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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 50


Kazama came back after promoting the store around the village and saw that half of the comics had been sold, and by that, he smiled happily.

Even if the children still haven’t paid for the comics, he wouldn’t worry about that.

At this time, no one dares to leave the village, and the Uzumaki Village is quite isolated, so the parents will come over and pay.

Even after Kazama shipped it from Konoha, he raised the price to 120 Ryō, which not too expensive, so he can still make the profit out of it.

“After all the publicity stunt that I did, you should’ve at least give me some commission Kazama-san…”

Akabane whispered, “After I drew so many portraits of those children, do you know how tired I am?”

“Yes, yes, Akabane-san, I’m fully aware of that.”

Kazama smiled but complaining inwardly.

Are you tired of that?

Isn’t all the work was done by your clone?

He secretly envied that ninja is convenient if he knows how to use such ninjutsu like shadow clone, he doesn’t need to work himself.

“By the way, Sarutobi-sama has something to say to you if you have the time to go visit him.”

“Alright, I’ll go to meet him…”

Hmm, I wonder what is it again this time?

If it is an urgent matter, I surely will come there with substitution Jutsu, but since it looked like a small matter, there is no need to be hurry!

Akabane’s clone is still working.

There are still sixty children or more waiting to get their portraits. I am afraid this will take much longer to finish.

“Unfortunately, medical ninjutsu is still not well renown.”

Akabane sighed deep in his heart.

These children are members of the Uzumaki Clan. No matter whose blood is taken, they can confirm his guess.


Without medical ninjutsu, if he dared to start, the patriarch of the clan will come out in any second.

“We will be progressing slowly then…”

According to the situation, if Konoha intervenes with the Uzumaki Village’s matters, then the rest of the other villages will also take action.

At this time, the blood of the Uzumaki Clan was not hard to find, and at the same time, he secretly thought about how to maximize his interests.

“Shadow clone and genjutsu may be able to disguise identity…”

Akabane thought to himself.

Being in Konoha is peaceful, but he will also be bound by its rules. He needs to break free from it.

Shadow clone and genjutsu are good choices, but there is a premise.

He doesn’t have enough chakra…

This only means that he must first obtain the “Half-Immortal Physique”.

And by that, he can put aside Sharingan for now.

Akabane was lying on the cart, feeling a little sleepy, and was about to fell asleep, but suddenly…

“Akaba-nii, someone is here. There are three pers.. no, two people, and the other one is a clone.”

Tsukiha leaned closed to Akabane’s face and whispered.

Is someone coming?

He was slightly surprised. Even after he continuously improved his chakra and perception, but he heard nothing, while Tsukiha able to not only hear but also knew how many people and distinguished a clone from there!

With a little girl possessed an amazing perception like her’s, it’s it a bit too terrifying?

When this talent is taken to the battlefield, the enemy will completely free from secrets, and the fight will be too easy!

Akabane shuddered and solemnly said in a low voice: “Tsukiha, you must not tell anyone about your ability…do you understand?”

“Uh, yeah.. sorry, Akaba-nii…”

She nodded, looking upset.

At this time, Akabane can finally hear the voices of three people approaching him.

Not long after, Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Hiruzen’s clone all came into sight.

“Where is Jiraiya?”

Akabane was shocked.

“Uhh, Jiraiya is missing…”

Tsunade was sad and blamed herself, “If I able to support him back then…”

“Tsunade, this is not your fault alone.”

Hiruzen shook his head with a complicated expression.

“Well, tell me what happens?”

Akabane has a vague guess, but he still needs to know the details.

“Jiraiya used a summoning Jutsu, and suddenly he disappeared. “

Orochimaru’s voice is lower than usual, and looked somewhat upset.

“The problem was, I didn’t teach him a summoning Jutsu.”

Hiruzen lightly sighed.

Jiraiya’s parents have died in the First Ninja World War. Therefore there is no way he could learn summoning jutsu by himself, and this kind of ninjutsu, only a small number of ninja, knew it.

