comic to the higher-up of the Uzumaki village and let them get it for free. After that, we will tell the villagers that their leader had bought the comic, and they like it, that is how the comic fame will gradually rising.”

Akabane explained his strategy while sitting on the cart, swinging his legs back and forth.

Kazama was confused at the beginning, but his face was somewhat surprised and worried.

“What’s the matter again? Weren’t my explanation clear enough?”

“Kurama-san, if it’s true that this comic is that important, will the higher-up allowing us to sell it publicly?”

Kazama was quite business-minded, but this question was so stupid that Akabane didn’t bother to answer it, and pointed at the Third Hokage.


Now that the Kage of Konoha had traveled to aid the Uzumaki village, they wouldn’t dare to prohibit them from selling the comic, right?

Besides, Kazama had read the first volume, and there wasn’t any classified information from there.

Kazama thought that only such a person like Uzumaki Mito could understand the meaning of the comic.

This discussion has lightened up their mood.

“Kurama-san, when we arrived at the Uzumaki village, please continue to hand your aid…”

“Yeah.. not a problem.”

Kazama left excitedly and ran to the front.

Tsunade glared at Akabane until he willingly to jumped out of the cart.

He had no choice but to walk. Fortunately, they were not far from the village, and it didn’t take long for them to see the outskirt of the Uzumaki village.

The village here is far from what they saw earlier on the border.

On both sides of the fields, dozens of villagers are busy farming, and they seem to live in peace.

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, it would be hard to imagine that the gap between inside here and outside before would be so dramatic, and all this all because of war.

Tsunade clenched her hands tightly, her eyes cold.

“This is unfair.”

Hiruzen touched his temple, feeling full of emotions, “This is all because of the war, the winner will be a gift with prosperity, but the loser will carry all the burden.”

Jiraiya was looking upset.

He always cares about Tsunade the most.

“Sensei, we will help Uzumaki village, right?”

Tsunade asked while tried to hold her tears.

This is her grandma’s hometown, but now that she saw it was treated unfairly on the amidst of war. She must do something to fix this situation on her grandma’s behalf.

Even though she is a tough girl, when it comes to someone she cares, she couldn’t just stay still.

“Yes, we…will help Uzumaki village.”

Hiruzen hesitated for a moment, then replied.

“The war… is troublesome.”

Akabane sat back again on the cart and only watched from behind.

Saving Uzumaki Village?

Don’t be naive, with such a great conspiration including many villages to extermined Uzumaki village, even a dearest ally like Konoha can’t help much.

Even if Konoha declare their official move, we could only help some of the members of Uzumaki village and must sacrifice the others.

But it doesn’t matter right now, Akabane is only afraid that this thought could bother the group and clouded their mind.

“ahh, I’ll just continue to draw the comic first, Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

The clone appeared, glanced at Akabane silently, and then consciously stepped into the carriage.

The group continued on their way, and it didn’t take long to see the gate of Uzumaki Village.

In the comics, Uzumaki Village has never appeared before, the curiosity of a Naruto fan like Akabane can’t help but kick in.

At a glance, he felt a familiar scene.

“Hey, Akabane, the ornament here is very similar to grandma’s yard.”

Tsunade shouted in surprise.

Akabane suddenly appeared.

It turns out that the yard was built with this place as references.

Heard what Tsunade said, Orochimaru looked over Akabane with a strange expression and asked.

“Akaba-kun, you have met with Mito-sama?”

“Yes, for some reason, I’ve met her a few times.”

Akabane gave a light cough without giving a specific reason.

After all, with such popularity that Mito Uzumaki had, a lot of people will be surprised.

“Is it about the comic?”

“Yes, grandma read the comic and came to enjoyed it.”

Tsunade proudly showed off.

“that’s nice.”

Orochimaru sincerely envy, Uzumaki Mito is a legend, he has always wanted to meet her, but unfortunately, since the Senju Clan evacuated from the center of power in the past two years, she has been out of sight.

However, after a brief moment of envy, a thought came to his mind.

“Could it be that sensei came to Uzumaki village because of the few pages in the Akabane’s comic?”

“well, about that…”

Among Akabane’s content, is there any item worthy of everyone’s attention?

Tsunade was fascinated and filled her thoughts with curiosity.

Akabane was only a 9-year-old boy who wrote about the Jinchuriki and the nine-tailed beast based on his imagination, which not everyone knew the existence.

“Orochimaru, why are you so fussy? They already left you behind.”


After thinking about it for a long time, Orochimaru couldn’t come up with a reason, and Jiraiya also called out and immediately ran to chase.

When passing by Akabane, Orochimaru glared at him a few seconds.

At that moment, even Orochimaru didn’t know what feeling he felt.

It was like… Maybe in the future, this person in front of him will be his opponent.

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