Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 48


Pitch black!

In an instant, Akabane’s vision was surrounded by complete darkness.

Akabane took a deep breath and quickly adapted to the darkness.

“What do you think of it?”

Hiruzen smiled slightly.

Hiruzen doesn’t have many genjutsu, but Infinite Darkness Jutsu is very handy, especially when dealing with certain clans…

“Of course, sensei!”

It’s a rare chance to learned ninjutsu from the Third Hokage. Anything that he knows must be valuable.

Akabane listened carefully and quickly remembered the seals and the ninjutsu.

But this was an A-level genjutsu, and it would take a long time to learn it by himself. He glanced at the exchange list

the name [Infinite Darkness Jutsu] did not appear on it.

“Should I practice it by myself…”

He smacked his mouth regretfully.

A-level genjutsu must have to take a lot of time to practice; besides, my current Genjutsu is enough…

“Forget it. I might as well draw a few more if I have the time.”

Akabane comforted himself in his heart.

Hiruzen didn’t know what he was thinking, but based on his personality, it was not difficult to guess Akabane’s next goal.

As expected…

“Sensei, where do we stay for the night?”

He hasn’t taken a proper rest for some time, and it was almost noon. Akabane wants to find some nice place to sleep tonight.

Practicing this new ninjutsu could come later. Well, I’ll just let my clone draw the next chapter. The most suited task for me right now is to take a rest.

“Don’t worry. You can continue to practice your genjutsu.”

Hiruzen said with a dense smile.


Akabane sneered.

He turned around and walked outside the courtyard.

“I’ll see how the comics are selling.”

There is always a place to find a caravan, which is more comfortable than standing here all day.


This kid just needs to be more diligent.

Hiruzen’s expression was stiff, and took a breath after he left.

Akabane left the yard and joined the caravan at the entrance of the village.

Although he is a stranger, because he came out of the patriarch’s house, there is no trouble coming out like this.

When he reached the village gate, he finally saw a group of people with Kazama on the side.

“Move the cabinet, yes yes, just put it here!”

Kazama commanded loudly to let people quickly arrange their goods into an abandoned house.

This house was idle for some time, and there was a lot of dust accumulated on it, and it took them a lot of time to clean it.


“What are you putting on?”

Akabane almost threw up when he saw the shop decoration.

“Akabane-san, what bothered you?”

Kazama asked in astonishment.

When he said that, he turned his head and glanced, and he became more suspicious.

No matter how you look at it, nothing felt wrong!

“These decorations are awful. How are we supposed to expect the customers to buy anything from here.”

“Do you know what symmetry is?”

Akabane has constipation on his face. He is not an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but their perception of symmetry is a mess, and it insults his characters like a former art student.

This is just a decoration. Does it need to be exaggerated?

Kazama pondered for a long time but still couldn’t understand what Akabane meant.

Akabane turned around, then took his pen and paper and quickly drew a sketch.

Afterward, he handed the sketch into Kazama’s left hand.

“Press this.”

The old man glanced carefully for a while, and then let someone follow this arrangement.

With the sketches on his hand, everyone following his order swiftly.

Before long, the store gradually became neatly arranged

The cabinets are neatly placed on both sides, with a table in the middle, and comics on the top.

“Akabane-san, it is a lot more enjoyable to see this way!”

Kazama left in surprise.

“This is still not enough.”

Akabane takes a vintage view from the outside.

He shook his head regretfully, it still missing a few posters.

He pondered for a moment, and he had an idea.

“When you go to publicity, tell those people that not only do they will have a comic to buy, but they can also get a hand-drawn poster at random chances.”

Akabane cast hand seals, and the identical shadow clone appeared from his side.

“Okay, I will do it, as you said.”

Kazama accepted the task without complaining even if he looked a little confused.

There still a lot member of the Uzumaki Village who wasn’t a ninja around the village. This is their target for selling the comics.

So he hurriedly off, holding a comic book, and visited every family house to started promoting it.

In front of the shop, Akabane’s shadow clone set up the utensils and sat down to start making posters.

Street performance!

The method that Akabane thought of was to draw in front of everyone that pass by the store to build some curiosity around the villager.

As for him… After moving the comic on the cart, Akabane spread out a few pieces of fabric and lay on it.

“It’s a pity that the second volume was still in print when I went here. Otherwise the first and second volumes will be sold together, and that is how I could gain tons of points.”

He thought to himself.

Calculating the time, Konoha’s second volume should be on sale soon.

But there is no way that he could go back to Konoha now. Hiruzen and Danzo will force him to stay here for the time being.

If he collects enough points to exchange for Sharingan or The Uzumaki’s half-immortal vitality, then his survivability will dramatically be improved.

Akabane thought to himself.

Until now, he has never had the chance to use Fire Release or Silent Killing. But in the future, this ninjutsu would come to handy.

“With these peaceful times, I won’t need to use this ninjutsu. It is such a shame…”

Akabane lay down on the cart, staring at the trees and flowers.

For him now, lying down and resting are the most precious things. Perhaps tomorrow, he will be given the task to hunt down the rebels just like his other friends.

As things were done, his surroundings gradually calmed down, leaving only the voice of tools that were used by the workers.

Akabane lay on top, slowly became sleepy.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from a distance.

Subsequently, these voices became clearer.

Akabane raised his head, and the child rushed from behind.

Only a child?

He froze for a moment. Although children are most likely to be tempted by comics, who will pay for them?

Is it impossible to do a giveaway!

“Akaba-nii, Ojisan was right, you are here!”

Suddenly, a delicate voice came.

Who is this voice belongs to?

 Akabane is slowly raising his head to look at his clone, which was exactly like him.

A bunch of children arrived, and it was Tsukiha that talked.

“Wow, what is your plan now, Sarutobi-sensei…?”

Akabane uncomfortably tried to avoid contact, shrinking his head while quietly using the transformation Jutsu.


“Hey, this is the real Akaba-nii!”

Sweeping his eyes upwards, Akabane was shamefully caught even if he had already transformed.

“Didn’t I gave you a comic before?”

He sat up and coughed embarrassingly.

“I came to see you Akaba-nii, but I heard from Kazama-jiisan that you were here.”

Tsukiha said.

She came all the way here, and no one seemed to lead the way, which may indicate…

“Her ability is perception!”

He said inwardly.

In the actual comic, Karin possessed the ability of Mind’s Eye of the Kagura, which could the user sensed chakra from an exceptional distance with great detail.

This is indeed a huge benefit for the side that the user chooses on the battlefield.

Akabane became worried. In his mind, the Third Hokage, Danzo, etc. flashed by.

These people someday will know, and I am afraid that they will not let her spend her life easily.

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