Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 47.


“Please, Akaba-nii, Ill pour it for you. Dad asked me to treated his guess well.”

Tsukiha was worried then poured a glass of water from the table.

When he reached the cup, he saw that there were a few petals of fragrance tea leaves floating. He smelled the tea… heartwarming…

The daughter of the Uzumaki Clan can take care of her guess like this?

Cute, considerate, and well-mannered, she has the waifu material…

Ooh! What the hell I’m thinking about…

“Akaba-nii, why does Naruto have yellow hair, even if he is an Uzumaki?”

Tsukiha asked out of curiosity.

In her knowledge, all the Uzumaki’s have beautiful red hair.

“His yellowish hair was inherited from his father, who wasn’t from the Uzumaki Clan.”

Akabane answered with a smile.

“What is inheritance?”

“It’s… certain characteristics of parents will be passed on to the next generation.”

“Oh, how come Naruto can’t even master the clone Jutsu? the Uzumaki Clan is full of talent, this kind of Jutsu should be easy to master.”


After asking some questions, Akabane realized the feeling of being a dad.

Ouch! Watch your situation!

He sighed.

“Tee hee, Akaba-nii is so smart, you know everything!”

As she read and asked questions, Tsukiha became more and more fond of Akabane.

“Ah, that is because I love to read books.”

Akabane replied shamelessly.

Tsukiha didn’t know Akabane’s lazy nature, and if Tsunade ever heard of this, she will mock and punched him immediately.

“By the way, where is your mother?”

Hiruzen and Shikai must be talking about which members should be taken to Konoha, and Akabane had a wild guess that Tsukiha must be forced into the Kurama Clan, so its necessary to know her background.

“Like Naruto-nii, my mother had long gone since I was a baby.”

Tsukiha answered with a sad expression.

“Oh… I’m sorry, umm Tsukiha-chan, there are a lot of comics and posters on my home. If your dad asks you to come to my home, would you willing to?”


After looking gloomy, her eyes lit up again, but then she looked inside her house worriedly.

“Don’t worry Tsukiha, everyone on Konoha are friendly. You can stay there for a while if you want to…”

At this time, Shikai Uzumaki has come back.

“Really? What about you, dad?”

“I would love to accompany you there, my love, but I have some business here to finish first. I might join you later…”

Shikai patted her hair fondly.

As the patriarch, he cants abandoned his duty. Otherwise, the entire Uzumaki Clan will collapse.

“Then… I will reconsider it….”

“Take your time, my friends and I will stay in this village for the time being.”

Such a sweet little girl shouldn’t die in the middle of chaos. Even a slacker like Akabane was moved and tried to persuade her to avoid such a fate.

Thinking about having a little girl helping him on his comic, Akabane can only smile suspiciously…

It looks like his thought about the unity of two clans has changed big time.


Hiruzen coughed a few times, and he secretly kicked Akabane.

Akabane quickly converged his expression so that no one would see it.

He was secretly surprised.

Ahh yeah, what a shameless person that I am…

Akabane glanced at Shikai, but fortunately, the father didn’t notice it. Otherwise, he changes the plan entirely.

Hey, what’s wrong with me…?

He was lost in thought and snapped out of it.

“Akaba, let’s go out first.”

Hiruzen said lightly.

“Yes, sensei.”

Following Hiruzen outside the house, he saw Hiruzen stood while smoking on the courtyard.

Akabane asked the doubts in his heart, “Sensei… how did you find that I was distracted?”

“It because I just looked at you acting like Jiraiya’s would”

Damn it?

Akabane’s expression is sluggish. This is simply the biggest insult!

“Leave that aside, about Shikai, we agreed to send some children into Konoha, what do you think?”

Hiruzen was smoking a cigarette, and by the look of it, he was serious.

Akabane also got serious, and after thinking for a moment, he answered, “This plan benefits them and us equally. If Kyuubi turned into rampage again, we have someone to seal it from the Uzumaki Clan.”

“That is just how Danzo would say, what’s your thought about it?”

Hiruzen could notice his insincerity.

“It has little to do with me. If you’re against it, I can still sell my comic anyway.”

Akabane said lazily.

“Maybe most of the villagers have the same idea as you, but there are still some…”

Hiruzen breathes out a cloud of smoke.

As Hokage, he can see through most situations, so what is needed is not real advice, but someone who can talk to, help him to analyze the situation.

The integration of the Uzumaki Clan into the Konoha’s clans might cause turbulence, especially with some strict clans like Uchiha or Hyuga.

“Well, for Uchiha, they always will be unsatisfied with their position whether Uzumaki was joining Konoha or not, it thanks to Hyuga as another powerhouse who could suppress the Uchiha’s influence in Konoha.”

Akabane talked about his views on other potential problems.

Hiruzen has just elected as the Hokage, and he is still on his prime. The voices of some clans could be ignored, and besides, they only took some children, causing a public backlash was unlikely.

“Um… After Tsukiha stays at Konoha, if something happened to the Uzumaki Village, please comfort her, and you’d better persuade her to change her surname…”

“Hey, what does this mean to me?”

Akabane’s face changed.

When a woman marries, she will change her surname to her husband’s surname.

How Hiruzen put up his words were just weird.

“literal meaning…”

Hiruzen said firmly, “Daimyo has been taking a lot of moves these days. First, he has deployed ninja protection. Now it seems that he has to establish a group of a guardian ninja.”

Guardian Ninja?

It must be the roots of the Twelve Guardian Ninja.

Akabane thought to himself.

If this is the case, then it’s no wonder that Konoha didn’t do anything in this current situation. Some times later, Kushina Uzumaki will come, and many other Uzumaki will marry an ordinary person on their run from the village.

He thought for a moment, but he couldn’t figure out why.

“But, I’m glad you can well-behave there.”

Hiruzen reached out to pat Akabane’s hair, but he quickly kept his distance.

“She is such a sweet girl. I can’t imagine her in the middle of the chaos that will come.”

Akabane sighed.

Not that he learned that Konoha’s peace is precious and a privilege.

Especially as a traverser, it is very lucky for him to come to this specific era.

“Well-thought, as a reward, I will teach you a little trick.”

Hiruzen smiled slightly.

From Hiruzen’s perspective, Akabane still had a moral compass that leads him with his decision, not like his teacher Danzo, Akabane proved that he is different from him.

Therefore, he decided to teach Akabane his ninjutsu.

“Oh? Really!? What is it?”

Akabane glanced at him with excitement. He was just simply surprised and curious at the same time.

It is the Third Hokage himself that will teach him a genjutsu. What will it be?

Hiruzen said lightly: “It’s ninjutsu taught by my sensei.”

Hiruzen’s teacher!… it is Tobirama Senju!

Akabane’s eyes lit up passionately.

Then Hiruzen starts to casted hand seals.

“Genjutsu: Infinite Darkness Jutsu!”

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