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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 5 Angry Princess


As the class continues, some students are still didn’t pay much attention to it. Some are sleep, including Akabane.

“The use of the Transformation Jutsu is versatile. It can be used for sneaking or disguising…”

“For example, in combat, The Inuzuka Clan’s dog actually use the Transformation Jutsu as well.”

“There are also Clone Jutsu, Substitute Jutsu, and many more…”

Hiruzen keeps explaining the basic ninjutsu to his pupil.

“Wow, this is indeed interesting. Hiruzen-sensei finally teach us the real ninjutsu, cool!”

Jiraiya weirdly listened to the lesson for the first time.

Usually, he couldn’t understand any of the theories

“No, something is not right!”

Tsunade frowned confusedly.

It is not about the class, but that the understanding of the three basic ninjutsu that Hiruzen was explaining is too advance.

To put it simply, much ninjutsu that Hiruzen said, even a Chuunin have a hard time mastering.

“This is Genjutsu! When did it happen?”

Her face changed, she looked around, and finally, lock her sight at Akabane.

“Is it Akabane?”

Tsunade was a little surprised.

There is no doubt that this is indeed Genjutsu.

“Therefore, this whole time, it is Akabane’s word that sensei was used to teach us!”

“How can it affect all of us? Even if he learned it from the best user, it can’t be..”

Tsunade was really shocked thinking about this.

Akabane was able to explain it clearly when creating the Genjutsu because he already masters all of the three basic ninjutsu.

Orochimaru already noticed Akabane’s Genjutsu before everyone. The gap between him and Akabane in Genjutsu mastery makes him jealous since he was always a prodigal student. It bothered him when someone is better than him.

But soon, he began to listen intently.

After a while, Shikato woke up and looked around

Suddenly found Tsunade was so seriously attending the class.

Immediately he understood that his classmates were probably under Genjutsu.

“Akabane, did you used Genjutsu?”

“Psst, don’t tell anyone. I only use it to help me get some rest from Tsunade and everyone else.”

He cast his Genjutsu to make Hiruzen explaining all the ninjutsu that he was acquired before, even if it is a Jutsu at chuunin level to master and make his classmates to subconsciously listened to the class patiently.

However, Shikato managed to wake up and didn’t affected by his Genjutsu, which surprised him.

Akabane thought it might be because he was sleeping.

Hiruzen continued his lesson, but he explained a more general topic.

It is hard to teach his student everything at once.

Akabane was about to continue his sleep when Orochimaru said.

“Akabane-kun, thank you.”

Akabane froze for a moment, then replied with a smile, “Don’t mention it.”

For Akabane, this is just a small matter.

Transformation Jutsu combine with Clone Jutsu is easy for him to master, he only needs to spend 10 points total to increase its attributes, but in the eyes of someone genius like Orochimaru, this lesson can’t be skip.

Knowledge for ninja such as him is equal to their lives.

Tsunade may beat him to a pulp at any seconds if she can break free from his Genjutsu.

That’s why he tried to maintain his Genjutsu carefully,

But secretly Jiraiya, cast a Clone Jutsu, to brake Akabane’s Genjutsu.

The next second, his Genjutsu was lifted.

“Akabaneee! you bastard tried to used your jutsu on me!”

Sure enough, her roar resounded through the whole school.

“Stop it now Tsunade!”

Hiruzen tried to stop her rampage, but it was too late.


With a loud bang, Akabane’s table shattered into pieces. All of his classmates were shocked in panic.

Within a few seconds, the entire classroom was in a mess.

Akabane managed to dodge but almost failed to avoid her attacked.

“Damn it. I fuck up, didn’t I?”

Even Jiraiya looked pale and scared of her.

This is the first time he has seen Tsunade in full rage.

“Where is Akabane? Did he gets killed?”

Shikato whispered.

“No, that one was his clone.”

Akabane uses Clone Jutsu just before Tsunade could land a clear hit on him.

“Akabanee! Come out! I promise to hit you gently!”

Knowing that she only hit his clone, Tsunade turned to look for Akabane’s trail.

“Tsunade! stop messing around!”

Hiruzen hurriedly tries to stop her from making more trouble.

“But it was… Damn it!”

He managed to stop her in time.

She just hated being fooled by Akabane.

Hiruzen wiped his sweat, then looked around, trying to find Akabane. However, he was surprised to find that he had not found Akabane anywhere.

“Did he used Transformation Jutsu?”

“How did he managed to use it?”

Hiruzen was wondering, a ninja such as him couldn’t detect the presence of one student.

After inspecting the whole classroom carefully, he found something strange, there were two brooms, one is standing near the wall and the other lying on the ground.

“One of them must be Akabane!”

He signed in relief. Fortunately, Akabane was fine. If not, it might trouble him even more since Tsunade is enough for him to handle.

“Akabane, come out..” Hiruzen-sensei scolded.

“Fine, fine.” Akabane canceled his Transformation Jutsu and got up from the ground.

In an instant, Hiruzen was surprised.

He thought Akabane was the other broom. How could someone like him couldn’t distinguish a student’s Jutsu.

“Sensei, do I still need to take my Transformation exam this afternoon? I can use the time to take a rest at the infirmary.”

Akabane smiled.

Akabane used his jutsu in a hurry to avoid Tsunade. Otherwise, Hiruzen probably couldn’t notice him at all.

“Of course you do!”

Hiruzen’s face was stern, but couldn’t lie that he was impressed by Akabane application of Transformation Jutsu. It was flawless.

“Akabane, how did you dodge that…?”

Orochimaru asked.

Not like Hyuga or Uchiha Clan, Kurama Clan isn’t known by their physique.

Everyone in the class was speechless.

Akabane’s comic was indeed popular, but they knew that among the students, his physique is the weakest.

In fact, everyone thought before that Akabane might not be able to be a ninja with his weak body.

But now everyone acknowledges his true power.

Transformation Jutsu, combine with his awakened Kurama Clan’s Kekkei Genkai, would be a strong opponent to fight.

If Akabane manages to improves his talent even more, in the future, he might be stronger than the entire class.

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