Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 49


“Whoa.. look he is drawing…”

“It looks like a man with red hair.”

“Wow, looking good!”

At this time, there were bursts of excitement from the children whos were watching over there.

Tsukiha also as curious as to the other children, but she seemed afraid that Akabane would run away if she didn’t watch him just for a second.

“He is drawing people from our clan!”


On the comic store, many people were surrounding Akabane’s clone, who was drawing for the posters. That hype made Tsukiha hesitated for a moment but finally set her mind.

“Akaba-nii, who is that person that was drawn?”

A child leaned forward and asked curiously.

“This is Nagato Uzumaki.”

His clone smiled lightly after he finished his drawing…

“Take it and hang it up the…”

Before finishing his sentences, everyone rushed through the door.

The poster shows a boy about 7 or 8 years old with red hair and long bangs covering his one eye.

A simply handsome boy still without his notorious Rinnegan.

Not until Nagato became the Sage of the Six Path, his Rinnegan will be hard to describe in this current era, and Akabane doesn’t want to complicate things that he shouldn’t have drew.

Because such a person like the Third Hokage might instantly notice it, and its clearly Akabane doesn’t want to be interrogated.

“Next, I will draw a picture of someone here as a present.”

“You little girl who holds the comic on hand, I’ll draw you next.”

The clone turned around and looked at Tsukiha, then took out a new drawing paper and started drawing.


Tsukiha looked at the clone in amusement, then turned to look at Akabane.

“Just a small gift..”

Akabane smiled gently.

It was his clone that did it anyway, and he was enjoying the moment.

Tsukiha nodded and stood up nervously, for fear that her current appearance is a mess.

The clone draws one stroke at a time and quickly outlines the graph. Not long after, the rough image of the little girl was on paper.

The children were attracted to how delicate the clone’s drawing was, and Akabane was able to rest safely.

But watching his clone surrounded by a dozen little girls adoringly, and his smiley expression can tell it all…


Akabane sneered secretly while lying in the cart.

After a bit of irony, he suddenly felt that something was wrong

If my clone is a lolicon, then what makes me?

“No, I only adore Tsukiha, who undoubtedly the best!”

Akabane nodded secretly, comforting himself.

At this time, the portrait has been completed. When the small detail has been perfected, the clone handed it to her.

“Heyy Tsuki-chan let me see!”

“I want to see it too!”

“Hey, be careful you might break it!”

A group of children swarmed her in an instant, Tsukiha was drawn very cute on the portrait, and it looks exactly like her on every detail.

It’s awesome!

Everyone was equally shocked. Although photos had already been invented in this world, the children had never seen anything like comics or even a portrait of themselves, and this is their first time.

“Akaba-nii, will you draw my portrait if I buy your comic?”

These children were immediately swarming Akabane’s clone with their big cute eyes.

The caravan’s guards’ eyes lit up. This is undoubtedly a very good promotion method, but immediately they looked at Akabane and his clone.

Akabane is considered as the boss here, and it would be hard for him alone to draw all the children.

The clone looked hesitant.

To draw all these children, how long would it take…?


“Of course, I will!”

Akabane got up from the cart and smiled slightly.


The guards were surprised by his answer, and when they saw the children rushing into the store with a great ruckus.

Within a few seconds, everyone burst out again.

All of them held a copy of the comic on their hands, but none of them seemed to pay for it.

Akabane smiled bitterly.

He already had enough money…

But, this seems a bit too much, right?

Just before he about to ask, Tsukiha whispered in his ear, “Akaba-nii, don’t worry about it. Their parents will come over to pay for it all.”

“Well… are these the children from your village?”

Akabane nodded to express understanding and then asked smoothly.

“Almost all of them, we don’t have many children in our clan.”

She carefully put away her portrait while answering his questions.

I don’t know that the population is that small…

Akabane knew what was going on when he thought about it.

The Uzumaki Clan indeed has a strong physique and other unique traits,  but it seems that their birth rate was somewhat low.

“Alright, everyone, please make a line! I’ll start drawing your portrait one by one.”

With this many children, he can imagine the fatigue.

Poor clone…

With his short lifespan, he is afraid that he will devote every time that he has to draw their portraits.

Konoha Village, Akabane’s Comic Store.

“Ojisan, you don’t need to unload all the goods. Just give us the copy.”

“Ahh, yeah, that’s right, Akabane is not here anyway, there is no need to put posters.”

“Hurry up please. We are going to late for exercise.”

Before the comics were put on the cabinets, a crowd of customers had already flocked to take one directly from the cart.

“Ahh, this is bad.”

Akabane’s father looked hesitant, but suddenly, a pile of 100 Ryōs was scattered on the table, and then the customers leave one by one.

The store was too crowded, so there is no time to wait for him to load the goods.

“Sakumo, your son is very talented, totally different from you.”

Murasaki walked while reading the comic.

As an elite shinobi, Kakashi can teach his disciples how to work as a team.

“He is not my son!”

Sakumo retorted.

“Oh, don’t talk so full, what if you give birth to a son and named it Kakashi, wouldn’t it be a shame?”

“Huh, such a bad name, I will never!”

Sakumo insisted again.

 Although he was talking to Murasaki, he was also read the comic swiftly, and not long before he reaches chapter 8.

At this point, the test on team 7 is over.

“The point is teamwork, huh, looked whos talking, Akabane?”

They both sneered at the same time.

As teammates, they know Akabane better than the others.

As long as he can slacking, Akabane will not let go of the opportunity.

“I’m more curious about the Hidden Mist…”

Seeing the chuunin from Hidden Mist in chapter 10, Sakumo became gloomy.

As a member of the Hatake Clan, he excelled at assassination, and he knew that if he stayed on the Uzumaki Village a bit longer, he could improve his skills greatly. But unfortunately, as an order, he had to go back to Konoha early.

“Just wait for the right time. The troubles in Uzumaki Village wouldn’t be finish anytime soon.”

Murasaki comforted in a low voice.

According to his guess, the turmoil in the Uzumaki Village may last much longer.

“Hopefully, I could learn their assassination methods.”

Sakumo said, then closed the comic.

But at this time, a voice came into them.

“Danzo-san has an order for you, go to the Land of Waves and eliminate the rebels there….”

“The Land of Waves!”

Sakumo and Murasaki were slightly surprised. Isn’t this is something that had been mentioned in Akabane’s comic?

Coincidence? Or…

“Yes, and when you got there, remove any of your identity as someone from Konoha, this is classified, and everything mainly about espionage and assassination, this is also the words came from Danzo-san!”

The Anbu Ninja continued.

“Our identity as Konoha’s ninja cannot be exposed? That means if one of us got caught, we must kill each other…”

Murasaki took a deep breath.


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