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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 45. The Future of The Uzumaki Clan


“So, this is the Uzumaki village?”

“Wow, look! They are all redheads!”

“Stop acting like an idiot, of course. The Uzumaki Clan are all redheads.”

As a result of his stubbornness, Jiraiya got a punch on his stomach.

Akabane was also a bit shocked. He never saw this much redhead.

After observing his surroundings, he found that the caravans didn’t enter the village with them, but instead turn to another direction.

“I’ve never seen this much Uzumaki member before…”

He was shocked that the whole village was full of the Uzumaki Clan, and those outside were foreigners.

“Welcome to Uzumaki Village, my honor guests. I will take you to see the patriarch now.”

Kazama introduced the village with a bitter smile. Then he stepped forward to lead the way.

This is the Uzumaki Village.

“If there was no Senju-same, the fate of Konoha must be close to this village.”

Hiruzen sighed.

Although it is not stated explicitly, the name of the Senju Clan was terrifying before, thus that name alone, the whole Konoha, was protected from outsiders who wouldn’t dare to cause trouble.

“I think it’s because of the First Hokage’s relation with the Uchiha Clan that protected us.”

Akabane added.

“Ha, you are right.”

Hiruzen couldn’t agree more.

Senju, Uchiha, and the other clan cooperated to form a stable situation to Konoha after the war.

“Times makes Heros.”

Orochimaru thoughtfully.

“If you want peace, you must prepare for war.”

“It makes sense…”

Tsunade is smart, but most of the time, she doesn’t think about it. She only thinks about gambling and fighting.

As for Jiraiya, he is dedicated to art, and he is even less interested in these matters.

“There is the patriarch’s office.”

Not long after, Kazama left and pointed forward.

Akabane looked up and immediately saw a building with the symbol of the Uzumaki Clan.

A figure waited inside the office.

“Hiruzen! I didn’t expect you to come in person with these situations that happened.”

Although Hiruzen used the Transformation Jutsu, the person could see him.

“Hahaha, Shikai! I haven’t seen you for many years. I heard that Kazama-san arrived at Konoha, so I volunteered to guarded him back here.”

Hiruzen lifted his Transformation Jutsu and greeted his old friend kindly.

Is he the patriarch?

Akabane observed calmly, his age was not much different from the Third Hokage, and he was a tall person. His strength must be near the Third Hokage’s level.

“As my dearest guests, I’ll take you all to look around.”

Shikai Uzumaki is very enthusiastic, but it looks like that his enthusiasm is mixed with concern.

“Since I’ve done guarding the caravans, let’s talk about business first.”

Hiruzen rejected the invitation.

With the current situation, he has no mood to strolling around the village.

“Alright, let’s talk while we walk…”

Shikai was just chit-chatting before, so its best to get into the real subject quickly.

Then Kazama walked to his side to reporting his situation along the way, including being chased by assassins, then being rescued by Akabane, and had a conversation with Mito Uzumaki.

“You mean, this book…oh no, comic…”

Shikai looked at the book, and then at Akabane, with a puzzled look on his face

What could be implied from this kid’s book?”

“That’s what the princess said.”

Kazama respectfully explained.


After listening, Shikai opened the first page.

Nine-tailed demon fox?

Isn’t this Konoha’s tailed-beast!

Immediately, he thought of Konoha’s Jinchuriki, isn’t it Mito Uzumaki?

But above…

The nine-tailed demon fox turned rampage, and the Jinchuriki’s successor turned out to be an idiot who couldn’t even master the clone Jutsu.

“No matter how far my clan has fallen, it won’t come to this!”

When Shikai saw this, he almost tore the comic with anger.

Seeing the anger on his face, Akabane was calm and replied without nervousness, “Oh, do you think so?”

“The Uzumaki village is indeed experiencing difficulties right now, but they can’t exterminate our clan.”

Shikai is very confident.