Akabane was shocked after hearing this.

History has changed!

Originally, Jiraiya learned summoning jutsu from Hiruzen, but now because of Akabane’s existence, the Third Hokage was more focusing his time on the Uzumaki Village, who was supposed to be doomed, and by that, Jiraiya must have learned it from some other method.

So, where did he learned it from? No one taught him. With his guess, it is only one possibility.

The Great Toad Sage from the Myoboku Mountain!

No one knows the strength and age of the Great Toad Sage. It is the most mysterious existence form Mount Myoboku; he could predict part of the future.

The “Son of Prophecy” is one of his predictions.

If we are talking about him, it wouldn’t be impossible for Jiraiya to learned his summoning jutsu from him.

“Akaba, what are you thinking of?”

Tsunade looked at Akabane thoughtfully, and anxiously asked.

“It’s most unlikely that Jiraiya learned summoning jutsu without a teacher, and the most rational way is that some unknown holy being saw that Jiraiya is fit to be taught the summoning Jutsu.”

Akabane explained his theory.

After hearing the explanation, Orochimaru quickly asked, “Teacher, is it possible?”

Hiruzen took out his cigarette, and after thinking for a moment, he said, “If what Akabane said were true, then it would be hard of the being to guide him through.”

These words only made his two other disciples became more confused.

Akabane glanced at Hiruzen and muttered inwardly.

He must have known about this possibility a long time ago.

And it looked like Hiruzen didn’t really worried about Jiraiya if that so why would he looking for me other than finding Jiraiya.

“So, now Jiraiya is probably safe?”

Tsunade breathed a sigh of relief and could finally relax a bit.

“Well, but there are too many holy being on this world, It’s too difficult to know where he is, so I can only wait for him to come back.”

Hiruzen sighed and thought of something secretly.

Mount Myōboku.

Surrounded by toad statues as far as eyes can see, a huge toad and a serpent are fighting with each other not far away.

Jiraiya was dumbfounded. “Where am I?”

“Human child, you finally appeared.”

An old voice came from above.

Jiraiya looked up and saw that there seemed to be a small green dot above the waterfall. And after he took a closer look…

A talking toad!?

“This…what the hell is this place!?”

Jiraiya was still shocked. He hadn’t learned summoning jutsu properly. Thus he didn’t know what summoning beasts were, let alone how powerful The Toad Sage was.

“Yes, our elder master has foretold that a child will be lost in Mount Myōboku.”

Fukasaku said lightly.

However, before he finished his words, Jiraiya quickly interrupted, “It was obvious that someone had told me this ninjutsu on my dream, and said that I could use this in a dangerous situation, but instead you brought me to this weird place, let me out!!!”

Jiraiya also looked angry and felt that he had been cheated.

“Uhh, about that.”

Fukasaku was a little bit stunned for almost a half of minute…

This was different from what was promised!

“Nevermind, the most important thing is that you’ve come here to fulfill your destiny, and thus your name shall be placed on the scroll of Mount Myōboku.”

A toad jumped out from the side. It was Shima, the remaining Two Great Sage Toads.


“Yes, Ojii-sama predicted that you would come to Mount Myōboku to learn our ninjutsu.”

Said Shima.

The more Jiraiya pondered, the more it weirdly sounded, and after a while, he said “No! First, you lied to me, second, you brought me to this weird place then you want me to learn your ninjutsu to fulfill the prophecy!?”


Shima looked speechless. Is this really the person that we waited for? It’s not the same as ojii-sama said!

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for me who always draws comics and read the plots, I must have been blinded by you!”

After reading the Naruto, which was full of deceiving, he could saw their hidden meaning and rejected the offer proudly.

“Stop talking nonsense, in this place, you can become stronger and accomplish many things you could not do before, and being here is the proof that you are the son of prophecy!”

Fukaku looked annoyed. What has he read until he became this rebellious?

There is no way to persuade you. You can only prove it by force.

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