Every ninja in their clan possesses enormous strength, and it can be said that it is almost impossible that their clan would go extinct.

Hiruzen didn’t interrupt and calmly smoked and the two debatings, while Akabane laughed and shook his head without saying a word.

“Why are you laughing!”

Shikai sneered and said, “I’m not talking big. If the hidden mist village wants to destroy our land, they can do it in their next life!”

“What if it’s not just the hidden mist?”

“The Uzumaki village has been on the corner for too long, so long that you became ignorant.”

Akabane was merciless.

He was just a child anyway. Being scolded by a child was shameful, but it has to be done. The leader of Uzumaki Village must know their future fate.

“If other villages want to attack us, first they must go through the land of fire…”

“Since when the Land of Fire has become your allies?”

Before he could finish speaking, Orochimaru interrupted.


Shikai was pointing at Hiruzen, but suddenly realized

They were allied with Konoha but not the entire nation!

“Ah, Shikai, it’s a pep talk, don’t be to bothered by it.”

Hiruzen jumped out to cut the debate since it was too one-sided. He felt bad for his friend.

As the leader of a clan, its shameful to be angry with children.

Then he continued to read the book.

After reading it for a few pages, Shikai felt the plot was more and more realistic.

His village was destroyed alongside the whole clan, only left with some member were able to take a refugee on the certain village.

He took a deep breath and sat down weakly.

If the Lan of Fire wants to attack them, can the Uzumaki village defend it?


Even if they have Konoha as an ally, but they would still be outnumbered and slowly will be defeat.

“Oh.. no wonder you’re the only one coming…”

Shikai opened the comic again, and after reading another page, he closed his eyes in pain.

At this moment, he understood everything.

Why did Konoha learn about their ally situation but only sent a few shinobi to aid them, even their original mission was only escorting the caravans.

“Shikai, it is not too late to understand that you can preserve your clan’s future to the greatest extent.”

Hiruzen said to his old friend.

“And then what?”

Where can we go after we survive?

The Daimyo of The land of Fire must have plotted carefully with their allies how to overthrow Uzumaki Village, and they wouldn’t trust the Konoha that much, or else what’s the point to create the Twelve Guardian Ninja on the first place.

I’m afraid that Uzumaki Village will take aid on Konoha only…

After the Shikai analyzed everything, his heart grew more and more fear.

“is it that serious?”

Tsunade was dumbfounded, she thought it was just a normal problem, but now it sounded like the extermination of a race.


Shikai couldn’t explain it in a word. He knew their problem was not their position or strength, but because of their capability to use sealing Jutsu.

Every village wants to possess the power of tailed beasts, and it’s just normal that they want to eliminate the one who has an advantage on that, and it is Uzumaki Clan.

Thus, they were meant to encounter great misfortune.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Akabane had a terrifying vision. How could a nine-year-old boy predicted this kind of situation.

“Akabane-san, where do you think our clan should go?”

Shikai admitted his powerlessness and asked hesitantly.

“You must spread out the clan, and change their name and surname.”

Akabane kept winking at Tsunade, meaning something.

This means…to become the Senju Clan?

Shikai was stunned for a moment, then analyzed the possibility.

If it is the Senju Clan, and they were scattered with a small number, the daimyo wouldn’t be able to notice.

Right! then a marriage…

“Akabane-san, I remember you are from the Kurama Clan, right?

He stared at Akabane suspiciously.

A Kekkai Genkai can only be passed down to the direct descendant, and these children in from of me are undoubtedly going to become a great shinobi.

Hmm… That grey-haired old man doesn’t count…the gray-haired premature aging doesn’t count.

Shikai had an idea involving Orochimaru and Akabane in mind, especially Akabane, who was from the Kurama Clan that has a weak physique trait, then they need the Uzumaki Clan’s physique to improve their next generation.


Akabane was started to get annoyed by the stare, but he immediately understood what Shikai was thinking.

“No! I’m just a child!”

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